2320 – Taking Requests with Brian Regan

Brian Regan

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 2320!

Day after Christmas ep! Happy belated Christmas! LOTS of mail today!

“Visualize my win!” – Jimmy’s Fortune Cookie.

Talking the 20th Anniversary of Uno! Will there be a vinyl?!

Jimmy Pardo – Uno track listing! https://www.discogs.com/Jimmy-Pardo-Uno/release/6260722

10 – Track by track for the Uno album.

Jimmy talks about going to the Earwolf holiday party.

15 – ELIOT HOCHBERG WAS THE LIFE OF THE EARWOLF PARTY?! Everyone loved him. Star of the night! He talks about the show.

Some brief jew talk and then back to the Earwolf party.

20 – Earwolf Karaoke talk.

No holiday cookies at that party?! Jimmy is furious about the lack of cookie!

30 – Rent on Fox is in January and Hair is in Spring on NBC.

Jimmy talks Hair and a local production.

35 – Talking hippies, Vietnam, and jimmy’s friends dads coming back from war.

Matt talks about the Army using Fortnite to recruit people.



Brian Regan is here!!

He brought his Tour Manager Dave!

December 24 is the premiere of Brian’s Netflix special! Stand Up And Away!

40 – Dave’s got a perfect beard.

Dave Cregg sent in the Steve Perry Vinyl that Jimmy has been looking for for 22 years!

That album is selling on Discogs for $399.98!

Jimmy resets and Brian goes over some of his openers and jimmy talks how hed rather open for Brian in a theater for a few dates than do shows at some random club.

We’ll be right back!

50 – We’re back!

Brian did four episodes of his show. He talks about it.

Talking comedians that we still quote to this day. Matt quotes Brian, Brian quotes Steve Martin.

Jimmy asks Brian about fans shouting out bits they wanted to hear.

55 – Jimmy talks about being at the party where the man on the moon joke was born.

Talking Brian’s “You Too” joke.

Jimmy talks about seeing Steve Martin being on an episode of Carson he just saw where he did a 15-minute bit that didn’t work. “took me a long time to get the show out of the curtains.” – Johnny on his monologue.

60 – Talking Brian’s comedy and his killing not being as much as a guarantee as one might expect.

The guys talk corporate events and how unpredictable they can be.

1h5m – Round the horn!

Trivia talk

Christmas talk.

Brian talks about his kid’s fish and how he was told to put a fish down humanely by freezing him and also his grandmother.

1h15m – Jimmy guesses Brian’s kids ages as 22 and 20. Actually 15 and 19.
His 19-year-old wants to be a contract lawyer. Chris!

His daughter wants to rob liquor stores.

Dave’s great! He lives in Portland. Jimmy talks about being the spokesman for Lloyd’s Center!

Is Jimmy the only mall spokesman?


All good with Eliot!

1h20m – Happy birthday to Eliot’s dad and Brian’s mom!

More fish talk


1h25m – Pneumatic tubes for pot?!

Jimmy has a torn laborum and needs surgery! Dave had both torn and had surgery on one.

1h30m – Brian talks about his broken-legged neighbor.

Jimmy talks about Brian’s brother meeting Jimmy and Danielle at Harrah’s in Vegas mainly to test out his new shoes.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Jimmy asks how Brian gets around. He has a tour bus deal where he tours around.

Talking Big and Rich (the country band).

1h35m – Talking more about Brian’s show. He wants to be in more sketches.

Brian talks about Louder Milk.

Rodney got not respect for his entire career!

1h40m – Brian talks about having Rodney Dangerfield coming in and asking for some time on some nights when Brian was performing over the course of two nights and going from reading new material off cards the first night to the next night no cards and tighter jokes.

28 Letterman appearances for Brian.

Jimmy talks about doing his stage show the day after Carson died, Brian was a guest on that show. He talks about doing Carson.

1h45m – Brian talks about being asked to do panel on Carson and having a minute to think of 5 minutes of jokes. He went out and at one point was about to have zero to say but Carson saved him.


Jimmy gives to Brian Regan: 22 (General)


The best!

Jimmy describes him as a “comic’s comic.” Thanks Dave!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth