22I – Buttering Up with Catie Lazarus


Catie Lazarus


In studio notes by Garon-for-a-Day Shane Hedmond (and Rita)
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 –
The gang murders fun
Introducing Garon for the day: Shane Hedmond, with wife Rita

05 –
Jimmy pleads to work in Columbus, OH
Talking Columbus Day
Eliot’s first icing of the day

10 –
Jimmy goes on a bike ride and talks to a gardener
Steve Winwood songs are discussed, Jimmy is coming back around on him
Hallelujah the Hills shoutout

15 –
The gang struggles to find the word “prodigy”
Celebrity Sighting GRAND SLAM
Down on Tweet (Facebook) street…Danielle is annoyed by Jimmy’s obsession with Jesus Christ Superstar

20 –
Eliot doesn’t know how to give a compliment
Ryan Walsh looks like Josh Groban? Matt thinks he looks like Tom Sharpling?
1-800 General Insurance talk

25 –
Baseball talk, Oliver not interested in playing
Celebrity sighting game finally starts
Jimmy gets a phone call from Las Vegas, NV
First 2 celebrities: Jimmy sees Chelsey Crisp and Rhett Reese
Next celebrity:

40 –
4th celebrity guessing
Catie shows up
Shane nails explaining the rules to Catie in the hallway

45 –
Still can’t figure out the celebrity sighting

50 –
Still can’t figure out celebrity sighting

55 – Catie has podcast Employee of the Month
Jimmy doesn’t like being called Pardo

60 –
Jimmy reveals the 3rd “celebrity” is an impressionist
4th celebrity: Jim Meskimen, obviously
Jimmy predicts James Comey will be on Maron’s podcast

1h5m –
Jimmy is a George W. Bush painting fan

1h10m –
Matt and Catie’s parents new each other when they were growing up
Catie’s dad worked for President Carter
Doc Talk – about the editor of the Washington Post
More Doc Talk- Matt watched the first half of the Garry Shandling doc

1h15m –
Catie talks about when she used to do stand-up
Mitzi Shore passed away recently
Catie’s parents realllly like Matt’s parents
Rehashing the awkward on-air call with Mike Belknap

1h20m –
Catie knew Josh Stamberg as a kid, turns out he was on Nashville for several episodes

1h25m –
Around the horn –
I Names
Shane- Isla Fisher
Rita – Idina Menzel
Eliot (Johnny Clunks)-
Shout out to Never Not Photoshop on Twitter
Eliot’s second icing
Katie’s never done cocaine, neither has Eliot

1h30m –
Shane brought treats from Porto’s bakery
Bread and butter talk
Matt’s trying to be less critical around his kids

Catie gets iced for explaining Pauly Shore is Mitzi’s son
Matt went to a Jams clothing store, and they don’t sell the shorts anymore

1hr 40m
Jimmy compares Catie to Cathy Ladman
Jimmy’s wearing a cardigan
Eliot’s I actress – Illiana Douglas
Matt’s I actress – Isabella Rosalini
Katie’s I actress – Ione Skye

1hr 50m
How high did Sabotage get on Billboard Hot 100
Matt- #7
Jimmy- #17
Catie- #4
Eliot- #5

Sabotage did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100
Jimmy can’t figure out if he loves or hates Catie

Jimmy defends Arliss,
No love for Matthew Fox
Fan Selection of I Actress – Idina Menzel

Jimmy’s I Actress REVEALED – #2 Isabella Rosalini, #1Imogene Coca
Garry Shandling is discussed again

How high is Raging Bulls tomato score? 95%, no bucks were thrown in

George Bush painting cost betting
Is Oliver Hudson attractive?
George Bush bet guesses:
Jimmy- $3,500
Matt- $10,000
Catie- $1,200
Eliot- $30,000

Catie’s past guests on her podcast were discussed; Patti Lupone, Lyn Manuel Miranda
Matt rejected Katie from being on See You Next Tuesday, maybe? Matt feels very awkward

George Bush painting sold for $1.5million