2213 – Raising the Rent with Debra DiGiovanni


Debra DiGiovanni

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Insta: debradg

00 – 2213! 1213?! Jimmy a little under the weather. Calling Eliot a Mr Furley type.

Talking about Karen Knotts.

Talking Andy Griffith Show.

Jimmy watched a two part Mannix! He talks about the one down side to Mannix.

They showed boarding, taking off, flying, landing, and deboarding a plane.

I ran to 7/11. No idea what was said in my absence.

Jimmy talks about fantasy baseball and the ridiculous trade offers he’s getting.

Great turnout super fun and thanks for Ken Schultz sitting in for me!

Best Live Show people have ever seen?!

Jimmy and Matt talk live show and how Matt handles Playing Games.

10 – Jimmy talks about some people in the audience seeing Jimmy’s Dad and commented on the pride on his face as he watched Jimmy.

Matt and Jimmy were mistaken for a gay couple on the plane?!

15 – The guys talk about it. Matt talks about why the flight attendant thought they were a couple. He blames Jimmy.

20 – I’m not a great gay.

It was a sexy flight attendant!

CHARACTER WORK! F word talk.

They saw someone almost get their hands slammed in a compartment door.

Great shows in Chicago!

25 – Jimmy talks about the limited Poker Chips they’re bringing!

Oliver loves the new Poster.

Talking horse bit tit!

Nashville returns June 7!

‘Nashville’ Gets Midseason Return & Series Finale Dates On CMT; New Characters Added – Watch Promo

Doc Talk!

Jimmy watched Evil Genius. Jimmy was so mad at Danielle for being too tired to keep watching. He loves it.

30 – Talking Wild Wild Country.

Shut up Debra!

35 – Never Debbie!

We go over Matt’s anger at Eliot.

40 – Debra is from Toronto!

We’re trying to figure out Nug’s real name.

Guessing songs!

45 – Watch Cobra Kai Deb!

50 – Jimmy talks about doing a show with Debra and her making him laugh like crazy.

TTD: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/whatever-happened-to-terence-trent-darby

Debra apologizes for laughing at Eliot’s joke

We’ll be back!

1h5m – We’re back! 2213! Debra DiGiovanni is here! She’s lived here for 4 years. She’s in WeHo.

Talking local famous clubs.

Talking Taylor Swift!

Deb’s first concert was Corey Hart. Matt’s was Stevie Wonder, Jimmy’s Kiss.

1h15m – Jimmy has a Corey Hart story. They got into a shouting match.

Corky and the Juice Pigs – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corky_and_the_Juice_Pigs

1h20m –My first concert was either Kenny Loggins or The Jets.

Eliot’s only gone to 5 concerts?

Bobby McPharon! We make fun of this.

We guess his other artist. Anita Baker! I got it!

Zach Anita Baker video.

1h35m – Talking pictures on the walls of our youths.

Talking the Duran Duran signing.

1h40m – Checking in with Eliot!

3 word trivia!

Jim Carrey painting talk.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Debra was approved for her Green Card!

1h50m – Mail call! The mail man had a huge hat on. Bernadette

Mail is here!

Never not popnlock!

Thanks for the record Suzanne Bottorf! IT’s a shalomar b-side.

Talking the Corey Hart concert.


Talking weed!

2h – Talking Sirius XM limited channel, The Wedding Party.

RIP Virgin Airlines: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2018/04/24/virgin-america-alaska-airlines-merger/546812002/

2h5m – Talking long flights to Australia and Italy.

2h10m – Debra lives alone in weho. She enjoys it!

Talking rents! They’re too damn high!

2h15m – Talking Iglesias and Pavarotti blowjob stories.

Sevens with Debra!

Jimmy gives to Debra DiGiovanni: 19 (Movies – Rom Com)

Matt gives to Debra DiGiovanni: 7 (Movies – Comedy)

Oliver watched Airplane for the first time and loved it!

Young Frankenstein is Debra (and Jimmy’s) all-time favorites.

2h25m – more Young Frankenstein talk.

We’re done! See you next time!

Astrecords.com for Lady Jazz!

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