Pardcast-a-thon 2016 Official Fan Chatroom Transcript

Copied and pasted from the chatroom so nothing fancy. All time stamps are MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME, the official Most Hated Time Zone for Never Not Funny.

jimmypcat16Erin: I can only assume this is a very important chat roon 8:11 AM
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Raffi: Never Not Chatzy! 10:40 AM
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40 users so far. Great it will be chaos!
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SusanL: Hello from N. CA 12:49 PM
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Darryl Asher: See? On iPhone. 1:36 PM
Crystalinne: Hey all, I’ll be tweeting tomorrow too! @crystalinne or 1:36 PM
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Shippy: Hey, who wants to see my rockin’ bod on webcam? 4:13 PM
Shippy: Anybody? Anybody? Anybody? 4:15 PM
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Raj: Ooop, sorry I’m early. I’ll go step out for a bite and come back later… 8:09 PM
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Bingbong: Tell the guest he’s here early. Go next door and get a cup of coffee or something! Gannon! 8:14 PM
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ThatGuy: ♕ 8:13 AM

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johnnyfashion: Hello, I would like to formally declare my enthusiasm for Pardcastathon. That is all. 8:40 AM
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pcatdaddy69: Daddy’s here! 9:33 AM
pcatdaddy69: In all serious, PCAT is always a little bittersweet for me because it brings back memories of Andrew Koenig at the first Pardcastathon. I hope we can keep him in our minds today. I will be listening and donating to Smile Train in his memory. 9:35 AM
pcatdaddy69: Now back to the laughs!! 9:35 AM
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Mike Newman: Hello everyone from Cedar Rapids, IA! 10:37 AM
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Crystalinne: Hey all, in case anyone didn’t see on Twitter or Facebook, I have a Free printable poster available on my website when you donate to Smile Train this year. Just message me on my website, twitter, or PM me here and I’ll send you the link and password. It’s a printable that says “Don’t try the waffles, they’re terrible.” More INFO: 11:53 AM
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Darryl Asher: T- MINUS 1 hour! 12:00 PM
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Darryl Asher: pcatdaddy69… Same here! That’s when I finally got to meet Andrew. He made it feel like we had been friends for years. 12:01 PM
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Robb: Hey everyone. We’re standing in line and Pat drive by and told us to disperse. Nothing to see here. So I guess we just pack it up? 12:09 PM
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Shippy: what’s up, jerks? 12:29 PM
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JomHammsJohnHam: Hey there everybody 12:32 PM
Darryl Asher: Ignore Pat. There’s a reason he’s THIRD chair! 12:33 PM
Darryl Asher: Can’t talk. I’m in the bathroom eating ham. 12:33 PM
Darryl Asher: If you are at the theater today, please be sure to chat with us in a distracting and obvious manner so Jimmy will yell at you and me so I get my obligatory shoutout. 12:35 PM
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Shippy: and everybody walk out to go to Superego at the same time 12:37 PM
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Darryl Asher 12:38 PM
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JonHammsJohnHam: Ok I’m in via safari, not Facebook so now I can do both like a true internet addict 12:39 PM
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Robb: They still have us waiting outside… 12:45 PM
Darryl Asher: Get ready to trample the small and weak. 12:45 PM
Crystalinne: Don’t walk into that clear glass door though, anyone! 12:46 PM
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Raj: Greetings from Bristow VA (Springsteen’s worst album….) #heyguys #1-2-3-4… 12:49 PM
Darryl Asher: Greetings back! 12:50 PM
Raj: blushing​ 12:51 PM
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Darryl Asher: Oh good, the best detective in the room is here! 12:51 PM
sarah the PI: lol thanks! 12:52 PM
Raj: loved your ep w/ JdR, Sarah! 12:52 PM
sarah the PI: aw, thank you. it was very strange being the one answering the questions! 12:53 PM
sarah the PI: and now I see I got a total bargain in 2014! those auctions are crazy, but great for smile train! 12:54 PM
Raj: …and your eps too, Darryl… 12:54 PM
Crystalinne: Everyone, stop puffing up Darryl. I gotta deal with him every day!! 12:55 PM
Mike Newman: Yeah, the auctions are pretty crazy this year… but I guess that’s the goal! 12:55 PM
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Darryl Asher: Please Puff!!!! 12:55 PM
Crystalinne: No puff! 12:56 PM
Darryl Asher: I wish people wouldn’t bid so high on the in-studio auction, I’m afraid Jimmy will start charging me when I visit. 12:56 PM
sarah the PI: puff puff pass? 12:56 PM
Raj: puff a muffler… 12:56 PM
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Shippy: puff the magic dragon, am I right? #420 12:57 PM
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Darryl Asher: I keep my temple clean. But I am eating a microwaved White Castle cheesebuger. 12:57 PM
Mike Newman: Is anyone else a little disappointed hardly any of the auctions currently end in $0.69? 12:57 PM
Stephanie joined the chat 12:57 PM
Darryl Asher: Killjoys. 12:58 PM
Stephanie: Hey! I forgot about this chat room! Found it just in time! 12:58 PM
Darryl Asher: Welcome! Glad you found it! 12:58 PM
Stephanie: Thanks Daryl! 12:59 PM
Carlton joined the chat 1:00 PM
Darryl Asher: We have video! 1:00 PM
Stephanie: Yes! 1:00 PM
Dan Bookbinder joined the chat 1:00 PM
Ben Bresulla: So far so good 1:01 PM
Carlton: I’m guessing this text I just got about the Pardcastathon is directly from Jimmy. 1:01 PM
Carlton: Probably learned it from Hilary 1:01 PM
Raj: nice song, hope the show doesn’t start & interrupt it.. 1:01 PM
Darryl Asher: Is Bookbinder the name, occupation, both or neither? 1:01 PM
Scott Phillips joined the chat 1:01 PM
Darryl Asher: 5 minutes from actual PCAT, apparently 1:01 PM
Dan Bookbinder: The name, but I will learn 1:01 PM
Scott Phillips: Greetings & salutations. 1:02 PM
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Dan Bookbinder: Music and slides! 1:02 PM
JakeI joined the chat 1:02 PM
C joined the chat 1:02 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Or slide 1:02 PM
AmandaE: did “the streamer stop streaming” for anyone else? 1:02 PM
Darryl Asher: Ah. Well it’s the wave of the future. Analog books. Like vinyl. 1:02 PM
Carlton: yeah 1:02 PM
Jim W.: Sure did. 1:02 PM
Raj: yep 1:03 PM
JakeI: Goddammit Eliot. 1:03 PM
Karmyn: Yup 1:03 PM
Stephanie joined the chat 1:03 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Kindlepublisher 1:03 PM
Darryl Asher: My video is freezed. 1:03 PM
luvrhino joined the chat 1:03 PM
Crystalinne: Same frozen here 1:03 PM
AmandaE: @JakeI Hah! 1:03 PM
Darryl Asher: Hey Ken 1:03 PM
Carlton: I refresh and it plays for a few seconds and freezes up again 1:03 PM
Kilt Bill joined the chat 1:03 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Video was interrupted The streamer stopped streaming. 1:03 PM
Debbie joined the chat 1:03 PM
Karmyn joined the chat 1:04 PM
luvrhino: Hello, Crystalinne and Mr. Crystalinee. 1:04 PM
Darryl Asher: OK not just me 1:04 PM
Crystalinne: Are we streaming right now? Is this streaming, are we streaming? 1:04 PM
Crystalinne: and hello! 1:04 PM
luvrhino: Mr. Crystalinne 1:04 PM
Darryl Asher: You there or not this year Ken? 1:04 PM
Debbie joined the chat 1:04 PM
sarah the PI: eliot! 1:04 PM
Raffi: Hey guys I’m here but I’ve got 1 ticket for sale at the door if anyoneone needs it! 1:04 PM
Shippy joined the chat 1:04 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Now back to music and our hero sniffing soco 1:04 PM
AmandaE: Whew. 1:04 PM
Darryl Asher: $2000.00 1:04 PM
luvrhino: No, I had my fundraiser in Houston that Jimmy sponsored 1:04 PM
Scott Phillips: “Diiiiiiiiiiiiice…why isn’t it worrrrrrrkiiiiiiiiiiiing​ggggg?!?!?!?!?” 1:05 PM
Darryl Asher: Nice! 1:05 PM
Raj: LOUDER! 1:05 PM
luvrhino:… 1:05 PM
ninshark joined the chat 1:05 PM
Karmyn: Here goes! 1:05 PM
AmandaE: Oh yea. 1:05 PM
Crystalinne: WE’RE STARTING! 1:05 PM
Debbie: NICE! 1:05 PM
sarah the PI: itshappening!.gif 1:05 PM
jason: yeah!! 1:05 PM
Darryl Asher: aw a rerun! 1:05 PM
Stephanie: I had to go out and back in, and it unfroze 1:06 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Here we go! 1:06 PM
Dan Bookbinder: haha 1:06 PM
luvrhino: Six losses? When did those happen? 1:06 PM
Stephanie: Yay! 1:06 PM
luvrhino: Okay, Rebecca Corry… 1:06 PM
Darryl Asher: Wrong camera Jimmy 1:07 PM
Darryl Asher: He needs a floor director 1:07 PM
luvrhino: Great, start with rape out of the box when I’m trying to get my HAWC (sexual assault and domestic violence charity) people to watch. 1:09 PM
Debbie: Leave it to Daddy. 1:09 PM
Darryl Asher: Woohoo! Just think, you may not have to deal with that charity any more 1:09 PM
Debbie: Darryl LOL 1:09 PM
sarah the PI: is the audio really low for anyone else? 1:09 PM
Darryl Asher: WRONG CAMERA JIMMY!!!!! 1:09 PM
Mike joined the chat 1:10 PM
Debbie: Yeah, I turned my TV volume up to 69 1:10 PM
luvrhino: I would have got to sleep-in past 4:40 this morning… 1:10 PM
AmandaE: Yeah Sarah. 1:10 PM
ninshark: Yep, audio is super quiet 1:10 PM
Darryl Asher: Audio is a bit low and boomy low tones for me. One of the probs with streaming. 1:10 PM
sarah the PI: ah 1:10 PM
sarah the PI: oh louder now! 1:10 PM
luvrhino: My main problem is the need of a windscreen 1:10 PM
Darryl Asher: Benny and Jets! 1:11 PM
AmandaE: Bohemian Rhapsody? 1:12 PM
Shippy: Dem P’s are poppin’ 1:12 PM
Carlton: Oh great, I just got my blind charity to watch. 1:12 PM
Darryl Asher: Ps and Ms and Ls and Fs 1:12 PM
Dan Bookbinder: ONE MORE DAY 1:13 PM
Shippy: Most of your consonants 1:13 PM
Crystalinne: we wish consonants luck as we do all sounds 1:13 PM
Shippy: Whoa! Just got louder! 1:14 PM
Darryl Asher: That’s a good lookin’ hunk o’ manmeat right there. 1:14 PM
Darryl Asher: No making out on stage guys 1:14 PM
Darryl Asher: Can we have a fund raiser to get them a low-pass filter? 1:15 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 5 seconds ago 1:16 PM
Darryl Asher: JB! 1:16 PM
Jason Baldwin: Hey, folks! 1:17 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: This is a tricky video to stream on the stereo 1:17 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Lots of pops 1:17 PM
Darryl Asher: Low pass filter. They need one. As a smart guy said above. But that doesn’t help us. Turning down my bass though. Guitar, that is, because it’s distracting. 1:18 PM
Griffin joined the chat 1:18 PM
luvrhino: Eliot, get some screen time, get down there, move Jimmy’s microphone. 1:18 PM
Jason Baldwin: It sounds terrible on my TV, with or without the sound at on. It’s driving me a little crazy. 1:18 PM
Jason Baldwin: Stupid autocorrect. 1:19 PM
Debbie: Sounds good on my TV, maybe a benefit to an old tv? 1:19 PM
Mark Nealon joined the chat 1:19 PM
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Brett joined the chat 1:20 PM
Andrew joined the chat 1:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah if you have bigass speakers, the bass booms. Regular TV speakers are probably better for this. 1:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Turning the bass down on my system helped a ton! 1:21 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Well, I wasn’t planning on crying 10 minutes in 1:21 PM
AmandaE: No kidding. I’m watching at work right now. This is not optimal. smile 1:21 PM
Crystalinne: This is like the start of Up right now. crying 1:21 PM
Darryl Asher: bravo​ 1:22 PM
Andrew: Is anyone elses audio just a touch ahead of the video? 1:22 PM
luvrhino: Dr. Pardo is a good man. A very good man. 1:22 PM
Court joined the chat 1:22 PM
TK joined the chat 1:22 PM
Darryl Asher: Gannon!!! 1:23 PM
Carlton: I wanted him to yell Scream for me! 1:23 PM
TK: Scream for me Los Angeles! 1:23 PM
Court: My audio is touch ahead of the video as well. 1:23 PM
Kevin joined the chat 1:23 PM
Kevin joined the chat 1:23 PM
Debbie: love the guest graphics! 1:23 PM
