2624 – Flipping the Switch with Jason Benetti

Jason Benetti

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! We’re almost done with this season! Join Platinum!

Jimmy shows off his new NNF Mask!

Rhthym is gonna get you AT NIGHT. During the day, you’re fine.

Trump people going after Biden for his talking and age is probably not a great idea.

We talk about why that might be happening?

Seeing a Trump flag. How do we react.

10 – Talking Trump and supporters.

15 – Jimmy watched Host!

He loved it!

To my point!

Jimmy and Fam went to see Grease at the Drive-in!

20 – Grease is still the word. The guys talk about it.

Lots of Grease talk!

25 – Matt wants to revisit the idea that Danny Zuko’s dick is damaged when Sandy slams the door on him in the film.

Jason Benetti is here! We’ll be right back.

We’re back!

Jimmy introduces Jason Benetti.

He’s doing at home, what he used to do in an uber.

Jason explains how they handle away games during the pandemic. They do it from the Ballpark!

30 – Jason talks about walking the concourses of baseball parks when he travels for away games. He misses that.
35 – Jason and Jimmy talk about Korean Baseball.

Firm Thighs!

Talking calves and thighs.

The Koenig are a hairy people apparently.

Matt’s got bald ankles now.

40 – Jimmy talks about the peace he gets from watching games these days. Especially, white sox games. Jason and Steve are the best in the business.

Jimmy talks about Jason doing a lot of Jimmy Pardo style jokes.

Essence Larceny!

45 – Round the horn soon!

50 – Trivia question time!

Category is: Sports! (Rile ‘em up!)

I have to bet 25.

Question is:

When Football Coach Layne Kiffin retired, fans were so upset a gun shop owner had an event were they could shoot what item of Kiffin’s lifeness?

Garon: Pinata (25pts) (Alt answer: Scarecrow)
Eliot: Paper Target (15pts)
Matt: Scarecrow (23pts)
Jason: Toilet Seat Cover (22pts)
Jimmy: Penis (17pts)

55 – How does Jason stay in shape? He talks about losing some weight and at one point having fat neck and having to get help closing his top button.

“I’m dumb when it comes to necks.” – Jason Benetti

Talking The Morning Show!

1h5m – My answer is Pinata! I could not remember that word to save my life so I had to google it: “thing full of candy that you hit”

Talking Fairfield Inn: The Best You’re Gonna Get

Eliot’s got something to share. He talks about the Marble league having its own Marble ESPN type thing.

1h10m – Jason worries that marble racing is on TV. He talks about doing Play by Play for the National Electrician’s Championships. He talks about it.

Sparks Will Fly/Sparks Won’t Fly!

1h15m – Jimmy asks Jason about Holy Moly. He has not watched it.

Eliot’s answer is: Paper Target.

Talking people buying merchandise with someone on it as a target.

None of us can wait for Jimmy’s answer.

1h20m – Matt painted a room over the weekend. He is still sore. Primer AND paint!

He grades himself a b-minus. Some pink still peaks through.

Matt was able to get a bead on today’s hits though courtesy of Sirius XM.

1h25m – Jimmy asks Jason about NFL updates since Colleges have canceled their football seasons.

Jason describes what other teams are doing in terms of their commentators.

Jason talks about covid infected teams and what’s going on. He’s not a fan of blame or accusations.

If there is a positive case in the Korean baseball league they immediately shut down for two weeks.

1h30m – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Jimmy praises Jason and co!

Matt’s answer is: Scarecrow!

1h35m – Jason’s answer is: Toilet Seat Cover

Jimmy’s answer is Penis. He explains his thought process.

1h40m – Jimmy talks about White Sox uniforms. Shorts?!

1h45m – No Winner apparently: The answer is: Lane Kiffin Bobblehead

Jason talks about his coming up in baseball.

1h50m – Jason and Jimmy talk about a recent game and how they got emotional over it.

Jason talks about why he enjoys this show.

Eliot wins on points!

1h55m – Matt has won the trivia for the season.

We gotta go!

Matthew Belknuts!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth