2018 – Quieting the Mind with Tom Bergeron


In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell.
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Tom Bergeron


00 – Time keeps on slipping into the future! 2018!

Someone’s favorite band is the Steve Miller Band.

Talking Steve Miller vs Steve Miller Band. Eliot chimes in pretty early!

Jimmy and Danielle protested at the March For Truth. They ran into Quinn Cummings and Michaela Watkins! He talks about it.

Jimmy talks about the Maxine Waters incident. It happened right in front of them. HE says basically nothing happened and the Young Turk guy is blowing it WAY out of proportion.

Did Maxine Waters ‘shove’ this Young Turks reporter? Watch and decide

Danielle was interviewed on MSNBC!

Matt spilled some water on his crotch.

Jimmy is done dragging Oliver to the marches.

05 – Anthony Rapp with a piano AND an accompanist in Toronto.

Does Tommy B like to sing?

Rent I’ll Cover You Lyrics –

Jimmy’s got some pebble problems.

10 – Doc Talk!

Speaking of Wheelchairs?!

Mommy Dead and Dearest – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6442978/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Jimmy also watched the GLOW documentary.

Talking the GLOW trailer –

Big weekend for Jimmy!

Juicy Fruit talk. Gum flavors. Cinnamon gum gives Jimmy a bumpy tongue.

15 – More gum talk.

Jimmy talks about his sleepy mouth while traveling.

Jimmy sometimes feels bad if he doesn’t offer a stranger gum.

Jimmy and Matt are not sitting together on the flight to Toronto.

The guys talk travel. Matt enjoys the DFW.

Talking about the architect Jimmy met and the upcoming remodels at the airport.

Tom Bergeron is here!

How hard is it to host with people talking into your ear? We’ll talk to him about it.

20 – Matt talks about how he reads stories to Charlie.

Tom Bergeron is here! In a short pant! Jimmy talks to him about how he got here. Tom talks Uber Bike.

Jimmy talks to Tom about his skills on the TV. He asks about the IFB (earpiece). Tom talks about it.

He talks about a recent incident with Simone on the show.

The return of Tom Bergeron!

Jimmy asks again about Tom’s shorts and talks about Tom’s invisible ab rope work out.

Matt talks about how in shape Tom is.

Matt talks about the 7 Minute Workout. HE’s back on it.

So is Jimmy. No nausea though!” “I’ve already planked today.” – Jimmy

Tom talks about Planking for 3.5 minutes. Jimmy did 4.5 plank this morning?!

25 – Jimmy doesn’t think he could go a minute now.

“I wish I wasn’t early.” – Tom

No Plank off! Tom already worked out. He’s here to hang out not work out.

30 – Tracy Nelson – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracy_Nelson_(actress)

Tom Bosley – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0098014/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

2018! The future!

Tom not a big music guy so no opinion on Steve Miller. He talks about how he wrote sketches while music played when he was a DJ.

Tom listened to Nicole Wallace’s show on MSNBC on the way in. They talk about her. Tom talked about how he scared her once. She is scared of Mimes and Tom is a trained mime so when he was on the View he did his Mime act and was freaking her out.

Talking about Nicole’s show.

Jimmy enjoys her and also Steve Schmidt – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Schmidt

Jimmy talks to Tom about Tom’s political leanings and how he gets hard, especially as hosting a show popular with red states. Tom hits back but tries to not make it personal. Apparently the trolls are worse on Instagram. He only blocks when things get too personal.

Jimmy talks about regretting the we support Trump joke.

35 – Eliot is making noise while the panel discuss politics.

Talking Bob the Puppet who Tom worked with.

Eliot’s opening the pins. Jimmy scolds him.

No comedy instincts!

NNF Enamel Pins! https://www.podswag.com/collections/pins/never-not-funny

40 – Tom guesses who each pin is of and talks about when he got a pin as the host of AFV.
Tom talks about the twitter response he got last time he was here. He says it was amazing.

Tom came through with a last minute booking. He went to a charity horse show that is held by William Shatner and his wife. He talks about it and interacting with people. He doesn’t mind it.

Tom tells a story about meeting a fan at an airport who thought he was anthony bourdain. Apparently Tom also gets mistaken for Neil Gorsuch. Jimmy insists he gets cast as corey lewandowski.


Talking about the Comey testimony and whether it will be a bust like the Rachel Maddow tax returns.

45 – Talking Wonder woman.


Jimmy is going to a private Chicago show at the whiskey for their 50th anniversary.

50 – Jimmy talks how bizarre it is that he is friendly with his favorite band.

Joe Mantegna talk.

Jimmy talks about his Twitter.

Tom talks about the event he attended for the documentary:

If You’re Not In The Obit Have Breakfast –

Tom talks about the doc and the panel he moderated with some serious LEGENDS. Norman Lear, Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks, and Carl Reiner.

55 – Jimmy talks about Mel Brooks and meeting him at Conan. He talks about how at the end of the day Mel is a comedian and he loves making people laugh.

Here is the panel discussion –

Bill Cullen – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Cullen

Talking about Dick Van Dyke and how nice he is.

Hi How Ya Doin??

Kenny G plays on a plane –

Eliot is here he is back from a rough trip. He talks about his dad being a projectionist for Mel Brooks.

60 – Eliot talks more about Mel Brooks and recounts what his Dad said about Mel Brooks. He complimented him by saying that he has done everyone’s job so he knows how to do everything and can help those people get what he is looking at.

Jerry Lewis –

Tom talks about working with Jerry Lewis on a telethon and how he loved the Bob the Spoon guest.

Jimmy talks about why PCAT started at 6pm – 6am originally.

Talking about people freezing on live TV.

Dan Harris panic attack on TV –

1h5m – Tom talks about meditation. Thoughts intrude!

Jimmy talks about how he might try meditation.

1h10m – Max Baer Jr. is still alive – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Baer_Jr.

Max Baer Jr age bet:

Jimmy: 91/76
Tom: 84/79
Eliot: 82/68
Matt: 87/81

Tom wins!

We’ll be back!

1h15m – We’re back!

Talking meditation with Matt. His parents meditated when he was a kid and he always bothered them.

Quiet the mind!


Talking guitars and never learning to play.

Oliver gets the piano! He has shown zero interest in the Piano.

Talking playing instruments and wishing you could play.

1h20m – Matt knows three power chords.

Talking Ryan Gosling learning songs for LALA Land.

Talking Mandy Moore, choreographer not the actress.

Talking Dave Ross on Dancing with the Stars.

Would Tom eve be a contestant on DWTS? Nope.

1h25m – Jimmy asks about whether anyone has nailed a dress rehearsal and failed a live performance. Tom says occasionally but mostly it’s the opposite. Jimmy wants to be a stand-in judge. Actually, he wants to be a judge on the show.

Sevens time!

Jimmy gives to Tom Bergeron: 14 (TV)

Talkng Jennifer Nettles.

1h30m – More Sevens!

Tom Bergeron gives to Jimmy: 6 (Movies)

Thanks for coming back Tom! Jimmy enjoys him on Twitter. See the real crazies on Tom’s Instagram page!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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