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Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1411 – Matt Walsh
00 – Hello! Welcome! Jimmy checking for his dignity, found it in his pocket. He’s wearing a Draft Day t-shirt. He got it from a PR guy handing them out at Oliver’s little league game. Jimmy says he will see the movie.

Jimmy’s new seats at LAKISS are great! He wants to sit down with the QB who seems to be panicking when he gets to the one yard line and cant score.

Jimmy came in in a great mood! We ruined it.

Never Not Funny Head-Sweaters! Jimmy doesn’t think anyone would wear a NNF Knit Cap. Just like the NNF hat, which I am wearing.

05 – Matt went to Disneyland yesterday. He wore his NNF hat. He saw a girl in a NNF T-Shirt! The Rock and Roll all over T-shirt. Matt thought he’d give her a charge and he said, hey nice shirt! She said Thanks and walked on. Not recognizing him apparently. He also gave a wave.

Jimmy talks about a fan approaching him at the LA Kiss show saying that his wife would have been disappointed not to see him.

Jimmy gets nervous in crowds with Oliver and has to keep his eye on him at all times.

Matt had one of those kid leashes for Zoe. They barely used it. Jimmy doesn’t understand the backlash against the child leashes. PC Hippies with the head sweaters on!

Oliver 2 Word Review of the game on Saturday: Deadly and Awesome. Deadly – LA Kiss lost, and a lot of fights.

10 – LA Xtreme –
LA Express –
Chicago Blitz (not fire) –

Jimmy still not on board with the LA Kiss team name.

15 – Jimmy is reading Paul Stanley’s autobiography. Loving it. He had a terrible childhood and a crazy sister. PS wore a scarf at the game looked fantastic.

Guys think Kiss handled the Hall of Fame appearance with class. Why doesn’t the Hall of Fame show air live? Plenty of music networks to air it on!

Guys talk Bily Joel.

Orange records and tapes! Daver hired Jimmy to work there.

20 – The first giveaway at LA Kiss was a Rally towel.

The Honda Detective is a car that Jimmy wants. Matt wonders if it could have a Fedora design on the top. “It’s not a cartoon car!” – Jimmy.

Pastrami does not open for meatloaf! They are not on the same tour. The meats are not together. Matt explains the joke.

25 – Matt makes toast in a toaster over. Jimmy is infuriated by this idea. Jimmy explains how a toaster works. Matt explains how a toaster oven works. Jimmy’s not buying it.

30 – Jimmy says Ticket guy Chris was a great guy once he finally got him on the phone. This weeks LA Kiss giveaway was posters of the Kiss Girls that you could get signed. Jimmy needs the announcer to stop telling the LA Kiss girls to shake their shoulders and shimmy, etc. It’s a family event for the most part so maybe tone down the language.

UPS just walked in. I had to take them to the other room and come back to Eliot getting yelled at. Matt Walsh is here! Star of VEEP! Improvised show!

The awesome of Oliver’s review was for making the Jumbo screen! The kid behind them was dressed as gene simmons and when they showed her, Oliver was on screen too!

We’ll be right back with Matt Walsh!!

Welcome back! Episode 1411! Jimmy thinks 1412 is part of that mighty mississip. song.

35 – Matt W. and Jimmy talk Bozo. Matt W. brings up TV Pow, a call in game where you called in to play asteroid and had to say Pow over the phone.

Jimmy auditioned to be a clown on Bozo in 1994! Sandy the Handyman was retiring. He didn’t get it obviously.

40 – Jimmy says Mike Toomey could have been a star had he moved to LA. He stayed in Chicago. Jimmy got stuck on his mic stand. Metal in his neck.

Neck Magnet!
Jimmy’s gonna try to get Wink Martindale on the show. Predicts a yellow sport coat and blue chinos.

The Matts live near each other.

45 – Oliver sang all parts of all songs on the puppet soundtrack. They also played the impression game. Oliver worked his hello captain spock line until he got it right. He does a great Roger Rabbit! Pretty good Gene and Paul too.

Matt W. tells his kids he is the greatest singer in the world and threatens to do the talent shows.

Oliver doesn’t want Jimmy to host the talent show: “This is my night.”

50 – Jimmy warned the school that if he hosts he might swear at the parents who don’t shut up during the performances.

Matt W.’s son sang Put on a Happy Face a capella in front of 500 people at a talent show. He’s six.

Stand Up Comedy book Jimmy is in (among a lot of other great comedians!)

Jimmy a little embarrassed he has a picture with conan in the book when no one else has a picture like that.

55 – Eliot is here! Thumbs up! Jimmy thinks he should be playing KeyTar in an 80s cover band.

Jimmy did The Kennedy Administration last week. Jimmy tells a story about an old P.F. Tompkins show he did with Kennedy at Largo. When Jimmy showed up at the taping Kennedy did not even remember meeting Jimmy. He blamed drugs.

Jimmy says the sidekick on the show Adam is a funny kid.

60 – Our guest is Matt Walsh! Jimmy’s seen a few episodes of Veep. He calls it a great show though. He loves it though and thinks Matt is great and perfect.

I’m off to ask five people if they know whom Billy Bob Thornton is.

70 – I’m back! 5/5 people know Billy Bob Thornton. I win 4 bucks.

Matt says that the worst LA drivers have black Mercedes SUVs.

75 – Zoe on the concept of Mad Men, “That’s it? I thought it was a teacher who turns mad.”

Jimmy’s gotta pee! Quick break!

Welcome back! Very nice break! Jimmy and Matt W. hit the restroom.

Veep airs Sundays on HBO. Matt Walsh is in it. Matt W says getting things recorded is important to a marriage.

Jimmy was asked not to return to the Academy of Dramatic Arts. They suggested he concentrate on standup. Apparently he was a dick who thought he was better than everyone else.

Jenny Ra-Ra was a girl jimmy banged in the record store. A cheerleader. He also took a girl to her prom a year after he was out of school.

80 – Matt W. wore a top hat to his prom. Brown Tux apparently. Jimmy went grey with a dusty rose cummerbund and tie. No tails. Matt W made fun of the guy in tails despite having a top hat and cane.

Naval Base

Action Park in New Jersey.

Room 237 –

2001 was 1968.

Tiffany documentary chat.

90 – The Woman Who Wasn’t There –

95 – I’m out making money and not a part of this jerk off gang attack situation. Can Matt W. jack off in front of everyone with a gun to his head? He’d attempt it! Would he suck off his friend to save his life?

Jimmy is again referring to The Guardian with Martin Sheen and Louis Gosset jr.
Guys don’t remember a lot of numbers.

100 – Jimmy asks what the premise of Baltimore is. Tax credits and distance to DC.

Bo Burnham –

Oliver loves Face Off! The reality show not the movie. It’s on SyFy.

Matt W’s kids are enjoying Cosmos!

Indie GoGo campaign for A Better You, Matt W’s film he directed.

The Kansas banning Cosmos is a joke from a satirical website.

Matt does life hack videos now also. Jimmy did one at a gym where he forgot his earbuds and just went to the counter and got a pair from the lost and found.

Want a simple phone number? Tell them you have a relative with a disability and need a simple number.

Jimmy wonders what letters he’d use in his phone number. Matt W’s brother does improv also.

“I came from a broken home. My father couldn’t fix anything.”

Matt W asks Jimmy if he’s ever confronted a comic for taking one of his jokes. Jimmy said he’s stood up for friends more than for himself. Top Ten most uncomfortable moments of his life. Nothing changed, except the ending of a friendship, and a strained relationship with the accused.

Eliot asks about how people taking improve bits is handled. In the same group talks happen, outside of teams he never really saw any confrontation happen.

Matt W. claims the podcast is his idea.

Jimmy talks about having to tell people that they’re starting to boost his personality.

Matt talks about the omni imax theater in boston that has an intro that features Leonard Nimoy. He thinks Oliver will enjoy it.
We’re done!

Old Times Friends is a great font!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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