23T – Live at The Middle East in Cambridge

Live in Cambridge


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Live notes by Joshua Day
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

In-studio Introduction

00 – Mike Schmidt is here! He brought a guest!

Sweat shirt looks great!

NNF Superfan from Kuwait! Ahmad!

He flew in from Kuwait for Pardcastathon! No he flew from Colorado where he was going to school studying electrical engineering.

He’s staying right near Mike.

Talking DeNiro on SNL.

“Wake up punchy!”

Jimmy saw Slumdog!

My T is Tom Hanks.

Talking Sharon Houston! Mike asked her out once.

Mike Schmidt

Mike’s T answer is Tim Robbins!

Ahmed is foreign. He goes with Tom Kinney.

Everybody loves Spongebob in the Middle East. They call him Mr. Cheese in Arabic.

They change Duff to Vimto on The Simpsons.

Great job Ahmed!

Eliot’s T actor is…Tom Selleck!

Matt’s T is Tim Meadows!

Jimmy’s T word is………#5 Telly Savalas #4Tim Daly #3 Tom Cruise #2 Tom Sizemore #1 Terry Crewes.

Thanks everyone for listening and donating and sticking around!

Enjoy the NNF theme song live by Hallelujah the Hills!

Happy New Year!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth

Live Notes at The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Never Not Funny w/ Jimmy Pardo LIVE at Sonia (The MiddleEast) Boston (Cambridge) MA 10/25/18

00-Hallelujah The Hills perform NNF theme song live

Jimmy talks to the crowd (I can not hear because I am in the green room at time)

Jimmy introduces the Garon for a day (Stand up comic Josh Day)

Proceeds to mock Josh’s hair that is up in an elastic, makes him take it down, mocks it, makes him put it up. Jimmy does not like the hair.

Jimmy notices the giant chairs on stage have almost zero backing on them

More mocking of Josh’s hair. Josh awkwardly riffs with Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about the band, the drummer does not care about his appearance, one band member rolled in patchouli.

Ask Josh if he read Ayn Rand “Fountain Head” “Atlas Shrugged” Says they are about thickness of two of his cocks

05-Jimmy banters with Josh then introduces his Co- Host Matt Belknap (Big round of applause that Jimmy says gets caught in Josh’s hair)

They notice a fan wearing a custom made shirt with the words “Benny, Rickles, Pardo”

(Vertically in descending order) Jimmy asks if those are his favorite or a list of people that will die eventually

They bet on when Benny Hill died

One woman yells she has no money

10-First round of bets-
John-2002 Brad-1996 Charles-1994 Sarah-3 (Jimmy says “you have Adam, Eve and Benny Hill”)Matt-2005 Jimmy-2003 (All are over so they bet again)

Second Round of bets-
John-1987 Brad-1982 Charles-1990 Sarah-1985 Matt-1988 Jimmy-1983

Benny Hill died in 1992 (Matt calls Josh out for saying they were way over and Josh kind of snaps back at him out of nervousness of screwing up)

Matt asks why Jimmy is sitting on the audio wedges (to get closer to Charles)

Jimmy asks if Benny hill formed Benny and the Jets (sings a couple bars)

Charles wins! (Josh annoys Jimmy by talking again with a “call back”)

15-Jimmy sings “Sitting on the edge of the wedge” song by Warrant

What was Kix big hit? “Cereal”- crowd member “What are you Josh?”- Matt

Kix sings “close your eyes” and Oliver says from back seat “oh boy”

Not the Ozzy and Lita Ford version Matt acknowledges

Matt went to his friend Mike’s brother’s record store

Did not look for Steve Perry’s “Love of Strange Medicine”

Matt says it is $400 he thinks but has a line on $4 rap album
“was it way cool Junior?”-Jimmy “is that rap?”-Matt

Matt asks Matt name of album and he says he can’t pull it

Jimmy asks if it is a masturbation reference and Matt says “ it is an elbow room issue”

Jimmy tells crowd and Josh to stop talking playfully but serious

20-Matt tells Jimmy he found a soundtrack on vinyl for him and they proceed to have Jimmy guess the movie and as soon as he hears 1985 + Linda Fiortino Jimmy says “ oh well that Vision Quest”

