28Q – Squeezing lemons with Matt Donaher

Matt Donaher

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in!

28 QANON! ALL Conspiracy! All The Time!

We’re back in the studio!

Talking about respecting the space and dressing up.

Jimmy’s a little swollen still from his tooth situation.

Jimmy was at the doctors more often during the pandemic than prior.

Jimmy drove past a covid testing site and they were just sitting on lawn chairs with no visitors.

Jimmy talks about an old negative review that he found to be hysterical.

10 – Jimmy recalls a Zanie’s show in Chicago. He calls it a B but got furious when some old high school friend said it was a B.

Jimmy fills us in on the extraction of his #12 tooth. It’s an 8-month process. Matt says you can have a baby in that time, prematurely.

No one likes the calling of the temp tooth a flipper.


20 – Oliver went back to school! He didn’t fit in any of his school clothes! He had to wear one of Jimmy’s Mack Weldon’s.

25 – MATT DONAHER is here!!!

Matt wonders why he hasn’t been on the show during the pandemic. Jimmy explains.

He was in New England for a while also!

30 – Jimmy wonders if Donaher was sledding at all. He went there in August.

Talking toboggans!

35 – Talking Belknap Cave! There is a 500 foot (Dollar?) tight space you have to crawl through.

Donaher’s cave – https://www.polarcaves.com/attractions/nine-granite-caves

Talking Community!

Donnie is excited to be here!

40 – Jimmy loves his Danner boots!

Donaher is behind in most of his podcast because he doesn’t have a commute thanks to the pandemic.

Donaher is part of the NNF Empire suddenly according to him.

Move to Texas? I’ll go but back out at the last minute.

AMC and Stock Talk.

Matthew MCDonahey.

We’ll be right back!

50 – We’re back!

Hopefully we’re not going back to Zoom anytime soon.

Matt wonders if he is funnier in a room by himself.

Matt’s parents are coming back to town in September!

Donaher talks about crashing on someone’s couch once and how they partied the ENTIRE night and he couldn’t sleep and eventually went to a 24-hour coffee shop.

55 – Jimmy talks about staying at a “party hotel” for Bridgetown Comedy Fest.

Talking about the Safari Inn.


60 – Jimmy does his Lin-Minuel Miranda in Mary Poppins Returns.

1h5m – Talking the Jimmy Fallon/Lin Miranda broadway is back song.

Phylicia Rashad is doing Skeleton Crew on Broadway.

Donnie talks about his watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and going to watch It’s Always Sunny.

Round the horn!

Should I get my ears pierced?

1h10m – Matt makes a caramello reference in regards to gauges.

George Michael earings!

Eliot wonders if any of us tried our moms clip on earrings.

1h15m – My K is Kevin Meany!

Donaher had MULTIPLE piercings.

Eliot bought some shirts!

Donaher shows off his old piercing pictures.

Jimmy and Matt got exhausted by the topic at the same time.

1h25m – We’re covering what happened preshow. Some contention.

The idea of Matt’s mom on the message boards defending him makes Jimmy jump out of his chair laughing.

Kristen Wiig!

Eliot prefers Zoom!

Talking about living in the apartment/studio/office in the familiare.

1h30m – Talking Ross clothes.

$500 Belly Crawl!

1h35m – Matt’s answer is Ken Ober, long-time boyfriend (ex) of Sue Kolinsky!

No one thinks Jon Hamm should host a game show, he’d be great at it, but he’s above it.

Donny brought treats!
His guess is Kyle Mooney.


We here the fan guesses.

1h45m – Jimmy’s K is Kevin Hart

Highest selling comedy tour is Jeff Dunham – https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-tickets-sold-for-a-stand-up-comedy-tour

1h50m – Kumail has been in studio twice!

Amy Schumer trucker look a like https://twitter.com/thisisnotjuice/status/1402834723894751243

Donaher talks about Bad Trip.

2h – Jimmy has nine emails. We all sing the Empire theme song.

Sue Kolinsky’s guess is: Kevin Hart! Jimmy gets it!

How many jokes did Donny write during the pandemic? A dozen or so.

Eliot is tense and uncomfortable we’re back!

Donaher says “Daddy brings apples next time.” Apparently, he is Daddy now.

Sugarbee apples

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth