14X – Caving in with Matt Price

Matt Price

Matt Price

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 14X – Matt Price

14X as in XTC

00 – The door is open! Welcome welcome everyone! Says Dracula ricardo multabon. Eliot’s making weird voices. Eliot had coffee. Jimmy tries to explain how eliot is. He’s a bit hyped up today. Why coffee today? Eliot recalls Jimmy saying the Dead Eyes of Hochberg so he got some coffee. Jimmy says Coffee for tues, wednes, Friday, sat, sun, but not on Monday or Thursday.

Welcome to 14 X as in Xanadu! Eliot wins $10!

OCD. Two more letters left! Matt’s OCD won’t allow for 25 episodes.

05 – Jimmy and Matt talk letters and numbers. Z baby Z! Players Club gets 26 episodes. Earwolf gets 25.

The idea of smelling someone’s burps nauseates Jimmy as featured in Frontier Airlines commericals – http://www.flyfrontier.com/fun-stuff/commercials

The Pardo Bump! #2 on Tuesday and post NNF Episode #1 on iTunes!

When Jimmy mocks parodies or ventriloquists, or prop comics, he isn’t referring to the greats like Weird Al, Dunham, or Carrot Top. He’s talking about the hacks!

We will take 100% of the credit for Weird Al’s going to number 1.

10 – Jimmy was gonna call Rich for a Malaysian Airlines update only to discover another Malaysian Airliner went down today.

The guys discuss finding humor in the tragedies. Eliot makes a good point about the original missing airplane being mysterious so its easier to play with it comedically.

The guys talk Six Californias.

Six Californias: http://www.boston.com/news/nation/2014/07/15/plan-split-california-into-six-states-may-make-ballot/xEFMhxj4XXjW470DI6M7SN/story.html

15 – Zoe asks, if America was the first country to demand independence from Britain.

Matt’s dad finally sold Belknap Cave!

Oliver made a batman song parody to Blurred Liens,
20 – Guesstures! http://www.amazon.com/Parker-Brothers-4257-Guesstures/dp/B001RNAAIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405624278&sr=8-1&keywords=guesstures

Jimmy thinks the cards drop to fast.

Don’t break the ice! http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-4784-Dont-Break-the/dp/B00000IVZJ/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1405624364&sr=8-10&keywords=breaking+the+ice

Scooby version – http://www.amazon.com/Pressman-Toy-4227-04-Hold-Scooby-Doo/dp/B0038NX5RG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405624396&sr=8-1&keywords=scooby+doo+dont+break+the+ice

25 – Mike calls in and immediately gets yelled at for calling Jimmy Jim. He’s calling from shameville or more accurately, Ann Arbor!

So long Mike!

New caller Amanda! Jimmy’s out of his chair with her volume.

New caller Ryan. So long ryan.

Hello Kate! She might have a beef! But no beef, she’s just nervous. She’s out in Boston, MA. She’s a weaver?! A loom weaver?! Kate’s single and needs to get out of the sweatshop.

30 – Jimmy thinks Kate is too old to be looming. Kate opens the floor for questions. Matt asks about the Rainbow Loom fads. Kate says Dreamweaver got her into weaving. Kate’s up for a rufie apparently. FOR HUMOR GUYS.

Kate asks sweet or savory for breakfast. Matt has Eggs and Bacon every morning. Jimmy asks if he is a lumberjack.

Jimmy goes sweet.
Jimmy wants Kate to go sweet too.

Jimmy tells her to go see Vance Gilbert.

Get back to that weave Kate!

What a joy Kate is!

35 – Is a Loom the worst job in the world?

Break our guest is here.
Matt Price from The Whale Cave Podcast and Men of a Certain Age which Jimmy loved and loved him on it.

Welcome back! The door opened a second time for our guest! Jimmy’s itchy.

Matt P. confirms Gloria Estefan was in Miami Sound Machine.

Both Matt’s and Jimmy got haircuts.

Jimmy describes Kesha as a “dirty little sass.”

Both Matts and Jimmy love Kesha.

40 – Thumbs up from Eliot. Jimmy can’t open the pack of cards he has.

Matt picks Xavier.
Eliot picked Xanadu and won.
Matt P. chooses Xander

Xander is apparently a popular name now.

Matt Price is here! Lorraine Newman was a recent guest on Whale Cave and talked her love of Skrillex and Dubstep.

Jimmy asks what you get with a Skrillex concert.

Jimmy keeps mentioning DJ Z Trip.

Also he takes ZTrip daily for his infection.

Why go to Skrillex when you can go to your local discotheque?

45 – Jimmy actually bought some DJ Z-Trip from Amoeba. He also took them back.

Matt P. married for 7 years, one 3 year old child, named Hazel.

The guys sing Sister Hazel. Jimmy talks about his appearance on The List with the lead singer of Sister Hazel.

The guys play name that tune with words. Matt P drops “It’s Been…” and Matt guesses.

Barenaked Ladies now banned from the show.

Jimmy defends Pitbull against Matt’s attack. Matt reminds Jimmy he said Pitbull looks like a plumber.

Joe the Plumber is a piece of shit.

50 – More music games!

I’m seeing Once tonight. Jimmy’s going for his birthday.

The last musical Matt P saw was Book of Morman. His dad loved it.

Jimmy loved Act One.

Kesha’s full name is Kesha Rose Sebert. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kesha

55 – Chess the Musical. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_(musical)

Jimmy saw a Louis Pardo in the lead role! Jimmy says he is fantastic

Matt wonders if Matt P ever considered parodying Rent on the Sklar Bros. show he worked on.

Nelson – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelson_(band)

Jimmy asks if Matt P ever wrestled. Only when he was required to in gym class. He grew up in Evanston Illinois and went to University of Michigan!

Matt P is happy to follow the Drug the Weaver bit.

60 – Jimmy wants to get back to the game but asks Matt P if he worked jobs in Chicago.

Matt P. had a Coachella beard in the 90s when he did improve. He interned at Second City when Steve Carrell was there plus Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert.

His improve group was called Highly Improvable.

Matt asks Mission Improvable vs Highly Improvable. Matt P. says Highly is worse. He wanted to call the group Skimprov Milk.

65 – Back to the game! Matt drops the lyrics: Spaghetti, Mom’s spaghetti. Lose yourself by Eminem with an assist from Eliot.

70 – Here is the Eminem video Matt mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3HErOOaAfs

Game on Jimmy’s lyric is: Waiting!

Eliot cuts to himself! Jimmy yells at him for it and tells him to read the comments.

Matt P. guesses Pearl Jam but is wrong.

Jimmy doesn’t need a goddamn vaudevillian face.

Jimmy adds for. It’s Chicago 24 or 6 to 4.

Jimmy talks about Chicagofest artists.

80 – Matt P sang back up for Andy Preboy once!

Eliot’s song was Pure Imagination

85 – Jimmy tries to rap Eleanor Rigby.

Jimmy would pay top dollar to see George Michael to an all wham set.

My lyric was Dig. Matt guesses When Doves Cry correctly!

Jimmy recounts being arrested at a Prince concert.

Upcoming episode of Whale Cave has a great Prince story.

90 – Jimmy has seen prince 4 times.

Matt gives another song lyric to correct his earlier mistake.

Jimmy got sad after a trip to Second Spin and discovered it was more blu-ray/dvd than CD.

Back to back on the KOST Eye of the Tiger and Don’t Stand So Close. “That was the police, they got a lotta hits.” – KOST DJ.

Matt P’s sister’s review of The Last Ship (sting Musical): Holy Moly.


Jimmy loves this episode!

Greg Kihn – http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/greg-kihn-band/2012/shoreline-amphitheatre-mountain-view-ca-1bdcad08.html

1981 setlit – http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/greg-kihn-band/1981/agora-ballroom-dallas-tx-63c62227.html

Talking George Michael on the way out!

Jimmy’s gotta run to work. John and Elvis are dead and Cowboys and Angels are songs Jimmy doesn’t like.

Let Her Down Easy – http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/5893910/george-michael-releases-piano-ballad-let-her-down-easy-listen

Whale Cave back after a year!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper