20B – Making a Murderer with Karen Kilgariff

Karen Kilgariff

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Live at the Bootleg

00 – Hellooooo!

James Stockdale

Well done on that opening! Jimmy thinks it is played out so we’ll probably change it.

Jimmy comments on the Winona Rider viral video with the pizza.

Jimmy talks to Jeff and David.

Jimmy makes someone move to another spot.

I gots my book for sale!

Jimmy talks to Chris from Pasadena! It’s the teacher chris! Jimmy wants to hang up on him.

05 – A Very Super Market: The Musical.

A wacky supermarket where you learn to eat healthy. K-5.

Chris is LOUD.

David doesn’t surf. Does his girlfriend ride his hair?

Who does David look like?!

Matt’s here!

10 – Jimmy gets a text. Matt does some Billy on the Street.

We’re a great deal!

This is turning into a cult meeting!

Hi Jeff!

Matt texts his wife.

Jimmy speech to texts eliot to shut the fuck up. Not sure if it works.

15 – Text to speech: It’s very precise.

Jimmy yells at our guest.

Matt says our live shows should be like the studio but this is a new low.

Have some respect for our president.

Old Man Lizard drinks soda!

Matt wants to ask about Lego Batman. Jimmy advises him to mind his business.

Negging – Negging is a rhetorical strategy whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise insulting remark to another person in order to undermine their confidence in a way that gains approval. The term was coined and prescribed by the pickup artist community.

Oliver paid for the snacks at the Lego Batman Movie.

Matt says that The Lego Batman Movie was tailor made for Oliver. It’s like the pried open his brain.

Jimmy calls it the best batman movie ever.

20 – The guys loved it.

Jimmy stares down Matt. He’s distracted by some square thing in Matt’s pocket. It’s a camera.

DX0 One Camera. Not Altoids.

Tile App

David’s favorite band: Man or Astro-man –

Camyrn Manheim – 

25 – Jimmy talks about Oliver having Community Theater Blues after watching Lego Batman. He saw it, loved it, talked about it, and now it’s over so he got depressed about it.

“He was saving the bit.” Jimmy on Eliot. “Boy that’s the first and last time you’ll say that about Eliot.” – Matt

Matt’s not pleased with his pant selection. They’re crotch-bunchers.

“Look at this. You don’t have to look.” – Classic Jimmy

“Take a cock and you suck one! Any one!” – Jimmy

Chris goes low voice.

Jimmy and matt redo the intro: “We were like prime minister Abe at Mar-a-lago.” Dens Miller adjacent.

30 – Charlie is obessed with the Super Mario series from the 80s.

Talking Wham Rap vs Super Mario Show!

Bells Palsey Dennis Miller.

Would Matt have dinner with the Trumps if invited to the winter white house?

35 – Jimmy says Stephen Miller looks a little like Eliot Hochberg. Goes through it.

“He’s a skinny young eliot.”

Jimmy hates them all!

You don’t laugh watching a guy get his face on a tire? Even if you’re next.

Stephen Miller – 

40 – How does anyone not hate themselves at least a little bit?

Paul Gilmartin used to do bits about pissing with a hard on and now he is helping people mentally. – Jimmy

Kool and the Gang opening for Van Halen?!

Jimmy says there were great though.

Was it really Morris Day at the Grammys?

Ryan of AST fame saw The Time open for Prince and he said they blew him off the stage.

45 – Talking DJ on 80s on 8. Al Hunter called Prince the Purple One, Matt thought he was gonna say Purple King. Jimmy said we’d sue.

My Favorite Murder host and friend! Karen Kilgariff!

Jimmy asks about Stag Parties.

Jimmy’s moving everyone around.

Tickets for PCAT sold so well we crashed the system.

Jimmy talks about Matt showing off for Karen. He makes audience member John stand up and show off his shirt that shows that this is in fact the Jimmy Pardo Podcast.

Matt was NOT in Hamilton. Jimmy thought they’d go an entire episode without talking Hamilton and we did not.

50 – Karen should get something for having to watch jimmy jerk off to Jon Hamm.

Harassment talk.

Karen says that Stephen Miller looks like a snake that just got born.

“Round of chips right here my good man!” Jimmy orders cookies.

He misses his hands when he tried to rub them together.

“That’s not how you clap asshole.” – Matt tweet about Trump clapping.

55 – Talking Jimmy’s 20s phrases.

Karen sold out the Orpheum Theater.

Chaplin talk!

Jimmy wants his cookies!

Talking Missing Richard Simmons with Karen. Everyone feels fascinated about it. “What if he finds him immediately?” – Karen

60 – Karen talks her favorite murders.

BTK Killer – Kansas

Green River Killer –

You want fuck truck?!

Talking fucking mufflers.

Green River killer killed hookers:

“Apple pie 4th of July She was a whore!”

65 – “What’s another hot new murder?” – Matt.

Talking more crimes that fascinate Karen.

Israel Keyes –

Round the horn!

70 – My B word is Batman the Series!

Jimmy doesn’t wanna give Jeff the story of eating his cookie.

The Garmy?!

Eliot’s word is Big Valley!

Eliot has a skunk situation. He talks about it.

75 – Eliot spoke to the skunk!

Mike Hnry gives us a VERY little bit of a skunk song.

Mike Henry’s B word, Buffalo Bill.

Cookies sneak up on Jimmy and he LEAPS Into a defensive stance.

Matt goes Breaking Bad.

Double B top of the key.

Karen’s B is Baskets.

Eliot chimes in with Blackish. Sean in the audience, Bosom Budies, Benny goes Barney Miller, John Beavis. Some big bang theory, and more guesses.

80 – Karen also guesses Benson

The Word is…Barney Miller!

Two audience members have to do a B off and Matt says that Jimmy wants Karen to watch.

Jimmy might do a One man Lyle Lovett tour.

Matt talks about the Emoji movie trailer. Oliver on the Emoji movie: “Nope.”

Sevens with Karen!

85 – Jimmy gives to Karen Kilgariff: (Romantic Comedy)

This was a complete failure. “ooooohhhhhhh ohhh” Jimmy’s clue for She’s All That followed by a complete break down.

Jimmy gives to Karen Kilgariff: Jimmy’s is locking up completely. (Romantic Comedy)

Matt gives to Karen Kilgariff: 6 (Romantic Comedy)

90 – Jimmy gives to Karen KIlgariff: 24 (80s music)

Here comes Benny!

My lover has left me.

Talking take five and Robbie Williams.

Benny and I are future roommates?!

Matt asks Benny what the Jets are up to.

Jimmy gives to Benny (audience member): 15 (Movies – Comedy)

Enjoy the book Benny!

Pacino in Hamilton!

Short stop 6. Jimmy talks a poor baseball player.

Wrapping it up! Eventually…

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth