22H – Tooling Around with John Quaintance


John Quaintance


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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Yes, the New Yorker!

00 – Coming in hot! We’re here! Here we go!

Sabre Dance –

“Sabre Dance” is a movement in the final act of Aram Khachaturian’s ballet Gayane (1942), where the dancers display their skill with sabres. It is Khachaturian’s best known and most recognizable work. Its middle section is based on an unnamed Armenian folk song.

05 – Talking Kohl’s and sales.

Trump’s attack on Amazon.

10 – Talking Sunday Delivery talk!

Well shirted!

Talking lope!

15 – Fall Out Boy talk. Comparing them to cantaloupe.

We go through some of their songs.

20 – Matt passes a joke to Eliot and he pulls it off.

25 – Elyse sends over her worst song of all time. “mean lyrics, and a fucking whistle.”

It’s Gives You Hell by All American Rejects.

30 – Uber and Ride share talk!

40 – John Quaintaince is a fountain of knowledge.

John writes on Will and Grace! Better than ever!

We’ll be back!

45 – We’re back! 22H!

Danielle and Oliver are touring the Simpsons studios!

Hello John! He talks about Ford liking Family Guy before Simpsons.

Talking shows the Kids are watching.

Jimmy resets and Matt panics that he didn’t get to drop his H first.

Matt’s H is Helen Hunt!

50 – Talking my clothes!

Jimmy took Oliver on EW Radio. They said he was the greatest thing ever.

The year LaBamba release bet:

John: 86
Matt: 88
Eliot: 89
Garon: 85
Jimmy: 87

Jimmy wins!

La Bamba and Los Lobos talk!

1h5m – Talking TV Theme Songs.

Blue Bloods has been on the air longer than Magnum PI was.

1h5m – Talking TV Drama and how the format has changed.

“Where does Rachel keep her tools?” Rachel’s Dad to John.

1h10m – Apparently they are demolishing Robin’s Nest, the Magnum PI house.

Indiana Jones story conference:

I call Last Crusade the best indy movie.

The panel talks Jewel of the Nile/Romancing the Stone.

Ishtar –

1h15m – Talking Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy.

1h20m – Hello Eliot! He got his shelves and watched the Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.

Therm Scissorpunch

1h25m – Down on Tweet street!

“Therm Scissorpunch sounds like the holy grail of lesbian sex moves.” – Garon Twitter

Matt talks about a Kesha tweet.

1h30m – Judas’ Death –

Lots of JC Superstar talk.

1h35m – Talking Classic Rock with John.

Certainly Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is a worthy double album. -Darryl

Tony Martin was a singer in Black Sabbath –

Talking Boneyard and Hair Nation on Sirius.

For those who don’t know who Honor Blackman –

Eliot goes back to JCS again.

Hamilton talk.

Lin Mattuel Miranda

1h45m – On to Moana.

Talking Grease! John convinced his theater teacher to do Grease in HS so he could be Danny. He was cast as Roger.

John’s H word is Helen Hayes!

Matt’s is Helen Hunt

Eliot reads the fans guesses. #1!

Helen Hunt! Matt and I win!

Late Mail!

From Dan Padley who played guitar for Jimmy. Music and shirts!

Thanks Dan!

Talking Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Metallica talk!

John can’t think of a single double album that should not be a 1 album.

Julie said Jimmy has a better bass than the guy from JCS.

2h15m – Talking Sopranos!

Prequel –

Talking The Wire!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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