2017 – Looking at All These Rumors with Maz Jobrani


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Maz Jobrani


00 – 2017! Welcome in! The episode matches the year. The year and the episode!

President Sad Sack.

My tweets are sad sack?!

Bluster Bluth?!

Talking Veep.

Jimmy talks about watching The Keepers in three nights.

Talking Trapper Keeper.

Talking folders the guys had as kids.

“Garon gets it!”

Is this the first time we’ve talked Folders?!

05 – Why are dudes mad about an all female screening of Wonder Woman?!

Hazing Eliot as a Men’s Right Activist (for humor).

Eliot had a freak out this weekend due to too much bad news. The retail version of Ilios should be shipping at any time!

Eliot’s Newsgroup!? Eliot gets defensive? Bad news got to him over the weekend.

Talking the WW screening and reactions.

10 – Remember The Alamo! They added more woman only screenings.

Boomerang talk and Eliot misquotes using a quote from Martin.

Talking Tiger Woods weekend issues.

Jimmy talks about Sex Addiction. “Once your famous they’ll let you do it.”

Tiger with Escorts? 

More sex addiction talk.

Tiger is 41 – 

Carson and Tiger played against each other in a golf tournie. That appears to be it.


15 – Talking golf and the new guys and the old gang.

More on Tiger and Carson.

Jamie Gertz talk. She is terrible in Twister? Jimmy blames Jan de Bont.


Maz Jobrani is here!

20 – Maz clarifies his name.

Jabroni – 

Maz is wearing an immigrant’s hat?

Talking Twitter.

Jimmy’s gonna go to the March for Truth.

Soccer Ball picture – 

Are we at the place where we have to elect The Rock to get back to normal?

25 – Talking about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for President. Would he win?

More Rock talk. “Charming son of a bitch!”

White House Red Lights – 

Maz’s book – 

He’s on Superior Donuts! And has a Netflix special coming out in August.


Gonna make Eliot talk abou this issues?

We’ll be back!

30 – Welcome back! 2017!

Maz Jobrani is here! Jimmy seemingly can only say his name in a baseball voice.

Round the horn!

Yu Darvish – 

Axis of Evil Comedy Tour – 

True or False on Carson and Tiger. Maz goes with true. Some controversy. Tiger was on meds and not booze.


Candy Crowley is alive – 

Candy Finnigan from Intervention – 

Talking to me! I’m under the weather.

35 – Maz talks about leaving Iran and never going back.

Talking Pirates 

40 – Franchise talk!

Blackish spin off 

Deon Cole – 

Jimmy and his mom went to see Alien. “It Is Horrible!”

45 – Recorder talk.

School schedule talk.

50 – Jimmy talks to Maz about his parents. His dad has an electric company and was a self-made millionaire. He lost a lot of it in market crashes as he neared the end of his life. His mom lives nearby in LA.

Talking how often we talk with our moms.

Maz talks about his kids and his mom and a canceled vacation.

55 – Talking everyone’s kids. Maz says his friends having teenagers and they seem gross.

Someone need Jimmy!

Jimmy will provide!

Hello Eliot! He doesn’t want to get into his meltdown. Jimmy wants to know more. It was about a friend of a friend of a friend. Maz wonders if it was Jared Kushner.


Bring back The (most Dangerous) Game for the Trumps.

“the closest thing to royalty we have.” Someone on twitter RE Ivanka.


Rockwell age bet!

Jimmy: 51
Maz: 61
Matt: 53
Eliot: 59
Garon: 54

Matt wins!


BK talk!

60 – Break!

Welcome back!

1h5m – Maz has a hard out at 2:30. His son is going to an audition call back! His brother in law and his son got a call back for a commercial.

Talking Lamps Plus. It’s like a light showroom?!

Lamps Plus Chairs! Deserves a laugh!

Protein burger style talk.

Talking fast food!

1h10m – Maz talks about doing a show in Monaco with delicious food and beautiful people and then doing a show the next week in North Carolina and ending up in a food court with not a single person under 300 pounds.

Maz explains the “Persian Pink Panther.”

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1h15m – a Joy! See you next time!

My pleasure,

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