2205 – Calling in Sick with Jimmy and the Boys


In studio notes by Matt Donaher, who herewith refers to himself in the third person as “Donnie.” Endearing or off-putting? You decide!

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF (Wasn’t exactly sure of episode # because of vacation release! Sorry!)
Apology accepted. This time. -Darryl

00 – Indeed welcome! Early swearing from Jimmy. Is it a fire?

Matt’s going on vacation. None of your business where he’s going.

The Norm of Valencia. Matty! Give ‘em a wave.

Triple celebrity sighting! Gotta wait. Nobody gives a shit, anyway.

Early Celebrity Sighting game! Though accountant had no idea who it was.

05 – Eliot has a dilemma. Ultimately passes the buck.

The cast all agrees the unnamed celebrity is handsome.

Garon’s strep is revealed.

Jimmy quotes from the act. We all love it.

Matt Donaher, Garon for a day

Donnie gets it.

Matt Donaher is here.

We show off the jacket.

10 – Jimmy was in the service.

Jimmy talks politics.

Trump is a petty, vindictive asshole.

15 – Diddy and Donnie.

Somehow Garon would get Jimmy sick.

Garon is, unfortunately, on thin ice.

Jimmy is running a marathon tomorrow. Predicts he will do 18 miles.

Donnie talks bars and gels.

Jimmy tells a tale from the Cliff bar stand.

Jimmy considers committing murder.

20 – Playing Games talk. Business purposes/mind your business.

Thank you to the NNF fans.

Jimmy remembers Usher dancing.

Someone at the door? Mail’s here!

Mail from Dane Cofey.

Special instructions for the mailman! Stop using the bathroom.

25 – Dane sent a coffee can with MONEY IN IT.

Cofey sets the rules. Jimmy’s onboard.

Eliot is nervous about the money.

We find a spot for the Cofey Pot.

40 – Ikea Burbank has a droopy penis?

There’s some disagreement about it looking like a penis.

Celebrity Sighting song one more sweet time.

45 – Donnie has some trouble.

Turns out it was the director of Red Sky himself Mario Van Peebles.

Jimmy considers whether Jon Hamm or George Clooney could just have coffee.

50 – Streisand may have her own mall.

Streisand’s in-house mall is really just a clever way for her to display gifts and mementos. Everyone should do it!

Jimmy wants the old man himself.

Jimmy doesn’t like the “can you take a picture” prank.

Jimmy quotes from the act!

55 – “I’ve told you my Victoria’s Principal story, right?”

Eliot tells the Victoria Principal story.

Everyone remembers the Victoria Principal story.

We take a peek at Barbara Streisand’s mall.

Jimmy reminds us to manage our money.

Time for a break!

60 – Back from the break!

The guest can’t show up.

Donnie is sent out to the nearby café to find a celebrity.

1h5m – Donnie come’s back with no guest.

1h10m – 12:40. The gang debates the worst guest.

Matt is excited about LL Cool J.

Who was the metal band on Def Jam records? SLAYER.

Donnie messes up and Matt is proved right.

Matt reminds us of being scared by Duran Duran.

The gang looks up Iz & Diz. Donnie is unable to help.

1h15m – Eliot adds sounds effects to daggers.

Jimmy loves Jon Oliver!

Jimmy goes around the horn.

Art Bell talk! How famous was he? Jimmy always enjoyed him.

Jimmy shares his favorite Art anecdote:

“Art, I’m in a house that might be haunted?”
“Uh, I’d get out of that house.”
“Why’s that?”
“I wouldn’t want to live with a ghost.”

1h20m – Jimmy enjoyed Hannity and Colmes.

Eliot, for some reason, brings up Joe Lieberman.

Break time!

1h25m – Checking in with Eliot. Little under the weather.

Weather has been changing/Oliver golfs.

Betting on Mario Van Peebles age.

61! Jimmy is closest.

Eliot’s game is very, very involved.

“Oh, the thunder.” Belknap

Jimmy closes out the show, thanks all around.