2804 – Massaging the truth with Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in! We ARE an award-winning podcast! Jimmy explains it.

Matt can’t get enough of listening to former SNL cast-members talking about phones.

Phone tones!

Eliot talks about the big threads and muting our thread.

I’m under the bus.

Doc talk!

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

10 – Eliot talks about property management.

Matt reminds us we still haven’t heard Eliot’s text chime.

15 – Eliot goes through tones on his phone.

Talking Blackberries! Eliot is very protective of his.

Jimmy’s got cheaper cable now! He talks about it.

Peter Serafinowicz chat!


20 – Jimmy’s wants to know about Matt’s Barbershop! He gave Charlie a haircut. It had been 15 months since Charlie’s last haircut.

Matt and Jimmy talk uses scissors on the kid’s hair.

$5 for a cut! Matt’s Barbershop!

30 – We’ll be right back with Erin Jackson!

But first: Pardcastathon news!

October 2! We are planning to do it live in the theater!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Erin Jackson is here! Jimmy talks about rewatching her special. He tells Erin how he laughed out loud while watching it a second time.

Jimmy talks about Erin and her career and being chosen by Tiffany Haddish for her specials.

35 – Talking about being single during the pandemic.

Erin describes her height as “woman’s size.” She’s 5’4’’.

No one wants to lose the 6’ social distance.

40 – Erin talks about not being a hugger.

Thank you Tiffany Haddish for getting Jimmy and Erin to finally meet.

Erin talks about growing up in Jersey and starting comedy in DC.

Erin’s living back in Jersey.

Erin talks about her experience doing road work, colleges, cruise ships, etc.

Virtual wedding? Give a gif! Erin is proud of that joke!

45 – Trivia!!

Category: Play Time
Question: Indonesia banned what toy because it claimed it promoted licentious behavior and lustful feelings.

Full results below!

50 – Erin doesn’t believe there’s a globe. She also apologizes for that joke.

Happy birthday Erin!

Talking Vaccine envy.

55 – Heroine talk!

Erin just started watching The Nick. She talks about it.

Jimmy asks Erin about the Cecil Hotel doc.

Round the horn!

Three straight days of pain free living for Jimmy!

Migraine talk!

60 – Talking Oprah!

Matt talks about the Oprah Harry Megan interview.

Erin was riveted by the interview. She talks about it. Erin talks about the real fairy tale being Harry and Megan leaving it all behind for love.

1h5m – Talking about Oprah and who she introduced to the world.

Double Date with Phil and Marlo: https://www.today.com/popculture/marlo-thomas-phil-donahue-s-podcast-double-date-listen-first-t210701

1h10m – My answer is Barbie!

Indonesian Toy Ban: Jimmy’s new band.

Cleaning person came to Eliot’s door with a found wallet.

“Whatever happened to that band the Cutting Crew?” – Jimmy’s mom once.

Erin’s first CD was Johnny Gill.

1h15m – Jimmy tries to sing Don’t Be Cruel by Bobby Brown. Except it’s the Elvis version.

Jimmy has a Bobby Brown story.

Eliot’s answer is Hula Hoop

1h20m – Erin went Barbie but wishes she’d said Hula Hoop.

Matt also goes Hula Hoop.

The answer is: Hula Hoop! Matt and Eliot are correct! Down to the points!

Eliot wins based on the bet!

1h25m – Jimmy talks about a woman who did not play the numbers she’d play in the lotto every time and those numbers won.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Erin talks about cruises.

Talking about post vaccination tour plans.

1h30m – Stupid question!

Watch Erin’s special! Watch all of them!

Socks on or off when you sleep?

Jimmy – No socks!
Erin – Socks on!
Matt – Socks Off!
Eliot – Socks on!
Me – No socks!

Self check out or cashier?

Jimmy – Self Check out
Eliot – Prefers cashier
Matt – I think he said self?
Erin – prevovid – self check out. Post covid she’s in a line.
Garon – Self check out with guilt.

Category: Play Time
Question: Indonesia banned what toy because it claimed it promoted licentious behavior and lustful feelings.

Garon: Barbie (12 pts)
Eliot: Hoola Hoop (21 pts)
Matt: Hula Hoop (12 pts)
Erin: Barbie (23 pts)
Jimmy: Barbie (7 pts)

We’re done!
See you next itme!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth