2010 – Spinning the Wheel with Quinn Cummings


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Live at Flappers

Quinn Cummings live at Flappers


00 – Welcome in! Video didn’t work AGAIN!

Talking The X-Files.

Hello crowd!


Episode controversy.

I’m fighting them off.

Shirt talk. Jimmy and Matt are twinning.

Matt analyzes the sweaters.

5% cashmere!

Talking fabric all day long.

05 – Jimmy explains what happened in the green room but gets distracted again.

He talks about Never Not Viney clips always ending with him telling Eliot to shut up. He talks about an email he almost sent.

Steve Perry did not sing at the Hall of Fame.

Jimmy reminds us that he cried when he saw Steve Perry singing at the Eels show.

Jimmy and Matt talk Journey and the Hall of Fame and the class act that is Steve Perry.

The Philippino Flair!

First in Last Out does not apply.

10 – Sneaky seat?

Lady in the front has a Masters hat on. She went 20 years ago. Lorraine. Tiger won when she was there.

Tiger won the masters 4 times.

Jimmy talks about Fuzzy Zoeller’s “racist” joke.


Eliot chimes in with some spinning wheel.


15 – Shadowboxing – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadowboxing

Jimmy sings some Rudolph song or something.

Jimmy talks about some Masters Controversy and some issues with Lexie.

Ican Read was the Korean golfer who came in second place?

Jimmy talks more about what happened at the Masters.

20 – Talking HD, curved screens, etc.


Matt appears to be anti curve TV.

Jimmy has a 13in black and white tv, “and this thing has a picture on it.”

Talking Jimmy’s famous small dick joke.

Audience member correctly guesses that Matt thinks the lighted TV was stupid.

25 – Uh oh! We’re gonna get a refresher on who’s show this is.

Brad pops!

Jimmy goes back to the spa.

30 – Oliver loves The Simpsons. He drew himself as a Simpsons character.

Salieri – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Salieri

Back to Lorraine. She’s lived here for 9 years.

Angry drunk Jimmy got pissed at a guy for wearing a Masters shirt.


We’re taking a break!

Blue Apron! Jolly Ranchers is a delicious candy treat.

“Why take it out of the rotay?” – Matt on a great dish from Blue Apron.

Eliot recaps and Matt wonders if he just got back from the bathroom.

Jimmy’s on the floor guys.

OR Mad Dog is here?

40 – Casper Mattress!

Right Sink Right Bounce!

Jimmy thought he had a piece of gold in his head but he screwed it all up.

He’s got some head foggery.

Jimmy talks about expecting getting kicked out.

Jimmy predicts that Danielle kicks him out the day after Oliver goes to college.

Caspermatress.com/pardo Offer code Pardo.

Matt’s being a speed bump according to Jimmy.

We’re back!

45 – Here comes our guest!

Jimmy introduces Quinn Cummings.

Quinn talks about Family. Jimmy watched and “of course” knows her from that.

Jimmy runs down her filmography.


50 – Quinn talks about her partner talking in his sleep. “heh heh heh now there’s a professional newscaster.”

Robert Blake – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Blake_(actor)
Quinn talks more about her career.

55 – Quinn talks about her horrible memory.

Quinn was on Circus of the Stars.

Love Boat talk. Jimmy didn’t know it was a set until he was like 32.

More golf talk at the start of this show than Quinn has ever heard of, “and I’m an Episcopalian.”

“You dazzle me!” – Quinn to Jimmy. Isolate that for the opening!

60 – Quinn tells a Loveboat story for the first time ever. At one point she was the person who turned down the show the most in the shows history.

Matt loved the love boat.

Quinn invented the Hip Hugger. 

The launch was affected by 9/11!

‘Round the horn!

1h5m – Jimmy tells Quinn about my threesomes.

I’m a surprise to everyone!

Mat shuts this show down “This guys had two dicks in his face.”

1h10m – Bag o’ corn in the audience.

Playing some Tom Jones and Blood Sweat & Tears –

Jimmy recounts his Tom Jones “he let himself go grey!” story.

Eliot is here and wants Jimmy to tell Tom Jones to do Spinning Wheel.

1h15m – Jimmy True or Falses TWICE!

Eliot has a real emotion regarding his lady friend’s dog and no one knows how to react.

More about Quinn’s partner’s sleep talk.

1h20m – Jimmy talks about what he loves about Quinn’s tweets. (@Quinncy)

Quinn and Jimmy go through the nicknames she has created. Pavlov Walnuts = Paul Manafort.

Original Trump nickname is Giant Toddler
New Russia related: Manchurian Pumpkin
Seasoned Flight Attendant: Kelleyanne Conway
Jeff Sessions: Lesser Grand Wizard
Rex Tillerson: Rex-on.
Paul Ryan: Atlus (zombie eyed grandma starver)
Jarad Kushner: Tom Hagan (godfather reference)
Ivanka: Upper East Side Barbie, Georgetown Barbie, Oval Office Barbie
Trump sons: Lucky Sperm and Animal Killer
Betsy DeVos: Scamway
Neil Gorsuch: Avignon Pope (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avignon_Papacy)
Spicer: Friday Brown Shirt
Jimmy’s new favorite: Ron Paul: Guy Shouting at the Media Near My House
Rand Paul: Unlicensed Doctor

1h25m – Jimmy loves Quinn’s twitter feed.

Talking more about Oliver’s art. Jimmy’s the “Great Santini of art.”

Jimmy got booed when he did his Ted Nugent joke in Cincinnati.


1h30m – Jimmy gives to Quinn Cummings: 17 (80s music) – Live at Flappers

Shine is here from the audience! His real name is Shine. He’s a quarter Korean.

Jimmy gives to Shine (audience member): 9 (80s music) – Live at Flappers

Jimmy gives to Scott (audience member): 8 (80s member) – Live at Flappers

Shine gets the purse!

San Fran!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth