3001 – Turning the page with Sona Movsesian

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello! Never Not Funny! Season 30! Episode 1! 3001!

Early for a drop and an interruption.

Fun with numbers!

Jimmy watches zero interest in football but enjoyed the game!

Matt loved the halftime show!

Matt reads a facebook post a friend sent him saying the halftime show symbolized Satanism taking over the white house.

Lots of Superbowl talk.

Mike Siegel and Dave Holmes were at the Superbowl!

10 – Talking neighbors!

Matt talks about the Up In Smoke tour and Dr Dre’s producing.

15 – Jimmy has confirmed Dr. Dre is not a real doctor.

Jimmy listened to an 80s Paul Anka album today.

Talking about the music of Los Angeles.

20 – Pepsi wants that money!


Oliver is MASKED UP.

25 – The Pardo family went to see Death On The Nile and found it terrific! Jimmy talks about getting food at Whole Foods and spotting someone eyeballing him like they recognized him. Turns out they were just antimask idiots and they got into a brief shouting match.

35 – Do The Right Thing talk!

It released in June 30, 1989!

Call box talk.

40 – Jimmy talks the squares and how someone won 2 grand on the squares he was part of.

Ghost Pizza talk!

Out N In Pizza


Eliot talks Salad Kits.

Jimmy discovers a Salad Kilt.

50 – The triangle table of comedy? Sona is here!

Sona had covid a month ago!

Podcast superstar!

Sona would say that she and Jimmy are friends.

Sona’s kids are named Charlie and Mikey. They’re seven months!

55 – Sona is talent now but she would never call herself that!

Auntie Annes vs Wetzel’s Pretzels

Sona brought us chocolate.

Shopping and malls talk!

60 – Jimmy got Danielle a card and flowers.

Matt’s kids have the day off today. Oliver does not.

French dips!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Sona is impressed by the number of episodes we’ve done.

Hi Sona!

1h5m – Jimmy plays some of Oliver’s recording making fun of him for Sona.

Jimmy talks about Oliver and his friends. They don’t swear at all and they play (played) board games.

Jimmy talks to Sona about where she lived/s.

Jimmy loves a parade but he does not think he’s been in one.

Sona was in the Rose Parade!

1h10m – Sona is in a sweater and Jimmy is concerned about her being too warm.

We’re renaming Johnny Mountain’s son.

Eliot’s back to zero on his fireable offense board.


1h15m – Sona talks about her relationship with Conan. He’s gonna be her kids’ godfather!

Mikey enjoys comedy!

Apparently Zoe hates Leno because he laughed at her once.

1h20m – Sona talks about being an NBC page at the former Tonight Show studios.

Johnny Mountain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Mountain

See’s Candy talk!


1h30m – JImmy worked at a pizza place in high school.

Sona worked at the Hollywood Bowl. She got fired. After they gave her 2 weeks off for a wedding. When she got back she was over it, and stopped showing up and giving excuses.

1h35m – Pink Martini?


RIP Marty of Marty and Elaine.


Category: Literature in Other Mediums
Question: “What TV Show Features the Legal Notice at the end of the show, this program is not associated with the estate of George Orwell and is not based on the novel 1984?”

1h45m – Jimmy talks about his trip to the bank to get the trivia cash and the ASMR he got from the teller.

We’ll be right back!

1h50m – We’re back!

Pens down!

Sona knows cool!

Jimmy wishes he was musical.

Sona talks about her husband who can shred apparently.

Talking about Nancy Wilson.

Sona didn’t know that Heart members Anne and Nancy Wilson were sisters.

She loves them, doesn’t know a thing about them.

Ed Sheeran!

Prince is the definitivie guitar/songwriter/singer

Round the horn!

2h – my answer is Person of Interest

Jimmy has seen Chicago over 100 times.

Sona’s husband saw System of a Down last week. He started the mosh pit! He has been banned from several venues for mosh pits, crowd surfing, etc.

2h5m – Mosh Pit talk!

Eliot’s guess is The Americans.

Sona talks about the Trauma of Felicity cutting her hair.


Matt says The Prisoner.
Sona says Beverly Hillbillies
Jimmy says Lost.

2h15m – No one got it right!

It’s Big Brother!

Jeopardy is now family watching for the Pardo-Koenigs!

2h20m – Matt tells a jeopardy store about watching a clip he’d already seen before and still didn’t know the answer.

Beach folk!

Mad Max: Beverly Hills

2h25m – George Michael talk


Elton John talk.

We’re done! It’s a long one!

Sona’s book comes out in July!




Trivia Results:
Category: Literature in Other Mediums
Question: What TV Show Features the Legal Notice at the end of the show, “This program is not associated with the estate of George Orwell and is not based on the novel 1984?”

Garon: Person of Interest (15 pts)
Eliot: The Americans (10 pts)
Matt: The Prisoner (3 pts)
Sona: Beverly Hillbillies (25 pts)
Jimmy: Lost (8 pts)

Answer: Big Brother

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole