2816 – Riding the dragon with Sam Richardson

Sam Richardson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in! It’s already June!

Jimmy’s got an emergency tooth situation. It’s a crown that might have a fractured tooth.

Jimmy was told that he could only get an appointment at 2:30 and it made him giggle.

Matt Belknap health issue!

He went to the beach on Friday. His mother was in town but she’s already gone.

Jimmy’s mom is dead. He reminds us. Eliot reminds us that his mom is dead too.

Matt shares his beach adventure where he scraped his knee open and had to wash it out in the ocean.

He also has a severe pain in the arch of his right foot. It turned all black and blue.

Jimmy’s on fire with me today.

Matt talks about a contest he did with zoe trying to balance on a stone. He thinks it might be the reason his foot is hurting.

15 – Underdog! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underdog_(TV_series)#:~:text=When%20villains%20threatened%2C%20Shoeshine%20Boy,when%20his%20superpowers%20were%20activated

Talking the kid’s laughs.

Jimmy and Oliver finally watched the British version of Taskmaster. It’s fantastic. They love it!


He officially apologizes to those who suggested it.

20 – “I smile plenty.” – Eliot

Celebrity sighting!

Jimmy sets the stage.

30 – Benjamin Bratt!

People complaining about the wait even though it clearly displays how long you have to wait on a screen.

35 – We’ll be right back with Sam Richardson!

We’re back!

My dogs bark immediately!

Jimmy talks about Sam on Veep.

Sam is currently in Atlanta working on a movie called Senior Year. It’s his day off! He’s in an Air BnB.

Jimmy asks about how long Sam’s in Atlanta and if he enjoys on Location work. He loves Atlanta but lives in LA.

40 – Sam’s gone to the aquarium but not the coca cola museum.

Squid Ink!

Vidalia Onions are indeed from Georgia!

What Makes a Vidalia Onion

Talking about that kid in school that would bring an onion and eat it like an apple.

Sam talks about the movies he’s in including Werewolves Within with Milana Vayntrub and Michaela Watkins.

45 – Oliver enjoys the heck out of Werewolves Within!

The Tomorrow War also comes out soon! But it’s embargoed so we can’t really say much.

Sam has both mine and Matt’s favorite moment of the movie.

50 – Squeezing Chris Pratt!

Sam talks about how Craft Services works now.

Johnny Twizzler!

Jimmy resets!

Sam talks about M.O.D.O.K. He plays Gary.

Sam talks about his girlfriend.

55 – ShowMeYourMumu.com!

Sam is from Detroit! He wrote film and co-created Detroiters and also shot there.

Sam talks about hockey games, he thinks he’s been to ten of them.

Sam talks about his second city class and how some of them have come out here also including Jaime Moyer (sp?!), Tim Robinson, and more.

60 – Cecily Strong is one of the most underrated SNL cast members. We all agree!


Talking about edibles at amusement parks and the end of the Song of the South era of Splash Mountain.

1h5m – Log share situation coming up to Disneyland?

Cedar Point talk!

Trivia question! (Full results below)
Category: Fictional Leaders
Question: What famous soggy sea captain’s full name is Horatio Magellan ________?

We’ll be right back!

1h15m – We’re back!

Talking about the cast of The Tomorrow War.

Sam used to work on cruise ships doing comedy/sketch/improv shows!

Round the horn!

1h20m – Jimmy asks Sam his favorite LA restaurant. Smokehouse!

George Clooney’s production company is named after The Smokehouse – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smokehouse_Pictures

1h25m – Talking about the Hargus’s charging for beer.
My answer is Hornblower!

Matt talks about a Beastie Boys incident with Nathanial Hornblower.

Sam’s Dragon!


Eliot’s guess is Crunch.

1h30m – Jimmy goes with Gorton Fisherman.

Oliver’s coming in to give us the answer! He’s a huge fan of Sam!

Sam used to fish when he was a kid in Michigan. They’d eat what they caught.

1h35m – Oliver is super excited!

The answer is: Captain Crunch! Sam and Eliot are correct!

Oliver gives us plenty of fun facts about Captain Crunch.

Sam wins with the wager!

Premier talk. Sam isn’t sure the plans for the movies premiers!

Sam promise’s to join us in studio!

Matt wants to know about future Detroiters seasons/movie. Sam and Tim want to do a Detroiters Christmas Special.

Trivia results:

Category: Fictional Leaders
Question: What famous soggy sea captain’s full name is Horatio Magellan ________?

Garon: Hornblower (5 pts)
Eliot: Crunch (12 pts)
Matt: Davey Jones (2 pts)
Sam: Crunch (20 pts)
Jimmy: Gorton Fisherman (15 pts)

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth