20O – Getting Hitched with Tony Thaxton and Kailynn West of Tiny Stills

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Tony Thaxton and Kailynn West

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20 OZ (Oprah Winfery Show)

00 – Welcome in! 20 O! not 200! 20 OH!

Oh Sheila! 

Paula Abdul set list talk. Boyz 2 Men and New Kids talk.

10 – Matt talks about a 90s fest at The Greek.

Timmy T – 

Trinere – 


Lisa Lisa – 


15 – Jimmy gonna run for local office??

Mr. Rogers post – 

I say vehemently wrong. VEH – HEM – ET – LEE

Tony Thaxton takes my laptop to watch the Wonder Trailer


30 – Talking kids reading.

“Accept everyone even a goof face.”- Jimmy who cracked up mid sentence.

Timmy T again.

Betting on the release of One More Try.

We hear a little of it first.

35 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinere#Singles


Eliot: 92
Tony: 87
Kailynn: 90
Jimmy: 91

Kailynn wins!!


45 – Kickstarter @ http://tinystills.com/

Tony and Kaylinn are gonna say vehemently.

Tony Stills??

Handmaids Tale talk.

Brief talk on The Keepers!

We’ll be right back!

50 – We’re back! Welcome back. Jimmy’s up! His lower back is tightening on him. 20 O!

Eliot’s hair is discussed. Johnny P-Tail! Johnny Low Man Bun.

Latter Day Dee Snider?

Jimmy has a car meltdown then tells himself to calm down.

Boston left turns.

55 – Matt and Kailynn talk Boston and Berkley.

Physical with a gypsy!

Puss v bitch. Puss for face!

Kevin Meany talk.

My word is OZ!

Jimmy talks to Kailynn. 8/20 is the wedding date!

60 – Bands performing at their own wedding?

Matt grills Kailynn about performing at a wedding. She would hate it.

Tony tells a story about Jonah Ray’s wedding where Tom Wilson took the stage and finished off The Power of Love.

Back to Callie?

Uh oh! Jimmy’s gotta do a refresher.

1h5m – Jimmy talks to Tony about Pardcast-a-thon and why Tony didn’t suggest Kailynn join the PCAT band.

Kailynn’s oh work is the OA. Her other option was Orange is the New Black. FUNNY!

Eliot gets iced!

He’s fine!

1h10m – The Cat Came Back –

Pat The Bunny? 

1h15m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_O%27Brien_(radio_and_television_personality)#Alcoholism_and_voice-mail_episode

Eliot’s O word is Other world?! Once Upon A Time is his official guess.

Happy 40th Birthday Star Wars!

We’ve all heard Our House enough right?

Matt’s O word is Oblongs.

1h20m – Talking Tony’s PCAT appearances. 13, 14, 16, 17

Tony talks about knowing about the final Motion City Soundtrack tour and not being able to talk about it.

Tony talks the tour and talks about the final show.

1h25m – Tiny Stills opened the final show!! Their opening act had to drop out so Kailynn was able to open the show with 15 minutes notice. She did 10 songs!

NKOTB albums:

Tony’s O word is The Odd Couple! (Canceled!)

Dirty Carson is here!

1h30m – Someone in the room won!!

Tony’s off facebook!

Seal video: 

Tony has a Morrissey story. Tony talks about the Riot Fest.

http://riotfest.org/chicago/lineup/ at the D!


Morrissey meat issue and security issue? 

Who won??

Back up #1 One Day At a Time, #2 Oprah! Winner is…20 Once Upon A Time.

1h40m – Drunk Uncle Bernie Sanders Impression from Matt?

Matt talks about how he learned about the Manchester Situation from DJs on Hits One who couldn’t get out of their DJ voices.

Richard Blade talk. “We’re morning the loss of Chris Cornell. I personally was never a fan…” – Richard Blade

Chris Cornell talk!

We’ll be back!

Tiny Stills will perform for us.

Foster on keys! Chara on keys.

Rare second break!

Just a few days left on the kickstarter! Get on board! TinyStills.com

We’ll be back!

1h45m – We’re back!

Tiny Stills Kickstarter – 

Kailynn and Tony have switched seats! A star-studded wedding?!

Jimmy wants the origin of Tiny Stills. She talks about getting held up and what the band name means. She talks about the robbery.

1h50m – Everyone goes through tough times, Matt was once chased to his car by a coyote. Jimmy tells us this and again laughs before he gets through it.

First song is My Skin!

Tiny Stills!


We’re done!

Thanks for the great song
Thanks Tony!

Tony has the 7/11 Saga artwork on his wall!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth