28O – Going the distance with Sue Kolinsky

Sue Kolinsky

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


0 – Welcome back? Hello!

o-o-o reily Hochberg parts!

Talking The Who!


Talking The Beatles.

Breakfast With The Beatles.

Talking Hair Metal!

Warrant, Winger, Stryker.


10 – Kiss (Not) Alive 3.

Jimmy talks about Chicago’s Live From Carnegie Hall release that he’s listening to before it’s released.

Matt comes out as a Dave Matthew Band stan who collected bootlegs.

Lots of Kiss talk!

20 – Sue Kolinsky is joining us! Long time friend of Jimmy!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! 28 O!


25 – Sue Kalinsky is here! Friend of Jimmy for decades! Her podcast is Culture Pop.

Sue calls Jimmy Jim, one of 4 people Jimmy allows.

Sue is the same way with the name Suzy.

Jimmy hates being called Jimbo, except by Mike Sweeney.

Kevin Rooney’s father thought Sue’s name is Suka Linksi. Kevin calls her Suka to this day.

Jimmy’s dad thought Paul Gilmartin’s name was Gil Martin.

Jimmy hit his head and doesn’t understand how it happened.

30 – Jimmy talks about the weird coincidence that Sue and her Husband got married on the exact same day that Jimmy and Danielle did.

Sue’s known her husband since middle school.

Sue tells the story of how she and Tom reunited.

35 – Rush was quoting Shakespeare, Jimmy confirms it.

Jimmy and Sue did a college gig together years ago. They talk about how they immediately bonded and shared way too much information about each other and then didn’t see each other again for 10 years. Sue says its one of the most memorable, impactful road gigs she’s had.

Jimmy and Sue talk Marathons! Sue did one marathon and was done. She did the LA Marathon after years of doing half-marathons, and that was plenty.

45 – Sue hasn’t done a half in a while but she is gonna do the OC Half coming up soon.

50 – Doc Talk!

Skid Row Marathon https://skidrowmarathon.com/

Sue talks about how she did runs with the Skid Row Runners and went with the group to run with inmates at San Quentin! They filmed it but Sue isn’t sure what they’re doing with the footage, but thinks it’s out there to be viewed.


55 – Round the horn!

Talking my work!

My O guess is up and comer Oliver Pardo!

60 – Talking talented off spring.

From CSI Cyber: Hayley Kiyoko – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3072243/?ref_=tt_cl_t_5

1h5m – What’s up in Palms! Eliot gives us an update. He’s not running again but he is chairing a committee!

1h10m – Eliot talks about a YouTube channel Casually Comics, and they talked about Roger Daltrey playing a vampire in the Vampirella movie from the 90s.


Jimmy’s seeing Pat Benatar in September! In Burbank at the Starlight!

Sue saw Pat Benatar on Catch a Rising Star once.

Sue talks about doing the Bob Hope Young Comedian’s Special. She golfed on Bob’s backyard course!

1h15m – Sue has a Kevin Meaney story about a guy who had a heart attack and died at his show so he always said “He Killed.”

Jimmy talks about the time he and Oliver met Roger Daltrey at Sirius XM.

1h20m – Sue’s first concert was Rod Stewart!

Eliot’s O guess is…Orlando Jones!

Sue’s guess is Orny Adams.
Jimmy guesses Owen Benjamin.

Fan Guesses!

1h25m – Orny Adams is out of the running! Sue can guess again!

She changes to Oscar Nunez!

Owen Benjamin, Orlando Jones, OJ Simpson, Olivia Coleman, Oliver Pardo, Oscar Nunez!

Sue Wins!

Matt got some old junk from his dad including ticket stubs from Paula Poundstone and Jerry Seinfeld!

Jimmy recalls seeing Kevin Nealon and Garry Shandling and Kevin burying Garry.

1h30m – We look at some of Kevin Nealon’s art!

Sue talks about her podcast Culture Pop. They’re gonna get, Matt’s Dad’s Ex Ann-Margaret!

Magic – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077889/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Sue worked on The Osbornes! Jimmy wants a crazy story if there is one. She said it was the most fun that she ever had and has been chasing that high ever since. She said they all were super gracious and cool.

1h40m – Sue talks about how The Osbornes was NOT scripted but other reality shows she worked on after were and that disenchanted her with the genre. Sue talks about having to write a song to fit a scene and it got used and credited to them.

Sue worked on Ellen’s second sitcom for one season. She left Ellen to work on The Osbornes. She calls it the biggest nightmare of her career. Ellen treated her terribly.

Stupid Question!

Soft ice cream or hard?

Sue likes a Soft Serve.
Matt goes either or
Eliot wants either
Jimmy just wants ice cream
I like soft.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth