2208 – Talking the Talk with Leah Krinsky


Leah Krinsky

In studio notes by Garon-for-a-Day Tony Thaxton
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Here’s my “sure to be made fun of” notes!
These are actually pretty good! Since Matt and I publicly shamed you on Twitter last time, you are much improved. Shaming works! -Darryl


00 – Weather hoax! Garon is gone. Tony Stills is filling in.

05 – Ryan Walsh from Hallelujah The Hills is here, going to play a song, but in Los Angeles to promote his book, Astral Weeks.

10 – What Van Morrison songs aren’t we sick of?

15 – The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are terrible.

20 – Why are we Chilli Peppers trashing? Back to Ryan’s book.

25 – By the way…what was Jimmy going to say? Why didn’t Ryan say hi to Jimmy in Providence?

30- Jimmy saw family at his Peoria shows over the weekend. Ryan has to leave to go to Matt Besser’s podcast.

35- Ryan plays a song exclusive for NNF NOT Improv for Humans. “Three Minute Mark”

40 – Ryan has to leave, Leah Krinsky arrives!

45 – Matt owes Ryan an apology. astralweeks.net is Ryan’s website for the book. Take a break!

50 – Around the horn. Jimmy doesn’t follow Leah on Twitter, but loves her on Facebook.

55 – Celebrity Sighting!

60 – Jimmie Walker talk.

1h5m –Leah talks her time doing standup in the 80’s.

1h10m – Leah talks Dennis Miller/writing for Dennis Miller Live, time as a therapist, coming back to writing, eventually for Conan. She just got back from the east coast visiting her soon to be 90 year old mother.

1h15m – Craigslist/missed connections. Jimmy’s therapist is too attractive and he doesn’t tell all.

1h20m – Little difference between Mike Huckabee/Dennis Miller jokes. Leah talks about her tattoos.

1h25m – Trump talk. Around the horn to Eliot, Kickstarter update.

1h30m- Talking funny women on Twitter.

1h40- More talk about Leah’s mom. Rachel Krinsky does Yiddish Gilbert and Sullivan plays. Family and therapy talk.

1h45- Can’t let adult conversations happen on NNF. Leah continued to be a therapist while writing at Conan. Daniel Glover?

1h50m- Movie talk. Water world stunt show is still at Universal.

1h55m- Walking around studio backlots, knot in Jimmy’s stomach. BREAK.

2h- More Chili Peppers talk. Leah liked Billy Joel briefly when she was 14.

2h5m- Leah talks living in a Topanga trailer. Jimmy was too old to go and meet mascots at the mall.

2h10m- Jimmy tells Leah about not being able to smell meat cooking.

2h15m- Leah talks her online dating experiences. Star Wars talk.

2h20m- Doc talk- Wild Wild Country.

2h25m- Jimmy was a hero on his flight yesterday.