2812 – Papering the room with Bess Kalb

Bess Kalb

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello! Indeed! Welcome in! 2812! Award-winning podcast!

Jimmy’s banned on the internet!

HE was at the insurrection. The truth is out.

Brief tank top talk.

Matt’s not a fan of the show. Jimmy is but doesn’t like the cast.

The show popped on Jimmy’s radio randomly. He enjoyed it!

We were #1 at some point!

Jimmy did a pilot a couple weeks ago! He saw a rough cut.

Saturday is Shabbat for Jewish folks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shabbat

Jimmy noticed he’s thinning a bit up top.

He thinks the pilot will go to series!

10 – Jimmy talks about his pilot: Purge the Game Show

We talk a lot about this pilot.

15 – Matt watched Goldenarm. He discovered Ron Funches has a bald spot too.

Jimmy did not watch it yet.

Matt watched it! He liked it.

Jimmy and fam went to see Yachtly Crew again! They put on a great show!


Jeff Babkos new band Ebunctions!

Running In Place –

Confirming if Woody Mankowski is the guy he is thinking of.

Jimmy has a tape measure. The records are FOUR FEET AWAY! He nailed it.

30 – Dodger Dogs no longer from Farmer John!?

Farmer John Will No Longer Supply Hot Dogs for Famous ‘Dodger Dogs’

Where is Vernon?!

Lots Father, Papa, Jimmy John! All bad?!

We’ll be right back with Bess Kalb!

We’re back!

Dog barks immediately.

40 – Jimmy introduces our guest Bess Kalb! He discovered her on Twitter!

It’s been seven years that Jimmy’s been trying to get her on the show. Her Jimmy Kimmel show commitments prevented her from joining us!

“I’m so thrilled about the global coronavirus pandemic.” – Bess Kalb

Bess talks about her baby! He’s almost 2! Or It as she keeps referring to him.

Jimmy misses 20 months and tells Bess to enjoy it.

45 – Jimmy’s gonna squish Oliver forever.

Bess’ son takes a bath nightly with a Hilary Clinton action figure. They ran into a friend named Hilary and he said, “Bath!”

Bess doesn’t say her kid’s name because of being Doxxed in the past by alt right Nazis.

Talking about Bess’s wallpapered accent wall she did last night after 3 glasses of wine.

50 – The entire history of the wallpaper is related to multiple glasses of wine. Ordered, and hung, in the bottle.

Jimmy talks about watching Kathleen Madigan’s comedy special, Bothering Jesus.

Bess it eh first to say it, we’re living in strange times

The Curse of the Clown Hotel – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14494208/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Not following Covid rules!!!! Do not work!

55 – Jimmy talks to Bess about her tweet correcting Mike Huckabee on how to make jokes. She also talks about how she would respond to Trump as if she were his mother trying to calm him down.

60 – Bess describes Huckabee’s jokes as “playing whiffle ball.”

Bess grew up in New York, “in a Woody Allen movie.”

Bess used to write comedy under a man’s name: Seb Black. Her name backwards.

Trivia and Round The Horn!

Category: Word Up
Question: According to the book Lexicon of Comicana, the word Graulixes is the actual word for what symbol?

Full Results below!

1h5m – Jimmy talks about hearing a comic do a parody song “Turd Up.” He said to himself he’d punch the guy if he did it. He gave him a way to go nudge with his fist to be true to himself.

Talking ABC.

Jimmy talks about keeping Oliver’s image private for a long time and how he still won’t tweet out family pictures.

1h15m – It’s the anniversary of the pilot Jimmy and Matt shot in 2012! He brought it up randomly and realized the anniversary.

Bess talks about getting a job with Jimmy Kimmel. She talks about living in a weird back house with an outdoor fridge.

1h20m – Jimmy talks about the writers from the pilot and how comedy central wouldn’t let them have female writers on.

1h25m – Bess talks about her all-female comedy special she did for Amazon. She talks about how difficult it was to have a room without a Josh.

Bess talks more about the writer’s room and meetings.

We’ll be right back with trivia!!

1h30m – We’re back!

Talking Sasqautch!

My answer is: @

Talking about the “The Deesbournes” Rick Dees billboards around town back in the day.

Pez dispenser!

Eliot has a Josh question. The Josh Fight!

1h40m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jem_(TV_series)

Eliot’s answer is curly brackets/Fancy parenthesis.

Various Symbols is Matt’s Answer.

Bess is a best-selling author!

Bess’ answer is a #.

Jimmy goes $.

The answer is: Swearing Symbols!


Bess talks about plans to visit family now that everyone is vaccinated.

Talking mask requirements for babies.

Trivia results!

Category: Word Up
Question: According to the book Lexicon of Comicana, the word Graulixes is the actual word for what symbol?

Garon: @ symbol (8 pts)
Eliot: { } (16 pts)
Matt: Various Symbols (swears). (7 pts)
Bess: # (1 pts)
Jimmy: $ (10 pts)
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See you next time!!

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