Jimmy guesses first song on album then the first Madonna song on there

Next Track is John Waite “Change” and guesses second Madonna song is on second side
“give me the song and I will tell you who did it”- Jimmy

He can’t pull song so Matt tells him it is “Gambler”

Next song is Don Henley “She likes to Zoom” is Jimmy’s guess (Background vocal by Belinda Carlisle and Jane Weidland) it is “She is on the zoom” Matt will not give it to him so Jimmy mocks Matt “You either get it or you don’t”

Jimmy notices a fan that thinks he was there for Hallelujah the Hills concert and figures must be a concept album

“she’s on the zoom must be slang for cocaine in the 80s”- Matt

25-Jimmy does local reference to “ZOOM” TV show and “NOMAH!”

Matt says he was at Fenway. Jimmy asks if Yaz was there, the band, not the player

Matt says they would be great there but Jimmy says way too big of avenue and they could barely fill Sonia (venue we were in)

Jimmy shows Matt his amazon order from “Yazoo store” he bought Yazoo 4 disk compendium and Yazoo black tshirt “size small”

Jimmy says he will look up “funny” to see if Matt qualifies

Jimmy asks a woman if she is video or taking photos Jimmy says take as many as you want

“Do whatever you want”- Matt

Jimmy asks the woman to take a photograph in case Matt gets murdered there will be no blood on his hands

Jimmy guesses Ronnie James Dio song 3 words “yell at heaven” but it is “hungry for heaven”

30-Jimmy says they had a RJD tribute for cancer research at “Pinz” the bowling alley down the street and Matt says RJD deserves better than bowling alley

Jimmy says RJD is considered one of greatest rockers ever but he does not like the writing of Dio ( the band) “there I said it!”

Jimmy can’t pull the Foreigner song on album “Hot Blooded”

Jimmy tries to guess a name but could not think of “Sammy Hagar”

After the album guessing Matt said “So that whole thing was fun and then it stopped being fun for the last 10 mins”

Matt gives Jimmy the album and Jimmy says “let me see what songs are on it”

John Peters produced “Vision Quest” and “A Star Is Born”

They discuss Vision Quest plot

“get out and vote!…well go to another state and vote…it wont matter here…this place is liberal…look out the window”

35- “Thursday in Massachoos”-Jimmy “Thursday in massachoos??”- Matt

Jimmy sings going to San Francisco to tune of “Massachusetts” by BeeGees

Jimmy has a lot of vinyl coming his way…does “OK” and Matt wants to take it back for white power dummies

Matt talks about when he went to Emerson College and High School in Concord

Jimmy asks Matt about watching “Boston Commons” in the quad

Matt thinks the theme song was Dave Matthews Band

Jimmy admits as time has gone on since show started he has changed mind on things like never being on Twitter, DMB, Having kids

Matt says his long list of people he refuses to have on show but most have been on now

Jimmy says Jay Leno will never be on and does a less than flattering impersonation

Matt saw Jay Tuesday and he lives in gated community with Just Jay and him

Jimmy is mad Jays guest house is bigger than his house

He rents a hangar at Burbank Airport for his cars

40-Matt saw Jay in a what looked like a fighter plane with wheels on it and likened it to the car from the Ah Ha video

Matt sees Jay in cars with no tops and Jays big white head

Matt says it would be weird for cars in Europe to be topless because of the rain

Josh confirms that cars have tops, but can not confirm that some do not, Matt asks what about Mr Toads Wild Ride

There is car with no top called a Phaeton (brings show to a halt) “So do not engage him then?”-Matt

Jimmy asks Josh how long been with Lady friend, Stand up comic, Sara Robertson (spelled the right way no H)

Hall and Oates did not sing Sara hhhhhh smiles

Jimmy is sitting awkwardly toward Matt and Matt says it looks like a come hither pose

Jimmys new hook is Jay Leno doing Karaoke

45- Matt’s idea for Jimmy’s new hook “you yell at people” don’t take this the wrong way “sounds like I am about to take it the wrong way”- Jimmy but what if you were like George Burns

You could be the old guy that references 30 years ago

Matt says he is already doing that

And should powder his head to look like his hero Jay Leno in a Phaeton

Jimmy talks about the big comical chairs and he doesn’t think it is funny

“You look like Lily Tomlin”- Matt “and that the truth”-Jimmy

Jimmy says he is coming around on Lily Tomlin

Matt won’t go see her but she is talented

Jimmy asks if Matt’s college buddies went looking for local talent

Matt thought he meant bands but when realizes it was women he says “no that is disgusting”

“Leaving money on the table if you don’t just become an old bigot”- Matt

50- Jimmy mentions his posture which isn’t great due to the chairs

Matt suggests doing it Lady Gaga style on wires and perform in different parts of the room

Matt loves Star is Born and is now a fan of Gaga

Door to room opens and loud music pours through

Jimmy was told the music wouldn’t bleed into this room and Matt said it is 70% true

Matt does not like the Star is Born vinyl because it has dialogue and compares to Josh on stage

Everything just stops (I look up and Jimmy loves the take to the non existent camera)
Matt said he had approved it before show

Matty does his Bradley Cooper impersonation and Jimmy says he should drop Lieberman and this is his bread and butter

#1 movie is Halloween “Now you haven’t seen that movie”- Jimmy “I saw it with you idiot!!”-Matt

Loud bass comes from below they sing pump up the jam

Other Star is Born soundtrack problems are the sequencing

Allie is Gaga’s character and there is track where they just chant her name

55- Matt explains the songs and says he will probably go to concert now because she is not as pretentious anymore

She wore a meat dress “You have never worn an ill fitting suit?”- Jimmy

They discuss liking some songs of hers

Matt likes Paparazzi, not the song, the phenomenon how they follow you

Jimmy sings “A million reasons” poorly and compares self to Rich Little

They do a scene with Bradley and Gaga where Jimmy sings a million reasons

Discuss her career and the dances were fun to watch

Matt called Danielle “Lady Dan Dan” and he regrets not calling her that at concert

Matt’s top regret is the track listing they did

Jimmy will pay upwards of $7 for Steve Perry album

And then says he will pay $200 for real

Mike goes to the yard sales and Jimmy lowers it to $100

They talk about Steve Perry album and “helpful” fan sends a link to “discogs”

60-Matt says Ebay- place for collectibles “like houses?”

Jimmy pronounces Matt’s last name wrong and he corrects him

Jimmy asks if they became super rich would Matt buy a bigger house or a second house on east coast

Jimmy tells Conan to stay out of his podcasting lane!

You are on TV asshole…YOU WON already

Matt says he will buy a house on Toluca Lake if is super rich

Have to live on lake or be a member at exclusive country club to get to the lake

Marc Cherry has an awesome house and pool near Toluca lake but not ON

Recent sale was about 5 million

All Matt wants to know is if he can paddleboard on the lake but Jimmy says if he spends all money on house can’t paddleboard

Jimmy would whittle his own oar

Wherever Jimmy lays his hat is his home “have you ever laid your hat in Toluca lake?”- Matt

65-“Was it Richie Kline?…no, Richard Kind, who is Richie Kline?” “Larry from Three’s Company”- Matt

Jimmy tells story of his friend that met Richie Kline while throwing trash away “Are you Richie Kline?” “In the Flesh”-Richie Kline

Celebrity sighting

Matt looks up song, jimmy talks to Josh real fast about marriage, then song plays and everyone sings in unison. Jimmy says bartender is shocked by us all singing wrong lyrics to STP song. “they are the next Weird Al!”

Matt asks questions about the celebrity and finds out it was a male rocker from the 70s and says “oh no…old man Pardo is backed”

Jimmy asks Josh to get him a coke zero and gives him his warm leftovers

Matt guesses Roger Daltrey after only like 6 questions

Jimmy walks us through meeting Roger Daltrey

Ace Frehley

70-Matt asks if he told him about the wonderful rendition Ace Frehley did on NNF

Oliver was with Jimmy to be on Entertainment Tonight TV on Sirius and has him sign the release to make him feel like part of the show

Sees Roger Daltreys name on the sign in sheet

Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, David Lee Roth, Paul McCartney

They discuss if DLR belongs on list and then Matt asks about Steven Tyler and does an impression

Matt says if you don’t see the videos of Aerosmith songs then you are missing out

Back to Roger D

Oliver loved “Venom” it was rated X

Who do I run into? “who” several times by Matt

Jimmy intros himself to Roger and says he a big fan

75- Awkward chit chat amongst entourage toward elevator

Roger asks about Oliver and they chat

Oliver says he is 11 and Roger responds like “uhh” because he is small

Jimmy says thy will watch Tommy one day and not the music they have

They go to part ways but gets on elevator and they talk more about their glasses

Try to part ways but they all are walking together even as Jimmy tries to get away

Oliver asks what songs and gets very excited about “Pinball Wizard”

Roger was very kind to Oliver

Matt asks who Jimmy met that was as big or bigger

Roger Waters once. Lindsay Buckingham. Peter Cetera.

