26X – Wearing a Hat with Michelle Biloon

Michelle Biloon

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 26X! All those exes down in Texas.

Love is love is love is love

Lin Manuel-Miranda talk!

What if Urkle said Love is love?

Hamilton talk.

Eliot’s been pulled over about like 10 times he guesses?

Will we ever have dip again?

Alexa chimes in. Jimmy has some fun with her.

Oliver and Danielle are watching The Larry Sanders Show and Oliver is now quoting “Hey Now” all the time.

10 – Talking Howard Stern.

Mirror cleaning!

15 – The guys talk about their meeting that Jimmy could have attended but did not show up.

Back to blank newspaper talk.

20 – Ellen talk.

Talking studio lot vibes!

Jimmy talks about getting ball busted for wanting Room Temperature Water.

25 – Eliot says his would be no one touches his computer.

We’ll be right back with Michelle Biloon.

30 – We’re back!

Iron Mangled! Jimmy’s Iron Maiden’s tribute band.

Eyesore Maiden? Jimmy’s passing on that one.

Iron Mangled and Eyesore Maiden are going to WAR.

Michelle’s new special is called Permanent Hat.

35 – Michelle talks about her special and Chris Fairbanks.

She also has a new Iron Maiden band. Anemia Maiden: They have an Iron deficiency.

Michelle talks about being born and raised in West Philadelphia. She’s a little fuzzy on the details.

Talking andy harowitz and easy comedy.

Richard Pryor talk.

Michelle talks more about her album!

45 – Round the horn!

I like everything!

I did not like Man With Two Brains.

We’re talking Clue!

Matt watched 15 minutes of it.

50 – Hitler cars


Clue came out in 1985! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088930/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Michelle compliments Jimmy’s hair. He cut it himself.

55 – Clue brings me joy! Jimmy tells me to get in the oven.

Umbrella Academy talk!

Talking kids watching movies as they grow up.
The pardo fam watched Grease 2.

60 – Jimmy and fam confirm Grease 2 is not better than the first one but he did enjoy it!

Annie talk!

My L is Loverboy!

Everybody is working for the weekend!

1h5m – Eliot has a story he thinks he can talk about.

Eliot’s knee is NOT actually fine!

Matt seems to have set up Eliot for an icing here since Eliot got apologized to for someone laughing at his joke.

Lots of birds flying around!

1h10m – Eliot talks about how he edits himself.

He has another story about going on his walk and seeing part of the street shut down for outdoor dining.

We talk about eating at places doing this. No one seems to want to do that.

Covid talk.

1h15m – Eliot’s L is Los Lobos!

Will The World Survive is their other song.

Matt’s doing well!

Matt talks about neighbors at the studio.

Matt and Jimmy and fams played some Jackbox over the weekend.

Pardo fam worried that Charlie isn’t having fun. Matt says he is and looks forward to it.

Matt’s L is Led Zepplin.

1h20m – Michelle seems down on Led Zepplin.

Michelle talks about her family during quarantine and her kid doing a D&D camp and loving it!

1h25m – talking streaming services and tv without commercials.

Postmates commercial talk. No one has seen them but me.

Amazing Race talk.

1h30m – Michelle talks about Alone, on Netflix.

Michelle’s L is LFO.

1h35m – We hear the fans!


1h40m – Jimmy’s 5:

5) Lynrd Skynrd
4) Led Zepplin
3) Linkin Park
2) Loverboy
1) Los Lobos – ELIOT WINS!

Should we Match the Guest next time?!

Joker’s Wild Style!

Noah Cuts posted Los Lobos.

Thanks Michelle! Get her album: Permanent Hat! Chris Fairbanks did the album art.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth