22F – Live from Sketchfest with April Richardson


April Richardson

Live notes by Daniel Cordova
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Little different than last time since they never got to talking to me. Wasn’t much to look up. Anyway, here’s what I could make out from dimly lit scribbles. – Daniel Cordova


Gateway Theater

SF Sketchfest w/ April Richardson

Tech issues

Double-A r-o-n

Transgendered Engines

Scottie Two T’s

Long pinkie nail

Jennifer Aniston farting

Arnold Palmer Zero vs Arnold Palmer Lite

Lasagna Spear (Sphere?)

Ketchup leather and marinara jell-o cubes

Diddling in the morning

How to wear a cardigan

The meats of the Lasagna Sphere

Going for it in the theater


Ken the Sax Man

Gross Anatomy

Jazz Guys

Bennie & The Jets

April Richardson arrives

Matthew Modine

Stranger Things

Nice ghosts & phantom cars

Matt’s sexy Star Trek experience

Patrick Stewart with hair

The Ocean does not fuck around

Undersea ghosts

Cranes in lakes (intern edit: Why are there so many cranes in lakes?)

Was Matt’s Childhood haunted?


Celebrity Sighting


April – 15

Scottie Two T’s – 23

Notes by (silent) Garon for a day Daniel Cordova