2815 – Talking docs with Cheryl Hines

Cheryl Hines

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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00 Welcome in!

Eliot interrupts Jimmy with positive affirmation but Jimmy doesn’t hear it clearly and immediately rages.

Talking joke correctors on twitter, especially when it comes to female comedians.

Our thoughts go out to Avi Liberman and family after his car accident in Miami.

Wang Chung talk.



10 – Jimmy talks about his bachelor Christmas.

Talking Best Buy shrinking their media sections.

Thanks everyone for joining us for our live stream yesterday and for Jimmy’s Flappers show!

15 – Matt went to Disneyland! He talks about it.

The Coldplay Level! (Yellow)

20 – Matt had to tell someone to back up and give them social distance. He talks about what happened.

Lots of Disneyland talk!

30 – Disney food talk. You need to make reservations for nearly every kind of food.

ONE place to get a Mickey Pretzel – https://allears.net/2021/04/30/theres-only-one-place-you-can-get-a-mickey-pretzel-in-disneyland/

35 – We’ll be right back with Cheryl Hines!!

We’re back!

Tig & Cheryl: True Story

Jimmy and Cheryl haven’t seen each other in nearly a decade.

Jimmy blames Jeff Garlin for his lack of Curb Your Enthusiasm appearance. He also does a decent Jeff impression!

Twins 2 starring Jeff Garlin and Danny DeVito.

Cheryl hasn’t hung with Arnold in quite a while. Longer than 10 years. He did a show that Cheryl produced, School Pride.

40 – Jimmy asks Cheryl, as a celebrity, when the last time she vacuumed was. It was THIS morning! She also mopped also.

Filth Mop!

Talking vacuums and cords and flip flops.

The sound of flip flops reminds Cheryl of Florida.

45 – Cheryl did the entire state of florida growing up. Born in Miami Beach, grew up in Tallahassee, college in Orlando.

Cheryl talks about learning editing, which is completely different now.

Jimmy and Cheryl moved to LA around the same time in the mid-90s.

Flamingo Fights in people’s basements!


50 – Jimmy tells Cheryl that Oliver LOVES Curb.

Curb is coming back soon!

Cheryl talks about her Curb audition.

55 – Cheryl recalls the time she was here before getting Curb and how being an unknown helped her get the role.

Cheryl talks about shooting Curb and how there are no real rehearsals, not a lot of downtime, and hanging out because it’s all improvised.

Cheryl talks about what she loves about doing Curb and how shows like Will and Grace have come and gone and come back again but Curb is still going.

60 – Cheryl talks about True Story! Her podcast with Tig Notaro. It’s about documentaries, kind of. Lots of tangents and mainly talking about who they’re attracted to.

My Octopus Teacher talk!

1h5m – Jimmy asks how Tig and Cheryl met. Cheryl is a huge fan of stand-up and saw Tig at the Improv before she blew up. She got her husband to represent Tig for a little bit.

SAG it up Paul Youngs!

Cheryl and Tig started the show during the pandemic and have only recorded via zoom.

What do we call Misfit Toys?! Collective? Network? Cult?!

1h10m – WFLD – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WFLD

Matt asks Cheryl what her favorite doc they’ve watched so far is. She has two: Tiger King and the Amanda Knox doc.

1h15m – Everyone’s most attracted to Saff from Tiger King – https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a32021626/saff-saffery-tiger-king-now-misgendered-pronouns/

Not a lot of attractive folks in documentaries to be honest.


Full results at the end!

Category: Home Sweet Home
Question: If your home has a well-manicured lawn in the front lawn and an unkept one in the back yard you have what? It shares a word with a well-known grooming word.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Let’s do trivia answers!

1h25m – Jimmy extends the question and feels like he sounds GREAT in his headphones.

Talking Vax and giant vax cards.

Talking Paul Gilmartin praising Marc Maron’s interview of Laraine Newman and completely ignoring the fact she was just on our show.

1h30m – Talking Hacks and CMAC (Christopher MacDonald)

My answer is Undercut. Cheryl likes it. No one else does.

Cheryl was a groundling!

Eliot changes his nickname. He fills us in on Saff’s pronouns! He/Him

Eliot’s answer is Mullet House.

Matt’s answer is Mullet.

Cheryl’s guess is also Mullet.

Pubes flying free! Jimmy’s got a nice V.

Jimmy’s answer is Rat’s Nest.

The answer is: Lawn Mullet.

Talking Gaitors.

Duran Duran gaitors.

1h45m – This Is A Robbery talk.

Cheryl wins!

She is married to Robert Kennedy Jr!

Jimmy apologizes for the earlier JFK joke.

Cheryl talks about how she met her husband.

1h50m – We’re done!

See you next time!

Full trivia results:

Category: Home Sweet Home
Question: If your home has a well-manicured lawn in the front lawn and an unkept one in the back yard you have what? It shares a word with a well-known grooming word.

Garon: Undercut (6 pts)
Eliot: Mullet House (13 pts)
Matt: Mullet (17 pts)
Cheryl: Mullet (25 pts)
Jimmy: Rat’s nest (25 pts)

Answer is Lawn Mullet.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth