Pardcastathon 2014


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Pardcastathon 2014 was held November 28th

In theater notes by Garon Cockerel
Photographs and editing by Darryl Asher

Pardcastathon Notes!!

Hello and indeed welcome to Pardcastathon 2014!!

12pm: Communication already strong with the booth!

Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman

Wayne on keyboards.

Me on slow lookups.

Wayne and Jimmy ready to throw down already?

They’re talkin; elevators.

Wayne was a service dispatcher for Otis elevators which had the longest motto ever.

We’re scheduled to 1am guys!

Jimmy forgot to teach his mother how to watch this on the TV.

Jimmy took an Uber in to the show.

We have a smile train rep here this year!

Jimmy thinks Obama has aged worse than any other president. Wayne wonders if anyone really knows how bad John Addams aged.

Jack Klugman passed in 2012.  All Old Couple members are dead.

Jimmy couldn’t watch black TV.

Jimmy tells a story about a joke. Wayne wonders if it’s the Aristocrats.

Jimmy tells about Redd Foxx walking on stage to a crowd of only a few white people, “I ain’t doing no show for 12 white people!” And walked of stage. They played him on and off with the Sanford and Son theme.

Dennis Miller and Jimmy have the same hand size.

Hello Matt and Pat!!

They all do some dancing! Hour 9 moves.pcat-2

More dancing!

Pat finishes his tweet with #ferguson

Jimmy talks about being on a plane with Ron Glass.

Don’t dismiss the at home audience Matt!

Demond Wilson Still Alive – 

Ron Glass Still Alive – 

Gorilla cookie

Matt ruined comedy at 12:17.

Pat’s glancing down at the guns in the audience, courtesy of Mike. He has a Spartan run tattoo. He topped 10% in his age group.

We already lost someone in the audience with Pat talking to Mike in the audience.

Matt does a Fitness bit. 12:19 Matt saves comedy. Jimmy calls Matt an arsonist that works on the fire department.


Jimmy true or falses tearing up meeting Carol Burnett. False but actually true. Conan did also. The ear tug was for her grandmother who raised her.

Give it up for the mics guest!

Guest line up change!

First guest coming up.

Is Pat’s special signal to his wife hitting the microphone?

Tig Notaro!


She had internal bleeding for 3 days!

Some High five controversy!

Tig talks about her medical stay and blood issues.

Apparently Tig and Matt have similar hair. Matt asks her what she uses, a paste?

Why would he be called Smokey the bear?

Danielle texts to let us know Oliver is yelling at the screen that yes it is a snitch.

Jimmy and Tig discuss thanksgiving and Jimmy says she seems like a different person since the illness.

Tig’s learned a lot about her body and that life is short like this segment.

She gives us the details on her family thanksgiving. They do charity on thanksgiving and celebrate on black Friday. This year, Tig celebrated with friends here in Hollywood.

Is Tig a vegan? 2 meals are raw or vegan, third meal whatever she wants. Jimmy wonders if she has a 4th meal at taco bell. Tig does not eat fast food.

Tig Notaro!! First time visitor. Jimmy wonders if someone in the audience is skipping a shift at hot topic.

There is a 15 year old in the audience Jimmy is referring to him at The Child.

Hi Dylan.

Oliver knows what a breast is. He’s suckled at many according to Jimmy.

Yurt – 

Yul Brenner is indeed dead: 


Eliot Vs Garon

No one works harder than Eliot and no one works less hard than me.

pcat-5Our next guest! Gazillionaire Chris Hardwick!!

Pat asks Chris about Walking Dead. Room shuts down.

Chris talks about the advice he got backstage about the appearance.

Chris has a Tardis.

Jimmy and Chris talk Hard and ‘Firm and their song El Corazon. The song is in Spanish which translates into medical facts in English.

Chris talks about doing the song on Jimmy Kimmel in full costume and the audience not liking it. His dad wasn’t sure why they had to do it in Spanish

Jeff Dunham’s not racist but his puppets are questionable.

Matt blames the manufacturer.

Guys talk Pet Semetary. Chris loves the book but is just so so on the movie.

Guys talk buttoning down the collars. Matt hates seeing eyelets on a collar.

Pat’s shirt is lousy with buttons.

Jimmy asks what’s worse: The curb stomp in American History X or the Achilles cut in Pet Semetary.

Chris brings up the Star Wars teaser!

Jimmy says he loved Phantom Menace. He loved the rat tails and everything about it. Chris appears horrified.

Weird Al is coming up later on.

Jimmy promotes @Midnight but Chris thinks it always sounds sarcastic.

The guys want Hard N Firm back together!


1pm: Rich Sommer is here with a news update! Apparently Malaysia airlines has lost a flight!

Jimmy calling for a timp!

Tony on drums!

Katelyn with a total, $3488! Strictly donations. 1:04pm.

Goal this year $150,000!


Our next guest! PAUL DOOLEY!! 

Paul’s in sandles. Jimmy calls him on it. Paul isn’t here to impress Jimmy.

Jimmy tells Paul his favorite line in the movie: “He tried, even the announcer said he tried.” Brings Jimmy to tears every time.

Paul talks about the writer of the film Steve Tesich – 

Breaking Away – 

Paul talks about maybe doing a set at The Comedy Attic. He does a bit of his act for us. He discusses his origins in comedy and his time with Second City. He was in it with Alan Arkin.

Pau talks about his idols Mike Nichols and Elaine May. He worked with both of them. Mike Nichols directed him in The Odd Couple on Broadway. He played Speed. He tells a story about the show appearing in florida with Huntz Hall.

Jimmy talks to Paul about Sixteen Candles.

John Hughes wrote Vacation for Paul Dooley!

Paul talks about playing dads and getting reactions for girls who have seen him.

Pat asks Paul what kind of father he is. 4 kids, 3 grand kids.

Jimmy talks about Paul on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He plays Larry’s father-in-law. He suggests that Jeff Garlin does the casting because he was in second city and a LOT of second city people show up.

Jimmy says he is good friends with Jeff Garlin and he has NEVER been on Curb because Jeff says he doesn’t do the casting. He tells Paul he sold out Jeff and Jimmy’s gonna give him an earful.

Paul gives us his first joke on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy reads a tweet from Mike Cusick commenting on giving Chris Hardwick the exposure he needs.

Jimmy’s raising money for the children! How is he the asshole??

Matt thought Pat’s hello to his wife Pilar was going to be far worse.

It’s important to remember our guests are donating their time. But Jimmy will still talk to you about your footwear choices.

Our next guest!


Weird Al is here!! The guys talk about Wimpy and paying later for burgers.

Wimpy’s full name is J Wellington Wimpy and apparently he is a con-artist.

The guys talk the Pardo Bump getting Al’s new record going to #1.

No one has debuted #1 wth a comedy album.

Al talks about appearing on Playboy Morning Show. Fun show and they speak highly of Jimmy over there.

The album is selling dozens a week still. Also still #1 on the comedy charts!

Jimmy talks Al’s upcoming tour. Al talks about taking a year off from touring. He’s back on the road in March.

Jimmy talks being reminded of the Tacky video.

Jimmy is available for any up and coming projects.

Al’s show is 2 – 2 1/2 hour show now.

Jimmy introduces Pat and Al. Pat wonders why we’ve never had a holiday album? Christmas at Ground Zero put that idea out of the record company heads.

Pat gives Al some Christmas suggestions. Enter Snowman, Dancing with my Elf, It’s all about that Claus.

Jimmy asks Pat how he thinks al feels about this.

Jimmy asks for some upcoming stuff from AL. New video or anything to hold us over until the tour.

Al is now officially an indie artist! His contract is fulfilled after 32 years.

Al’s the man now Jimmy! Apparently Fans are doing videos for the album. Al says no new videos for this album. More videos with new music later on!

Al! Mandatory Fun is fantastic.

Gangster’s Paradise plays Al off. Pat gets an autograph!!Pat surprised Jimmy with an autographed CD booklet.

He’s anything but weird.

Pat’s gonna frame that autograph right on the wall.

Pat talks about Pat Benatar signings.

Jimmy fixes the carpet.

Celebrity sighting from Jimmy.

Matt guesses Joel Osteen with barely any info! Crazy.

Pat saw a celeb also. Matt’s trying to guess.

We’re getting a facetime!

Hi Jon Hamm!!


Allan Havey is here! 

So long Jon!

Allan has written a song for the Mad Men theme song.

Allan and Jimmy worked together in Vegas years ago. Jimmy is proud of him for getting on Mad Men.

Jimmy talks about Jon dropping some Mad Men knowledge on a past pardcastathon.

Allan says everyone on MM is super nice.

Pat and Allan meet officially. Jimmy gives Pat the floor to ask his question. Pat asks about the audition and if he was nervous.

Allan talks about appearing twice on Season Six. He apologizes to Jimmy.

Jimmy tells a story about seeing Allan eating a porkchop at the improv and asking if he was a werewolf.

Allan talks about having old ladies coming u to him and telling him to leave Don Draper alone.

Allan talks about his Mad Men appearance leading to more auditions.

Allan pitched a scene and they did not accept it. Jimmy guesses what he pitched. Allan tells him not to jump the punchline.
It was a scene with Allan’s character in a hot tub in his cardigan with Don’s wife and ex wife. No deal!

So long Allan!

2pm: Tony is back! Here is our 2pm Timp! Katie is back! She’s too scared to take pictures wth celebs

Here we go!

$6273! Nearly doubled.

Jimmy gives us the rundown on Smile Train!

And introduces Wayne and Me.

Jimmy gets serious with a heartfelt story. Two guys do the bathroom shuffle and Jimmy calls them out.

Dylan in the audience is wearing a Cult shirt.

Pat asks Jimmy if he could start a cult and get a following. He says yes it’s called Never Not Funny.

pcat-10Wendi McLendon-Covy !

Wendi and Jimmy have never met before.

Its hands across the studio guys.

The panel talks about black Friday comedy and thanksgiving.

Wendi would rather see comedy than get tortured at kohl’s on black Friday.

Jimmy and Wendi talk Kohl’s. Wayne drops some Maroon Five on us and amazes himself with his speed.

Out of 11 comedies last year Goldberg;s is one of 3 still on the air along with Brooklyn 99 and Mom.

Jeff Garlin has a lot to say. He has a lot of notions per Wendi.

Jimmy talks about the show and how the relationship between the mom and youngest song reminds his mom of Danielle and Oliver.

Wendi says she’d do the same stuff her character would do.

Pat doesn’t read his daughters journals, but he does know where they are.

Wendi’s dad read her diary right in the living room.

She wanted to go roller-skating with Barry Gibb. Apparently, so did Jimmy.

Wendi wants to leave her crushes in the past.

The Goldbergs is fun!

Jimmy loved her character on Reno 911. Wendi played Clementine Johnson. She went on ridealongs for research.

She saw a prostitution sting in downtown long beach during a governor’s convention. She was recognized a couple times.

Jimmy notes at 2:20 Line of the night so far: Boxing of the nethers.

Goldbergs Wednesdays 830 between The Middle and Modern Family!

Jimmy and Matt do some dancing!

Jimmy calls The Goldbergs great! (it is).

Nashville is disc only currently on Netflix.

Time for our next guest!!

A Pardcastathon regular…

pcat-12PAUL F TOMPKINS!! He’s in the biggest top hat I have ever seen.

The guys order drinks. Paul wants an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan.

Jimmy wonders how painful that hat is. Paul insists it does not hurt. It’s fitted.

Pat wonders if the rabbit is clawing Paul’s scalp.

Pau shuts up Matt while discussing ET.

Paul talks about M&M rejected ET appearance. “The GALL!”

The guys talk clothes, infomercials, static.

Paul calls me Eliot.

Eliot wants Jimmy to wear Paul’s hat.

Jimmy rocks the top hat!!

It’s a little large.

It is indeed One Day More – 

April Richardson texts that she is crying over that top hat moment.

Movies are louder than we think.

Jimmy is 100% afraid of fire.

Paul introduces us to Spelling it all out for you guy.

His wife will be joining him at Padget’s wedding.

Paul drives a Mini Cooper!

Paul talks about trying to play some checkers and completely forgetting how to play.

Jimmy talks about playing a giant checkers game with Oliver at the auto show. Neither of them could remember how to play.

Paul wonders if any celebrity cars were at the auto show or what cool new cars were there.

Paul talks about riding in the Tesla.

Matt asks a question. Paul immediately rolls his eyes. Jimmy loves it and hits the floor to express his pleasure at the take.

Jimmy is demonstrating some kind of defense mechanism.

Indian Style vs Criss Cross Applesauce.

Paul leaves in rage.

Marty Feldman Eyes – 

Almost time for a timp!

Matt Belknao is the glue of the show apparently!

We got some ebay problems!!

3pm: Katelyn is back with our timp. Here we go: $8158.14

Katelyn givs us some info on Smile Train.

Matt’s back with an eBay update.

We’ve got our next guest coming up!

Wayne brings it down. Jimmy wants those ivories tickled.

pcat-13Hello Doug Benson!!!

He’s in his shades to look cool.

Doug talks about Clear History. He liked it.

They talk about the Chicago theme running through the movie. Apparently they get blown a lot.

Doug loves movies and smile train. Polar express? Not so much. Molar Express.

Doug came in early so he could see this hat. Turns out, just Al’s hair.

Starlight Express lyrics: 

Jimmy opens the floor for questions. Pat asks if doug is happy with his caricature this year.

He is pleased with this one but generally doesn’t like caricatures.

Jimmy show’s off Kent’s PFT drawing. Looks great!

Doug went to the movies yesterday.

He took his mom to see St. Vincent. They “liked” it.

Doug not very enthusiastic on Birdman. Same with Jimmy.

Interstellar is long.

Doug is sick of secrets of who an actor is playing.

Jimmy’s mom said Paul looked like Ringmaster Ned from Bozo.

Pat’s daughters are not that into One Direction.

Jimmy and Pat liked Nightcrawler.

Paul Stanley and Ken Marino both invited to PCAT and both appeared on the Macy Parade.

Doug and Jimmy Playing Pardomid!

Doug doesn’t do that great. Not sure whose fault that was.pcat-14

Fred Willard is here guys!!

Fred and Jimmy discuss Thanksgiving and who brought the cookies.

Fred talks about White Christmas

The Drifters White Christmas –

Everyone sings some Silent Night.

Elvis White Christmas

Fred’s not going around doing his act.

Jimmy and Fred agree the audience is the enemy. Fred says the hotel is his enemy.

Jimmy reminds Fred that he is not on Fred’s holiday invite list.

People have forgotten Elvis.

More elvis

Rodney Dangerfield has to do Heavy Damage.

Imrpovising scares the hell outta Fred.

Fred talks working on Christopher Guest movies.

Chris Fairbanks can’t eat cookies.

Chris got Pat backstage panicked when he didn’t check in.


Chris Fairbanks SANS mustache.

Chris and Jimmy talk sweaters.

Jimmy and Chris talk about some guy tweaking out and wanting to fight Jimmy.

4pm: Here comes a total!!

Total 4pm hour: $9451.19! #PCAT14

pcat-17Jason Thompson is here!

Jimmy starts talking GH!

Jason talks Fantasy Football.

Jason and Jimmy are doing a scene together.

Wayne gives us a nice bed.

Jimmy and Jason make magic together.

The gang chat Smile Train. Matt calls them “a great organization.”

Pat thinks Doug has too many podcasts. He shows some off.

Our next guest Matt Braunger!

The guys talk jokes, the red fox story, and the aristocrats.

Mimes aren’t deaf Jimmy!

Pat not very familiar with the Aristocrats joke. Wayne confirms it exists.

The Aristocrats – 

pcat-18Jimmy and Matt Braunger discuss his social and living situations.

Matt B doesn’t think he’s on the road too much.

Matt B talks wearing a denim suit as a kid.

Oliver rocking ties now!

Jimmy and Matt B talk Arsenio.

Jimmy segues into smile train and Matt’s outta here.


Kathleen Wilhoite sings a couple tunes.

Kathleen talks Road House and Private School.

Sylvia Kristel – 

Kathleen talks Charles Bronson!

pcat-205pm:Tote coming up!

5pm Total; $11,717.75! #PCAT14

Wink Martindale!

Wink tells a story about early days of Elvis and him hiding in a theater because of nerves when his first song was played.

Brother Dave Gardner – 

Wink talks about recording a song called Deck of Cards.


Billy Eichner is here!

I have been having internet problems this entire segment.

Jimmy asks Billy if he wants to give or receive with Pardomid.

Billy matching with $2grand!

Katlyn is back with more info on Smile Train.

Our next guest!

Ben Schwartz!! He’s got a couple books for us to auction off.

6pm: Bernard O’Flynn!

This Is Where I Leave You – 


Kevin Nealon is here!

He likes a girl with tattoos since he likes to read until he runs out of stuff to read then its break up time.

Jimmy thinking about an electric car.

Kevin asks if Jimmy is a gambler and then asks about BET Television. He wonders if it’s a good channel for gamblers.

Kevin talks Baldwins!

Patton Oswalt is here and running through the crowd. Twice.

Jimmy and Patton talk his twitter break.


Patton compares Jimmy to some old vaudevillian comedian trying to catch up with modern audiences.

Patton talks about the twitter argument over bill cosby, comedian secret war, pat clunkily segues us to Agents of Shield.

7pm: Tote!


pcat-24Adam Scott is here with a record breaking 4 entrances!

Pat and Adam met in passing at the old studio.

Adam forgot he was supposed to be here. But he’s here so that’s good.

Jimmy talks about the Garfield show that Frank Welker voices.


Adam and Jimmy disagree on the word.

Adam gets $700 for smile train!


Danielle Koenig is here!

She’s wearing a players club shirt.

1945’s One Meatball by the Andrews sisters

Jimmy retires the phone bit.

3 minutes into Paul Gilmartin for the Frank bit is the guess. We’ll see soon! Matt wonders if he’ll do that or the golf club story. Jimmy says without a doubt Frankie within the first 3.

Danielle brings up a charity for a different hair lip problem. A vaginal hair lip.

Amalfi is delivious!

Don’t rag on Adam Scott, Danielle!

Danielle reveals Jimmy almost wore sweatpants to the show today.

pcat-26Zach Galafiankis is here!!

He talks about meeting Obama.

He talks about Between Two Ferns. Someone wanted to re-edit the episode they were on. Jimmy tries to guess who it was.

8pm: is a real site.

Jimmy and Zach talk the pardcast show times.

Zach plays the pardomid!!

$200 bucks!

Rich Sommer is back with an update!! He has no new info.

8PM Total: $22,696.82!


John Ross Bowie time!

Jimmy wants to talk about Pippen with John but he hasn’t seen it. He’s seen it too many times. He lists some of them.

Pippin did indeed debut in 1972 – 

John Ross Bowie’s book – 

Jimmy recommends Company for an intro musical. John says Sweeny Todd is great since it is a horror movie on stage.

Matt asks if Jimmy and John are interested in Into The Woods. They’re both Cautiously Optimistic.


Sarah Silverman is here and trying to sing with whatever Wayne is playing.

Sarah loves musicals.

Jimmy not a fan of the Jersey Boys movie. Pat gave it 4/10 Seasons.

More musical chat.

More Cosby chat! Sarah talks about Cosby telling people to be cleaner IE the bit in Eddie Murphy Raw.

Her boyfriend Michael Sheen is here!


Next guest Graham Elwood in a Ninja outfit.

Graham used to hang out with Eric Douglas.

He’s armed with a Katana.

Graham does a great katana demonstration.

Jimmy recounts the “You want a piece of this!?” story.

9/18 – 9/20 2015 for the next LA Pod Fest.

9pm: 9PM total!!! $28,121.90!

Phil Hendrie’s here talkin’ veterans and doing his characters for us.


His dad’s name is pretty black. Herb Lionel Hendrie.

Phil talks about his time on Drunk History.

Jimmy talks about making a Drawing board in school. He doesn’t draw.


Greg Behrendt made an elephant cutting board.

Greg talks about working on the show My Crazy Love for Oxygen from the creators of Celebrity Ghost Stories. They wanted him because he has experience with romantic comedies and that is the vibe they are going for.

Greg currently not podcasting.

So long Greg!

Eliot talks about the role playing auction.

Puppet Paul Stanley!


Paul Stanley sings some Beth.

10pm: Total: $31,158.28!

The ol’ 88s!

In house auction for a rich sommer board game session.

And Rich Sommer joins us!

He talks games, his daughter’s acting and her sweet comments after appearing on
stage with him.

pcat-38Lauren Ash joins us.

Dating updates from Lauren.

Pat discovered UFO opening up for Cheap Trick. He said they were great.

Paul Gilmartin is here with his cutting board! He made the cutting board just for the show.

Paul bought the album of the opening band he saw with Aerosmith. Wayne guesses REO Speedwagon. Pat guesses Blackfoot.


It was AC/DC! He says they were amazing.

Paul has a deep fear of the marauder.

11pm: It’s time for the 11pm Total!! $35,424.97

10801776_10152513687602197_1481323836668650299_n 10671330_10152513687597197_7861898783515555446_n 10805792_10152513687592197_5407850034911255490_n

Jenn Asher made cakes with the guys’ faces.

The guys show off Jenn's cakes

The guys show off Jenn’s cakes

Dave Holmes is here! We’re talking Hygiene!

pcat-41Scott Gimple joins the panel to play a game. Guess whether a letter is real or fake.

Jimmy got a call from a former coworker and big Richard Marx fan who does not like the new RM album.

Scott Aukerman is here thugged out.

He’s hollywood’s latest bad boy.

Jimmy and Scott got 3 answers for $300 more for jimmy.

It got cold again.

Mike Schmidt! Apparently, he was going to bring a stripper.


12am: The Midnight Timp! Total is $40,646.97

Todd Levin is here!

He is sponsored by Dunkaroos.


Jimmy going off candy in 2015.

Todd’s been off sweets for two weeks (besides thanksgiving).

1AM Total: $25,742.03 for the AUCTIONS and Jimmy’s Pardomid. Katelyn brings us our final total. $141,317.94!

Rachel Quaintance closes out the show!


Auctions outstanding!

So proud so happy!

See ya next time!!!

Goodnight everyone!!