26U – Raining on Your Parade with April Richardson

April Richardson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – U light up my life!

You light of my life was #1 for 10 weeks!


Jimmy’s going to see a yacht rock drive in.

Matt and Jimmy talk about Hit Parade and the upcoming Yacht Rock episode.

Physical by Olivia Newton John was bookended by two Hall and Oates songs.


We’re talking Jon Hamm as Fletch and Chevy Chase as Fletch!

20 – The Pardo-Koenig household did not enjoy The Hard Way.

Secret guest?! It’s Peter Pardini! He’s bearded and sweatered!

Peter’s got a new movie coming onto iTunes. It’s called Rolling Thunder!

Peter talks about it. It’s about the making of a bad short film.

25 – What Batman villain should Jimmy be?? Matt suggests Killer Croc?!

Jimmy asks Peter about quarantine life.

Thanks Peter!

We’ll be right back!

35 – Jimmy sings some You Light of My Life.

Matt confirms that song sucks. Jimmy says “it licks the balls.”

40 – April Richardson is here! And in town Los Angeles! She’s in town to visit her nana who has been alone for 4 months.
Can she go home after this?

Jimmy gets lost in his own joke.

Jimmy talks about the guy who found a picture of us. It was a google image search.

45 – April talks about her old neighbors blasting Sixpence None The Richer’s Kiss Me OVER and OVER on repeat loud as possible.

Daver played the same Juice Newton song over and over for 3 hours to mess with Jimmy.



50 – Talking Hamilton with April. She’s not a fan and doesn’t want to talk about stuff that people love that she doesn’t so she isn’t shitting on their pleasures.

Doc Talk again?!

55 – Matt talks about Lin Manuel Miranda’s freestyle collective Freestyle Love Supreme and the doc about them.


We Are Freestyle Love Supreme

60 – More doc talk!

Jimmy watched The Garth Brooks documentary.

April loves him and says he’s just a well-meaning hillbilly.

She talks about the Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary.

1h5m – Matt describes Garth as the MC Hammer of Country.

Guns and Roses trilogy of videos – https://www.bermudezprojects.com/understanding-guns-n-roses/

1h10m – April talks about living in the UK.

1h15m – Matt talks about the guy who’s been to every dodgers opening day for 40+ years. He’s missing this year because of coronavirus.

April talks about how sure she was that she’d get Covid because she traveled right when it all started happening.

1h25m – My U is Uriah Heap!

I watched The In-Laws! Jimmy watched The Whole Nine Yards.

“Let’s Get November Rain” Eliot’s GNR podcast.

No one likes it. Eliot is furious.

Guns & Roses talk is CANCELED!

More talk of Jimmy as a Batman villain.

1h35m – Eliot’s U is Ultravox.

Matt’s U is UB40!

April goes with The Undertones.

1h40m – Danielle enjoyed the Kevin Cronin appearance.

Speaking of big dicks, Huey Lewis parody!

Fan guesses.

1h45m – “bless you” talk.

Jimmy’s five! We have a winner!

Talking We Are The World and Charity singles

5) USA For Africa
4) Uriah Heap
3) U2
2) UFO
1) Ultravox

Huey Lewis took Prince’s part.

Prince wouldn’t sing on Bad because of “Your butt is mine.”

1h50m – Eliot wins with Ultravox!

Joker’s wild style! Five!

Thanks April!!!

Let’s get November Rain!


My pleasure,

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