14K – Making sandwiches with Mike Siegel

World Traveler Mike Siegel cools his heels in the Never Not Funny studio

World Traveler Mike Siegel cools his heels in the Never Not Funny studio

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 14 K – Mike Siegel

00 – Come on in the door for 14K! Quick bet on what Jimmy’s K is. I’ll go racist KKK! Eliot gets a dollar for Kangaroo. Matt went Karat gold. In truth 14 K for Koala! Jimmy counts out his money. Over $100? Seems fishy.

The NNF logo (from season 13) behind Eliot’s head is a little off. Thanks to Patrick Roddy for making it! Matt’s Donny Jogger now.

Jimmy did help with the hanging of the sign. He had an emergency bathroom situation. Apparently his ass thought he had jalapenos or something. HE’s got a burning!

Eliot takes full responsibility for the crooked sign. Eliot is 1934 Bus Driver, 1940s Ice Cream Man today. Jimmy recommends Eliot get botox.

05 – Jimmy’s wearing a Chicago 14 T-shirt. Underrated album. He also got a new moshi phone case. Plus some back ups. Jimmy likes when his moshi pops.

Chicago was lost and confused in the 14 era. Trapped between disco and new wave.

We go through the entire Chicago 14 album.


Jimmy slaps the bass every tune.

Eliot got his good joke now shut the fuck up.

20 – we all want What side of neopolitan do you start with? Mike Chocolate. Same with Jimmy.

Jimmy and Mike bet on who wrote Save the Best For Last by Vanessa Williams.

25 – st elmos fire soundtrack time!

What band was John Elefante in? Christian Rock Band 70s-80s. my guesses are terrible.


Mike knew it on Point of No Return but said wrong band name.

Brings back some great memories.
35 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Elefante#Early_years

guys try to figure out how to fix the crooked logo sign.

We’ll be back with Mike Siegel!!

We’re back! 14 Koala! They’re vicious! They hug and lock!

40 – Hello Mike! 3/5 of the Warrior Dash crew. We’ve had him on in the past.

Jimmy discusses his divurtic. Mike says Pat and Jimmy are the only ones he knows who’ve ever had that. If its bad enough it can lead to a colostomy bag!

Jack Wagner would make a colostomy bag look great. Jimmy starts listing his filmography until matt confirms he is not a guest.

The guys discuss the Warrior Dash and how Mike in the end wanted to win.

Jimmy reiterates what he said before that he had more fun running with friends last year than he did this year running alone.

45 – Jimmy wants to go dress up as the village people next years warrior dash. He’s the “injun” with the assless chaps.

They shut down a few obstacles at the dash.

50 – Mike asks if Jimmy is in the Chicago comedy book. He confirms he is and that he looks like an idiot with his Conan pictures.

Stonewashed vs. Acidwashed https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080114025133AAqfyQ8

Jimmy talks about his SNL shirt headshot that pops up online now and then.

Mike describes the Chicago comedy book as a yearbook. Jimmy says it’s a great way to describe it.

55 – Mike and Jimmy met at Comedy Cottage when Jimmy debuted the ham sandwich joke.

Top ten pardo moment: “Mustard? Not on a ham sandwich!”

Comedy Cottage closed 6 months later.

Jimmy describes the rivalry between two club owners who didn’t ban comics from their club when they worked the other club.
What famous radio DJ owned a surf shop in New Buffalo, Michigan. Steve Doll!

“Who’s buying surf gear in Michigan?” – Mike

60 – Jimmy thinks there are people back then (the groups right ahead of them) who did not like the fact that he and his contemporaries (Mike, Jimmy Dore, etc) were funny.

Jimmy says their crew was really funny. Jimmy misses taking risks. Matt said he took a risk talking about Chicago 14 for 20 minutes.

Jimmy talks about getting a popcorn bucket thrown at his head by Ed at Comedy Cottage.

Mike tells his favorite Big Ed story. The gig was a hotel where you did your set on the dance floor. You get a free meal out of it. Owner says, “you get the buffet not the lobster like that dumb dego dejulio(sp)!”

65 – Jimmy tells the story about wearing a shirt and his friend steve asking what’s with that shirt. Jimmy described it as his lucky shirt that he’s never bombed in. He chewed it badly that night. Threw the shirt away.

“Get off the stage!” – guy in audience at Jimmy’s show “Why so you can tell some more cunt jokes?!” – Jimmy.

Mike tells a story about Pat using the C-word and completely losing the crowd.

Jimmy tells another time he used the C-word. It was during the Steve and Jimmy improve bit. A girl from the audience told jimmy to get off stage and steve to keep going. Jimmy yelled at her “fuck off cunt!”

Matt did stand-up at Rainbow and M-bar.

70 – Celebrity coin toss at LA Kiss game 2. A musician from the rainbow room sunset strip era. Lots of guesses, none right. Drummer Frankie Benalli from Quiet Riot.

“Oliver put on your headphones I have to use the c-word.” – Matt

14 AFL teams in the two conferences – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_Football_League#Relaunch_.282010.E2.80.93.29

75 – Comedian vs musicians drummer from extreme had two girs fighting over him 10 years after their successful single.

The guys bring up the dennis farina FB status again, “very sad. my cousin worked with his dad.” No Connection!

Mike just got a wedding invitation to a wedding and he didn’t know who it was.

Jimmy’s gayest photo was a picture he took with Red Buttons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Buttons

Red Buttons killed at the budd friedman roast. He told a fantastic joke after Earthquake joked that he fucked Roseanne: “wow this is weird I just found out I fucked a guy who fucked Roseanne.”

80 – Jimmy talks about 2 comedians getting upset at Jimmy’s roast jokes. He describes the Red Buttons picture and how they look like a couple together.

Jimmy talks about Adam McKay in a green room, “I can do better than this. I can do better than this.” Went on to be showrunner.

85 – Jimmy doesn’t need a gay sketch comedy group making fun of his enjoyment of pus.

We’re done!

Mike thinks Eliot’s bow tie should be spinning around.

My kickstarter is coming!

Great job everybody!

See you next time in the Players Club!

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