2719 – Catie Lazarus – Reposting in Memory

Catie Lazarus

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Originally aired as Episode 26J



26 Jethro Tull

00 – Hello! Yes! Timer down! It’s 26J! 

Jimmy talks about his cousin Pam and her recipes.  Jimmy wants to make some pasta sauce. 

Eliot’s chair is loud. 

Jimmy talks about the bush between his and his neighbor that probably has to come down. His neighbor loves it. 

5 – Talking Step in songs.


Jimmy’s friend Steve Iat’s favorite band is Uriah Heep. 

Music talk. 

10 – Jimmy’s reading Phil Collins’ bio. He talks about it. 

Jimmy somehow drained Danielle’s car battery. Triple A had to come out and recharge it.  The guys talk about it. 

Talking trellis! 

CA Reopening talk. 


25 – Trampoline update! 

Matt timed himself putting the trampoline together. 

We’re gonna guess. 

30 – Guesses:

4.5 hours. 

We’re betting dollars! 

4.25 – Eliot

3h27m – Jimmy

Did anyone win?

Jimmy is ONE MINUTE off. It was 3h28 minutes. 

35 – The happy ending is that everyone loves the trampoline! It’s 15 feet! 

40 – Matt talks more about putting the trampoline together. It had a hook! Like a pirate or a candy man.

Catie Lazarus is joining us after the break! 

We’re back!

Catie Lazarus is with us! We had a 35-minute break!  

Catie talks about sleeping poorly. 

She also goes to feed her dog. 

50 – Talking houses and yards.

Jimmy talks about the addition to his house. 

Catie talks about seeing Anthony Ramos. 

55 – Catie talks about Star Wars. 

Celebrity House Party – https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/05/celebrity-watch-party-coronavirus

Catie’s dog is named Lady. 

Catie talks about getting a couch from Wil Forte. 

60 – Jimmy says Catie shouldn’t have kids. FOR HUMOR. 

Sherman Oaks! Van Nuys!

1h5m – Talking deliveries and whether we’re alone or with other people. 

The guys talk about their kids, school, and the summer activities. 

1h15m – I talk about running across a former hookup at starbucks. 

Catie went on a “date” and the guy didn’t thank her when she gave him a purel wipe. 

Matt and Catie love Sex Education on Netflix. 

1h20m – Lady joins us! Catie talks about her having a Barksmitzvah. 

Catie can’t figure out her mic again. 

1h25m – My J is Jethro Tull!

And I cannot name a single one of their songs. 

We’re all still in shock about it. 

1h30m – Catie meets Danielle and Oliver for the first time.

Eliot goes with Judas Priest. 

Matt’s J is Journey

Catie’s guess is Jimi Hendrix experience

Eliot quickly does the fans. 


5 jefferson Starship

4 – janes addiction

3 – j giles band

2 – journey

1 – judas priest! Eliot wins! 

Thanks Catie! 

Oliver has a school project so we’ll see you later!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth