2208 – Talking the Talk with Leah Krinsky

Leah Krinsky

In studio notes by Tony Thaxton
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Here’s my “sure to be made fun of” notes!
These are actually pretty good! Since Matt and I publicly shamed you on Twitter last time, you are much improved. Shaming works! -Darryl


00 – Weather hoax! Garon is gone. Tony Stills is filling in.

05 – Ryan Walsh from Hallelujah The Hills is here, going to play a song, but in Los Angeles to promote his book, Astral Weeks.

10 – What Van Morrison songs aren’t we sick of?

15 – The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are terrible.

20 – Why are we Chilli Peppers trashing? Back to Ryan’s book.

25 – By the way…what was Jimmy going to say? Why didn’t Ryan say hi to Jimmy in Providence?

30- Jimmy saw family at his Peoria shows over the weekend. Ryan has to leave to go to Matt Besser’s podcast.

35- Ryan plays a song exclusive for NNF NOT Improv for Humans. “Three Minute Mark”

40 – Ryan has to leave, Leah Krinsky arrives!

45 – Matt owes Ryan an apology. is Ryan’s website for the book. Take a break!

50 – Around the horn. Jimmy doesn’t follow Leah on Twitter, but loves her on Facebook.

55 – Celebrity Sighting!

60 – Jimmie Walker talk.

1h5m –Leah talks her time doing standup in the 80’s.

1h10m – Leah talks Dennis Miller/writing for Dennis Miller Live, time as a therapist, coming back to writing, eventually for Conan. She just got back from the east coast visiting her soon to be 90 year old mother.

1h15m – Craigslist/missed connections. Jimmy’s therapist is too attractive and he doesn’t tell all.

1h20m – Little difference between Mike Huckabee/Dennis Miller jokes. Leah talks about her tattoos.

1h25m – Trump talk. Around the horn to Eliot, Kickstarter update.

1h30m- Talking funny women on Twitter.

1h40- More talk about Leah’s mom. Rachel Krinsky does Yiddish Gilbert and Sullivan plays. Family and therapy talk.

1h45- Can’t let adult conversations happen on NNF. Leah continued to be a therapist while writing at Conan. Daniel Glover?

1h50m- Movie talk. Water world stunt show is still at Universal.

1h55m- Walking around studio backlots, knot in Jimmy’s stomach. BREAK.

2h- More Chili Peppers talk. Leah liked Billy Joel briefly when she was 14.

2h5m- Leah talks living in a Topanga trailer. Jimmy was too old to go and meet mascots at the mall.

2h10m- Jimmy tells Leah about not being able to smell meat cooking.

2h15m- Leah talks her online dating experiences. Star Wars talk.

2h20m- Doc talk- Wild Wild Country.

2h25m- Jimmy was a hero on his flight yesterday.