Court: So sad 1:23 PM
sarah the PI: scream for us Garon! 1:23 PM
Ben Bresulla: liking the caricatures so far 1:24 PM
Court: ha, sorry about the so sad thing. Did not mean to send that. 1:24 PM
AmandaE: Is the floor open for questions? 1:24 PM
Darryl Asher: 1:24 PM
Darryl Asher: There might be some live tweeting by Gannon 1:25 PM
Tim B joined the chat 1:25 PM
Mark Nealon: I hope it is boner after all this. 1:25 PM
Debbie: I’m live tweeting too! 1:25 PM
luvrhino: I’m always hoping for boners. 1:26 PM
Darryl Asher 1:26 PM
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luvrhino: not when Pat’s involved, though 1:26 PM
Raj: BAI-BAI! 1:26 PM
Crystalinne: I’m also tweeting and giving away free printables!! 1:26 PM
Crystalinne:… 1:26 PM
Crystalinne: Starting strong with Rob!! 1:27 PM
bo joined the chat 1:27 PM
luvrhino: I had non-terrible waffles for brunch today, thinking of you. 1:27 PM
luvrhino: And your good piece of business 1:27 PM
Crystalinne: Mmm, good waffles… 1:27 PM
Kevin joined the chat 1:28 PM
Mike left the chat 1:28 PM
Kevin joined the chat 1:28 PM
Darryl Asher: ———————- Rob Corddry—————–​—— 1:28 PM
Darryl Asher: (For notes later because Gannon’s notes during PCAT are like Mel’s waffles.) 1:29 PM
Shannon joined the chat 1:29 PM
Typer joined the chat 1:29 PM
Tim B joined the chat 1:30 PM
Typer: she did 1:30 PM
Tim B: Hello everyone 1:30 PM
Court: I feel like I’m missing out on a bit because I can’t watch the video at work, only the audio! 1:30 PM
Darryl Asher: Hi Tim B (on behalf of everyone) 1:31 PM
Typer: we’ll describe when necessary, I’m sure 1:31 PM
TK: I’m not going to throw away my medium shot! 1:32 PM
Typer: that’s some quality hot tub 2 # 1:32 PM
Typer: shade 1:32 PM
Court: Damn people calling into the office, forcing me to mute PCAT. 1:32 PM
Debbie: Oh the next guest tweeted about being….next lol 1:33 PM
LauraB joined the chat 1:33 PM
Typer: They have zero sense of priority. 1:33 PM
Crystalinne: Had at least 5 blurt laughs so far. 1:33 PM
Court: Zero sense. 1:34 PM
AmandaE: Court. I feel ya. Work should know better than to get in the way of my pcat viewing. 1:34 PM
Court: I feel like I should have requested this day off. 1:34 PM
Typer: jimmy hitting on rob 1:34 PM
Karmyn: This is the first year work hasn’t made me miss the first 5 hours. 1:35 PM
Jeffsy joined the chat 1:35 PM
Raj: bravo​ 1:35 PM
Typer: i used to always miss the first 8-10 hours when it was the criday after turkey 1:35 PM
Typer: Friday* 1:36 PM
Shippy: Cryday indeed 1:36 PM
Karmyn: Same difference 1:36 PM
Court: I’m sure it was a cryday. 1:36 PM
Karmyn: smile 1:36 PM
Typer: ha! 1:36 PM
Ben Bresulla joined the chat 1:36 PM
TK: One bourbon, one shot & one beer! 1:37 PM
fedfan0 joined the chat 1:37 PM
Typer: he’s very much done that lol 1:38 PM
Typer: wonder who that dud is 1:39 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Dud 1:39 PM
Shippy: Poor John Ross Bowie… lost his uncle this year 1:39 PM
Debbie: Matthew Perry 1:39 PM
rachel-h joined the chat 1:39 PM
Typer: You think Matt Perry is a dud? 1:40 PM
Carlton: Perry no showed a pardcastathon. 1:40 PM
Shippy: Could he BE more of a dud? 1:40 PM
Debbie: HA! 1:40 PM
Typer: whoa, i didn’t realize! 1:40 PM
Shippy: nah, I thought he was great in Whole Nine Yards 1:41 PM
Typer: when was his no-show revealed? 1:42 PM
Debbie: On the Chris Fairbanks episode 1:42 PM
Shannon: First time watcher. Are the pics usually this bad? 1:42 PM
Shannon: Mics 1:42 PM
Brennan joined the chat 1:43 PM
Typer: fairbanks from last season, or…? 1:43 PM
Carlton: Most recent Fairbanks 1:43 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Doug Benson didn’t like the pics 1:43 PM
TK: Adult Swim. Kids out of the pool. 1:43 PM
Darryl Asher: Shannon if you’re gettig boomy bass sound, turning your bass down helps some. But, yeah, it’s kinda bad for everyone I think. 1:43 PM
Typer: thanks for the info! 1:43 PM
Shannon: But has it been this bad in previous years? 1:44 PM
Shippy: the mics are extra snap, crackle, and pop this year 1:44 PM
Mike joined the chat 1:44 PM
Typer: they need filters 1:44 PM
Debbie: That Doug Benson stuff with him looking like a Goonie was so great 1:44 PM
Typer: or whatever they’re called 1:45 PM
Shannon: Typer, I think you’re right. 1:45 PM
Darryl Asher: That’s a good piece of business Pat. Well, a piece of business anyway. 1:45 PM
Marie joined the chat 1:45 PM
Typer: is that even business? #crosspodreference 1:45 PM
Karmyn: Every time I watch I can’t help but think those chairs look awfully uncomfortable. At least for 12 hours 1:46 PM
Crystalinne: They’re nice looking chairs but that low back… 1:46 PM
LauraB: Are those the Jeff chairs? 1:46 PM
Karmyn: Exactly 1:46 PM
Crystalinne: I ran 26 inches. 1:47 PM
Typer: Gannon and his scary corner again 1:47 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: I run 26 miles all the time 1:47 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: So easy 1:47 PM
AmandaE: that’s 26 of my cocks. 1:47 PM
rachel-h: did people already speculate what the $100-a-pop discussion topic is? 1:47 PM
Shippy: Turned off my subwoofer, sounds a lot better 1:47 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Maybe the easiest 1:47 PM
rachel-h: might it not be the LA marathon? wink 1:47 PM
Fink joined the chat 1:47 PM
Typer: Jimmy stood for applause lol 1:48 PM
Darryl Asher 1:48 PM
Gannon ‏@MyNamesGannon
Out of the closet and into the dark! #PCAT16
Typer: ha! 1:48 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Pat Francis creeping it up 1:48 PM
Debbie: Wasn’t the $100 a pop discussion a clunker before 1:48 PM
Typer: i love Alabama 1:49 PM
Raj: Oh play me some mountain music… 1:49 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Yakov Smirnoff? 1:49 PM
Typer: oh play me some mountain music 1:49 PM
rachel-h: I get the Oak Ridge Boys and Alabama confuse 1:49 PM
Typer: ha, nice Raj 1:49 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: No 1:49 PM
Debbie: Me too Typer 1:49 PM
Raj: jinx, ( I killed my wives….) 1:50 PM
Raj: TYPER!!! 1:50 PM
Typer: …yes? 1:50 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 1:50 PM
Darryl Asher: Good name for a band. PCAT Strange. 1:50 PM
Typer: did jimmy just say “p-cast strange?” 1:50 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Pcat strange 1:50 PM
LauraB: PCAT Strange 1:50 PM
LauraB: love it 1:51 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: That’s a band name 1:51 PM
Raj: The mic crackled typing that… 1:51 PM
LauraB: absolutely 1:51 PM
Typer: oh PCAT. close enough 1:51 PM
Scott Phillips: SPICY BULLETS!!! 1:51 PM
Carlton: When’s her show coming back? 1:51 PM
Crystalinne: Oh joy, now I got to think they’re saying my name all the time! She’s great but her name being close to mine makes my ears perk up every time they say it! 1:51 PM
Shippy: Hooray! Love her! 1:51 PM
Typer: she got a special coming out? 1:51 PM
Crystalinne: Is her show coming back? 1:51 PM
Debbie: I wonder if she ever thought of approaching Netflix about picking up her show….. 1:51 PM
luvrhino: Brownnoser 1:51 PM
rachel-h: Yay Cristela! 1:51 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: She does what now? 1:52 PM
Crystalinne: Or hulu 1:52 PM
Dan Bookbinder: STRONG GUESTS 1:52 PM
luvrhino: I suppose I am also being racist 1:52 PM
Typer: she should look into Netflix, right? 1:52 PM
Greg K. joined the chat 1:52 PM
Debbie: She should. Surprised an entertainer like her didn’t think of it! 1:52 PM
Carlton: Darryl, you are slacking on your new guest place marker in chat. 1:53 PM
Typer: whatching the ball get tossed about 1:53 PM
Court: I think Darryl is away at the moment? 1:54 PM
Darryl Asher: I know I know!!!! I’m multitasking!!!! 1:54 PM
Crystalinne: I think he’s busy eating a crunchy cookie 1:54 PM
Darryl Asher: As long as it’s close. 1:54 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​CRISTELA ALONZO——————​————— 1:54 PM
Typer: whatching? ugh, no excuse for that error 1:54 PM
Darryl Asher: BTW, the chat transcript will be available on Never Not Notes. 1:55 PM
Brian joined the chat 1:56 PM
Typer: oh no! good thing i used a pseudonym 1:56 PM
AmandaE: Her laugh is infectious and awesome. 1:56 PM
Typer: isn’t that a duet? Loggins and some other 80s singer? 1:57 PM
Darryl Asher: Messina? But who is Messina without Loggins? 1:57 PM
Court: Amanda, it really is. Always makes me smile. 1:57 PM
Typer: not Messina, some other dude 1:58 PM
TK: Dead Inside for 30 Years: The Garvon Kockrel Story 1:58 PM
Raj: Did Federman leave? 1:58 PM
Darryl Asher: My Loggins fan club membership has expired. 1:58 PM
rachel-h: #FedermanAndOut 1:58 PM
Court: Alirght works done, gotta drive home and then jump back on! See you all soon! 1:59 PM
Typer: i just Bing’d it abd i think im wrong 2:00 PM
Typer: see you soon court 2:00 PM
Marie: I want to know what the dish is! 2:00 PM
Debbie: Safety first Court! 10 & 2 2:00 PM
Typer: it’s a stew that is made out of the intestines of boy band members who got too old. 2:01 PM
Marie: don’t forget the hominy 2:02 PM
Debbie: Ha! 2:02 PM
Raj: hominy-hominy-hominy… 2:02 PM
Typer: other lands ha! 2:02 PM
Darryl Asher: Drive safe! Ten and two, Court! 2:02 PM
Mark joined the chat 2:02 PM
Typer: clipper shirts, a poem by little man tate 2:03 PM
Jason Baldwin left the chat 6 seconds ago 2:05 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 2:05 PM
Jason Baldwin: Had to get off mobile. It was driving me crazy. 2:06 PM
Crystalinne: Jimmy having 4 tickets for every game is classic Jimmy over-buying everything. 2:06 PM
Jason Baldwin: I’m behind, but it’s good to know I can pause the stream on the Apple TV. 2:06 PM
Karmyn: 4 is crazy 2:06 PM
Marie: yeah what was the 4 scenario when oliver was still going? 2:06 PM
Stephanie: Love being able to pause on Apple TV! 2:07 PM
Darryl Asher: Wait, someone bonded with Jimmy? 2:07 PM
Typer: that awful 70s trivia game lol 2:07 PM
Debbie: Jimmy like to have some elbow room. 2:07 PM
Typer: whoever wins, we all lose 2:08 PM
Darryl Asher: Federman and OUT 2:08 PM
Debbie: Darryl: Please fix my typos in post. 2:08 PM
TK: Did Elliot open the floor for questions? 2:08 PM
Darryl Asher: Done. 2:08 PM
Crystalinne: It’s weird because I somehow knew some of those trivia answers and was yelling “Fly Robbin Fly” at my stream when they were guessing bird songs. 2:08 PM
Darryl Asher 2:08 PM
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Typer: tony! 2:10 PM
Marie: TOTE 2:10 PM
margaretCross joined the chat 2:10 PM
Greg K.: Hey everybody! 2:10 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​———–FIRST TOTAL——————-​——————— 2:10 PM
Typer: u 2 talkin totes to me 2? YES. 2:10 PM
Marie: ps if anybody has tips on how to stop smile train from calling me the rest of the year that would be great 2:10 PM
luvrhino: Cross is here…behavior yourselves 2:10 PM
Debbie: burner cell phone 2:11 PM
Typer: you gotta eat that mic 2:11 PM
luvrhino: *behave yourselves 2:11 PM
Typer: 9 thousands! 2:11 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————-$9,857.23–​————————​– 2:12 PM
Typer: almost 10 thousands! 2:12 PM
margaretCross: WHOOO SPRING BREAK!!! 2:12 PM
AmandaE: Anyone have stats on the tote 1 hour in in previous years? 2:12 PM
AmandaE: Just out of curiousity. 2:13 PM
Marie: anybody got $142.77 want to round it out 2:13 PM
TK: Pluppets come from Marinara 2:13 PM
bo left this message : 2:13 PM
Who donated 23 cents?
Carlton: You mean 46 cents? 2:13 PM
fedfan0: I kind of miss the green polkadotted trapper keeper from last year. 2:13 PM
luvrhino: $143.46 2:14 PM
Carla joined the chat 2:14 PM
Carla: The marionette things cracked me up. 2:14 PM
Typer: and IT IS 2:15 PM
AmandaE: hah. 2:15 PM
Debbie: I wonder which one is showing up tonight 2:15 PM
Typer: which one what? 2:15 PM
Debbie: the marionette 2:16 PM
Karmyn: yay! Tim! 2:16 PM
sarah the PI: omundson! 2:16 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————–TIMOTHY OMUNDSON—————-​—————- 2:16 PM
Darryl Asher: Anyone watch Galavant? 2:17 PM
Karmyn: It’s great 2:17 PM
Debbie: No 2:17 PM
Darryl Asher: Haven’t seen it. 2:18 PM
Darryl Asher: Too many stuffs to watch! 2:18 PM
Karmyn: It’s absurd. And I loved it 2:18 PM
Carlton: I really enjoy the guys character on Psych. Had a great first name on that show. 2:18 PM
rachel-h: jejeje 2:18 PM
Darryl Asher: I have some weird thing that’s anti-that middle ages stuff. Not sure why. 2:18 PM
Raj 2:19 PM
she was on seinfeld:
Timothy Omundson on Seinfeld (S04E08)YouTube · 2:49 · 6K · 100%Click to hide video thumbnail.
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MargaretCross joined the chat 2:19 PM
Debbie: Even Game of Thrones? 2:19 PM
Raj: and he was too, Timothy… 2:19 PM
Karmyn: I usually don’t go for Middle Ages stuff either 2:19 PM
JakeI: One thing I know about Mr. Omundson: He doesn’t have balls. 2:19 PM
Darryl Asher: I do like Game of Thrones. But not as much as my lovely bride. 2:19 PM
lyle joined the chat 2:20 PM
Karmyn: i watched galavant solely because it involved Omundson and weird Al 2:20 PM
Debbie: He didn’t offer Rob Corddry the tickets 2:20 PM
bo joined the chat 2:20 PM
fink joined the chat 2:21 PM
Erin joined the chat 2:22 PM
Greg K.: He looks like he’d be good at fencing. 2:22 PM
Marie: just because he’s got the musketeer facial hair 2:23 PM
luvrhino: Sure, Jim Shorts references are going to work with a random guest. 2:25 PM
Carla: I missed the artist’s name they are talking about..who was it? 2:25 PM
MargaretCross joined the chat 2:25 PM
Debbie: Frank Turner 2:25 PM
rachel-h: Frank Turner 2:25 PM
Darryl Asher: I forgot it already! 2:25 PM
Carla: Thanks! 2:25 PM
Typer: Acker and Blacker got the ENTIRE cast of Supernatural on TAH after they wrote for the show, didn’t they? 2:25 PM
bo left this message : 2:26 PM
Lin-Manuel disses my tweets too
MargaretCross: I have screen caps of all my interactions with Lin-Manuel. I should send them to Jimmy. 2:26 PM
Greg K.: Frank Turner? He was the voice of Megatron on the Transformers cartoon. 2:26 PM
Typer: and the voice of Fred Jones on Scooby Doo 2:27 PM
MargaretCross: CAST ALBUM 2:27 PM
Darryl Asher: When you donate, be sure to go to for your free downloadable Waffles poster. 2:27 PM
lyle: So the “if it comes up” thing has to be Hamilton related, right? 2:27 PM
Darryl Asher: My wife has banned me from “the H word” 2:28 PM
MargaretCross: That would be my bet. Are we betting? DOLLLARS OUT. 2:28 PM
Carla: 😂😂 2:29 PM
Typer: can you email it to Lin? lol 2:29 PM
luvrhino: Jimmy didn’t react when Matt said “Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton,” so I suspect not. But Jimmy’s an experienced actor. 2:29 PM
Karmyn: Do you accept Canadian dollars for bets? 2:29 PM
luvrhino: Patriot dollars only 2:29 PM
Typer: which actress is he talking about? 2:30 PM
Debbie: So no loonies? 2:30 PM
Karmyn: I’m a Canadian patriot. smile 2:30 PM
AmandaE: Tyne Dailey? 2:30 PM
Darryl Asher: Tyne Daly 2:30 PM
rachel-h: Tyne Daly (Judging Amy tv show) 2:30 PM
AmandaE: Daly 2:30 PM
Typer: ahh thanks 2:30 PM
Darryl Asher: She’ss always be Cagney or Lacy to me! 2:30 PM
Darryl Asher: (She’ll) 2:30 PM
jg joined the chat 2:30 PM
luvrhino: Patriot dollars only. Patriot Presidents only. 2:31 PM
Typer: no kenyans! 2:31 PM
MargaretCross: American Airlines only! 2:31 PM
Typer: (for humor) 2:31 PM
Greg K.: ♫ She’s always as Cagney to me ♫ 2:31 PM
Carlton: Will you accept Trump bucks from my old Trump board game? 2:31 PM
luvrhino: Of course. Patriot dollars. 2:31 PM
rachel-h: “____’s a friend” will always make me laugh 2:32 PM
Typer: wait a year and they will be legal tender frown 2:32 PM
KatieD joined the chat 2:32 PM
Greg K.: Wow! That IS a fun fact, Darryl! 2:33 PM
Darryl Asher: See? I can be fun! Toldya! 2:33 PM
Carla joined the chat 2:33 PM
Greg K.: Hey, anyone know what’s on the floor in front of Jimmy? 2:33 PM
Typer: dodson, we’ve got dodson! 2:33 PM
Darryl Asher: Looks like a teleprompter so he can see who’s coming up 2:33 PM
Debbie: Sad Sack Kyle (for humor people) 2:33 PM
Darryl Asher: Maybe laptop or ipad based? 2:34 PM
Shippy: Nobody cares 2:34 PM
Greg K.: Oh, ok . . 2:34 PM
Darryl Asher: He used to use his iphone for it, but he had to keep picking it up and messing with it. 2:35 PM
Typer: I’ll be your candle on the water! 2:35 PM
Greg K.: That is an upgrade. 2:35 PM
Debbie: He made a strict no phone policy then realized his mistake 2:35 PM
JakeI: The guy who wrote Delta Dawn spoke to my country music class. Which is a sentence that only makes sense in Montana. 2:36 PM
Darryl Asher: I’m IN Montana and it makes no sense. 2:36 PM
Liz joined the chat 2:36 PM
Greg K.: Billings! Darryl Asher, everybody!! 2:36 PM
JakeI: It’s a Missoula thing, Darryl. 2:36 PM
Typer: Pete’s Dragon 2:37 PM
Debbie: How big is Missoula? Everyone from Montana other than Darryl is from there. 2:37 PM
JakeI: 80,000ish people, depending how the college football team is going. 2:38 PM
Darryl Asher: First of all, I am IN Montana, not FROM Montana. 2:38 PM
luvrhino: University is there. My guess is most of the liberals in the state are from there. 2:38 PM
Raj: Dana Carvey’s from Missoula. (knew that since ’87) 2:38 PM
Greg K.: Ohhh, that thing in front of Jimmy has the PCAT 2016 logo on it! THAT’S what it is… 2:38 PM
JakeI: I am IN Montana. And FROM Montana. 2:38 PM
Darryl Asher: I’m from a major industrial city north of Canada. 2:38 PM
Crystalinne: I’m from Billings – Missoula’s like 60K ish with about 15K students. (went to college there.) 2:38 PM
luvrhino: Darryl with his Windsor, Ontario trivia… 2:39 PM
Debbie: I’m not IN or FROM Montana. 2:39 PM
Crystalinne: Scratch that, wiki says 69K population – up top 2:39 PM
Typer: bulls, bears! 2:39 PM
JakeI: Home of Chris Fairbanks, commercial star extraordinare. 2:39 PM
Debbie: My brother! 2:39 PM
Darryl Asher: Nope! DETROIT! 2:39 PM
Debbie: Point to your palm when you say that! 2:39 PM
JakeI: From Billings, in Missoula. Not a trade up. 2:39 PM
Darryl Asher: Not palm, base of the thumb 2:40 PM
luvrhino: What do you mean nope, Detroit? The trivia part of that involves Windsor, ON. 2:40 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————————​–SCOTT AUKERMAN—————-​———————– 2:40 PM
Crystalinne: Comedy’s bad boy’s up! 2:40 PM
AmandaE: Early Aukerman. 2:40 PM
Debbie: That’s part of my palm. I was in an accident. Thanks for making me feel bad about it! 2:40 PM
Darryl Asher: Agreed Ken. 2:41 PM
Typer: what’s this character 2:41 PM
Shippy: Pigtails in the inkwells? 2:41 PM
Greg K.: OMG, this is the perfect time . . *gasp* 2:41 PM
Darryl Asher: Subdued Scott character. 2:41 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: He’s so EARLY 2:41 PM
Typer: Norm Coreman 2:41 PM
Mike Newman: Wow, the auction to go to the Kiss football game with Jimmy, Pat, and Matt is buy it now for only $369.69. I wish I lived anywhere close to L.A. 2:42 PM
Debbie: Same Mike! 2:42 PM
AmandaE: Nothing but those socks. 2:42 PM
Raj: It’s insane this man’s taint! 2:42 PM
lyle: this character is called “guy not doing a character” 2:42 PM
Typer: bitter about date of PCAT change Scott 2:43 PM
luvrhino: Buy it now for $369.69 seems much too low for that 2:43 PM
Typer: what is the news!?! 2:43 PM
Debbie: If it sells right away they might put up another 2:43 PM
luvrhino: I bid $69.69, because I like losing. 2:43 PM
Mike Newman: Yeah, that should get WAY more than that. The game is probably 2+ hours. Waffles is going to be about 1 hour. 2:44 PM
Karmyn: I like passive aggressive Scott 2:44 PM
Typer: Give Charityman 2:44 PM
AmandaE: No but Scott. 2:44 PM
Raj: Okay, now I’m expecting Neil Campbell… 2:45 PM
Typer: Meet Africanman 2:45 PM
Darryl Asher: Fake IFB man 2:45 PM
Typer: musical chairs 2:46 PM
Debbie: Who is it? 2:46 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: This took a turn 2:46 PM
Typer: who is that? 2:46 PM
Greg K.: This explains Scott’s “nothing” approach… 2:47 PM
Typer: Kwame Coffeman 2:47 PM
Greg K.: I think a bird should fly through the theatre right now . . . 2:47 PM
fedfan0: I wish they brought the light ball to light Wayne and Garon when they speak.… 2:48 PM
Typer: its a little mini CBB ep 2:48 PM
Debbie: I bet Jimmy is so anxious right now. 2:49 PM
MargaretCross joined the chat 2:49 PM
Greg K.: I hate when people say “or” at the end of their question. 2:50 PM
Typer: blurt laugh is a good sign 2:50 PM
Greg K.: “Is this enough money or . .?” 2:51 PM
Darryl Asher: I use and. “Is this alright, annnnnnddddd…???” 2:51 PM
Greg K.: Yes! That’s perfect! 2:51 PM
Greg K.: Good gravy, I’ve been trying everything! 2:52 PM
Greg K.: Thanks, Darryl! 2:52 PM
Darryl Asher: Is that all I can help you with, annnnnddddd??? 2:52 PM
Greg K.: Hahahahahah…. XD 2:52 PM
rachel-h: a wellspring of bits 2:52 PM
Marie: lol wellspring of bits 2:52 PM
Darryl Asher: I’m a helper 2:53 PM
Pelkey! joined the chat 2:53 PM
luvrhino: 2:53 PM
AmandaE: Just tried 2:53 PM
luvrhino: Nothing 2:53 PM
AmandaE: So sad. 2:53 PM
Darryl Asher: Utah Jenn! 2:53 PM
scott (smawj) joined the chat 2:53 PM
Andrew: Whos going to buy that one first 2:53 PM
Greg K.: Jeez, this is like a BIT-ception . . 2:54 PM
Typer: dodson, we’ve got Dodson! 2:54 PM
Pelkey!: Hey Montana Dare! 2:54 PM
Andrew: Is that a naturebox 2:54 PM
AmandaE: Is he going to bring out a stove eventually? 2:55 PM
Darryl Asher: All unpacked and settled in right? 2:55 PM
Pelkey! joined the chat 2:55 PM
Greg K.: Most likely… 2:55 PM
Greg K.: Is it wrong if we can guess what’s going to happen? 2:55 PM
Greg K.: Wait… 2:55 PM
Pelkey!: Getting there! 2:55 PM
Greg K.: Is it wrong and…………? 2:55 PM
AmandaE: hahahaha 2:55 PM
Mark Nealon: Scott is insane and I love him. 2:59 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 2:59 PM
rachel-h: agreed, Mark <3 2:59 PM
scott (smawj): behind the back with the wine! 2:59 PM
AmandaE: smile 2:59 PM
Darryl Asher: ha 2:59 PM
Ben Bresulla: Another classic Scott appearance 3:00 PM
Typer: SCOTT! Not Elliott. 3:00 PM
Darryl Asher: So much snacking today. I’m not sure if it’s possible to undo years worth of weight loss in a single day, but I think I’m going to find out. 3:00 PM
Typer: now we know who to blame 3:01 PM
Maryanne E joined the chat 3:01 PM
Pelkey!: Never Not Snacking ! 3:02 PM
Darryl Asher: NNS! 3:02 PM
luvrhino: Darryl, are you on the main TV? 3:02 PM
luvrhino: And what’s the beautiful wife up to? 3:03 PM
Typer: HR Druminstuf 3:03 PM
Darryl Asher: Watching on the living TV! Like a HOMEOWNER! 3:03 PM
Darryl Asher: Wife has been watching but just left for work. 3:03 PM
Andrew: 7a 3:04 PM
Andrew: Booo 5b 3:04 PM
AmandaE: 5b so close. 3:04 PM
Darryl Asher: 5b, 5c whatever it takes. 3:04 PM
fedfan0: He’s from a distance. We call that Bette Midler. 3:04 PM
Ben Bresulla: Tympani!!! 3:05 PM
shane was timed out 3:05 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————TOTAL 13,235.and how many cents?——————​ 3:05 PM
luvrhino: $13,235.30 3:05 PM
AmandaE: 30 3:05 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Not bad 3:06 PM
Darryl Asher: big grin 3:06 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: I left the chat to watch a MMA video and I regret it. 3:06 PM
luvrhino: Is there somewhere we can see the total? I do I need to donate first. 3:06 PM
luvrhino: Or do I need to donate first? 3:07 PM
Darryl Asher: Like a live running total, annnnnnd? 3:07 PM
Dan Bookbinder: I’d bid on some Motion City Soundtrack stuff 3:07 PM
Darryl Asher: Once Thaxton left those guys were great! 3:08 PM
Greg K.: @Darryl – Hahahahaha! I’m going to now do that forever. 3:08 PM
Marie: eliot literally what 3:08 PM
AmandaE: HAH the human ottoman 3:08 PM
Debbie: *clunk* 3:08 PM
Carla: Ha! Idiot.. 3:09 PM
philipkurz joined the chat 3:09 PM
TK: Just a child! 3:09 PM
luvrhino: Dick Van Dyke just recorded a Bullseye with Jesse Thorn episode. 3:09 PM
Greg K.: “Is this how I do it, annnnnnd?” 3:09 PM
luvrhino: I requested that Dick Van Dyke go on the Pardcastathon to trip over Eliot. I hope this happens. 3:10 PM
Karmyn joined the chat 3:10 PM
AmandaE: Ooo what a delight! 3:10 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————-PHIL ROSENTHAL—————​—————— 3:10 PM
Marie: I love his like, default bewildered face 3:10 PM
Darryl Asher: Greg we can confuse the entire world. 3:10 PM
Greg K.: (As Montgomery Burns): Excellent. 3:11 PM
Darryl Asher: smile 3:11 PM
Carla: Its sickening how pleasant you are. 3:12 PM
Mike Newman: Love Phil! I only listen to the audio of the podcasts, I thought he was way older than he is. Wow! 3:14 PM
luvrhino: 56…he looks great 3:15 PM
Darryl Asher: You gotta watch his show. So much fun. It’s on Netflix and PBS 3:15 PM
luvrhino: I thought he was older too, based on his stories and Carson relationship. 3:15 PM
luvrhino: Does Dirty Carson make an appearance? For charity! 3:16 PM
Mike Newman: It’s on my list of stuff to watch! ^yes the stories on the podcast, I thought he was much older 3:16 PM
Carla: I sure hope so. 💘 Dirty Carson 3:16 PM
Karmyn: Maybe Dirty Carson is the $100 topic 3:17 PM
Dan Bookbinder: ^I was just thinking that 3:17 PM
Dan Bookbinder: but that’s not something other people will mention 3:17 PM
Karmyn: But he has a tendency to just show up 3:17 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: Made my donation ! 3:18 PM
JonHammsJohnHam: My big $30 blockbuster donation 3:18 PM
Carla: I missed the first hour…what is the deal with $100 topic? 3:18 PM
AmandaE: He wrote something down secretly and said he’d donate $100 every time it came up 3:19 PM
AmandaE: He being Jimmy 3:19 PM
Carla: Aha.. Thank you. 3:19 PM
Carlton: Jimmy has a secret word that Garon is tracking. If people say it, he donates 100 up to 2500 cap. 3:19 PM
Kellie joined the chat 7 seconds ago 3:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Leave it to Phil to want to bring the lowly audience into them mix! Whatta guy! 3:23 PM
Crystalinne: Phil’s the best. 3:25 PM
AmandaE: Worried about the audience’s health. He’s the best. 3:25 PM
Crystalinne: Also, I have a photo of the waffles print in action! (Printed and framed) Check it out and share and get your free printable. 3:25 PM
Crystalinne:… 3:25 PM
scott (smawj): stromboli! 3:25 PM
Marie: it’s lovely! 3:26 PM
scott (smawj): is alek in this chat? 3:27 PM
Darryl Asher: Trebek? 3:27 PM
Carla: A stromboli guy 3:27 PM
Darryl Asher: Dang. Shoulda said Trebex. #loser 3:28 PM
scott (smawj): check out now 3:28 PM
AmandaE: Nice! 3:28 PM
Darryl Asher: Fun and worth the $5.95! 3:28 PM
Carla: Thats great! 3:29 PM
scott (smawj): Alek Gent-Vincent is one hell of a foamie 3:29 PM
Debbie: Nice!! 3:29 PM
scott (smawj): to be clear he did that, i dont want to take the credit our hero deserves 3:29 PM
Mark Nealon: Can we start a pool on whatever it is they tell people to be careful about behind the chairs is going to get knocked over/broken? 3:29 PM
luvrhino: Annual Mike Bently reference 3:29 PM
Dan Bookbinder: I think Pat has made that jug joke every year 3:30 PM
Shippy: Where’s Rich Sommer? 3:30 PM
AmandaE: In NYC I think. 3:30 PM
AmandaE: He tweeted about being sad to miss it earlier. 3:30 PM
luvrhino: *Bentley 3:30 PM
Debbie: He’ll be on later with an update on that plane I hope. 3:30 PM
Carlton: Surely they’ll skype him in. 3:31 PM
Debbie: This explains a lot about Pat. 3:31 PM
Crystalinne: Maybe his daugher will sub in for him. 3:31 PM
Darryl Asher: I can reveal the exclusive info that there will be some call-ins. 3:31 PM
Darryl Asher: No one could have guessed that I’m sure. 3:32 PM
Debbie: But will we see Paul Gilmartin this year? 3:32 PM
AmandaE: Hah. A real inside scoop right there. 3:32 PM
Debbie: (I love Paul Gilmartin) 3:32 PM
Darryl Asher: Yup. I’m the Inside Man. 3:32 PM
Greg K.: Yaaayyyy 3:32 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————DANIELLE KOENIG——————​————————​— 3:33 PM
Shippy: Surely Gilmartin has something made out of wood to sell 3:33 PM
Crystalinne: By that Darryl means he hung out behind a wall to rob a bank… 3:33 PM
Darryl Asher: And… dug a shithole in the floor! 3:34 PM
luvrhino: salt 3:35 PM
Darryl Asher: ALWAYS funny 3:36 PM
AmandaE: Every time! 3:36 PM
Darryl Asher: Never NOT 3:36 PM
Debbie: I might have missed someone posting this but Londale Theus Jr. @LondaleJr played Kwame (via Portroids) 3:36 PM
AmandaE: Thanks Debbie. I’ve been wondering. 3:37 PM
Darryl Asher: He was great! 3:37 PM
TK: that’s a haircut you can set your watch to 3:37 PM
Shippy: Wonder why the guests aren’t sitting next to Jimmy this year? 3:39 PM
rachel-h: I’ve heard of Chips Tips, but Nips Tips? 3:39 PM
Darryl Asher: I love how Jimmy loves making Danielle laugh. 3:39 PM
Carla: New segment…tips from the nips 3:39 PM
Garon joined the chat 11 seconds ago 3:42 PM
Debbie: Guests are tweeting before they come on there 3:42 PM
Greg K.: I love Danielle’s laugh forever and ever. 3:42 PM
Karmyn: Gannon?! Is that you? smile 3:43 PM
Darryl Asher: Back to googling, Gannon. 3:43 PM
Typer: exes and Lights 3:43 PM
Shippy: Who’s next Debbie? 3:43 PM
Typer: Gannon? 3:43 PM
Greg K.: I love how Garon is now intertwinned with The Legend of Zelda. 3:44 PM
Debbie: Matt Walsh 3:44 PM
Greg K.: *intertwined* 3:44 PM
Greg K.: Does this chat room have spellcheck annnnnd? 3:45 PM
Darryl Asher: You mean he’s a character in a video game annnndddd…??? 3:45 PM
Shippy: There’s a link 3:45 PM
Typer: yes amd. 3:45 PM
AmandaE: I see what yo udid there. 3:46 PM
Shippy: You’re welcome 3:47 PM
Greg K.: My pleasure. 3:48 PM
AmandaE: big grin 3:48 PM
Darryl Asher: Shippy: putting the guests next to Jimmy left Pat and Matt out of the flow of the conversation too much. 3:48 PM
Debbie: How many times has Jimmy bowed now? 3:49 PM
sarah the PI: wow uncle kracker reference 3:49 PM
Darryl Asher: Jimmy wanted the guests next to him because it kinda makes more sense and looks good on TV and in pictures, so they tried it last year. But the energy was definitely different. So back to this. 3:49 PM
TK: Follow me 3:50 PM
Carla: Everything is alright 3:50 PM
Carlton: Sigh that girl to an AST recording deal! 3:51 PM
Greg K.: ♫ Follow me, don’t follow me . . I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my -♫ 3:51 PM
Greg K.: That song? 3:51 PM
Darryl Asher: ORANGE CRUSH 3:51 PM
Greg K.: Bang. 3:51 PM
Debbie: DIET COKE 3:51 PM
Crystalinne: It’s a requirement in the Asher/Pantano households to sing “I’ve got my spine I’ve got my orange crush.” well, anytime, but especially when we have an Orange Crush 3:52 PM
Marie: adorable 3:52 PM
Darryl Asher: Or a spine. 3:53 PM
Debbie: Or you watch It Follows 3:53 PM
Darryl Asher: Gannon! 3:53 PM
Greg K.: Fantastic. Although, I’ve not had an orange crush in a lifetime. Or a Nehi . . 3:54 PM
Debbie: Do they realize who is behind the Gannon account? 3:54 PM
Darryl Asher: It’s a mystery. 3:54 PM
Darryl Asher: Garon knows. 3:55 PM
Carla: I have Orange crush is the frisge right now! 3:55 PM
Carla: Fridge* 3:55 PM
Crystalinne: It’s a mystery as spooky as Garon’s spooky computer station. 3:55 PM
Marie: heeeyyyyyy 3:56 PM
Debbie: Woooo! 3:56 PM
Greg K.: Well, we are just having fun and learning whilst having said fun! 3:56 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————TOTAL $16.250.98————–​————————​— 3:56 PM
luvrhino: Darryl, is it you? 3:56 PM
Greg K.: Matt Walsh!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:56 PM
Darryl Asher: What kind of narcissistic asshole would start a fake Garon account? 3:57 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————MATT WALSH——————-​———————- 3:57 PM
luvrhino: I don’t think Matt would do that. 3:57 PM
luvrhino: You, on the other hand… 3:57 PM
Darryl Asher: It would have to be a narcissistic asshole. 3:57 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! 3:57 PM
luvrhino: Since it’s not me, since I think I’d remember that. 3:58 PM
Darryl Asher: Ha 3:58 PM
Darryl Asher: All I can say, is that my sources tell me that Garon loves it. 3:58 PM
Darryl Asher: And my source is Garon. 3:58 PM
Debbie: Garon is a great guy. 3:58 PM
Debbie: he GETS IT. 3:59 PM
Darryl Asher: He’s awesome. 3:59 PM
Carlton: Darryl can you get a message to Garon to have them stop for a minute or two so I can take a bathroom break? 4:01 PM
Darryl Asher: There he is checking for my messages now. 4:01 PM
Darryl Asher: I can only get messages to Gannon. 4:02 PM
Carlton: Gannon might have more stroke than Garon anyway. 4:02 PM
Darryl Asher: I think so, and he’s fake! 4:02 PM
Carlton: I tried getting ahold of Dan Katz, but I’m not confident in that making it through the pipeline. 4:03 PM
Darryl Asher: Having talked to Dan Katz in person numerous times, I can tell you that even talking to him face to face I’m not confident that it gets through the pipeline. 4:04 PM
Debbie: I’d love to see Dan Katz make an appearance tonight 4:04 PM
Darryl Asher: LOL PAT! 4:04 PM
Debbie: !!! 4:05 PM
Crystalinne: YA! 4:05 PM
Carlton: Speaking of which, I wish they would do a kind of reunion show of all the former in house characters. Thaxton, Darryl, Katz, Schmidt 4:05 PM
Darryl Asher: In case anyone missed it 4:05 PM
Darryl Asher 4:05 PM
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Greg K.: “I heard it. It was coming front that direction.” XD 4:06 PM
Greg K.: UGH 4:06 PM
Greg K.: typo 4:06 PM
Darryl Asher: Our brains autocorrect so dont worry 4:07 PM
rachel-h: great pic, Darryl bravo​ 4:07 PM
Darryl Asher: Great = scary. Crystalinne made me do it. 4:07 PM
Greg K.: Thanks, Darryl. And, I saw the picture . . same glasses, even . . 4:07 PM
WeDontEdit joined the chat 4:08 PM
Mike joined the chat 4:09 PM
Greg K.: Damn, dude! 4:10 PM
Greg K.: Mrs. Buttersworth?!? 4:10 PM
Greg K.: That’s awesome. 4:10 PM
Crystalinne joined the chat 4:11 PM
Darryl Asher: I want a pinball machine!!!!!! 4:12 PM
Greg K.: Yay, Matt Walsh! 4:13 PM
Greg K.: Remember “candy bacon”? I learned it from Mr. Walsh? 4:13 PM
Greg K.: Uh-oh 4:15 PM
Darryl Asher: Leto! 4:15 PM
Greg K.: WOW! 4:15 PM
Greg K.: “There’s a ceiling” 4:16 PM
Darryl Asher: I can’t even see Conan due to Let’s beautiful eyeballs being there. 4:16 PM
Darryl Asher: Leto’s* 4:16 PM
Raj: Heard a “HEY-O!!” Ran into the room thinking I missed Dirty Carson… 4:18 PM
Debbie: I have a feeling Conan really shows up later. 4:19 PM
Shane joined the chat 5 seconds ago 4:20 PM
Shane: sup ya’lls 4:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Whoa! Syncro issue! Just me? 4:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Hey Shane. 4:20 PM
Carlton: same 4:20 PM
Greg K.: Yay!!! 4:20 PM
Greg K.: Apey!! 4:20 PM
Shane: yeah, I’m having the same issue 4:20 PM
Carla: Love April!!! 4:21 PM
Darryl Asher: Is it everyone, annnnnd…? 4:21 PM
Greg K.: ♫Dressed in yellow, she says hello…♫ 4:21 PM
Raj: Never happier to over-presume something… 4:21 PM
Greg K.: Nope. Good here. 4:21 PM
Carla: Come sit next to me you fine fellow 4:21 PM
Raj: I would buy a house from her… 4:21 PM
Debbie joined the chat 4:21 PM
SusanL joined the chat 6 seconds ago 4:21 PM
Greg K.: Bang. 4:21 PM
Darryl Asher: One smart fellow, he felt smart. 4:21 PM
Debbie: Good for me too 4:21 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————APRIL RICHARDSON————–​——————— 4:22 PM
rachel-h: When it comes to The Mask, then the yellow suit and the smoking section are my favorite parts! 4:22 PM
Greg K.: She is brutally hot. 4:22 PM
Greg K.: Smoking crater, even . . . 4:23 PM
Darryl Asher: Went out of the feed then back in and all is well. You can all relax now. 4:23 PM
Debbie: Phew 4:23 PM
Carla: Yes she is. 4:23 PM
Greg K.: If she and Danielle did a scene together, I would faint. 4:24 PM
Debbie: I’m not over 60 but I blurt laughed at the Gabby Hayes reference 4:24 PM
Carla: 😂😂😂 4:24 PM
TK: Apey looks faboo! 4:24 PM
SusanL joined the chat 4:29 PM
Darryl Asher: I should probably know Johnny Marr, but I don’t, other than his Wikipedia. 4:29 PM
Carla: PAT!! 4:30 PM
Greg K.: ewww. 4:30 PM
Greg K.: ♫ Turn on your heartlight ♫ 4:31 PM
Darryl Asher: You heard that Greg. 4:32 PM
vivi joined the chat 4:32 PM
Greg K.: That’s Darryl, everyone. He likes to put my shit on blast. 4:33 PM
Darryl Asher: Give Gannon a mic, I’m sure he has some golden sighs and mumbles to share! 4:33 PM
Raj: no bare mins there… 4:34 PM
Darryl Asher: Also: bicycle bell 4:35 PM
Greg K.: Szheeng – szheeng! 4:35 PM
Darryl Asher: EVERY DAMN TIME a bike rides by in a movie to tv show. ::brinngggg brinnnnggg:: 4:35 PM
Darryl Asher: Szheeng works too. I guess. 4:36 PM
Greg K.: SE7ENS! 4:36 PM
Greg K.: Federman with the sound FX!! 4:37 PM
SusanL joined the chat 4:38 PM
Raj: Pardo leaves, it’s a Spike Jones rehearsal… 4:38 PM
Darryl Asher: For the over 60 crowd, Raj 4:38 PM
SusanL: LOL 4:38 PM
Greg K.: I got them all!!!!!! 4:39 PM
Greg K.: no one believes me. 4:39 PM
Mark Nealon: “I don’t like that game.” 4:40 PM
AmandaE joined the chat 4:40 PM
Jason Baldwin left the chat 6 seconds ago 4:41 PM
Mark Nealon: Noooooooooooooooo 4:41 PM
Greg K.: Jimmy Pardo, everyone! 4:41 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 4:41 PM
scott (smawj): the feed died\ 4:41 PM
Greg K.: “I’m a fan of the colored toilet” 4:41 PM
luvrhino: FCC shut it down for racism 4:41 PM
Shane: nooooooooooo streaming has stoppedd 4:41 PM
Greg K.: NO BITCHING 4:41 PM
Crystalinne: ahhhhhh 4:42 PM
AmandaE: On one hand it sucks. on the other I’m relieved it’s not just me. 4:42 PM
Darryl Asher: oh noes 4:42 PM
Carlton: refresh 4:42 PM
Shane: PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​! 4:42 PM
Carlton: it’s back 4:42 PM
Jason Baldwin: I have such a crush on April. 4:42 PM
Greg K.: NO 4:42 PM
Greg K.: NO 4:42 PM
Liz joined the chat 4:42 PM
SusanL: Agh! 4:42 PM
luvrhino: Audio only feed also out 4:42 PM
dave joined the chat 4:42 PM
Greg K.: NO BITCHING. 4:42 PM
dave: The white toilet monopoly finally took this show down 4:42 PM
Darryl Asher: Well it’s time for “I’ll Snack What Darryl’s Snacking.” This episode: mini tacos. 4:43 PM
Greg K.: Hijacked by a modern-day bath facility! 4:43 PM
TK: Ritz crackers & peanut butter 4:43 PM
Jeff joined the chat 4:43 PM
Carlton: stream has gone from 1539 watching, down to 330 watching. We’re losing everyone! 4:44 PM
Pelkey!: crying 4:44 PM
dave: I’m going to be honest I don’t know if Eliot is going to survive this one. 4:44 PM
fedfan0: At least when the stream goes down, they usually post that hour for free on YouTube. Glad I will be able to share it with others. 4:44 PM
Darryl Asher: Strangely the VPN icon is even gone from my subscribed channels on AppleTV 4:44 PM
Greg K.: This happens EVERY year. Go get a Drake’s Cake and wait it out! 4:44 PM
rachel-h: i’m back in 4:45 PM
sarah the PI: i’m having preztels and peanut butter, darryl but mini tacos sound good! 4:45 PM
Carlton: back! 4:45 PM
Greg K.: See, jagoffs?!? 4:45 PM
rachel-h: and I got to hear “I’m a fan of the colored toilet” again 4:45 PM
Crystalinne: Are we back? 4:45 PM
Carlton: back up to 427 watching. 4:45 PM
Greg K.: @rachel – That’s fantastic! 4:45 PM
Debbie: I had standard sized tacos earlier. Cheese flavored shells though. 4:45 PM
Greg K.: Who? 4:45 PM
TK: Wow! McShane in the house! 4:46 PM
KidBeatnix joined the chat 4:46 PM
rachel-h: Franklin Delano Romanowski! 4:46 PM
TK: He was great on Dave Holmes’ International Waters a few weeks ago. 4:46 PM
AmandaE: I’m making a taco bar right now 4:46 PM
TK: Also on Wayward Pines. 4:46 PM
KidBeatnix: Hey everyone. 4:47 PM
SusanL: I was thinking the crazy storm we are having in N Ca finally took our internet out. Glad this is just not me. 4:47 PM
SusanL: It’s back! 4:47 PM
Pelkey!: smile 4:47 PM
Darryl Asher: Our long national nightmare is over. 4:47 PM
Raj: not to disrespect but I gots Tony Slattery in my head now… 4:48 PM
Pelkey!: Started from the beginning! 4:48 PM
phil joined the chat 4:49 PM
Jason Baldwin: I’m having such trouble with the YouTube stream on the AppleTV app that I’m considering other options. 4:49 PM
KidBeatnix: It was out for everyone Jason. It should be back now 4:50 PM
Pelkey!: Oh I got back to the right place now. Whew ! 4:50 PM
Jason Baldwin: I was paused and I’m just up to Johnny Marr talk. 4:50 PM
Jason Baldwin: Thanks, though. 4:51 PM
KidBeatnix: I’m on a PS4 and it’s been good. Do you have a gaming system? 4:52 PM
Jason Baldwin: Nope. 4:53 PM
Shippy joined the chat 5 seconds ago 4:54 PM
KidBeatnix: Working well off pardcast site too 4:54 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————-MIKE MCSHANE—————–​——————- 4:54 PM
Debbie 4:55 PM
Never Not Funny’s PARDCAST-A-THON 2016: a benefit for Smile TrainYouTube · · 1K · 99%It’s the 7th Annual PARDCAST-A-THON, Never Not Funny’s marathon fund-raiser for Smile Train. Hosted by Jimmy Pardo, with Matt Belknap and Pat Francis. Scheduled to appear: Sarah Silverman, Michael Sheen, Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Ash, Ben Schwartz and many more! Donate: Charity auctions: More at http://nevernotfunny.comClick to hide video thumbnail.
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is the direct link to the youtube stream
Debbie: Fancy! 4:55 PM
Carla: I just have YouTube on a smart tv. I’ve had no problems. 4:55 PM
Shippy: looks like the stream went down for just the end of April’s segment, because there’s a break in the video if you rewind it 4:56 PM
Debbie: Where’s Gannon????? 4:57 PM
Debbie: Spooky! 4:57 PM
KidBeatnix: I am happy to report that I won the Anthony Rapp phone call for my girlfriend and she is going to faint. 4:57 PM
Debbie: Congrats! 4:57 PM
Carla: Good boyfriend… 4:58 PM
SusanL joined the chat 4:58 PM
KidBeatnix: She has a rent tattoo. She’s in deep. 4:58 PM
Shippy: how much did it go for? $525, 600? 4:59 PM
KidBeatnix: Buy it now for 269 4:59 PM
KidBeatnix: Grabbed it early 4:59 PM
Darryl Asher: Well, *I* got it Shippy. 5:00 PM
Darryl Asher: I will now be singing prices to everything 5:00 PM
Carla: Well played shippy. 5:00 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————TOMMY SHAW PHONE CALL——————–​———– 5:01 PM
Shippy: half a mil would’ve been stupid, for that much, you’d have to get a lot more than that 5:01 PM
KidBeatnix: Tommy Shaw. Wild 5:01 PM
SusanL: Awesome 5:02 PM
Carlton: oops.. that phone number 5:02 PM
KidBeatnix: Luckily NNF has respectful fans 5:03 PM
Darryl Asher: Also we don’t understand numbers. 5:05 PM
Carlton: If anyone is disrespectful, we can put sarah the PI on the case. 5:05 PM
Shippy: I only dial numbers that spell words 5:06 PM
Greg K.: Damn. 5:06 PM
sarah the PI: personal protection services available! 5:07 PM
Carlton: When I was young, I remembered everyone’s number by shape. My best friend’s number was the eiffel tower 2579 5:07 PM
Greg K.: Remember Carrot Tops? ” 5:07 PM
Greg K.: “Dial down the center!!” 5:07 PM
SusanL: That was awesome 5:07 PM
Maryanne E joined the chat 5:08 PM
Darryl Asher: And so does the world 5:09 PM
Carla: My 8 and 9 year old can surely cook their own dinner right? I cant miss a minute.. 5:09 PM
Debbie: the smudges on Jimmy’s phone screen though….. 5:10 PM
Darryl Asher: 18182.36 5:10 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————————​—-TOTAL $18,182.36————–​————————​————- 5:10 PM
luvrhino: Dammit, Darryl’s ahead of me by at least 10 sec 5:10 PM
Greg K.: Darryl, are you going to post the current tote, annnnnnd? 5:11 PM
Shippy: FYI, the video on Roku is going a lot smoother after a reset, a Heynong Man, if you will 5:11 PM
Carla: Heynong man.. 5:11 PM
Darryl Asher: I was really trying to be more ahead! I just happened to get the text alert from the NNF twitter. 5:11 PM
TK: Benny SchwaZ! House of Pies! 5:15 PM
Crystalinne: YES YES YES! 5:15 PM
Shippy: Benny Schwazz! 5:15 PM
Crystalinne: One of my fav. guests. 5:15 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————-BEN SCHWARTZ—————-​————— 5:15 PM
Shippy: gon’ lissin to some plugs! 5:15 PM
Carla: Yay!! 5:15 PM
Greg K.: May the Schwartz be with you. 5:16 PM
Marie: oh benny he got himself into something that can’t be undone! 5:16 PM
Greg K.: Whoa. 5:16 PM
Greg K.: Did I predict some shit?!? 5:17 PM
Greg K.: Whoa! 5:17 PM
Carla: Thats was a nice piece of business Greg K 5:17 PM
Greg K.: Accidental awesome 5:17 PM
Greg K.: Thanks, @Carla! 5:17 PM
KidBeatnix: Solo bolo 5:18 PM
Carla: Residge 5:18 PM
Marie: that’s a nice anti-semitic cartoon you got there 5:18 PM
Darryl Asher: Bare mins residge 5:18 PM
Marie: in the words of the great phil rosenthal 5:18 PM
Darryl Asher: ANother $100 according to Gannon 5:19 PM
Marie: is the word “anti-semitic” 5:19 PM
Debbie: Maybe Jimmy’s phrase that pays is when someone mentions the caricature 5:19 PM
Darryl Asher 5:19 PM
Gannon ‏@MyNamesGannon 2h2 hours ago
Probably shouldn’t spill the beans, but the secret $100 word Jimmy wrote is “antisemitic.” #PCAT16
Marie: lolol 5:19 PM
TK: a great kirk-iture 5:20 PM
TK: of Elliott 5:20 PM
Carla: Awesome! 5:20 PM
Pelkey!: Antisemitism 5:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Benson live on periscope – stealing focus. 5:21 PM
Darryl Asher: Backstage 5:21 PM
KidBeatnix: My guess was the caricature for the phrase that pays. Happens every year 5:22 PM
Darryl Asher: Who has heard the Hamilton CAST RECORDING? 5:24 PM
KidBeatnix: I have not but I’ve been itching to go to iTunes all day 5:24 PM
Greg K.: He’s very handsome. 5:25 PM
sarah the PI: I have, maybe a few times…or more… 5:25 PM
Darryl Asher: It’s on Amazon Prime too. 5:25 PM
Shippy: Hamilton….zzzzzzzzzzzz​….. 5:26 PM
sarah the PI: I <3 Prime and Hamilton 5:26 PM
Darryl Asher: I think if anyone listens to it MORE than once, then it’s like thousands of times. 5:26 PM
KidBeatnix: Just pulled the trigger and bought it 5:26 PM
Carla joined the chat 5:26 PM
Darryl Asher: I am not a musical guy. I did like JC Superstar and Godspell as a teen. But holy cow is Hamilton awesome. 5:27 PM
Debbie: I saw Cats on tour. 5:27 PM
KidBeatnix: I’m a musical guy. Don’t know what took me so long 5:27 PM
Carla: I love the cast recording…listening to it on amazon prime 5:27 PM
Darryl Asher: I listen on Apple Music. I’ve listened on Prime, but it always puts a gap between songs, even when there isn’t supposed to be one. 5:28 PM
sarah the PI: I was already into musicals and nerdcore music, hamilton hits all the right spots. 5:29 PM
TK: The Pardcast-a-thon. When people stop getting polite and start getting real. 5:30 PM
KidBeatnix: Sara, if you like nerdcore, boy do I have stories for you 5:30 PM
Darryl Asher: I did see Phantom touring company in Detroit years ago. It was fantastic but didn’t make me want to listen to it again. Plus, the main theme seems to be stolen from Pink Floyd’s song Echoes, which made me prejudiced. 5:30 PM
Carla: I love musical theater. Get a group of people singing in harmony and i’ll tear up every time. 5:30 PM
Mark Nealon: I just want to be best friends with Benny Schwas. Is that too much to ask? 5:30 PM
KidBeatnix: I think there’s a long line Mark 5:31 PM
sarah the PI: carla: ditto! 5:31 PM
TK: I saw Spamalot in Vegas years ago. A great mix of Monty Pyton skits, Holy Grail and some great jabs at musicals. 5:31 PM
luvrhino: I had Ben Schwartz play me on stage. It was fantastic. 5:31 PM
Carla: I saw the touring company of Wicked last year. Weeping the entire show.. I’m a nerd. 5:31 PM
Darryl Asher: MaxFun or a fever dream? 5:31 PM
luvrhino: Fever dream at Shitty Jobs. 5:32 PM
Darryl Asher: ha fun! 5:32 PM
Carla: Up top! 5:32 PM
Darryl Asher: Haven’t gone to that yet. Timing was never right. 5:32 PM
luvrhino: I cheated by using escorting at Planned Parenthood as my “shitty” job…which would almost always be picked. 5:32 PM
Darryl Asher: Well, ya, what a ripe topic for humor 5:32 PM
luvrhino: To their credit, they did not do the obvious and had very little abortion humor. 5:33 PM
Darryl Asher: Professionals! 5:33 PM
sarah the PI: ha 5:34 PM
luvrhino: Probably the best improv I’ve ever seen. Both my night and when I’ve seen them do people who aren’t me…but I did have most of the originals there, including DC Pearson and Donald Glover 5:35 PM
Carla: Donald Glover’s bit about niglet makes me gut laugh every time i hear it. 5:36 PM
Greg K.: Rapp attack! 5:38 PM
Carla: Anthony!!!! 5:38 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————–ANTHONY​ RAPP CALLS IN———————-​————– 5:39 PM
KidBeatnix: There’s my guy 5:39 PM
Darryl Asher: Settle down everyone 5:39 PM
Darryl Asher: A sing along is ALWAYS awkward. 5:39 PM
Greg K.: Especially Happy Birthday. 5:40 PM
Darryl Asher: HATE happy birthday, giving OR receiving 5:40 PM
Greg K.: Right. 5:41 PM
Darryl Asher: So when people sing it, do you sing along aaannnnndddd….? 5:41 PM
Greg K.: Hah! 5:41 PM
Greg K.: 600 minutes! 5:43 PM
Greg K.: That’s a Rapp! 5:44 PM
Darryl Asher: Greg I can kick you out 5:45 PM
Greg K.: sorry… 5:45 PM
Carla: Very punny… 5:46 PM
KidBeatnix: What on earth is “mafia” 5:47 PM
AmandaE: what did he say? I missed it. 5:48 PM
Carla: Never heard of it 5:48 PM
scott (smawj): im assuming its this… 5:48 PM
Andrew: actually hes right, it is hard to explain succintly now that I think about it 5:48 PM
KidBeatnix: Word. 5:49 PM
TK: I’d rather play Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. 5:49 PM
Andrew: That wikipedia link is correct 5:49 PM
Greg K.: WHAT? 5:49 PM
scott (smawj): we played it in school a couple of times when we had subs and stuff, also an exercise in improv class 5:50 PM
Andrew: it always ends up in yelling at each other 5:50 PM
Carla joined the chat 5:50 PM
TK: what did that guy say? 5:50 PM
Greg K.: South suberbs. 5:51 PM
Greg K.: APPLAUSE… 5:51 PM
Greg K.: I’m getting a flannel like that . . 5:52 PM
Carla: It was a nice flannel.. 5:53 PM
Raj: played Mafia once 13 years ago, so much fun… 5:53 PM
luvrhino: After 4+ hours, someone finally outbid me on Alison Rosen being my new best friend to bid to end in $0.69. 5:54 PM
Greg K.: …And then Elise said, “Stop texting MC Lyte!” 5:54 PM
Andrew: god damn it I love dirty carson 5:55 PM
Carla: DIRTY CARSON!!! 5:55 PM
Greg K.: Yay! 5:55 PM
Greg K.: XD 5:55 PM
Carla: I used to buy weed from Mac Davis’s son in Atlanta. Fun fact… 5:56 PM
Darryl Asher: That IS fun! 5:57 PM
Greg K.: That IS a fun fact @Carla #typing #unnecessarypoundsign #mystupidjoke 5:58 PM
sarah the PI: okay kiddos I am off to the superego show! see you tonight, probably! 5:58 PM
Greg K.: Stupid Question of the Week! 5:58 PM
Cc joined the chat 5:59 PM
luvrhino: I didn’t notice that Sarah the PI was here. Watching us. Watch them. 5:59 PM
Carla: Where is everyone in the room from? I’m in Arkansas. 6:00 PM
Cc: NY! 6:00 PM
KidBeatnix: WI 6:01 PM
KidBeatnix: I’m Jason from Door County that sucked the energy out of the room 6:02 PM
Greg K.: 1984! What a great year! 6:02 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————–TOTAL 19,884.95—————​—————- 6:02 PM
Crystalinne: I’m in Salt Lake City! 6:02 PM
Carla: Haha 6:02 PM
TK: Tony from Minnesota. 6:02 PM
Carlton: Southern Illinois 6:02 PM
Greg K.: from North Carolina . . . 6:03 PM
Carla: Where in NC Greg? I lived in Charlotte for a bit. 6:04 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————MICHAE​L SHEEN——————-​————- 6:04 PM
TK: Ch-ch-ch-changes! 6:04 PM
Darryl Asher: I lived in Charlotte for a couple years. Nice city. 6:05 PM
TK: Points! 6:05 PM
Shippy: who needs that sax solo in Baker Street, right? 6:06 PM
Karmyn: Edmonton 6:06 PM
scott (smawj): winnipeg 6:06 PM
TK: I thought lichens were a type of fungus. 6:06 PM
Raj: Before seeing her sneaking Sheen out of PCAT’14, I spent months thinking Sarah S. was dating Michael Shannon… 6:07 PM
Greg K.: Originally Wadesboro, NC, but currently in the eastern part of the state, in a ‘quaint’ little place called New Bern. 6:07 PM
Greg K.: Wadesboro = 1 hour east of Charlotte. 6:08 PM
Greg K.: (I hope everyone’s getting this.) 6:08 PM
Carla: I’ve heard of it. New Bern, that is. 6:09 PM
Carlton: I feel like Michael Sheen could play Tim Curry in a Curry biopic 6:09 PM
Greg K.: Fun fact! My friend, Terry (male), from here, was recently on Jeopardy! 6:09 PM
Carla: We are full of fun facts around here. 6:10 PM
Crystalinne: We predicted an Inside Man reference! 6:10 PM
Karmyn: Canadian stereotype confirmation: eating poutine while I watch. 6:10 PM
AmandaE: Southern Illinois here too! (way behind) 6:10 PM
Carlton: I’ll lean out the window and wave at you Amanda 6:11 PM
Greg K.: That’s ok, AmandaE… I don’t know what time it is HERE 6:11 PM
Andrew: St Louis here 6:13 PM
Debbie: Newfoundland, Canada. It’s 9:45 here. 6:16 PM
Greg K.: I have to admit: I don’t know the current guest. Help? 6:17 PM
TK: He’s on Masters of Sex & currently dating Sarah Silverman. 6:17 PM
bo joined the chat 6:18 PM
Greg K.: What?!? 6:18 PM
Greg K.: . . . ok, thanks. 6:18 PM
TK: He’s also been on Comedy Bang Bang the TV show and was hilarious. 6:18 PM
Carla: Who sends out the NNF twitter feed? 6:18 PM
Debbie: And Doug Loves Movies 6:18 PM
Raj: loved him on 30 rock 6:19 PM
