26A – Cheesing it with Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


26 Ambrosia

Trivia Questions – https://bestlifeonline.com/genius-trivia-questions/

00 – Buff that platinum! It’s 26A!

The Forgetful Embezzlers is one of Jimmy’s Fantasy Baseball team name. 

Jimmy took Oliver to see Kiss!

David Lee Roth was the opener who Jimmy has seen somewhere between 5-10 times. Jimmy describes him as a clown but this time it was just a joy.  

5 – Jimmy goes through all of the antics David Lee Roth did on stage. 

Set list for David Lee Roth: 


Set List for Kiss:


10 – Talking Suite Life of Zach and Cody. 

Ben Gellar is Cole Sprouse AKA JUGHEAD. 

Jimmy talks about Kiss. 

15 – “I gotta tell ya! It’s close!” – Paul Stanley to the crowd

Jimmy talks about Paul Stanley’s alleged lipsynching. 

Thanks Brett and Ryan! 

20 – Matt talks about previous logos we’ve received. 

Feel free to fill in the gaps for Never Not Notes! 

The letter game is Band Names and the T-Shirt size tab will be up soon! 

The bonus stuff is coming! Sorry for delays! 

Don’t be stupid fucks!

25 – You’re helping create the show! 

Celeb sightings!

But first Jimmy talks about our Vitello’s show! 

“Jimmy can’t figure out the curtain.” – Guy in audience. 

30 – Celeb sighting! Jimmy was at the Joe Biden rally!

Apparently, it was right near his house. 

He talks about it and the apparent hillbilly he ran into. 

35 – Jimmy talks about the “Death to Dairy” protestor. 

Celeb sighting at the Joe Biden rally!  

40 – Rachel almost went to the Biden rally. 

What celeb was at the Rally? Not Magic Johnson. 

It was Keegan Michael Key! 

Jimmy on record that it was a great speech but it should have been 1/3 shorter. 

45 – Rachel Quaintance is here! 

Jimmy talks about his doc being super serious but also how he gave a great laugh at Jimmy’s cocaine joke. 

RQ is here! 

We’ll be right back.

We’re back! 

Rachel Quaintance is here! 

The KFC Double Down

50 – Jimmy hasn’t had KFC in 10 years after watching a documentary. 

Rachel is not a fan of Zankou Chicken. 

Wine and Cheeze-Its! 

Talking Elizabeth Warren dropping out. 

55 – Talking Presidential election. 

We’re done with Politics! 

New Icing Song! 

60 – We’ve got more money! 

Round the horn!! 

1h5m – Matt thanks Nate for his detailed intro suggestions.

Rachel gives a shoutout to superfan, mathematical genius, big-hearted man, and all around wonderful human being Ken Roberts for donating to CASA LA, a charity near and dear to her heart.

Jimmy and Matt pile on by saying Ken is “a great guy” and “was very funny at our Houston show” and that he killed as Garon for a Day.

“Speaking of the polar opposite of that…let’s say hello to Garon Cockrell. Seven years, still can’t find his footing.”

(Above added by Darryl as requested by the aforementioned Ken Roberts, who pointed out that Garon left this part out, certainly as a fluke and/or oversight, and not in any way connected to the possibility of him being replaced by Ken Roberts.)

1h10m – Call of the Wild talk. 

Do Jews hate JoJo Rabbit? 

Talking the Journey upset! 

1h15m –  Double names? 

Talking Dixie Chicks!


1h20m – Rachel talks about a picture her mom thought was beautiful. We’re all laughing at it. 

1h25m – Rachel thought she saw Jimmy at a Ralph’s. 

My A is Ambrosia! 

The Spare Tire? 

Hitler talk. 

Rachel was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but not on Greed. 

1h30m – Jimmy talks the game show Greed. 

Rachel goes through her experience losing on Millionaire. 

1h35m – Rachel knows Alaska is the biggest state. 

Eliot had a bit. He gets the Icing song. 

Eliot has an exciting council meeting story!

Eliot’s A is A-ha. 

Matt’s A is Alphaville. 

1h40m – Talking Hit Parade! 

Rachel’s A is Air Supply.

1h45m – Rachel is not a Kacey Musgraves fan but she loves Jason Isbell. 

Rachel is going to Hamilton with one of the foster kids she is advocating for. 

Talking Come From Away. 

Fan guesses! 

1h55m – Rachel saw Tyler The Creator at a pizza place. 

Stevie wonder isn’t blind?! https://theconcourse.deadspin.com/stevie-wonder-is-not-blind-the-evidence-1641795715

Ace of Base – https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/rm35nr/ace-of-bases-secret-nazi-past

Matt tells Rachel to watch Encore. 

2h – Jimmy’s: Abba, Ambrosia, Axe, AHA, and #1 America! 

No winner! 

We here a little First Date/Last Night from Dog Fight.

Rachel is getting wrong texts and getting Bedet in the house. 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth