2021 – Popping Fresh with Andrea Savage



Andrea Savage

00 – Hello and indeed!

2021! Jimmy was right. Sequentially! Jimmy can’t say it.


Talking what a train is.

We’ve settled what a train and a daisy chain is.

Spank Bank is the perfect name for the glug show!

Jimmy had lunch with Ted Sullivan and talks about the red phone.

Talking about who the wives would call in the emergency situation. No one is calling the red phone first.

Eliot thinks the premise is wrong and no phone can come of that red phone getting a call.

05 – Talking phones and flags.

Talking flu shots. Eliot got it in the shoulder and he has a frozen shoulder now.

“Know what you’re doing and do it with alacrity!” – Eliot road rage

10 – We feel bad for Eliot’s frozen shoulder.

Doctor confirmed it’s from the flu shot.

What is the cause of Frozen Shoulder? No one really knows.

Frozen campaigns?!

Andy Richter ‘s brother – His brother Victor Swanson, a schoolteacher, is a Democratic candidate in the 2018 election in Illinois’s 14th district.[27]

Trying to fix Jimmy’s twitter.

Show me the money!

15 – Unable to fix Jimmy twitter. The setting is already unset.

Queer hands! Can’t catch.

20 – Jimmy talks about his carwash situation and it having a membership for unlimited carwashes.

“You can suck it!” Jimmy on the 2-hour wait for a carwash.

Our guest is here!

Andrea Savage is here!

25 – http://www.dictionary.com/browse/alacrity

noun 1. cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness: We accepted the invitation with alacrity. 2. liveliness; briskness.

Andrea talks about going to a low level Ivy League school: Cornell.

Jimmy ended up at the mall for 2 hours anyway. He went back on Sunday and had a great experience.

Matt explains ASMR to Andrea.

Hypnosis talk. Jimmy hasn’t chewed a straw in 15 years so turns out it worked for him. Andrea is invited to suck it and immediately seems to be okay with it but then backpeddles that she’d generally suck it but wont suck IT.

30 – Matt pitches Spank Bank to Andrea. She loves it!

British Sex game show: Sex Box –

Jimmy talks about his connection at playboy being gone. Andrea immediately assumes they are dead.

Andrea Savage is here! She’s on I’m Sorry on TruTV.


35 – First episode on facebook got over 7 million views!


7 years ago Jimmy ran across Andrea at Hugo’s while he was having lunch with Janet Varney.

Andrea says it’s been uncomfortably long time since she’s seen Jimmy.

We lost the great acting coach Cecily Adams.

People die. We’ll be back!

We’re back!


Jimmy talks about running into the guy across the hall. Andrea’s gonna go look at him. When he gets out of the bathroom though.

40 – Jimmy asks who Andrea’s favorite band is. She goes with Prince. Not too hot on the Boss apparently. She also likes old school hip-hop.

Jimmy went to see The Revolution on Friday. He talks about Stokley Williams. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stokley_Williams

Jimmy talks about the show.

Andrea is intimidated by Jimmy’s music knowledge.

Brat diet? Bread Rice Apples Toast Crackers?!

Talking about Jimmy’s tummy situation in acting class.

45 – Andrea talks about her acting class experiences. The last one she went to had the women taking off their tops for some reason.

Jimmy says Matt looks like Rick Astley today, in a complimentary way.

Jimmy talks about a guy breaking down in his acting class because he drove past the place where Bill Cosby’s son was killed.

She goes over there.


50 – No one 32 is named Phil.

Andrea went to the premiere of The House, which she is in. It comes out tomorrow. She committed to the evening and ended up drunk and in bed at 3am.
Talking The House. Looks funny!

55 – Talking Instagram/Snap Chat filters!

Round the Horn!

Movies talk!

60 – “Is the k silent?” Jimmy to Matt.

Andrea talks about her air popper. Jimmy thanks her for coming.

Concert talk. Jimmy talked with Tommy Shaw!

Jimmy talks about good and plenty and the mom looking for them. “What gives!”

Inside Out talk.


1h5m – What’s funny? Ghostbusters talk.

Room where it happens!

1h10m – Ham4All talk


What song should they do??

Lin Manuel-Miranda talk.

Rub those words together!

“Here’s something that won’t tell you in your class!” Jimmy to Oliver.

Andrea talks about a part of Hamilton she hates, “Hamilton wrote the other 51!”

More Hamilton talk. Andrea seems to enjoy Daveed Diggs

1h15m – “That was boring.” A group of girls behind Andrea after they saw Hamilton.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

The Jurist! Which is the Judge actually.

The Jurorist?!

Airpoppers are like $12! – Andrea.

1h20m – Eliot talks about having an Airpopper as a kid. Itchy nose!

Chit Chat while Jimmy blows his nose.

Andrea is going to be on Family Feud! With Adam Paley! Also Paul Scheer!

I guess we don’t need Jimmy anymore! He takes off.

Comedy Women V Comedy Men at the Feud. She goes through the cast.

Andrea is not sure how they are going to air the episode due to all the NSFW stuff but at one point Steve Harvey was on the floor laughing.

“They make a healthy corn.” – Andrea on Airpoppers.

1h25m – Matt wonders if Corn is healthy. “The bagged ones give you cancey.” –



(Food babe is a non-scientific fear monger. – Darryl)

Matt has a Celebrity sighting!

It’s not an easy one!

Laird Hamilton??

1h30m – Dispute!

We’re going again!

I got it!

Billy Bob Thornton!

Matt saw him at a food truck event.

Billy Bob Thornton’s band – https://theboxmasters.com/


1h40m –

Talking about how painful a summersault.

We’re out after Eliot talks Summersault training.

NOW Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Andrea Savage: 9 (Movies – Comedy)


Matt gives to Andrea Savage: 11 (TV Shows)

1h50m – More Sevens!

Andrea Savage gives to Jimmy: 16(Celebrities)

We’re done! Watch I’m Sorry on July 12!

Jimmy watched all of Goliath!

See you next time!

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