2004 – Feeling a Cold with Jimmy and the Gang

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – the sick episode!

Everyone is sick, except for me.

They try to blame it on me because I was sick before but eliot mentions a “buffet party.”

Why did we not cancel?!

We go back to Eliot’s story and it’s a mispronunciation extravaganza.


Matt made some kind of jew reference that I missed.

“The Jew Way.”

05 – Oscars talk!!

Short episode no guest.

Jimmy talks about PCAT 2017!

25 guests booked as of this moment. Nice line-up!

Auctions –

Auctions are doing great. Some in the triple digits already.

10 –More auction talk.

Tony Montana talk. Al Pacino is a talent.

Jimmy talks about the Oscar ballots! In house with the five of us (cast and Henry Phillips).

Jimmy enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel and his hosting and his comedy.

Who won??

Danielle had 5.
Elise and Matt had 8.
Jimmy had 7.
Jimmy’s mom had 7.
Eliot had 2.
How many did I have?!??

Eliot did not watch the Oscars and somehow has NO idea what happened. Matt has him guess. He guesses correct in terms of the wrong envelope situation. He deduces it and guesses correctly.

15 – Talking Best Picture situation.

Oscar talk!

30 – Dick tracy.

Eliot worked on an Oscars? We’ll find out after the break!

We’re back!

Around the horn!

2004 – The Sick Episode. PCAT on Saturday!

Jimmy’s going to Sugarman after the show.

Zoe beat Matt and Elise on their ballots.

35 – Matt will take any number of rhymes that Lin Manuel wants to spit at him.

Talking Lin being a giant nerd and having his dream come true by being there.

Talking denzel v casey Affleck.

45 – monologue talk!

50 – Back to Eliot and his Oscar experience! He worked on the Oscar’s website.

He had to be sequestered at one point?!

55 – Talking Celebrity Apprentice!

Talking boycotting and where does it end?!

60 – Dirty Money!

Orwell talk.

Lego talk!


We’re back!

65 – Talking sleeping seat fillers and whether matt would do it.

Jimmy went hat shopping.

H&M talk.

We’re done! Good stuff.

70 – PCAT Saturday!

Talking charity!

See PCAT on YouTube via Talk Show Labs!

75 – The AV Club is exclusively announcing the PCAT Guest list (90-95% of it anyway)!

Puppy Style!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth