21A – Rocking the Boat with Mike Siegel

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Mike Siegel

00 – Welcome in! 21A! Jimmy explains the new alphabet game for the season. Jimmy explains an idea he got from a friend of his, Cash. It was a little too complicated for the show.

Talking bubbles and the current situation in the world. 14 minutes for Guam to bend over and kiss their asses goodbye.

Talking Last Man on Earth and post nuke scenarios.

It’s frightening.

We were WARNED by Hillary.

05 – Talking trying to avoid politics so much but it is nearly impossible.

Talking losing Glen Campbell. Jimmy was a big fan and we did mention him. Jimmy runs through a bunch of GC songs.

Season 21 Solo Artists or Name in Band. First letter Last Name. Lewis, Hewey.

“Doodles are oodles of fun!”

Rolling States actually it’s called Rolling America – 

Yahtzee Steal The Deal – 

Jimmy calls Rolling America great fun! Find it at your local target clearance shelf or the link above.

10 – Geddy Lee and the McKenzie Bros – 

Alex Jones vs Rush Limbaugh, who is more popular?

Jimmy gets a kick out of Alex Jones.

Talking Cesar Romero impressions.

Paul Williams talk. Eliot is jealous of Jimmy getting to sing with him.

15 – Jimmy wants more Croce from Eliot at the next PCAT.

Fuck off Stephen Miller!

Jimmy went to the water park with the family yesterday. It was hot and the line were crazy long.

Matt reveals “where he’s at” on water slides. He talks about his slide experience.

“Chuckie S!

20 – Jimmy wishes he had the confidence that some of the people at Soak City have in terms of body shapes.

Eliot wonders what a swim shirt is. The guys explain it.

Oliver does not like Gravity Falls. Jimmy can’t remember the actual show he likes.

25 – Drug facial hair talk.

Jimmy talks about his Band saw joke after 9/11.

Talking shop class. Eliot made a chess board and a cutting board. Jimmy made an End Table and a Drawing board (never finished)?!

I made a car and it was crooked.

Jimmy talks more about his drawing table. It looked like a podium for mini-me.

30 – Matt made machine guns.

Eliot talks about New Yankee Workshop. http://www.newyankee.com/


Talking Cs in woodshop.

Soda talk and soda stream.

Matt and Fam just brought it out again.

Owie magazine = oui magazine.

Augmented Reality nude cards?

Geo cache.

40 – Eliot’s talking a LOT. He doesn’t want to forget his idea. Jimmy enjoys his idea.

Scareface talk! Jimmy talks about seeing it and how a black man walked out at the intermission. He walks back in, “nobody tells the black man about the intermission.”

Mike Siegel is here!

Titanic is 24 minutes longer than Scarface. 3h14m vs 2h50m

Talking Hollywood in the 80s. It was quaint apparently.


Travelers was founded in 1864 in Hartford. It was founded to provide travel insurance to railroad travelers at a time when travel was far more risky and dangerous than today, hence the name.

Jimmy wishes he could apologize to Bill Paxton for his unfair dislike.

45 – Talking Twister and how everyone is it is terrible.

View post on imgur.com

JO to a Twister! Jimmy tries to figure it out and whether or not you’d help each other out.


50 – Who wins scarface v titanic.

Matt – Titanic

Jimmy – Scarface

Eliot’s never seen Titanic.

Matt explains Titanic to Zoey.

I saw Titanic 4 times in the theater.

55 – No hints: 1997: Can Mike name the city Jimmy saw Titanic in. for 1k. Santa Barbra, where Mike saw it. No winner!

Merriville IN – http://www.merrillville.in.gov/

Betting on Star Theater Seating

Mike – 2000
Jimmy – 4500

3400! No winner!

60 – Trips and travelations?! Mike is a paid brand ambassador for the rocky mountain train in colorado!

Something about a train! That’s magic!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

21A as in….!?!?

Round the horn!

Mike was in Antarctica!

He talks about his travels.

Mike’s last episode was in December!

Newt Gingrich and his wife were on the cruise that Mike was working.

1h5m – Mike talks more about working the Antarctica cruise and hanging out with the other acts. It was all inclusive.

They had a “polar dip” but he didn’t participate.

Mike tried Reindeer. “Sloppy Doe” Jimmy talks about trying that and enjoying it until he learned it was venison and not a speech impediment.

Mike talks about his show getting canceled due to deer hunting season.

1h10m – back to the cruise, mike talks how many shows he did. Long set v short set.
Mike talks about having to eat dinner with three older ladies for 90m. Jimmy said it could have been like sleeping with Mrs. Roper.

Drake Lake v Drake Shake. He got both versions.

His Antarctica shows went surprisingly well.

1h15m – Mike talks about doing a show during the rough seas Drake Shake time and having to sit down.

Cruise talk continues. Jimmy and Oliver enjoyed it. Danielle not so much.

I’m tired! Trivia bowl talk.

Let’s take a moment to remember by wonderful but contest-losing tee shirt design

1h20m – The Jimmy Pardo Project!

My A word is Paul Anka! Slices like a hammer!!

Eliot’s still from the gundo! Or is he now the coke head.

Magician’s have pony tails. Eliot gets iced.

1h25m – Talking Penn Jilllete and his new hair. Mike tells a cruise story with someone who is a climate change denier.

From the gundo!

Eliot’s A word is Rick Astley! (Adam Ant, Fiona Apple, Clay (Troy?!) Aiken)



Aiken vs Studdard

1h30m – Matt goes with Paul Anka!

Mike goes Frankie Avalon!


bananarama touring! http://www.bananarama.co.uk/

Mike killed at Jimmy’s improv show!

1h49m – Jimmy and Mike talk about the Jimmy and Friends show and how great the audience was.

5pm Monday 8/14! Live at Flappers.

Sack o dogs friend!

Too hot for dog haus. Mike suggests I put on another sweater and get over there.

Talking winter cruises.

1h45m – Mike saw a school of Orca’s around the ship.

Talking Bald Eagles. Majestic but not majestic like the Giraffe according to Jimmy.

Good luck Dodgers!

Jimmy says that in 2019 the White Sox will be the best team in baseball.

Mike wants to see Billy Joel but its an expensive ticket.

The Blues Brothers Band has a new album coming out.


1h50m – Matt wants to know what Mike’s A word is even though we already got it.

Jimmy’s A is Paul Anka!!

Matt and I win!

Mike did coke once, in a safe way, when he was old enough to know better. He had fun. All of the behind the music’s made fun.

It was one and done for him.

1h55m – Jimmy asks Mike if he remembers the weird back alley knock on the door bar with Anthony Clark.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman


2h – Mike went surfing with Graham surfing for his birthday. They went to San Onofre. They saw two sharks.
Matt went to the beach also this weekend.

Talking Beach Tar and how hard it is to get it off.

Don’t step in tar guys!

2h5m – Mike is not a good surfer. He likes the idea of it more than the actual act of it.

Mike’s purged. Jimmy calls him a hobo, vagabond, couch drifter.

Eliot tells a surf story. He fell off and got hit in the head by the board. Now we understand everything.

Jimmy’s never surfed before.

Jimmy talks about doing an auction with Conan in the audience.

Doc Talk before we go!

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon
American: The Bill Hicks Story

Eliot Cokeberg!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth