22Z – At the Comedy Attic with special guest Bob Kevoian

Bob Kevoian and Jimmy Pardo shot on Fuji Instax film.


(Recorded on January 28, 2018 in Bloomington, Indiana.)


In-Attic notes by Garon-for-a-Day Brad Wilhelm.
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

PRE SHOW – Jared walked away from sound board.
Beer analogy goes flat

Jimmy arrives to a warm reception
Almost regrets voting Trump
Lily Tomlin attacked
Jimmy Lies to powerful women
Jimmy named the Comedy Attic
Loving Spoonful
Gout Talk – all about guitars
Matt appears and misses the ass pat
Jared brings a table/stool
Jared refuses to acknowledge Jimmy
Matt and Jimmy talk Indy airport
International flights devolves into a failed betting bit
Plastic surgery talk
Mrs Maisley talk
France underpants talk
Dunkirk is posited as a good Oscrs skit
Movie Talk
Golden Globes guitar sting demand
Some obscure pizza talk
then talk of Dave Grohl owning the place
funny reenactment of Jimmy winning at pizza place
Survivor history
Matt wants to make Jimmy feel bad about his bass weight
Jimmy is writing the history of rock
April Richardson texts in with a fever
Survivor is back
April sends pic of Karate Kid Mural
Matt shows crowd pic of said mural
Jimmy asks about Matt’s jerking soundtrack
Maxine Waters and Muddy Waters mentioned
Matt’s celebrity sighting/name mentioned in airport
Some Maxine is dead
Go Fuck your gun is mentioned
Someone calls Jimmy Pardo “Mr Rogers”
Matt’s celebrity is someone only one woman knows.
Semen in bullet hole
Jizz Bullet/Feces pike
David LaChapelle is featured
Worst celebrity sighting ever

Playing Games ensues
Bob Kevoian takes stage
Matt screws up introductions
Jimmy takes down Wolfman Jack
Bob travels the country in an airstream – he’s Mr. Money
History of Bob and Tom
Jimmy kisses Bob’s ass
Jimmy takes credit for podcasting
Kale is out then back in
Samantha is in
Chris is too tall
Randomizer wasn’t working
90’s headlines
Chris gets his name and score on his shirt
Duran Duran is not a duo
Chris is out

It IS 80’s
No one knows With or Without you
Never seen a sadder spectacle
Kale got 1 –
Samantha moves into final round
Jared screams and has no idea what he’s doing
Bob gets some right
Jimmy continues yelling at Jared
Samantha got 2 and loses

Wrap up
Heartfelt ending