2016 – Parallel Parking with Al Madrigal

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Al Madrigal


00 – Hello! We got the beep! Beep beep beep goes the trolly! Nope. No it does not.

2016! Welcome in!

Jimmy’s voice on that mic is like bee to honey? Or something.

Jimmy enjoys a hummingbird.

Good time with the Mikes at the ballpark!

Jimmy listened to an episode of Paul Gilmartin’s show. He listened on the plane.

The Worst Day of My Life – Rhonda Britten

Jimmy talks about his flight to Chicago. He had to fly into Louisville so he could make it. He had to run through the airport to get to his gate in five minutes.

05 – Jimmy talks about how American Airlines made good only to screw up again at the end of the trip.

“Old school oil talk.” Actually turned out to be a really nice guy. An architect that designed DFW airport.

American also reached out to fix the other problems as well.

Talking about my birthday trivia!

15 – No one listened to Jimmy at trivia.

We got second. Jason’s team won.

Thanks Lexington! Blue in a sea of red.

20 – Talking Billy Bush interview.

Katy Perry talk.

Jimmy and Matt talk fidget spinners and parenting.

Talking Trilbys.

Jimmy’s not wearing a sweated in hat.

25 – Talking Jimmy’s dead stare when’s he is trying to think of something.

Sunglasses talk?

Talking about the sea lion attack.

Al Madrigal is here! Talking the “arteries of Los Angeles.”

Back to the seal!

30 – Al Madrigal is here, Eliot!

Al’s show is I’m Dying Up Here – 

Talking Punchline: 

Donnie Dakus talk!

He did not work at a jiffy lube and Jimmy would not accept that joke.

35 – oil talk!

Al talks about his Mercedes Benz.

We get the bigger of the three guests out there according to Jimmy. He doesn’t know what that means.

Al calls Jimmy’s Cajun jimmy was a gift.

40 – Al thinks Jimmy has been on American Dad. He hasn’t done that or Bob’s Burgers despite knowing people on both shows.

Al’s Mercedes does the auto park.

Jimmy loves it and is now mad when he has to park somewhere that doesn’ t need it.

Al’s kids are 15 and 11.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Back when the immense responsibility of show notes was on my lone shoulders.


Around the horn!

New mic for me! We talk about it.

Al talks about giving his social media to his assistant.

45 – News talk!

Fox News Spin talk.

The origin of Cajun Jimmy was indeed on Al’s last appearance!

Trump talk!

Globe picture!

50 – That was all on the air guys.

Al was on 701 and 902.

I’m Dying Up Here pilot:

Al talks about working with Jim Carrey on the show and doing sets for him at an event.

Jimmy talks about not liking “legends” sitting in the audience. It makes him subconscious.

55 – Al talks about doing a guest set for Dave Chappelle and the audience being full of huge celebrities.

Talking Eddie Murphy track “faggots.”

Al talks about his Armenian Baby joke.

Al talks about getting chased around the improv by an Armenian in a jacket with all of the NF logos on it, Bennie Hill style.

Al talks about doing comedy and how lucky jimmy is that people come to see HIM. Al has people that just come out for comedy and not him specifically.

Al talks about getting choked by a woman after a show because he had a bit about Geri Jewell. 

60 – Al had two bachelorette parties fight each other at one of his show.

He’s been attacked quite a bit.

Al tells a story about a Miami drug dealer named Tito at a club in Miami. HE told Tito to shut up. Later on he was out selling CDs and Tito came over and did the whole “you wanna disrespect me in front of my friends?” Al went back at him and Tito just dropped $300 on the table and took some CDs.

Back to the horn!

1h5m – Jimmy talks about a woman in the front row in Lexington who was REALLY close to hearing the C word from Jimmy. She was annoying everyone. “Shut your fucking mouth and act like an adult.” After the show, an NNF fan came up to him after and told him that the woman thought she was seeing Kevin Hart. She was so drunk, she thought Jimmy was Kevin Hart.

“Tell me about this Alexa.” Guy who annoyed Al at school.

Matt has the Amazon Tap, which uses Alexa. Al has the Dot.

Talking Al and Jimmy’s age. Al talks painting the hair.

1h15m – Matt talks the new Alexa model.

I hated Alien! 

1h20m – Jimmy dreads the day Oliver doesn’t need him.

More school talk.

1h25m – Talking Taylor vs Katy

Al doesn’t want his kids to be cool.

Al has Rose Bowl perks!

Harry Styles talk!!

We love it!

Jimmy/Matt Not a fan of new Selena Gomez single.

1h30m – Play list talk!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Eliot is here!

Eliot reached a new level of pedantry.

Jimmy makes him explain himself.

1h35m – More talk about Eliot being pedantic.

Why get rid of twitter? Business stuff.

Clark Duke is on Al’s show!

Sky High

1h40m – Talking Twitter and whether or not to use it.

Al talks about his top apps. He talks about refusing to shoot a T-shirt gun.

Why didn’t DVD ever turn into David?

1h45m: Matt thought the same thing about the car in the picture btw.

Matt’s here, we’ve talked to him.

Al Madrigal is here! We talk about his show, I’m dying Up Here coming on Showtime.

Jimmy wonders how Showtime determines season 2 for a show.

Jimmy measures his dick with Rick Neilson’s guitar frets.

Al asks Jimmy about his tour schedules.

1h50m – talking Rose Bowl parade and seeing the floats early.

Talking social networks again!

1h55m – Cajun Jimmy is here! Talkin about fucking cousin and getting Deer Face.

Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy – 

Jimmy talks about Al’s comedy style.

It’s embarrassing it’s taken so long to get Al back.


Talking Daily Show.

Al talks about Comedy Central having some troubles.

Al wants Jimmy to host a show he wants to do.

No stand up for Al unless it’s corporate!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth