2720 – Watching your Movie with Jonah Ray

Jonah Ray

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00 Welcome in! 2720! 

Happy holidays! Jimmy goes through them all! 

Once things are “back to normal” how often will we eat out? 

The Pardo-Koenigs have eaten in their dining room 3 or 4 times. 

Talking Flea Market Flip! 

Bargain Hunt – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bargain_Hunt

Sea of Love – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_of_Love_(film)

Dressed to Kill – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dressed_to_Kill_(1980_film)

Oh Man! 

Jimmy talks about the phone calls he had this weekend. 

Have we seen the “classic” pornos? Debbie Does Dallas, Deep Throat, Behind The Green Door

Eliot’s seen two of them.

10 – Jimmy talks about the time he left a porn in the VCR and Pat Francis watched it. 

Matt rented one at 16.

I talk about my experience of porn. 

Matt has a turtle in his house! 

Zoe got a Turtle for Christmas and named it Toby. She wanted a pet and a dog wasn’t good enough eventually. She wanted a gerbil or a rat but Matt was against that so they ended up with a turtle. 

Matt can’t connect with the turtle. 

20 – Talking the origins of Toby’s name. To Be Determined = Toby. 

Jimmy talks about the family hamster they had as a kid. Fuzzball which became Fuseball after his brothers misspelling. 

25 – Matt talks about growing up on a farm. 

Charlie is obsessed with Retro Video Games. 

Jonah Ray is here! His podcast is Let Me Watch Your Movie With You with Jonah Ray. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! 

We talk about Beatles in the break. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_Beatle)

30 – Jonah Ray is here! Let Me Watch Your Movie With You! 

Misfit Toys talk – It’s not a network!

Jonah talks about his podcast. 

35 – Jimmy talks about a field trip he was on where some kid kept doing a quote from a sauce commercial. 

Jonah tells us about “Cool Jonah” from his youth. 

Jonah talks about his pandemic experience. 

40 – Marc Maron talk. 

Kevin from Kevin and Bean had Covid TWICE.

Jimmy talks about his cousin who had Covid and some listener calls that have experiences with Covid. 

Jimmy has not been “sick” since March. He hasn’t gone that long without being sick ever. 

Jonah talk about a general meeting he had where someone recognized him but didn’t know where. It turns out the guy saw him puking at a party at Zack Galifiankakis’ place. 

Jimmy always enjoyed Jonah. 

50 – Round the horn! 

Oliver’s trivia! 

(full results below)

Category: Leisure

I’m betting 13

Question What leisure activity originally called Dissections got its modern name for the tool used to create it. 

55 – Jimmy went to sleep LATE last night. 

He talks about his routine. 

Jonah talks about his coming to an answer. 

1h5m – Inversion table talk! 

I put mine together on Twitch. 

My answer is Cross Stitch. 

Matt got the Blockbuster game. He and Jimmy talk about how they play the game. 

1h10m – Eliot’s here in Palms! He’s hanging in there. 

Eliot fills the listener in on his father’s passing. 

Talking about Jimmy’s Records & Tapes 

Cobra Kai and Ted Lasso talk! Jonah also loves The Detroiters. 

1h15m – Eliot’s trivia answer is Scrapbooking. 

Nothing’s shown up yet apparently. 

No new crap! 

Talking about the air filter bought and not used for the studio. 

1h20m – Matt’s answer is Hula Hoop.

Jonah goes with Puzzles. 

Matt loves Jonah’s answer. 

Jimmy’s answer is Tennis. 

Matt will give Jonah $5 if he is wrong. 

WE HAVE  WINNER! Jigsaw Puzzle!


Category: Leisure

Question: What leisure activity originally called Dissections got its modern name for the tool used to create it?

Garon: Cross Stitching (13)

Eliot: Scrapbooking ()

Matt: Hula Hoop ()

Jonah: Puzzle () – CORRECT ANSWER!

Jimmy: Tennis ()

We’ll be right back!

1h25m – Welcome back! Jimmy ran to the bathroom for a whiz. Oliver and Danielle are watching Flea Market Flip. Jimmy informed him of the trivia outcome and asked if he wanted to say hi to Jonah. He did not. 

Jonah worked at Amoeba, but he said it felt like Target because he was specifically a cashier.  He got fired because he gave big discounts to friends (and acquaintances.) He talks about it, including being drunk at the time. 

1h30m – Matt has a trivia question for us. 

Category is TV

I’m going 25. 

Question is: In the 46 year history of SNL, which performer has said the line It’s Live From New York It’s Saturday Night the most times. 

I’m going Chevy Chase (25). 

Jonah corrects Jimmy’s GG Smith comment. 

Eliot goes Keenan Thompson 

Jonah goes Alec Baldwin 

Jimmy goes Kate McKinnon  

The answer is: Darryl Hammond! 

Now Jimmy’s game! 

We’re gonna rank the five songs, 

5) Pour some sugar on me

4) Don’t you forget about me

3) In The Air Tonight

2) Jesse’s Girl

1) Don’t Stop Believing

Jonah talks about music and music fandom. 

1h45m – Music talk!

Matt talks about being overwhelmed by the streaming era of music. 

Talking about not having similar music tastes with people you might expect too. 

1h50m – Miley Cyrus talk

Jonah talks about his other podcast. 

Jonah shows off his Bernie Sanders shirt. 

Eliot’s Bernie Sanders One Man Show!

Boris Hamilton jokes! 

Let Me Watch Your Movie With You! 

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth