20Q – Turning Around with Jim O’Heir

Jim O’Heir

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell.
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



20 Quincy M.E.(quantum leap, queer as folk)

00 – Hello indeed and welcome!

Stacey Q!

Facts of Life AND Mama’s Family

Jimmy talks about Rick Moranis doing a role as Woody Allen in Hamilton if SCTV was still around.

Talking about which Eliot we are going to get when he was late today.

Theater tech eliot? Huffy Eliot? We got a THIRD Eliot. Sunny and polite.

Never Not Funny: The Closed Sessions?!

05 – Going 5 days with NNF? Can we do it? Is it sustainable? 5 days a week?

Are we gonna poll this?

Tom Bergeron is great! Tommy B!

10 – Eliot wants to talk about Impressionists.

When is an impression valid?

If you have to announce who you are impersonating it is not valid, except in the case of Matt’s Joe Lieberman.

In the Skiff?

Jeff Sessions clutching his butt cheeks together = Closed Sessions.

Christina Bianco –

15 – Comey Spoilers?

Watergate televised live – http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/05/watergate-hearings-televised-40-years-ago-2/


20 – Halsey talk! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halsey_(singer)


More talking about Condescending Matt.

Pedantic AND Condescending!

Our guest is here!

He’s sneaking in! He’s not just Jerry!

Jim does a little voice over.

25 – Little sketch for Jim.

It’s impression based. When is an impression an impression.

Brief Hamilton talk.

Sketch time!

Jim guesses correctly!

Jim O’Heir is here!

Jimmy and Jim have something exciting coming up? We’ll find out more after the break!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

20Q! Stacey Q!

Jimmy talks more about Matt’s condescension.

30 – Jim says the love in the room is palpable.

I’m wearing the new Live Only hat

Banya – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0405337/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t25

Jim enjoys auditioning.

My Q word is Quincy M.E.!

Talking movies!

I’m seeing It Comes At Night.

The mummy talk.

Matt talks about Dunkirk.

Mark Rylance


40 – Oscars talk!

Hello Eliot!

Scif – https://scifglobal.com/scif-definition-what-is-a-scif/

Iliad is making its way into the wild for backers! Looks great!

Eliot’s Q word is…first Jimmy wants him to train me and then get the fuck out of here.

His Q word is Quantum Leap!

Jimmy recognizes Scott Bakula from the great musical Romance Romance.

Eliot has a story and Jim starts snoring.

45 – Jim talks about doing guest star appearances when there the stars don’t show up for the guests coverage. Jim always gives 100%.

He talks about James Spader coming in for his scene just so he could make the actual eye contact.

50 – Talking about Jim’s appearance on Boston Legal. He tells another James Spader story and talks about how professional James Spader is.

Jimmy does his Spader for us. Jim is not impressed.

55 – Matt goes after Jimmy’s Less Than Zero line.

Jimmy compliments Eliot for making him feel good.

Matt goes with Quantum Leap, his original guess was Queer as Folk.

Jim O’Heir is here! His movie Middle Man is opening this weekend in 8 cities!

Jim talks about throwing the pitch out a Cub’s game.

Jim reacts to Jimmy’s pitch picture. “Go fuck yourself that’s what it was.” – Jimmy

60 – Jimmy talks about his practicing for his pitch. “Think of it as the first toss, like you’re playing catch with your dad.” – Ed Farmer

Jimmy and Jim talk about Cubs/White Sox and where in Chicago Jim grew up.

1h5m – The Bronco Bob Comedy Show – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSTcYAHl4gNe21GRsLiQrF-ELBXDG15Gh

Heaven to Betsy – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5690630/?ref_=nv_sr_1


Jim and Jimmy talk about knowing the same guy.

Jim’s Q TV word is Quincy.

More Q tv talk.

1h10m – Donate to Eric Trumps cancer charity?!

Talking Trump.

Jim says that Eliot’s sneeze sounds like Zika.

Jim talks about walking in NY and realizing he was waling past trump’s building. He flipped off the building as he walked past it.

1h15m – “Lordy let there be tapes!” – James Comey

Jimmy reset and talks about Jim saying he did research on Jimmy. They talk about how far back their circle connections run back. They were both in Adam Carolla’s movie Road Hard. Jimmy insists that was just a VO.

Talking about The Roxxy back in the day.

1h20m – Jim talks more about his history in Chicago and coming to LA and how his career started.

Matt gets applause for his “Raised Mound” joke.

1h25m – Talk about The VU and talking classes at Second City.

So much history for the Jims. They were “touching each other’s fame” – Jim.

Mama’s gonna sing!” – Matt Walsh quote from an old show.

Jim wonders whether Trump will last as president or if we’re gonna have 4 years.

Locker Room Talk!

1h30m – Eliot says the only way Trump goes is if he decides to go.

Does the GOP run someone against Trump in 2020? Why not just get rid of him and get Pence in there.

Jim thinks that Trump is Mentally ill while Pence is morally ill.

Jim talks about how he tells people to watch Parks and Rec. Start with 2 and then go back to Season One.

1h35m – Talking Chris Pratt and how wonderful a guy he is and his family is.

Jim talks about the end of Parks and Rec and how sad it was when they announced “ladies and gentleman that’s a series wrap for…” He talks about Amy reading to them all what she wrote in her book about the cast and making everyone cry.

1h40m – Jim talks about his upcoming film Middle Man.


Jim talks about a miserable day shooting in the movie in 107 degree heat.

He talks about finding out that the movie won the Grand Jury price at the Seattle Film Fest and in Edmonton (winning both comedy and drama!).

Jimmy had lunch with Robert and Coleen again for winning!

Misfortune Cookies!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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