14J – Kidding around with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 14 J – Stephanie Taylor-Wilder
For Crying Out Loud podcast

00 – Hello everyone! Welcome to the Players Club. Jimmy is sounding tinny. Matt wonders if its TINitus. Jimmy asks if we’ve seen the fox show Tinitus. Jimmy’s allergy shot location is bothering him. It’s also warmer than the rest of his arm.

Jimmy and Matt could eat pizza every day. Matt insists on different toppings. Jimmy not a fan of Deep Dish Pizza and says its for touristy assholes. Jimmy wonders if there is an all pizza diet.

34% of the average american’s body fat comes from pizza http://elitedaily.com/envision/food/pizza-time-heres-complete-list-everything-dont-know-americas-favorite-food-pizza/

Jimmy wonders why god made ants. Matt says it’s to take people’s picnic food away.

Jimmy not happy with Matt’s joke. He was made to look the fool.

05 – btw: The purpose of ants is to aerate the soil, help in pollination and others act as decomposers, depending on what type of ants they are. There are very many different species of ants in the world, over twenty thousand. Ants live in a very large complex social colony with the company of breeding queens. (as.com)

Matt calls himself a great actor.

I googled “not a good actor” didn’t.

10 – guys are not satisfied with Justified finale.

Alicia Witt is 38! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001860/?ref_=nv_sr_1

15 – Kiss Ticket guy called Jimmy back. They upgraded to great seats for another $100. Went from 410 to 200something.

Exxon Valdez Incident – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill The captain is Joseph Hazelwood.

Apparently Pat Francis was an extra in The Net.

Matt’s worst actor is (initials BP). Not Bill Paxton. Not Bill Pullman. Not Brian Posehn. We can’t figure it out. Gonna wait for our guest.

20 – Guys talk Warrior Dash and how Jimmy is apparently uncatchable on film. Only 1 possibly 2 pictures exist of him running the race.

I just figured out who Matt’s worst actor is. Eliot got it too. Our guest does not know. She also got it.

Brad Pitt! Does he deserve to be on a list of bad actors?

25 – Jimmy says Brad Pitt is a great looking watcher in 12 years a slave.

Jude Law – http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3080359/madalina-ghenea-switches-it-up-at-dom-hemingway-after-party-24/

Congrats to Stephen Colbert on replacing Letterman!

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is here!! Host of Parental Discretion on NickMom! Funny show! Lots of NNF connections to that show!

30 – Stefanie talks about auditioning production companies to produce her show and one of them wanted to change the name right away. He didn’t get the gig.

Jimmy talks about a director who came in for Jimmy Pardo Needs Jokes. He was WAY to familiar and busting Jimmy’s balls in the interview.

We’ll be right back!!

We’re back.

There are VERY few membership cards left. Less than 10! Jimmy will draw 10 cards by hand though apparently.

Jimmy talks about the Tiffani Documentary. He calls it the saddest thing he’s ever watched in his life.

35 – Dance Moms talking! Stefanie has a friend that works on the show. Jimmy wants the dirt on how real it is. Apparently Abby is nuts.


Parental Discretion is Stefanie’s show. Jimmy likes it. His favorite segment is “we’ve come a long way baby” which shows old commercials, PSAs, etc. They talk about their favorites that were featured on the show.

40 – Stefanie blames facebook for the increase in women having affairs. Stefanie talks about how it seems like having a housekeeper today is looked down on for some reason.

Stefanie has three kids. 6 year old twins and a 9 year old.

She goes through dust busters pretty quick. Her housekeeper comes once a week.

45 – Jimmy is in the market for a new housekeeper. Stefanie loves her housekeeper. Jimmy’s last housekeeper messed up his sink. It’s discolored.

50 – Comparing classic literature to Stefanie’s dishwasher issues. Jimmy’s got a great tile guy! Kenji out of the South Bay.

Stefanie’s dishwasher is a money pit.


Jimmy wonders if there is anyone else who should smoke weed more than him. There is: Eliot.

Stefanie says weed makes you more anxious.

Various anxiety medications seem to wreak havoc on Jimmy’s stomach. Stefanie says ginseng and green tea are both uppers.

Jimmy talks about his monster drink addiction. He had two at the warrior dash. He was riding high.

55 – Stefanie is not good with uppers. Once she gets passed the first cup of coffee she starts getting anxious. 2 cups = raging bitch.

Jimmy sings the song El Norte every time he goes pas the Del Norte exit on the 101.

Jimmy thinks he could have a drink now and then and not effect his sobriety. He drank more out of boredom than addiction.

60 – Jean Nate commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StWJXgohR1k

Stefanie talks about a norm mcdonald AA bit.

She hates writing stand-up. She’s glad she is done with it. Hugh Fink suggested she get back to it when she got the show. She hasn’t written bits since the 90s.

Stefanie used to watch Hugh Fink do stand-up years ago and he would just do hack bits that people yelled out from the audience.

Apparently Sirius is changing the format

65 – Panel discusses Rawdog comedy and favorite comedy albums. I can’t find any info on where the RawDog got its name from.

70 – Jimmy tries to guess Stefanie’s birthday. He got the month! It’s July 5!

Jimmy randomly guesses Nick Karmakazitino (can’t possibly be spelled right.)

Stefanie’s dad was a comic in the 60s 70s. Stanley Myron Handleman.

75 – Stefanie’s dad – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Myron_Handelman

Matt talks about getting jumped at the water park.

Matt tries to remember whether his parents had a housekeeper before they divorced or just his dad afterwards. Btw his mom had an affair.

Stefanie watched a news show about women who leave marriages and give up their kids saying they’re better moms away from the kids.

80 – Matt’s thoughts on parenting is putting someone else ahead of yourself.

Having twins made Stefanie crazy for a minute. She was not ready for twins or for 3 kids. Parenting: You just have to do it.

Jimmy went to little league with Oliver. He talks about the guy who repeats everything the coach says except really excited and happy.

It was Oliver’s first game! They didn’t keep score. Except Oliver kept score and kept saying it was 16-4 and they creamed the other team. Jimmy was getting frustrated that Oliver wasn’t going out to the field. He was turning into “that guy.” Oliver did great at bat and did some great plays when he got into the outfield.

85 – Jimmy got mad that Oliver only played one inning. He really turned into that guy. The coach was super nice about it and Jimmy was already ramped up and wanted to argue about it. The coach kept diffusing the situation.

Stefanie talks about her daughter playing basketball and sitting out. Stefanie was getting frustrated about that too!

90 – Jimmy realized that seeing Oliver on the bench reminds him of his own time on the bench and he doesn’t want his son to go through the same thing.

Oliver wasn’t upset but he was just disappointed.

Jimmy talks about a kid who’s hat was just sitting on the top of his head and that made Jimmy and Danielle laugh.

Stefanie loves Danielle. They paid her to freelance write after season one of the show despite her working on another show.

Jimmy says Danielle is amazing at writing in another person’s voice. Stefanie says that she can’t even write in her own voice let alone another.

Jimmy recreates what Oliver was doing on second base.

Stefanie’s daughter Matilda is a big tom boy. Boy clothes, toys, pajamas, etc. Stefanie talks about buying her daughter robot jammies and how she loved them and didn’t take them off for 2 days. Matilda’s twin is extremely girly. Complete opposite.

95 – Stefanie takes parental credit for good stuff but not the bad stuff. Clooney, Pitt, Hanks, DiCaprio, Washington, Cruise. Who’s the worst actor? Seems like Pitt wins.

Stefanie’s podcast is called For Crying Out Loud on the ACE network (Adam Corolla’s network).

Parental Discretion airs Fridays at 10! Go to NickMom.com to find out exactly where and when to watch it. Stefanie’s favorite episode was the one with Jimmy, Hugh, and Al Jackson.

We’ll see ya next time!

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