2101 – Bracing for Impact with Dave Holmes

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell.
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher.

Dave Holmes

Party of One

00 – Hello! New season! 2101! New Season Tighter Shirt! Jimmy talks about it his Hamilton shirt.

Jimmy’s gonna do a shirt quilt and put it in the basement.

Talkin’ Tees!

Jimmy talks Wham! Shirts.

Eliot has a business idea. Could bands sell quilt designs?

Matt develops the idea for Eliot using U2 as an example.

Eliot has another idea to not do this.

05 – Talking Dunkin’ Donuts –

Matt talks the lot for sale next door. “Doin’ stuff in the earth.” – Matt on what the guys were doing in the lot.

We’re bad businessmen. Should we have a franchise?

The NNF Players Club App is back! Thanks to a fan from Toronto it’s back!


IOS only right now.

10 – Do we still hate Papa John?

Talking fast food chicken.

15 – Franchise talk!


Bring a Chicago classic to LA? Portillos?

20 – Talking The Profit and Nashville. “It’s good!” – Jimmy.

Jimmy went to the movies yesterday. We’re gonna guess what he saw. The first adult movie he’s seen more than once since Pulp Fiction. He’s seen Dunkirk 3 times! Imax, 70MM, and XD.

Jimmy talks about seeing it in various ratios.

He took Oliver to see it and it was a little loud for him.

Jimmy on Eliot not seeing Dunkirk: “You don’t care for this country.”

25 – More Dunkirk and Brit talk. It made jimmy consider getting a fighter plane tattoo.

1941 talk!


MC Lyte is getting married?

Talking condos and apartments above storefronts.

Traffic talk. It takes Jimmy 20 minutes to go 3 miles now.

30 – Eliot talks about a scene from Friends from College. Jimmy glad we circled back.

Dave Holmes podcast king!

Wavy Waters, Real Town, Cool Gay Folks.

His hair looks great! Grease 2 remake audition?

Is Grease 2 better than Grease?!


The first movie Dave has memory of not liking was The Dark Crystal!

Oliver liked Grease.

35 – Talking Chris Pratt and Anna Faris splitting up. Matt scooped his wife!
Jimmy and Matt give their thoughts on what happened. Dave agrees with what Matt said.

Jimmy says both of them could not have been nicer when he interacted with them.

George Pinnacio is shaken to his core.

Hamilton talk!

We’ll be back with my sexual preferences!!

40 – We’re back! Dave is here from his million podcasts and book tour!

Buckingham McVie talk.

Fleetwood Mac talk.

Is Tusk a great book?

45 – Talking Buckingham and my enjoyments.

Trip to the greek!

Dave saw TLC at the Forum a few years ago.

50 – Talking SiriusFM. Jimmy wants to be paid!

Dave talks music!

He’s listening to the Casey Kasem I Heart Radio station. He talks about the General Hospital LP we have.

55 – Dave a big fan of the “down on its luck pop song.” He talks about it and gives examples I’ve never heard of.

Eliot is here! Not much import. A year now with his lady friend. Jimmy talks about how she has improved Eliot. He compares his recent legal experience in Arizona to the film Brazil.

There is no chatter of Co-Habitation between Eliot and his lady.

Matt finds the pic he was looking for and names the band: Steel Breeze. Jimmy and Dave know it immediately.

60 – Dave talks about requesting a song as a kid on his local Top 40 station and the DJs appearing on a local video show.

Steel Breeze –

1h5m – Jimmy brings Dave up to speed on “From the ‘Gundo.”

Dave is fine! 2017 is a solid year!

Dave’s on The Spectrum! He talks hot new tracks! Calls the Killers new track, “strange.”

Dave talks his love of The Killers.

Jimmy saw a documentary over the weekend!

Doc Talk!

Jimmy watched Man in the Camo Jacket. A doc about The Alarm.


Talking Hit Me Baby One More Time. Dave was in the audience a couple times!


1h15m – Talking Limahl and Caja Goo goo.

Dave has another video story about I’m Still Standing by Elton John. “Can someone please stop the wind?!” – Elton John.

Dave wonders if Jimmy would ever open for a musician. Jimmy talks about who he’s seen actually do good at that. Mike Toomey for Reba and Alan Kaye for Chicago. He also saw Jake Johanson doing great opening for Barry Manilow. Jimmy says he’d say no, unless the money was excellent.

Matt would literally let someone wack him in the balls for 10 grand.

We’ll be back!

1h20m – We’re back!

Welcome back!

Back to Hit Me Baby One More Time!
Vernon Kay hosts both version and is married to Tess Daly – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vernon_Kay

Talking Dave’s career, he doesn’t have an agent and isn’t going out on auditions for hosting. His last one was Extreme Spelling Bee.

He’s rebranded. Not a presenter so much anymore.

Michael Straihan and Steve Harvey to host everything?

Dave talks about Funderdome.

1h25m – Jimmy on the new Love Connection: “There isn’t enough innocence anymore for that show to work.”

Talking Dave’s Real World podcast. Truuuu Stowwayy.


More Hit Me Baby…

1h35m – Dave has an Arrested Development story.

1h40m – Tiffany and Debbie Gibson tour, who else on that tour?

Motown Philly –

Dave’s podcasts: International Waters, Truuu Stoway, and Homophilia!


John Butler’s movie Handsome Devil is on Netflix!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth