27S – Taking a Dip with Brian Kiley

Brian Kiley

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello! Indeed! 27S!

Happy new year! 

Happy January! 

Did we all get vaccines? 

We did not talk about Eliot interrupting the opening of the show. 

2021 off to a great start. Eliot’s derailing the show. It’s just like 2020! 

New years plans? 

Matt talks about his feelings on the progression of time. 

Jimmy talks about NYE at comedy clubs. 3 good NYE shows in 30 years? And 5 of the worst shows he’s ever had. 

Early NYE shows are usually great. The midnight ones are NOT. 

Ear to the ground?

Jimmy talks about his friend Paul and Chris and him running towards a train on the tracks. 

He talks about seeing the Atlanta hawks and having Oliver on his shoulders going up escalators. 

10 – Jimmy stopped by the studio and picked up all his stuff. He couldn’t get the second lock open. 

We can’t share Jingle Jangle anymore. 

Talking the germ fest of bowling. 


They got me good with that post. 

20 – Ban cars! Too many deaths. 

Brian Kiley is joining us! 

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! 

Playing for $10!

25 – Maybe Jimmy can get a couple of sandwiches from Subway. 

Jimmy has visited Brian’s house in the past.

Brian’s daughter had covid in March! 

Is it scarier to get it now or get it early?

30 – Jimmy and Brian met 30 years ago! 17 years after they met, he interviewed with Brian for Conan. 

We have to apologize to Brian about shampooing. 

Floodgates to Scalp Shave. 

35 – Country act: Confederate Railroad 


Brian does a lot of Zoom shows. 

Jimmy talks about Zoom stand up shows. 

40 – Round the horn! 

Stupid Question of the week! 


When was the last time you watched a John Candy movie?

Home Alone for Matt, Planes Trains Automobiles for Eliot, Jimmy tried to watch Great Outdoors. 

Brief Soul talk. 

50 – Soul is Jimmy’s #2 Pixar movie. 

Eliot tries a nun joke. 

Quick Oliver story. He had to do an Indiana jones roll out of the garage when the door started closing. He panicked!

Jimmy thought Brian’s son went to college on a baseball scholarship. He did not. 

Brian’s son tore his labrum so he doesn’t lay any longer. He’s often been described as “not a big fella.” By announcers with the Pacas (Sp?) league. 


More rewarding to put on for the first time, new t-shirt or new socks?

Socks! (Tshirt for me)

55 – Round the horn for real! 

I watched Soul. 

I haven’t put my inversion able together. 

60 – Brian did the Tonight Show 4 times with Jay. 

My S is Sarah Silverman. 

My roommate has rocks. We talk about it. 

1h5m – The Iron Dragon! 

Eliot was gonna do a show but it might require Whatsapp which he wont use due to facebook requirements. 

Brian talks about some terrible NYE shows he’s done. He says St Patrick’s Day in Boston is worse than NYE. 

1h10m – Jimmy watched a Documentary! 

Doc Talk!

My Octopus Teacher 

Brian and the Pardo-Koenigs were all shocked at how tiny the octopus was. 

Brian rates it 6/8 Tentacles. 

1h15m – Dan Cronin lives just one block away from Matt. 

Brian talks about doing meetings with the Conan staff and no one wanting them to end due to craving interaction. 

Jimmy wonders how Brian and writers watch the show when it’s taping. They don’t. They get a link post show to see it before it airs. 

Brian’s S is Jerry Seinfeld. 

Matt’s S is Mindy Stirling

1h20m – Jimmy’s S is Garry Shandling

Brian talks about opening for Seinfeld. After the show he came home to a message from ABC TV and got super excited until he realized ABC TV is where he took his VCR to get fixed. 

Brian talks about doing shows in the round and Born on the 4th of July and riffing with Seinfeld. 

Seinfeld was Jimmy’s first live stand up show that he saw live. 

1h25m – Jimmy has a Warehouse Records story. He got the card of the owner of the Icehouse, Bob Fisher, in case he ever wanted to do stand up.

Eliot reads the fans.  

1h30m – Eliot’s S 

6) Sinbad

5) Sarah Silverman

4) Kira Soltanovich

3) Will Sasso

2) Bob Saget

1) Smothers Brothers

Sopranos on PaxTV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqE7ZxH7BJE

Brian talks about his kids not planning on going to comedy. His daughter is getting a masters in English. Brian’s dream is being in a writer’s room with his daughter, she isn’t having it. 

Jimmy remembers exactly with Smothers Brother he hates. (for humor they’re both really nice)

Brian talks about the year Conan won the Emmy and them not being there. 

1h40m – One more Stupid Question:


How do you eat your Oreos and how many will you eat in a sitting?

Talking Brian’s Boston Comedian parties. 

We’re done! 

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth