2818 – Turn down for Todd Glass

Todd Glass

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in! Jimmy stepped on the beep! 2818!

Strong in the studio!

We’re talking bikes and bets!

They bet against me except for Matt who bet ON me.

Oliver heard some of an episode and was laughing like crazy “at the nonsense.”

Talking No Way Out.

We’re reenacting Jimmy and Oliver watching a movie with nudity.

Sexy movie talk!

10 – Fast Times at Ridgemont High talk.


Talking Paul Gilmartin on Murray’s show.

David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar

Def Leppard chat as well!


20 – Wolfgang Van Halen – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Van_Halen

Jimmy went to Record Store Day over the weekend.

Todd Glass is here! He blocks Jimmy’s camera!

We discuss it and place blame extensively.

25 – Todd lost some weight, but hasn’t been back to the gym yet. He did get an elliptical though!

Talking classic late night guests like Grodin, Hanks, Martin, etc

30 – This is Todd’s first guest spot on a podcast!

Todd talks about doing his show during the pandemic, his long term relationship ending, and how he wants the AC turned down. Jimmy immediately corrects him.

35 – Todd does some Rodney Dangerfield! Rodney does Mitch Hedberg.

40 – Lots of Rodney Dangerfield talk.

Bizarre Albums talk – Elvis Banter.

Todd talks going back to shows, and sometimes not even tweeting about it.

He’d get up and record a set in his studio and then send it out the next day.

45 – Todd talks about pandemic comedy and how he thinks a lot of comedians missed the opportunity.

Jimmy blames Todd’s pandemic comedy for Vinney (his ex) for leaving.

Todd kiboshes those personal ACs.

Let’s take a break and then we’ll hear about Todd’s meet and greet situation and some good news from Todd!

50 – Welcome back!

You got that right!

Misfit Toys talk.

Babko has thoughts on the name.

What do we call Misfit Toys?!

We have an update on the Isolation Files!

The 69th episode of The Isolation Files will be the last. HOWEVER, they will be monthly bonus episodes newly titled, “Playing Games with Never Not Funny”

Jimmy recounts the origin of Up Top My Brother.

We speculate on the appearance of the guy who said it to Matt.

55 – Misfit Toys Comedy Collection

RIP Ned Beatty!
He hosted one of Todd’s Evening at the Improv.

Todd wants to plug something before he forgets.

He’s got his good news!

60 – Todd talks about this voice over audition and how he smoked pot before the audition (which was via phone). He got it! He talks about going into the studio (which was extremely safe), and being able to improv and riff and he had a total blast.


Todd talks about his pandemic safety measures including wiping down all groceries from Vons.

At his first date back, he hung out with everyone after the show.

Talking about slipping back to normal.

Todd talks a lot about merch. Jimmy just lets him go to see how long he’ll talk.

1h10m – Todd talks about wanting to “sand down” his act. Jimmy says 35 years in is the perfect time to start doing that.

Todd talks about changing his closer and the club Comedy on State which he loves.

Should Todd bring back the “Dad’s smoking” joke?

1h15m – Todd’s canceling his date to teach Jimmy a lesson AND he’s gonna close with Sweet Caroline.

1h20m – We’re all trying to do the finger whistle. Only Matt can do it.

Talking Twitter feud with some rando calling me Mr. Cuckrell.

More Rodney!

1h25m – Todd talks his act and his “meta on meta” idea.

Jimmy asks Todd about the time he met George Carlin at the airport and being told “to get on the plane.” Todd does the bit!

Matt asks Rodney about Rice. Jimmy asks about a snack.

1h30m – Netlix! Porn site.

Todd has an idea for Shark Tank. He shares it with us for advice.

Ohhh the idea was the Pitch Only episode.

Jimmy Pardo: Sully of comedy.


1h35m – Todd talks about not talking about the same thing he always talks about but still noticing Jimmy give Matt a look like he was getting unhinged. He rants about it and Jimmy and Matt give each other an extended exaggerated look.

Trivia! (Full results below!)

Category: Sweet Tooth
Question: The Great Depression spawned what sweet flavor and was original marketed as a way of coping with the economic crash.

Oliver loved Todd’s special!

1h40m – Todd’s nephew always asks if Todd can help him meet Peanut.

Oliver gets it!

Talking Sebastian’s wardrobe.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Misfit Toys Comedy Collection! MTCC!

Jimmy’s all personality no jokes.

1h45m – Round the horn!


Jimmy is more confident for his answer than ever before.

My answer is Rocky Road.

Eliot’s answer has an explanation for why it is ROCKY ROAD.

Matt’s answer is Butterscotch.

Todd wrote down Tootsie Rolls.

1h50m – Jimmy goes through his answers: Sweet N Low, $100,000 Bar, Kool-Aid!

The answer is: Rocky Road!

Eliot wins based on score!

I’m the winner in spirit though.

Flipper update: No real update. One person was told to not call it that.

Talking dentists.

2h: We’ve got mail!

It’s some shirts from Mario!

Mock band tees! Jimmy and Todd fill us in.

2h5m: Lots of t-shirt talk.

Series 2 is gonna have shirts for the kids!

Clem Simpson and the Money F*ckers! Kevin Sullivan joke.

Todd’s gonna be at Comedy on State July 29-31!

We’re done! See you next time!

Trivia Results:
Category: Sweet Tooth
Question: The Great Depression spawned what sweet flavor and was original marketed as a way of coping with the economic woes.

Garon: Rocky Road (2 pts)
Eliot: Rocky Road (19 pts)
Matt: Butterscotch (21 pts)
Todd Glass: (15 pts)
Jimmy: (12 pts)

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth