2003 – Dying Laughing with Suli McCullough


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Suli McCullough


00 – Hello! Jimmy’s coming in hot! Right into some Hamilton!

Jimmy talks about the Hamilton Lyric’s quiz he took. Matt set an unreasonably high bar.

Hamilton Quiz

Matt got 39,015 and 51/51.

Jimmy ended up with 50. He missed #40 or #41.

Jimmy talks about how slow the quiz is for the website. Pick it up!

05 – “It’s about speed!” – Jimmy

Tea talk! I forgot!

Eliot get’s his decorations changed thanks to Jimmy’s OCD.

Thanks everyone for coming out to Helium in St. Louis! Two phenomenal shows and three really good ones! Lotta fans! Matthew Rude and wife came out as well!

NNF Live in Portland on March 11!
NNF Live in Philly on 4/22!
NNF Live in Salt Lake in March 10!
March 13 at Flappers!

4/13 in Seattle! http://www.parlorlive.com/parlor-live-comedy-club.html

10 – Jimmy’s opening a mystery box! He explains the unmarked box.

Matt and Ryan ate in the break room here. He loved it.

Opening the box!

15 – Talking severe sunburn from extra work. People are after my job!

Jimmy guarantees I don’t leave.

Jimmy thinks that Matt went to pioneer town over the weekend. Matt is completely unsure what he’s talking about.

Talking backyard trees! Jimmy loves the tree. HE talks about having to cut a tree loose in his yard.

20 – Our guest is here!

I’m rattled?

Jimmy talking about his insurance and fixing his windshield.

Secretariat shades.

I am on Jimmy’s bad side!

I get the business!

Gonna take a break and go around the horn. We HAVE to talk about Eliot’s head.


Congrats to Dave on his daughter Poppy!

25 – Comet pizza talk! Ridiculous.

Dying Laughing is Suli’s movie! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5068712/

He should have been here 8 years ago. Jimmy’s insulted.

Jimmy’s not heard from Amber Rose since the podcast. Talking why she wears glasses.

Suli says she is not unlike Cyclops.

30 – Suli talks about all the rap songs that feature Amber Rose’s ass.


What’s happening in this room?!

Suli talks about working on the writing staff of the Amber Rose Show.
Don’t Be A Menace – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116126/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_16

Amber Rose is coming back for season 2 but it’s more like Loveline.

Suli works with Dr. Phil’s company.

Suli talks about his experiences with Dr. Phil.
Cash me ousside –


Jimmy plays the clips from Dr. Phil.

Matt makes a movie reference. (13 going on 30)


We’re back with the Cash Me Ousside song.

“The bumpinest track he’s heard in a while.”

Let’s first?! Eliot’s glasses went lens down somehow.

40 – Jimmy keeps calling Suli a filmmaker.

Talking guilds.

Talking screeners! “one opened into a kite.” – Jimmy

Jimmy passes on the one episode screener.

45 – Talking Trump and “White House South.”


Russia talk!

“woefully unqualified.” Obama on Trump

Talking anti trump becoming pro trump. “I like how he makes his wife flinch.” –

50 – Talking Real O’Neals jokes and my offense at someone else’s offense.

Bully talk

Time after time –

55 – She’s So Unusual

Suli saw Prince at a show in Hollywood. He brought a seat cushion in the shape of his symbol!

Prince and Jay Leno were friends?! He did a week on the tonight show and did a lunch concert for NBC.

Purple King!

60 – Eliot’s here with some Gene Simmons like facial hair. Jimmy calls it, “Dynamite!”

Talking lunch. Eliot liked the sandwich Matt chose for him. He ate half of it.

Eliot’s got a new set up for master control. He had to talk to someone in Tokyo. “You spoke with a tokyan?!”

“We welcome all advancements on our show.”

65 – Derby talk!


Matt has evidence of Jimmy in a fedora. Gonna post it on twitter later. It was at Zoe’s first birthday.

Rhythm is gonna getcha!

70 – Talking four day weekends!

“Throw hands” “Not!”

Jimmy gets real asking Suli about if his earlier issues were color related.

Apparently, it’s super easy to get on a lot now.

75 – Suli has a 19 year old daughter attending Spellman.

HBCU = Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Suli talks more about his daughter and deciding on going to Spellman.

His son is 12 in in Jr High, which now starts in 6th.

Suli born here grew up in NoCal. He talks about his comedy starts including opening for Seinfeld when his school won a free concert from him!
80 – Seinfeld’s manager ended up managing Suli!

Jimmy and Suli talk about where they met. Sounds like Igbys! Jimmy talks about Suli being able to do both standard and alt comedy rooms like Largo.

Suli talks about Tahoe and doing a show there with Jimmy (who doesn’t remember it).

Jimmy’s one and done on the tonight show appearances.

Suli talks about being a writer on the tonight show. It was during Jay’s last year.

He talks about bumping into John McCain (literally bumping into him) on his first day.

Obama was indeed president! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama#Presidency_.282009.E2.80.932017.29

Suli talks about President Obama appearing on the show while he was there. He didn’t get to meet him.

90 – Suli talks more about Jay’s last year and how he was there through the whole thing including a game show like experience to find out if they would get a job on Jay’s prime time show. He did not make it and went to George Lopez show.

Jimmy recalls losing his job when Jay came back.

Jimmy talks about Conan having to address a writer of his on twitter.

Talking Dying Laughing. Suli PRODUCED it and appears in it.

95 – Break!

We’re back!

Talking Beer Nuts Party Mix.

Confirming it is Joe Dean via a new Mike Henry song.

“So many nuts it looks like garon’s bed.”

3 way talk!

“it’s hard to get it crackin’!” – Suli

Talking Dying Laughing. Both Matt and Jimmy want to see the entire thing after seeing a trailer.

Suli describes the film.


109 comics but not Jimmy. 50 made it in the final cut.

1h45m – Suli continues to talk about the film and that everyone involved was great.

Talking Kevin Hart and his early days!

Dying Laughing is in limited release now and on iTunes and more on 2/24!

1h50m – Jimmy talks about loving to hear people talk about the craft.

Matt asks about Jerry Lewis’ appearing in the film. He came in and completely reorganized the way they were shooting.

Like a boss!


Matt gives to Suli McCullough: 3 (90s Music)
Jimmy gives to Suli McCullough: 6 (90s Music)

2h – talking Cypress Hill.

Jimmy can’t handle 30 seconds of talk about music he doesn’t like.

Jimmy and Matt give to Suli McCullough: 6 (90s music)

Matt gives to Garon: 20 (90s Music)

Go see Dying Laughing in the theater!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth