28D – Filing it away with Jenn Welch

Jenn Welch

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


28 D – Dave Foley

00 Sunny day today! Hello!

There’s a lots of combination Pizza Hut / Taco Bells in LA

One of the thunders scared the hell out of Jimmy!

Lots of Katherine Helmond chat!



Larry Fucked!

Lots of Three’s Company talk

Neighbor Lana – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0917190/?ref_=nm_mv_close Ann Wedgeworth


10 – Dirty Carson is here! But he’s keeping it cleaning!

That’s What Friends Are For – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/That%27s_What_Friends_Are_For

LOTS of outstanding stunt coordinator talk


35 – We’ll be right back with Jenn Welch from LADY-HD podcast.

We’re back!

Jenn is here! She’s got 2 Ns and “daddy doesn’t like that.”

Jenn hasn’t left her house in a year. She was borderline agoraphobic as it was.

40 – Jimmy talks about the Cecil Hotel documentary. Web Sleuths.

“Cookie monster type vocal” – Jimmy on the musician in the doc.
Jenn talks about her first apartment and job here in LA.

Jenn talks about being a bad driver and getting 4 points on her license in the first year she lived her.

45 – Jimmy wonders if Jenn’s anger at her tickets clouds her police judgement.

Her next apartment was with a Bulgarian woman with a green card husband.

Jenn talks about her daily Del Taco meal.

50 – Jenn continues with her history of her homes in Los Angeles.

She had a skunk living under the bungalow she was in and had a late night face off with it.

“The Le Pews are going through a tough time.” Me on the skunk.

55 – Jenn lived in Palms!

Little Armenia is next!

Then she moved to Glendale which is “basically big Armenia.”

She quit smoking in the skunk house thanks to Alan Carr’s quit smoking program.

She was married for 5 years, together for 9 with her ex-husband.

From Glendale to New York!

We talk about Uhaul’s and my moving.

“Fuck it I’ll pack it myself!”

60 – Jenn talks about not writing down her dreams despite her therapist advising she does it.

Jenn talks about her podcast LadyHD. (ADHD not High Def).

1h5m – Talking Dickies.

Jimmy misses parachute pants.

Jenn’s list of things she doesn’t want to have return:

Work clothes.

Jenn talks about the filing cabinet in her brain. It’s locked and she doesn’t have a key.

1h10m – No more fake hugs please!

Parachute pants price update.

Jenn talks about dating apps and dudes posting X-games style pictures. She just wants someone to show them catatonic on a bed.

Jenn talks about her fears of skydiving.

1h15m – Matt talks about a video of a gopro falling out of a plane.

My D is Dave Foley. Instead of Dave Chappelle. Mistake?

1h20m – Matt’s D is Dan Aykroyd

Jimmy had Dan Aykroyd also but might change it. Will he?!

Jenn’s D is Dane Cook. She feels guilty of picking him for some reason.

1h25m – Lots of Dane Cook talk.

Jimmy switches to Dana Carvey!

We hear the fans answers.

Friendly Fire Kills! – Jenn

Jimmy calls Eliot the most honest person he’s ever met.

Eliot talks about dress code when he worked for the Oscars. Formal attire required.

1h35m – Jenn has stuff to say about a local Taco Bell. Spicy Potato Soft Taco is her favorite.

Kutcher’s Country Club – https://www.kutshersdoc.com/#:~:text=Kutsher’s%20Country%20Club%20was%20the,operated%20for%20over%20100%20years

1h40m – Eliot reads his five!
Demi Adjuebe
Debra Wilson
David Sudeikus?! (David Sedaris)
Dave Thomas
David Cross
#1 – Dennis Miller

No winner!

Stupid Question:
Favorite Fast Food restaurant?

Jenn says old Wendy’s (old fries) and Five Guys or Taco Bell. She’s been ordering a lot of Panera during the pandemic.

1h50 – Stupid question:

What’s your favorite cheese?

Jenn likes a goat gouda. Cypress Gold. Jenn calls it Bold not blushing as the company describes it.
Me: Colby or Colby jack
Eliot: Brie
Matt: Gouda begrudgingly I guess.
Jimmy: Pepperjack or airplane brie.

We have a wegman’s! (we don’t)

We’re done see you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth