20N – Riding the Storm with Brandie Posey

In-Flapper’s notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Brandie Posey


20 National Lampoon’s Funny Money

00 – Welcome in!

Jimmy’s waiting for the screen to go up.

Talking Ghetto Ass!

Jimmy talks about it with an audience member.

ZZ Top talk

Musicals talk.

05 – Jimmy trying to find out what channel the JCS show is on. It’s NBC.

Matt got a new shirt.

Jimmy talks wardrobe issues.

Talking Jesus Christ Superstar.

Flashdance isn’t about welding.

Last Temptation of Christ talk. 

Trump talk!

Is he gonna bounce tonight?

Talking what happens to Trump.

10 – Jimmy wants the entire family in prison. Especially Eric getting his teeth knocked out.

Doc Talk

Jimmy watched Casting Jon Benet Ramsey.

Baby Jessica – 

Waste of time on that Jon Benet doc.


Captain and Tennille – 

Matt doesn’t get Jesus Christ Superstar or seeing a musical about jesus.

15 – Matt hates hippy musicals.

More about JCS. Jimmy sings some songs from the show.

How low can you go!

Grease! Audience sings along.


Favorite Michael Bay movie? The Rock?

20 – Michael Bay – 

Talking Inkmasters.

Jimmy talks about an audience member’s hamburger.

Talking In and Out. Matt wants them to have a turkey or a chicken and he emailed them about it.

Jimmy and Matt talk about chicken at McDonald’s.

Jimmy got sick at an In and Out in 1986.

Check out the Habit encroaching on In and Out territory.

25 – Hamburger is really throwing Jimmy off.

Johnny Yune – 

30 – Shirt talk. Matt loves his shirt. Jimmy hates a thick tshirt.

Talking Writing-off clothes.

Woah nelly!

Talking Dodger Stadium concerts.

35 – Jimmy’s following Jon Bowser Bowman.

Matt wants to switch up his twitter feed.

Billy Joel talk!

Douche Chiils


The Doors talk.

40 – Jimmy likes them?

Jimmy and Matt are The Doors.

Leave us alone with My Preogative!

Matt talks about a bobby brown story.

Our guest!

Brandie Posey is here!

Brandie talks about Las Vegas! She went to see Magic Mike Live. She talks about it.

45 – Brandie’s podcast is called Lady 2 Lady! 

Motorbunny.com is the $1400 sex toy that they sent to the show.

Brandie does not like The Doors. She was a Karaoke Host for 3 years. People did The Doors, a lot. She also hates Billy Joel because of that job.

Jimmy’s eyes are in trouble according to Matt.

Brandie talks about having a blind person’s cane in her car and using it to tap her hood when she was in traffic.

Jimmy talks about what he would do in traffic “keep it up and I’ll blow your fucking head off!”

50 – Matt had a friend that would throw handfuls of pennies at people if they did something stupid while driving.

Get rid of the pennies according to Jimmy and Brandie. Matt agrees and same with JC Penny.

Brandie wonders about Bitcoin.

Talking crypto currency.

Brandie talks about a machine at a burlesque show she opens for that sells bitcoin.

As of now the bit coin conversion rate is $1693 for one bit coin.

55 – Brandie has a funny story about hosting Karaoke. She had a drunk crazy lady who wanted to go up immediately but wouldn’t tip her. You tip you get a bump. This lady ended up giving her a nasty note with a racist asian drawing on it.

Back to the concert.

60 – Round the Horn.

Sweet Caroline!

Weasel face!

Pink – 

Not from the Inland Empire.

1h5m – Tip thanks!

National Lampoon Funny Money is my word.

Night Gallery is Eliot’s word.

1h10m – Talking Richard Ramirez.


Bob Ross party?!

Matt thought Eliot’s painting was great.

1h15m – Whose name is on the show??!!

Brandie’s N word is NCIS! She wants to be a blood splatter the on a show.

Rosewood canceled sorry Eliot.

Matt’s N Nashville!

1h20m – Freestyle!

Audience guesses

The only thing Jimmy could think of is New Zoo Review!? The only think he could think off.

1h25m – Jason Alexander and Paul Reiser!

This is our last Flappers show for a while!

We’ll be back in August!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth