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28 L – Louie Anderson

00 – Welcome in! Yellow Tier in LA!

We’re excited to vote for Caitlyn Jenner!


Jimmy explains why no guest!

Jimmy talks about his colonoscopy and endoscopy! The double dip!

Jimmy talks about the Supra prep. He told his doctor about some abominable pain because he didn’t want to literally “shit the bed” to his doc and anesthesiologist’s joy.

10 – Jimmy woke up to Speed Demon. He wants to talk about it.

Jimmy talks about going down a Never Not Viney wormhole with Oliver and calls Eliot the greatest sport in comedy. Danielle watched an episode also and said, “ that poor guy.”

15 – We’re walking through Michael Jackson’s Bad.

Talking about artists that do terrible things versus their art.

Bad tracks

We’ve moved on to Harry Connick Jr!



Handmaid’s Tale

Matt talks about a doc! This Is A Robbery

50 – Matt talks about his car getting smashed out in Boston.

Safelite – https://www.safelite.com/resource-center/culture/culture/2014/12/10/customer-spotlight-safelite-jingle

55 – Matt talks about The Bad Batch.

60 – Talking Arcade games. Jimmy’s high school girlfriend’s dad owned an arcade.

Matt guesses Jimmy was a monk for 30 years.

Welcome back! 28 L!

My L is Emmy-Award winner Louie Anderson.

1h15m – Matt’s L is Lauren Ash!

Jimmy’s L is Laraine Newman

We hear the fans.

Eliots five:

5) Larry Miller
4) Lauren Ash
3) Lisa Lampinelli
2) Lily Tomlin
1) Larry The Cable Guy

1h25m – Were talking about Perfect. And trying to guess who John Travolta shared a shot with. Sammy Hagar!

Eliot’s #1 is…Larry The Cable Guy. No winner!

Stupid Question:

Watch the credits in a theater or leave immediately

It depends on the movie for everyone. Marvel, let it marinate, etc.

Staying for credits in LA versus home.

We’re done!
Thank you for all your support! We love you all!!!!

My pleasure,

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