20I – Breaking the Law with Chad Daniels

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Chad Daniels and Jimmy Pardo

Live from Helium in Portland

No on-site note-taker!
All notes and editing by Darryl Asher


Weird tech issue right outta the box. Lots of bass playing, no voiceover

Jimmy is NOT happy with the tech issue

Jimmy talks to Micheal in the audience, with eggplant-colored hair

Jimmy blames society and Trump

Grabbing pussy is propotional to amount of fame

Michael in the audience last worked on a play called Cymbeline by Shakespeare

Josh meet Michael

A little travel SNAFU

Michael does not color his hair, despite appearances


This is a matinee

Physical threats against Michael for his haughty attitude

Co-host of 12 years, Matt Belknap (who let’s out a quick “OUCH” as he comes onstage; this will be an issue in a later live episode)

Matt agrees: Michael colors his hair

Matt is still rattled by the show-top tech prob, but blames Eliot for not putting the V.O. on the audio. (V.O. stands for Voice Over, which is when you place a VOICE OVER another thing)

Kimmy Thing is in the audience; she’s a big NNF AND Dave Matthews fan, somehow


Tall Joe almost ruined the video of the show

Various methods to murder Joe

Jimmy on Comedy Film Nerds also had tech issues

Back to Kimmy Thing, and her falling for Jimmy, literally


Jimmy hates one of each: Dakotas, Koreas, Sklars

Jimmy says the Sklars might switch which one wears glasses, but Matt thinks they switch which one wears glasses

Jimmy chats with a sociology teacher in the audience

Someone ordered a stick of butter with blood, or possibly cheesecake

Flight was delayed due to fuel guage issues

One night in Bangkok

NNF appeals to the conservative Pacific North-westerners


Airport conservative dressers

Jimmy sat next to smokey cat-lady

Smokey cat-lady left her suitcase by door of the plane

Heads up! Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter is purported to be somewhat popular

Matt’s “Old man!” exclamation raises Jimmy’s ire


Matt saw Miley Cyrus in Sherman Oaks

Matt brings up the band Black Box and has a great, yet obvious, joke about it

Jimmy thinks Matt will get 19 likes for his joke on Twitter


Smokey cat-lady was very nice


Jimmy talks about being Lloyd for Lloyd’s Center

Jimmy wants to try the butter blood cheese cake

Talking to another Kim about Dave Matthews

Tweet update: 7 likes, 2 retweets, and 2 disparaging comments


Waiting for the Hardcastle of Tweets

Audience member Jeremy recommends gambling on how many likes the Tweet will get

Jeremy = cockring wearer, and Jimmy has questions


Jimmy’s million dollar idea: Swatch-cockring

Talking about planking workouts

“Woman at Gym Puts Treadmill ay Ninety-Degree Angle”  – The Onion


Matt is no longer a doughy mess of an eyesore

Jimmy ding-dong-ditched cookies at Matt’s door

Jimmy doesn’t like chocolate chips

Jimmy now eats bananas like he’s a champion cock-sucker

Matt: “Everyone wins in a dick-suck”

Fan Jennifer brought them chocolate-chipless cookies

RObert Plant vs. a Bee Gee in a street fight


Robert Plant bands including The Honeydrippers

Please Welcome Chad Daniels, who has an new CD Footprints on the Moon

Chad doesn’t like bicep country music, and knows no artist names

Chad’s mom would break his rap CDs

Chad broke 13 vending machines with saline solution: a felony

(Sounds fishy, but it worked!)

“Come on Mom, have a Coke and a smile”


Being raised by a single mom

How Chad raises his kids

What security questions do you use?

Callback to pink donut


Chad just special-ordered chocolate chip pancakes

Mixed in AND on top

Chad’s pancake hack: cut a square in the middle for he syrup

Jimmy needs more detail about Chad’s breakfast habits

Helium: one of the top five clubs in the country


Chad is working with Sean Jordan, local favorite

Jimmy hates one of the Dakotas

Time to play Sevens

Also: think of your I TV shows

An audience member insits Jimmy roll the Rs in his name

Chad can’t think of an I Tv show, so an audience member picks Inspector Gadget for him


Matt: In the Heat of the Night

Matt and Chad plays Sevens: 90s Music – Score 14

Michael in the audience chooses Inuyasha as his TV show. What.

Josh: I Spy starring the great rapist Bill Cosby, whose writer’s room wrote his thesis

Jimmy’s Cosby impresson sounded great (to him)

Audience member Jerry / Jere / Jer-EE’s friend says: I Dream of Jeannie

Kimmy Thing says Intervention

Dan says In Living Color

Weird Hat: Invader Zim

Jeremy: Ironside and Iron Chef

Jimmy’s show gets boos: Inside Edition. What.

Nichole with Gorgeous hair comes up to play Sevens


Deborah brought his 21 year old son, who doesn’t know what’s going on

Nichole has number tattooed on her foot: her mom’s lottery numbers

Jerry dragged Nichole to the show, but she acclimated by listening to the “sick episode” on the way

Jimmy and Nichole play Sevens; Category: Celebrities

Jimmy starts over because “Best African American Actress” is not an Oscar category


Score 9 due to horrible clues by Jimmy

Jimmy explains N-n-n-n-nineteen

Matt’s tweet has 30 likes

Jeremy plays Sevens with Matt, category Movies – Score 14 – TIE

Jimmy and Jeremy try Movies – Score – 13


Thanks to Helium and staff, one of the best clubs in the country!

Thanks to the fans!

AK-47 gone not forgotten.