Roger is bigger than all and top 3

Beatles are on another level

80- A fan yells out “mick Jagger” and Jimmy takes exception

Matt says Robert Plant to mock him. David Bowie was suggested but they are not sure he qualifies

Matt mocks all people saying prince was the best

Jimmy says if Ozzy never became a clown he would be up there

Elton John is kinda his own thing

Matt asks Jimmy if “Tiny Dancer” is about him to hug applause

Jimmy disputes Matt’s lyrics but Matt stands his ground

Jimmy likes I’m Still Standing more than tiny Dancer

Jimmy quotes “Have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up” and asks Matt

Matt can not think of it and Jimmy thinks it is a bit but it isn’t

Hallelujah the Hills come up on stage and interview Ryan Walsh the lead singer

Ryan says they are positioned os no eye contact

85-They play their song “It Still Floors Me”

90- HTH is still playing their song

They finish to a nice round of applause

Jimmy gives them a nice word and then gives them the business about the custom lyrics

Ryan says he has custom lyrics for ten podcasts ready

Give it up for HTH

Time to play Sevens!

HTH plays the theme song to Sevens

Ryan of HTH will play 90s music with Matt

Matt and Jimmy can’t agree on how to hold mic and tap phone

They start… Ryan gets 7

95-Matt did not know Collective Soul “Shine”

Matt says “Aaliyha died in a plane crash just before 9/11 then purports “ or did she?  we all know what happened in the second tower

They bring the first contestant on stage “Jamie” his wife is Amy and Jimmy says no rhyming and kicks off stage

Brad “the shirt guy” is next up. He met his GF at bar he drinks at and jimmy kicks him off for a drinking problem

Next guy does not even make it to stage.. too slow

Jimmy mocks fact that no women are volunteering

Ian comes up. In great shape. Jimmy kicks him off for being in good shape without doing pushups

Josh comes on stage. He does marketing for Amazon. Jimmy wants to be mad but he uses it. He kick him off for not wanting kids

100- Jess “ like Jessica” Jimmy takes exception to her name and Matt wants her to stand

In right place she gets kicked off for having a son named “Eliot”

Randy Williams the Merch man comes up acts weird with his hood on when Jimmy says he looks a lot like Garon and admits doesn’t know what Garon looks like…kicked off

Next up is Sarah, former Podcastathon winner and they Saw “Into the Woods” together

She lives in Maine and gets kicked off when says they have “goat children”

Abby comes up next…

105- Front end web developer looking for work and voted for Hillary

Jimmy calls her boyfriend “Jake” “Aaron” and can not stop talking bout Aaron

She is a bit sassy and Matt mocks how she condescendingly mentions here boyfriend works at “Harvard…ever heard of it?!”

She admits with disgust she does not listen to the show and Jimmy kicks her off

They bring Jessica back and she says she listens and proves it by saying he is “clumsy”

Jimmy is upset that is her takeaway and pretends he can not stand up

First question “My hero on late night TV”-Jimmy “Jimmy Parsons”- Jessica

She has tough time and says she is “so sorry my brain is gone”

110- she got 3. Jimmy brings next contestant, Tom, up and then pretends he will fall over

Jimmy thinks Jumanji says Jenga

Tom gets best score by far with 15

Randy gave him a poker chip and kissed it before gave it to him

Matt mocks Jimmys Jenga messup and says have you seen the movie “go fuck yourself’? I will show you later.

Jimmy says some sincere things about the listeners and how thye should say hello before they leave because that is the best part.

HTH has an amp on and he yells at them

Back to sincerity and a nice goodbye from all.

HTH plays us out with NNF theme song

The End

Jimmy Pardo- Host
Matt Belknap- Producer/CoHost
Josh Day -Garon for a Day
Hallelujah The Hills -House Band