TK: Constant Zimmer 6:19 PM
TK: Is she related to Hans? 6:19 PM
Mark Nealon: Not a comedy, but Sheen was great in The Damned United. 6:19 PM
Greg K.: Ron who? 6:21 PM
Carla: True or false…Dave Navarro was my first celebrity sighting when i lived in LA 6:21 PM
Greg K.: I’m gonna say true… 6:21 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 6:22 PM
Carla: No…false… 6:22 PM
Carla: Of course its true.. Lol 6:22 PM
Mark Nealon: Sklunk? 6:24 PM
Darryl Asher: If Garon is reading this: I’ll donate $100 and buy a Blu-ray if you go sit in the guest chair. 6:24 PM
Darryl Asher: DAMMIT too late. 6:25 PM
Darryl Asher: But there’s plenty of time. 6:25 PM
————————————-SARAH SILVERMAN—————————–
Darryl Asher: Oh, is that Sarah “K” Silverman??? 6:25 PM
Debbie: Doesn’t count if Garon does it in the last hour when things are loosey goosey. 6:28 PM
Greg K.: Silverman 1, Pardo 0 6:29 PM
Greg K.: I keed. 6:30 PM
Carla: Loosey goosey…love that phrase 6:30 PM
Greg K.: “Don’t make it political, the whole thing’s gonna fall apart!” – Jimmy Pardo 6:31 PM
Greg K.: Season 4 6:32 PM
Greg K.: Ok . . is there anyone left here annnnnnd? 6:33 PM
Debbie: This is the time when there’s a lullllll 6:34 PM
Mark Nealon: hi 6:34 PM
Carla: Does anyone else’s picture get blurry every once in a while? 6:34 PM
Debbie: Yes mines does 6:34 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah I think that’s just streaming and bandwidth 6:35 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah, the Garon thing has to be better than yelling “Scream for me long beach” to nobody,. 6:35 PM
Greg K.: Oh no 6:36 PM
Darryl Asher: He should scream it now! 6:36 PM
Greg K.: Not the ‘f’ word 6:36 PM
Greg K.: Yes! 6:36 PM
Debbie: That would be pretty great if he just yelled it when there wasn’t a guest out there. 6:36 PM
Greg K.: Masturbate! 6:36 PM
Greg K.: before 6:36 PM
Greg K.: after 6:36 PM
Greg K.: deny 6:36 PM
Greg K.: See? 6:37 PM
Greg K.: Wow. Am I the only one here, now? 6:38 PM
Debbie: I’m behind so trying to catch up now 6:38 PM
Greg K. joined the chat 6 seconds ago 6:40 PM
Darryl Asher: Everyone is just enthralled with SS 6:41 PM
Cardimum joined the chat 6:42 PM
Pelkey!: Sarah is fabulous!!! 6:44 PM
Darryl Asher: I’ll be a guest on Rock Solid soon, but not of note. No autograph from me. 6:45 PM
Crystalinne: Sign a snakes-in-a-can mints. 6:46 PM
Carla joined the chat 6:46 PM
Greg K. joined the chat 6:47 PM
Darryl Asher: Oh! My trademark bit. 6:47 PM
Debbie: You don’t have 8×10’s Darryl? 6:47 PM
Darryl Asher: I have plenty. But no one wants one. 6:47 PM
Darryl Asher: Which is why I have plenty. 6:47 PM
Debbie: You should sign that photo you posted where you look like Jimmy when he was on SNL. 6:48 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah, that’s what I have. big grin 6:48 PM
Carla: The Awful Waffles! Ha! 6:48 PM
Darryl Asher: Jared Leto again!! 6:48 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————–CONA​N SKYPES IN AGAIN——————-​———- 6:49 PM
Padraic joined the chat 6:49 PM
Darryl Asher: Don’t forget your downloadable waffle poster! 6:49 PM
Debbie: I love Conan! 6:49 PM
Greg K.: “Time-Warner cable, how can I help you today?” 6:49 PM
Greg K.: (behind) 6:49 PM
Padraic: Steeltown in the house 6:50 PM
scott (smawj): what is jimmy’s desktop background? 6:50 PM
scott (smawj): i think i heard prefontaine earlier? 6:50 PM
Pelkey!: Bernie Sanders is an atheist!!! 6:50 PM
Darryl Asher: It’s Jared Leto as Prefontaine in the movie 6:50 PM
Karmyn: Feels like that room is backstage smile 6:50 PM
Darryl Asher: That might be Matt’s laptop. 6:50 PM
Servo joined the chat 6:50 PM
Carla: Tom Servo…is that you??? wink 6:51 PM
Debbie: Agreed Karmyn. 6:51 PM
Mark Nealon: Hmmm…what has come up 9 times? 6:51 PM
Crystalinne: WAFFLE POSTERSSSS! Seriously peeps. Free when you donate. Straight from me. I don’t save your contact info or anything! 6:51 PM
Debbie: @Mark: Jimmy’s cock? 6:52 PM
Carla: I got my Waffle poster. Thanks crystalinne. 6:52 PM
Crystalinne: Woot!! 6:52 PM
scott (smawj): noooooooooooooooooooooo 6:52 PM
scott (smawj): anyone elses feed go down? 6:52 PM
Servo: Aye Carla! 6:52 PM
Carla: Yep 6:52 PM
KidBeatnix: Yep 6:53 PM
Padraic: yes, frozen 6:53 PM
Shippy: yep 6:53 PM
Karmyn: Mine is just a sad spinny circle 6:53 PM
Darryl Asher: Ran out of internet oil! 6:53 PM
Cc: Yeah :/ 6:53 PM
Mark Nealon: Audio only dead too? 6:53 PM
Carla: My favorite bot, Tom Servo… 6:53 PM
KidBeatnix: The internet tubes are backed up 6:53 PM
Carlton: Sounds like a good time for a pee break 6:54 PM
Servo: My online moniker since 19 hundred and 89 6:54 PM
Mark Nealon: Time to grab a beer and some snacks, I guess. 6:54 PM
Darryl Asher 6:54 PM
The webpage stream says Video was interrupted
The streamer stopped streaming.
shane joined the chat 6:54 PM
Servo: Don’t cross streams 6:54 PM
Carla: Thats what mine says. 6:54 PM
Darryl Asher: Here’s an episode of “I’ll Snack What Darry’s Snacking” — Chocolate flavored almond milk and a pastry! 6:55 PM
Shippy: video’s down and PFT is on! 6:55 PM
Jes joined the chat 6:55 PM
Padraic: just put in on the audio stream… PFT 6:55 PM
Carla: No snacking here…vodka and fresca tho.. 6:56 PM
Padraic: good time to switch over to the Smile Train donation form 6:56 PM
ZimZam joined the chat 6:56 PM
Shippy: just have to imagine a fancy suit 6:56 PM
rdriley joined the chat 6:56 PM
dave: in my imagination it’s lavender 6:56 PM
shallowgal joined the chat 6:57 PM
Carlton: I’m back, did Darryl fix everything yet? 6:57 PM
SGetz joined the chat 6:57 PM
Darryl Asher: Double Z! 6:57 PM
Crystalinne: at least audio’s working for nowwww 6:57 PM
TheMisterPipes joined the chat 6:57 PM
ZimZam: Hey friends! 6:57 PM
Darryl Asher: Still working on it. 6:57 PM
Darryl Asher: Video now. 6:57 PM
Carlton: son of a bitch.. 6:57 PM
Padraic: the video just came back 6:57 PM
Carla joined the chat 6:57 PM
Crystalinne: Oh i’m back 6:57 PM
Carlton: you are a magician 6:57 PM
TheMisterPipes: It’s back up 6:57 PM
TheMisterPipes: PFT 6:57 PM
Darryl Asher: PFT in a tuangryish thing) 6:57 PM
Carla: Yay. We’re back. 6:58 PM
shallowgal: ah! how much did we miss? 6:58 PM
ZimZam: My video just came back. It’s cut out on me 3 times now for about 5 minutes each time 6:58 PM
ZimZam: My video just came back. It’s cut out on me 3 times now for about 5 minutes each time 6:58 PM
Darryl Asher: well that was weird. Tux – ish thing. 6:58 PM
Crystalinne: ZimZam! 6:58 PM
ZimZam: C-Street!!!! (I’m not happy with that nickname for you) blushing​ 6:59 PM
Crystalinne: Uh yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever had a good nickname 6:59 PM
ZimZam: Let me turn down the volume….. WOW! 6:59 PM
KidBeatnix joined the chat 6:59 PM
Crystalinne: … Crystal-Light was one.. yeah… 6:59 PM
Crystalinne: I go by Peel online.. so I respond to that! 6:59 PM
Darryl Asher 6:59 PM
@MyNamesGannon 13m13 minutes ago
I should post my auction: Mumble and Shuffle with Garon. #PCAT16
Mark Nealon: Ahhh! I left for a minute and PFT is here?!? 7:00 PM
Padraic: dave – the pocket square is purple so you weren’t far off 7:00 PM
Crystalinne: What about a lazy queen ball auction. The gowns alone! 7:00 PM
Darryl Asher 7:00 PM
@MyNamesGannon 1h1 hour ago
Just because I am sitting in the dark is no reason for Jimmy to call me “brother.” #PCAT16
ZimZam: I like the green socks 7:00 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————————​——-PFT————–​————————​——- 7:00 PM
Servo joined the chat 7:01 PM
TK: omg 7:03 PM
fedfan0: Love PFT. 7:03 PM
TK: loving this! 7:03 PM
Pelkey!: I love Paul Effin Tompkins!!! 7:03 PM
ninshark: he is liking those ps 7:03 PM
Padraic: ok Crystalinne, another poster order coming your way 7:03 PM
Carla: PFT is the best! 7:03 PM
Crystalinne: I’ll keep an eye out! 7:04 PM
Carla: It’s so money.. 7:04 PM
Meg joined the chat 7:04 PM
Meg: It’s actually amazing how well the stream is going 7:05 PM
Meg: Yay! 7:05 PM
scott (smawj): JARLES!!!!! 7:06 PM
scott (smawj): #classicjarles 7:06 PM
Carla: Jarles!!! 7:06 PM
Carla: And Larry!! 7:06 PM
Meg: My throat kills me in the best way watching this 7:06 PM
ZimZam: My daughter’s favorite character Larry!!!! 7:07 PM
Crystalinne: I feel like those voices are the ones where you’ll pull a throat muscle and feel it for days. 7:07 PM
Mark Nealon: PFT and Jimmy are legitimately the two funniest people in the world. 7:07 PM
Carla: Play cousins…I’m using that.. 7:07 PM
Shane: me too, carla. con. firmed. 7:08 PM
Meg: Okay, this is an AOL thing to ask, but where is everyone watching from? 7:08 PM
Shane: are you asking me a/s/l? 7:09 PM
Stephanie was timed out 5 seconds ago 7:09 PM
Stephanie joined the chat 7:09 PM
Meg: No, more just… l 7:09 PM
Cardimum: Boston over here 7:09 PM
Shane: I’d be more than happy to reveal, just say the word 7:10 PM
scott (smawj): oh dear god i hope they record those superego shows 7:10 PM
bo left this message : 7:10 PM
Loving PFT
Garon: 35/m/live at the acme comedy theater in hollywood 7:10 PM
Shane: haha, Gannon! 7:10 PM
Carla joined the chat 7:11 PM
Meg: you don’t look a day over 36 7:11 PM
Padraic: where’s the Like button?!? 7:11 PM
Shane: 28/m/Ohio 7:11 PM
Carla: Arkansas here 7:11 PM
Debbie: 41 / n/a / Newfoundland, Canada 7:11 PM
Darryl Asher: In the REALLY NERDY early AOL chat rooms, we would also give what kind of computer we were using. 7:11 PM
Meg: Oh wow, Darryl 7:12 PM
Debbie: Actually I’m 42. 7:12 PM
TK: Garon, how old were you in 1975? 7:12 PM
scott (smawj): NERD! </homer simpson voice>​ 7:12 PM
Shane: I’m using a Gateway, Darryl 7:12 PM
Meg: So I’m on a Macbook 12″ from Boston and definitively female 7:12 PM
Darryl Asher: 54 / M / Billings, MT / Asus Chromebook 7:12 PM
KidBeatnix: M/40/WI/iPad 7:12 PM
Crystalinne: 26 / f / Salt Lake Area (because it sounds too specific to say “Sandy, UT” because who knows where that is..) 7:13 PM
scott (smawj): 26/m/winnipeg mb canada/hp something or other 7:13 PM
Crystalinne: (almost 26 … kinda lying. B day is the 18th..) 7:13 PM
Meg: I always think urinary tract when I see ut 7:13 PM
TK: 34/MN/Dell PC 7:13 PM
Mark Nealon: I know where Sandy is! (Soccer fan) 7:13 PM
Crystalinne: Yeah… Same 7:13 PM
Carla: I’m on my LG3 in Arkansas and definitely female.. 7:13 PM
Padraic: 40/M/Pittsburgh 7:13 PM
Darryl Asher: I actually like knowing the computer! Makes more sense than years ago when it would just be 486DX or Mac 7:13 PM
Padraic: 41 on Thursday 7:13 PM
Dan Bookbinder: 34/M/CT/Macbook amateur 7:14 PM
Debbie: HP Laptop 7:14 PM
Darryl Asher: Happy bday 7:14 PM
Shane: Padraic, I was in Steubenville today, we coulda got a classic Pittsburgh french fry sammic 7:14 PM
Cardimum: 24/m/boston/self-build pc 7:14 PM
Raj: Dell Inspiron LT (’13) 7:14 PM
TK: Let me go Wiiiiiiild! Like a blister in the sun! 7:15 PM
Darryl Asher: Oddly, I have a perfectly good nearly new MacBook Pro less than 3 feet away. 7:15 PM
Crystalinne: Yeah dad, what are you getting me for my Birthday? Signed PCAT poster?? 7:15 PM
Carlton: 41 (42 on tuesday)/M/Southern Illinois/iMac 7:15 PM
Carla: Wayne is playing the Violent Femmes!! 7:15 PM
Padraic: Anytime, Shane – i’m 10 minutes away from the nearest Primanti’s 7:15 PM
Greg K. joined the chat 7:16 PM
Shane: Primanti’s…thank you 7:16 PM
ZimZam: My birthday is this month too Darryl. I’d also like a poster please 7:16 PM
Shane: couldn’t pull it 7:16 PM
Padraic: Carlton, I’m going to need you to move that birthday back a couple of days 7:16 PM
Carlton: I’ll put a request in to my mother right away. 7:16 PM
Darryl Asher: I’ll get you both a downloadable Waffle poster 7:16 PM
Shane: I feel like we need to define Darryl’s role on the show…should we call him the Weird Cousin? 7:16 PM
ZimZam: I already 7:17 PM
ZimZam: Have that 7:17 PM
Debbie: Play Cousin 7:17 PM
Darryl Asher: I am OFFENDED at that moniker. I am not a cousin. 7:17 PM
bo left this message : 7:17 PM
My birthday is April 4 which is the day the first NNF was recorded. It’s a sign.
Greg K.: (Overheard) ♫You could all just kiss off into the air, behind my back I can see them stare…♫ 7:17 PM
Carlton: Darryl the touchy Uncle? 7:17 PM
Shane: Creepy Uncle?? 7:17 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————————​TOTAL 23,712.95—————​————————​—– 7:17 PM
Shane: oh nice carlton 7:17 PM
Mark Nealon: My birthday is 9/11. My love of this show was meant to be. 7:17 PM
Greg K.: ♫ They’ll hurt me bad, but I don’t mind – they’ll hurt me bad – ♫ 7:18 PM
Carla: Never forget 7:18 PM
Shane: at least you’ll never forget your birthday, mark 7:18 PM
Darryl Asher: Stalkery Stepbro? 7:18 PM
Debbie: My birthday is between Matt & Jimmy’s. 7:18 PM
TK: how long of a break are they doing? 7:18 PM
Crystalinne: 20 mins sounds like 7:18 PM
TK: 6:35 7:18 PM
Greg K.: @Mark Nealon – Same. Here. 7:18 PM
Shane: Darryl, the Human White Cargo Van 7:18 PM
Darryl Asher: till 6:35 according to my sources 7:18 PM
Darryl Asher: Well I am a human white 7:19 PM
Carlton: Lots of time to go play grab ass till daddy gets back on the stream. 7:19 PM
Greg K.: Nine – One – One 7:19 PM
Servo: Just getting word……. 6:35 7:19 PM
Debbie: 6:35 guys 7:19 PM
ZimZam: I’m being told 6:35 7:19 PM
Shippy: stream went down again 7:19 PM
Mark Nealon: Are we going to play Sevens for 15 minutes? 7:19 PM
ZimZam: I’m being told 6:35 7:19 PM
KidBeatnix: Just got my waffle poster. Thanks Crystalinne! 7:19 PM
Crystalinne: Hooray!! 7:19 PM
Shane: my sources have also confirmed 6:35 7:19 PM
Darryl Asher: The break is a good idea. I don’t think they did it last year. Unless I was already at the restaurant next door when they did it. 7:19 PM
Carlton: Garon can you confirm? 6:35? 7:19 PM
Cardimum: jesse <3 7:19 PM
KidBeatnix: 6:35 is the word on the street guys 7:20 PM
Shane: to be safe, we should probably call Rich Summer to make sure of the return time 7:20 PM
Servo: Look it up Garon Look it up! Clap clap 7:20 PM
Kelly Q joined the chat 7:20 PM
Crystalinne: Wonder if we should tweet and see if Cristela can confirm 6:35. 7:20 PM
Darryl Asher: I’ll stick with whatever moniker Jimmy and Matt use at the time. Friend. Friend of the show. More fan than friend. 7:20 PM
Shane: Six-Fiver-Nickle 7:20 PM
Pelkey!: Whatever Jackass is outbidding me on EBay for the Simpsons Bike: Eff U!!! 7:20 PM
Padraic: tabasco ears! 7:20 PM
Darryl Asher: Oh! SOunds fun! 7:20 PM
Greg K.: Southern dash Comfort 7:21 PM
Greg K.: It reeks of age!! 7:21 PM
ZimZam: Is the screen stuck on Jimmy sniffing booze? 7:21 PM
KidBeatnix: Where is Tabasco ears? 7:21 PM
Pelkey!: And by Eff, I mean Fart on you. 7:21 PM
Darryl Asher: Could there be a worse photo of that bike? 7:22 PM
Pelkey!: Does EBay allow trash talking to competitors? I would pay extra for that. 7:22 PM
Darryl Asher: Dan Katz is a school teacher, I’m pretty sure. He was an assistant when he left NNF. 7:22 PM
Carlton: Darryl, can I call you Tom Berenger? You are The Substitute. 7:23 PM
Pelkey!: Is it YOU, DA?!?!? 7:23 PM
Pelkey!: That is a bad photo 7:23 PM
Darryl Asher: nooo! I have enough bikes! And no money! 7:23 PM
ZimZam: I believe that is correct Darryl 7:23 PM
KidBeatnix: You could just “buy it now” 7:24 PM
ZimZam: Is the SoCo still on the screen for anyone else? 7:24 PM
KidBeatnix: Yes they’re in break 7:24 PM
Pelkey!: Oh thank the gods. BG reference alert. 7:24 PM
scott (smawj): yeah pics not changing anymore 7:24 PM
Darryl Asher: Carlton- Coincidentally, I did have some kids who wanted to call me Tom when I was in 5th grade. We moved to Chicago from Detroit for a few months, and they had never heard the name Darryl. So one suggested they call me “Tom or something.” 7:25 PM
ZimZam: Hi Pelkey! 7:25 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah, that’s how the screen was before the stream. Just Jimmy snortin his booze. 7:25 PM
Pelkey!: Hi ZimZam! How’s tricks !?! 7:25 PM
KidBeatnix: DA- they tried to change my name to “Jake” in 3rd grade because there were too many Jason’s 7:26 PM
KidBeatnix: Sans apostrophe 7:26 PM
ZimZam: That pic is from 2010 7:26 PM
Pelkey!: Thank you KidBeatnix for that clarification– you regained my respect. 7:27 PM
KidBeatnix: You remember “Sans Apostrophe” they opened up for “The Mothers of Invention” in ’72 7:27 PM
Darryl Asher: Ha, kids. I told them they could call me Jeff – my middle name. 7:28 PM
Pelkey!: Jeff is a much better name than Daryl. 7:28 PM
KidBeatnix: Autocorrect has been losing me cred for years 7:28 PM
Pelkey!: My first real BF was a Jeff. 7:29 PM
Pelkey!: I hate autocorrect. 7:29 PM
dave: well if you haven’t dated a Daryl you can’t really say that. 7:29 PM
Greg K.: Those chairs from IKEA are called “Jeffs” . . 7:29 PM
Pelkey!: But he was gay. (Luckily) (or I never would have gone to college.) 7:30 PM
KidBeatnix: Nice Greg 7:30 PM
dave: Alright I’m relatively new to the NNF thing, does anyone have a brand or year on those stunning orange chairs? 7:30 PM
Debbie: Vintage IKEA I believe. 7:30 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! 7:31 PM
Maryanne E joined the chat 7:31 PM
Pelkey!: For the comment from Debbie.. 7:31 PM
Darryl Asher: Hey, my wife even MARRIED a Darryl! (2 Rs, by the way, let’s get it right.) 7:31 PM
Pelkey!: And from Greg K. 7:32 PM
dave: Listen two R’s don’t make it right. 7:32 PM
Mark Nealon: Standard spelling on that? 7:32 PM
Darryl Asher: For the longest time, any character in TV named Darryl was either black or gay. 7:32 PM
ZimZam: The pic changed 7:32 PM
Darryl Asher: The the Newhart show came along with Larry Darryl and Darryl 7:32 PM
Mark Nealon: <3 JV <3 7:32 PM
KidBeatnix: DA – weren’t those kids in 5th grade watching Newhart? 7:32 PM
Debbie: the tattoo! 7:32 PM
Pelkey!: I only do one R. Standard spelling! 😘 7:32 PM
Darryl Asher: That was WAYYYYY pre-Newhart! 7:32 PM
Jeff joined the chat 7:32 PM
Darryl Asher: Wow. Say “Jeff” 3 times and he appears I guess! 7:33 PM
Debbie: LOL 7:33 PM
Pelkey!: I love Bob Newhart.? Almost as much as Paul Effin Tompkins. 7:33 PM
Jeff: ta-dah! 7:33 PM
Crystalinne: I know Jimmy was astonished (? maybe there’s another better word) when he met me and saw all my tattoos, and I think I have 10 more now than back then. 7:34 PM
Greg K.: Oh, thank you, Pelkey! (Jennifer), for granting me your acceptance. My “Jeff” joke was WAY better than Debbie’s, and faster, thank you very much. But, still, I have to take a back seat to a LADY!!! 7:34 PM
Debbie: Bob Newhart’s 70’s show was fantastic. 7:34 PM
Crystalinne: He didn’t fess up that he had any 7:34 PM
Darryl Asher: I just watched a bunch of the old Newhart shows. And the older Bob Newhart show. They are on Hulu. STILL funny, and really hold up. 7:34 PM
Debbie: Who are you calling a lady? 7:34 PM
Greg K.: See? I have an audience. 7:34 PM
Pelkey!: Indeed. Bob. The Best!!! 7:34 PM
Greg K.: This is what happens during halftime! 7:34 PM
ZimZam: And we’re stuck again 7:34 PM
Darryl Asher: Crystalinne, he was astonished, then embrassed when he looked at me and realized he was gawking at my teenage daughter’s body. 7:35 PM
Darryl Asher: In fairness…. the parts that had tats. 7:35 PM
Crystalinne: a) I think I was 20 7:35 PM
Debbie: Classic Jimmy. 7:35 PM
Raj: went through the Bob Newhart SHow boxset last year. loved it! 7:35 PM
Crystalinne: b) not gawking to appreciate tattoos 7:35 PM
Carlton: 6:35 Eliot… COME ON 7:35 PM
Hollifls joined the chat 7:36 PM
Darryl Asher: 20 is close enough, and you still look like a teenager. 7:36 PM
Pelkey!: I think my 2006 MacBook Pro might be getting overheated with the Pardcastathon. 7:36 PM
Crystalinne: hey now, I know I wouldn’t get carded anymore! 7:36 PM
Karmyn: It’s 7:35 mountain, but the don’t give a shit about mountain. wink 7:36 PM
Crystalinne: Mountain! Woot! 7:36 PM
Debbie: 11:06 here! 7:37 PM
Pelkey!: I am using the phone for this bullshit. 😝 7:37 PM
ninshark: I can only care about mountain half the year 7:37 PM
Darryl Asher: Debbie is in a weird half-time-zone. 7:37 PM
Pelkey!: I am in Mountain now — for the first time since 1972. 7:37 PM
Karmyn: Mountain is the best, right Crystalinne? smile 7:37 PM
Greg K.: @Pelkey!, I’m using a payphone for this!! The minutes!! 7:37 PM
ZimZam: Debbie where are you? 7:37 PM
Darryl Asher: NL 7:37 PM
Debbie: Newfoundland. 7:38 PM
Darryl Asher: Gotta be. 7:38 PM
ZimZam: Wow 7:38 PM
Pelkey!: Holy cow, Greg K!!! 7:38 PM
Debbie: The incorrectly named town of Paradise. 7:38 PM
Stephanie joined the chat 7:38 PM
Servo: US should alter timezones by 30 mins and eliminate clock switching for daylight 7:39 PM
Pelkey!: BTW, I was 5 in 1972. That’s about 60 months…. 7:39 PM
Karmyn: *Albertan fights instinct to make Newfie joke* 7:39 PM
Debbie: Ha! 7:39 PM
ZimZam: 9:38 here, we’ll see how much longer I can make it. I slept like crap last night sleepy 7:39 PM
Greg K.: I know!! 7:39 PM
ZimZam: It’s past 6:35!!! Let’s go people! 7:39 PM
Pelkey!: I slept great on my new Casper Mattress! Discount code : Pardo. 7:40 PM
Darryl Asher: welcome back to the mountains JP! 7:40 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Let’s speculate on possible musical guests 7:40 PM
Servo: Ladies and gentleman Frank Turner! 7:40 PM
Darryl Asher: haha!! 2 nights on the Casper now huh? 7:40 PM
Pelkey!: Well, David Bowie is out. 7:40 PM
Pelkey!: Yep! 7:41 PM
Debbie: Did something happen to Bowie? 7:41 PM
Greg K.: Wait, 5 years old in ’72?!? I wasn’t here until 9-11-75! That’s right: Never Forget. 7:41 PM
Karmyn: I’ve got my foot cardigans on, and an assortment of Nature Box. Let’s go! 7:41 PM
Carlton: When they take a break on the podcast it only takes like 2 seconds. Why is this so long. Just zoom a transition in and out and let’s go. 7:41 PM
Pelkey!: LOL Debbie. 7:41 PM
Dan Bookbinder: I was hoping for Lyte 7:41 PM
Greg K.: For the record: I love everyone . . . 7:41 PM
Pelkey!: Maybe Fifty Cent😋 7:41 PM
Darryl Asher: I’ll Snack What Darryl’s Snacking: Ruffles with French Onion Bacon dip. 7:42 PM
Shippy: Matt’s having a tough time getting those dates for us 7:42 PM
TK: Peanut M&Ms 7:42 PM
Greg K.: . . .until they were supposed to die, and didn’t. 7:42 PM
ninshark: Matt can’t even ask for his record back, let alone ask her to do the show 7:42 PM
Karmyn: Snacking on Oreos, since Jimmy can’t 7:42 PM
ZimZam: Pelkey, you mean Fitty 7:42 PM
Padraic: hah carlton! 7:43 PM
Greg K.: Laptop overheat / shutdown . . Grrr… 7:43 PM
Darryl Asher: 1972 I was an 11 year old kid on the mean streets of downtown Detroit 7:43 PM
Pelkey!: Fitty. You’re correct, sir. 7:43 PM
ZimZam: I had a Xanax for my snack 7:43 PM
Fogelsong joined the chat 7:43 PM
Crystalinne: Oh and he had plaid bellbottoms – I’ve seen the photos. 7:43 PM
Padraic: snacking on a Sam Adams Downtime Pilsner 7:43 PM
Darryl Asher: And my wife was minus 3. 7:43 PM
Darryl Asher: we have audio 7:44 PM
Karmyn: Yay 7:44 PM
scott (smawj): video as well 7:44 PM
KidBeatnix: And we’re back 7:44 PM
Pelkey!: I had a glass of Pinot Gris. So no more EBay for me!!! 7:44 PM
Debbie:… here’s a gif while we wait OH NVM 7:44 PM
Jesse joined the chat 7:44 PM
Raj: had a sandwich-open f– oh, we’re back!!! 7:44 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! ZimZam. 7:44 PM
Carlton: Darryl, I went to MSU in the mid 90’s I had some Detroit friends take me down some spooky places. 8 Mile got dodgy real fast. Respect to Eminem. 7:45 PM
Debbie: I had ketchup chips. HastagCanada 7:45 PM
Greg K.: ♫ Paying anything to roll the dice . . just one more time♫ 7:45 PM
Pelkey!: I have some Siracha Ketchup. 7:45 PM
Karmyn: Me too. Debbie. Old Dutch. #stereotypes 7:45 PM
Crystalinne: I kinda miss energy-drink Matt… 7:45 PM
Crystalinne: and his misplaced anger 7:46 PM
Darryl Asher: Oh don’t plug it Matt!! Pelkey will never get it! 7:46 PM
Debbie: @Pelkey are they really spicy? I think that’s what I had one time and I was sweating LOL 7:46 PM
Debbie: energy-drink Matt was something else. 7:47 PM
Darryl Asher: Carlton… 8 mile is a rough area. But bear in mind: it’s the border between Detroit and the burbs. I was raised at about 0 mile. 7:47 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————-DOUG BENSON——————​————————​- 7:47 PM
Darryl Asher: Pat: “smells like pot!!!!” 7:48 PM
Crystalinne: Doug favorited my tweet with his old drawing. 7:48 PM
Raj: I’m guessing Behrendt w/ shades. 7:49 PM
ZimZam: Probably Raj 7:49 PM
Pelkey!: It’s pretty mild. 7:52 PM
KidBeatnix: Or musical guest 7:52 PM
Darryl Asher 7:52 PM
Wow. Embarrassing. I just realized that the admitted pothead stoner across the room, @DougBenson has more pep and energy than me. #PCAT16
Pelkey!: I just donated. 7:52 PM
Carlton: Go get your free Waffle poster Pelkey! 7:53 PM
Crystalinne: Get that waffles print yo! 7:53 PM
Crystalinne: 7:53 PM
Pelkey!: Will do! Can you send it to Carlton? 7:53 PM
TK: Los Bravos! 7:54 PM
Pelkey! joined the chat 7:55 PM
KidBeatnix: Welcome back Jen 7:55 PM
Pelkey!: I will claim it, then I will have to spend $100 to get it printed at Kinkos. 😢 7:55 PM
Pelkey!: Thx! 7:56 PM
Padraic: guys don’t forget to check if your employer will match your gift to Smile Train 7:56 PM
Crystalinne: It’s like $1 to print an 8×10 … i know you need your bicycle money though… 7:57 PM
Raj: I know who’s next after Doug! (do you?) 7:57 PM
Debbie: Yup. Following the hashtag 7:57 PM
Raj: Yeah, I figured… I’m following the guest… 7:58 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! I know. 😘 7:58 PM
Pelkey!: I NEED that bike!!! 7:59 PM
Crystalinne: Just as a heads up to anyone though, I’ve often printed them on regular paper and they’re fine. Obviously it’s not archival but they do great! I prefer to print them on matte photo paper but they don’t need to be on gloss or anything. 7:59 PM
Patrick joined the chat 7 seconds ago 8:00 PM
Mark Nealon: I need east coast Jimmy and/or NNF to happen. 8:00 PM
Servo: ^ 8:01 PM
Pelkey! joined the chat 8:01 PM
Carla joined the chat 8:01 PM
Carlton: stream? 8:04 PM
KidBeatnix: Tony Thaxton drumsticks now up on eBay 8:05 PM
Mark Nealon: Not anymore they’re not. smile 8:06 PM
Crystalinne: Mark “Quick Buyer” Nealon 8:07 PM
TK: Aw, Doug’s such a good guy! Congrats, Simile Train! 8:10 PM
Carla: Yay Doug Benson..gonna have to smoke a bowl in his honor 8:11 PM
Mark Nealon: Gotta love Doug. 8:11 PM
ZimZam: My husband is already on it Carla 8:11 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————–ALLI​SON ROSEN——————-​————————​– 8:12 PM
Debbie: pocketbook. Grandpa Pardo. 8:12 PM
Pelkey!: She’s great! 8:12 PM
ZimZam: How much were the drumsticks? 8:12 PM
Mark Nealon: 69.69 8:12 PM
Mark Nealon: obviously 8:12 PM
Pelkey!: 69.69 8:12 PM
ZimZam: Duh 8:13 PM
Pelkey!: 😝 8:13 PM
Carla: Of course 8:13 PM
Cardimum: ha! 8:14 PM
Padraic: beav shot 8:14 PM
Crystalinne: I don’t know if I’ve ever heard or thought I would hear jimmy say “Get a beave shot.” 8:15 PM
Debbie: She looks beautiful! 8:15 PM
ZimZam: You didn’t see him on the Playboy channel then C-Street 8:16 PM
AmandaE joined the chat 6 seconds ago 8:16 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! 8:16 PM
Crystalinne: Ha, I did not. I saw photos of it. 8:17 PM
ZimZam: It was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been watching Jimmy. 8:18 PM
Cardimum: oh my god 8:18 PM
ZimZam: He was great, but it was weird 8:18 PM
Debbie: I would love to have seen that. 8:18 PM
Cardimum: I just realized how badly I need a Jimmy Pardo TBASH 8:18 PM
Pelkey!: I saw Doug Benson do the funniest jokes EVER at the same tome zone night at Flappers in Burbank. The cleanest and the dirtiest jokes ever 8:18 PM
Cardimum: arizona ice tea flight 8:18 PM
Carla: Me too!! Bare mins!!! 8:18 PM
Jason Baldwin joined the chat 6 seconds ago 8:19 PM
Crystalinne: Pelkey! I PM’d you here with the link and password. 8:19 PM
ZimZam: Hi Jason!! 8:19 PM
Jason Baldwin: Hey Amanda! 8:20 PM
Carla: Feed lost??? 8:21 PM
Mark Nealon: Working for me. 8:21 PM
ZimZam: J, if you leave your house now you can drive up here and watch the last few hours at my place! 8:21 PM
Carla: Its back 8:22 PM
Pelkey!: Thanks Crystalline!!! 8:22 PM
ZimZam: JK, I’ll be asleep by then…. 8:22 PM
ZimZam: What is happening here?????? This topic is odd. 8:23 PM
Pelkey!: I did not mean to say same time zone in the above post. 8:23 PM
Pelkey!: I meant “at the same time.” 8:24 PM
Carla: Omg..i 💘 Allison Rosen..i’ll volunteer.. 8:24 PM
Padraic: god do i love this segment 8:24 PM
Debbie: Is this more or less uncomfortable than him on Playboy? 8:24 PM
Pelkey!: Fuckin’ autocorrect 8:24 PM
KidBeatnix: I’m high bidder on Allison Rosen 8:24 PM
Mark Nealon: Congrats on the making out. 8:25 PM
ZimZam: if he starts telling her to take off clothing pieces it’ll be on the same level 8:25 PM
Jason Baldwin: Only, what, 2.5-3 hours from here? Not at this hour smile 8:25 PM
Pelkey!: It’s not cheating, because it’s the theater!!! 8:25 PM
KidBeatnix: kiss 8:25 PM
luvrhino: Jimmy’s giving her the ole in-n-out 8:25 PM
Carla: My feed is frozen. Damn it! 8:25 PM
Crystalinne: Guys, I’ve been eating popping corn like an asshole. I need an intervention. 8:26 PM
Carlton: Bag of corn friend! 8:26 PM
Servo: Bag o corn friend 8:26 PM
Greg K.: Bag of corn friend! 8:26 PM
Greg K.: ? 8:26 PM
Carla: Ha! 8:26 PM
luvrhino: Pretty sure anything you do like an asshole is genetic. Can’t be helped. 8:27 PM
ZimZam: Popcorn, Nature’s Broom 8:27 PM
Crystalinne: We’re like Pavlov’s dogs. 8:27 PM
Jason Baldwin: This has been a great PCAT so far. 8:27 PM
Debbie: Jimmy is going to outbid you! 8:27 PM
Carla: Ha! Crystalinne!! 8:27 PM
Debbie: Nature’s Broom! 8:27 PM
Pelkey!: Popcorn is just a butter delivery system! 8:28 PM
Crystalinne: Kettle corn this time. 8:28 PM
Carla: Still no feed for me…😡😡 8:28 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! Luvrhino!!! 8:28 PM
ZimZam: Susan Powder! Yes! 8:29 PM
Carlton: How are you attempting to watch Carla? Have you tried the pardcast website or youtube directly? 8:30 PM
ZimZam: We love Shark Tank over here! 8:31 PM
luvrhino: Pelkey, this is ken roberts, in case you couldn’t tell from the way I give Darryl crap 8:31 PM
Greg K.: Carla, you can use my connection . . 8:31 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! Ken 😘 8:32 PM
Carla: Im back. I have a smart tv and watching via the youtube app. 8:33 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——–DAVE HOLMES——————​———————– 8:33 PM
Carla: Small town Arkansas…probably a bandwidth issue. 8:34 PM
Pelkey!: FTR, I loved the Rocky Horror Pic Show 8:34 PM
Pelkey!: Carla! What small town!?!? I went to 6th-12th grades in Greenbrier. 8:35 PM
Carla: 💘 RHPC.. Tim Curry…. 8:36 PM
Cardimum joined the chat 8:36 PM
Carla: Im in Russellville Pelkey! Not far at all! 8:36 PM
Pelkey!: Oh yeah! We used to play Russellville in football and basketball. 8:37 PM
Pelkey!: You know, you CAN leave, right, Carla?😛 8:38 PM
Carla: Ha! And where are you now? 8:38 PM
Pelkey!: Salt Lake City. Since Wednesday. 😝 8:38 PM
Crystalinne: Welcome to SLC! 8:39 PM
Crystalinne: Weather’s been almost spring, so it’s a good time to move! 8:39 PM
Pelkey!: 😎 27 years in LA, 9 months in Portland, and now in SLC. ☻ 8:39 PM
Carla: Ive already been all over the country Pelkey…kids are keeping me here now. 😀 8:39 PM
scott (smawj): how long till you become a mormon? 8:39 PM
Pelkey!: Ha! Scott– I am gonna convert them to atheism! 8:40 PM
Crystalinne: Ha, actually mormons are some of the nicest people I’ve met and everyone knows I’m an atheist because I have tattoos and shaved hair – I can’t answer for Pelkey though. 8:40 PM
Pelkey!: Kids are anchors, Carla. (In a good way. 😝)❤ 8:41 PM
Carla: Dave Holmes is a fine looking man.. 8:41 PM
Crystalinne: Yeah, those glasses….. 8:41 PM
Pelkey!: He is, indeed. And Gay, ‘natch 8:41 PM
Pelkey!: I love Mormons. 8:42 PM
Crystalinne: My husband agrees on his attractiveness so I’m allowed to swoon a little. 8:42 PM
Carla: Swoon away.. Lol… 8:42 PM
Pelkey!: I dated a Mormon in 1996-1997. He was also a CHP Officer. Very hot. 8:43 PM
Crystalinne: Forbidden love! 8:43 PM
Pelkey!: Yep 8:44 PM
Crystalinne: hah! 8:44 PM
Debbie: Look at his socks. Dreamy. 8:45 PM
Carla: Yes…purple… 8:45 PM
Pelkey!: For ME, he’d straighten up. 😝 8:45 PM
Greg K.: We all ♥ purple socks… 8:46 PM
Darryl Asher: From the Donny Osmond Signature Collection. 8:46 PM
Pelkey!: LOL 8:46 PM
Carla: If any of you are on tumblr, i have a blog there called Pardoismyhero. 8:46 PM
Darryl Asher: (old person reference – sorry pelkey) Mar 5
Pelkey!: I’m not, but will be soon. 😝😍😜 8:46 PM
Carla: Did anyone else have the Donny and Marie studio playset as a kid? 8:47 PM
Debbie: I’ll follow Carla! I’m @NeverNotQuotes on Twitter and run the pitiful 8:47 PM
Pelkey!: Hey– Donnie is MUCH OLDER THAN I ! 8:47 PM
Carla: Oh cool Debbie! Ill follow on Twitter if i dont already. 8:48 PM
Darryl Asher: He’s even 4 years older than me! 8:48 PM
Pelkey!: No, but I had a Flip Wilson doll. Does that count? Was Flip a Mormon? 8:48 PM
Carla: Flip Wilson rocks… Saw him as a kid on tv. 8:49 PM
Pelkey!: Geraldine!! 8:50 PM
Carla: Here comes the judge 8:50 PM
Greg K.: Rich! 8:50 PM
Patrick: YEAH! Rich! Plane update!! 8:51 PM
Pelkey!: Rich Simmer 8:51 PM
Pelkey!: He’s hot 8:51 PM
Carla: Already following Debbie! Follow me back carlamitchell97 8:52 PM
Crystalinne: ✈ 8:52 PM
fedfan0: So glad he called in. 8:53 PM
Carla: An update!! 8:53 PM
ZimZam: I’m not quite buying into the change of date giving them the ability to have better access to guests. Seems to be comparable to years past. That is not a complaint. 8:54 PM
Debbie: Unless Conan shows up in person. 8:54 PM
ZimZam: Just sayin’ 8:54 PM
KidBeatnix: Agreed Amanda 8:55 PM
Patrick: It just seems like a slightly different crew of who is in town vs who is gone for Thanksgiving. 8:55 PM
luvrhino: It made potential guests come up with more creative excuses for not coming. 8:55 PM
Padraic: is it in part because there are many more friends of the show since going to twice a week? 8:56 PM
Crystalinne: Not all jobs have Black Friday off so I’m glad it’s a Saturday. 8:56 PM
Carlton: I’m sure it’s better for the guests to not be a holiday hassle, but yeah, not much difference in cast. 8:56 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—RICH SOMMER CALLS IN———————-​—————– 8:56 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——-TOTAL $33,912.64————–​————————​ 8:56 PM
ZimZam: Yay! 8:56 PM
KidBeatnix: Hambone 8:57 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—-JOHN HAMM CALLS IN———————-​———- 8:57 PM
ZimZam: 135 surgeries! 8:57 PM
luvrhino: I had to wake up at 4:40 this morning, so I’m not a fan of this timing. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have had the hamms to ask Jimmy for a donation for my own fundraiser had the dates not conflicted. 8:57 PM
Debbie: Sexiest man alive JON HAMM 8:58 PM
Karmyn: I love the Saturday. Black Friday is not a thing in Canada, so I always missed the first half of the show because I was working 8:58 PM
Carla: Sigh… 8:58 PM
Carla: Omg…Hamm is so funny!! 8:59 PM
Dan Bookbinder joined the chat 8:59 PM
KidBeatnix: Move your head 8:59 PM
Pelkey!: I love love love Jon Hamm. 8:59 PM
Pelkey!: For me, He’d quit smoking. 9:00 PM
ZimZam: Fun fact: Jon Hamm and I share a birthday! 9:00 PM
Pelkey!: 😃 9:01 PM
Padraic: as do I, Amanda! happy birthday! 9:01 PM
Carla: 😀 9:02 PM
Crystalinne: March Birthdays FTW! 9:02 PM
ZimZam: Happy Birthday to us! 9:03 PM
Pelkey!: My sociopathic sister, Tracy, was born today. 9:03 PM
Dan Bookbinder joined the chat 9:03 PM
Carlton: March has the best babies of all. 9:03 PM
ZimZam joined the chat 9:03 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————-JUSTIN WILLMAN—————–​—————- 9:03 PM
KidBeatnix: Yes. Justin is amazing! 9:03 PM
KidBeatnix: Check this out 9:04 PM
Crystalinne: OMG you guys, JUSTIN! I LOVE him on cupcake wars, and I didn’t know he did comedy/magic until I saw him on @midnight, and now it’s even funnier to watch Cupcake Wars 9:04 PM
Pelkey!: Cupcake wars rocks! 9:04 PM
KidBeatnix: He is no joke as a magician 9:04 PM
KidBeatnix: He’s so good 9:04 PM
ZimZam: Did any of you see the video from his wedding? If not seek it out, amazing trick 9:05 PM
Dan Bookbinder: any guesses? 9:07 PM
Mark Nealon: Really want to know. 9:07 PM
Crystalinne: Laughed TOO hard at “She invented sprinkles.” 9:07 PM
Mark Nealon: Someone find out who in the front row heard it. 9:07 PM
Carlton: Maybe it was Matthew Perry. Even if it isn’t, we can just tell people it was. 9:08 PM
Carla: My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with Cupcake Wars…wants to be a baker. 9:09 PM
ZimZam: It was Trump, or that Dentist from MN. The show supports them 9:09 PM
KidBeatnix: Matt Perry doesn’t have sharks he spent too much on pills 9:09 PM
Dan Bookbinder: let down 9:09 PM
Greg K.: Wendy Leibman was there… 9:09 PM
Ben Bresulla joined the chat 10 seconds ago 9:10 PM
Ben Bresulla: Wasn’t he the guy who built the house on a Manson murder location. 9:11 PM
Carla: Jimmy is such a nerd… 9:11 PM
Greg K.: Ma-GIC, Ma-GIC!! 9:12 PM
Carla: And i love it. 9:12 PM
Darryl Asher: Super trivial trivia: Jeff Hobson, the MC of The Illusionists that Jimmy mentioned on NNF, is a friend of mine from my teen years in Detroit. Mar 5
Greg K.: Lighter trick, lighter trick! 9:12 PM
Greg K.: oh well . . 9:12 PM
Greg K.: I 9:13 PM
Greg K.: am 9:13 PM
Greg K.: enthralled 9:13 PM
Greg K.: haha Pat 9:14 PM
Crystalinne: YOU GET TO KEEP IT 9:14 PM
Greg K.: LOL 9:15 PM
Greg K.: It’s exciting! 9:15 PM
Carla: Ha! 9:15 PM
Greg K.: !! 9:15 PM
Pelkey! joined the chat 9:15 PM
Carla: Game of Phones… 9:16 PM
Greg K.: LOL!!! 9:16 PM
Greg K.: It’s Legendary… 9:16 PM
Pelkey!: 😍 9:16 PM
Carla: You have apple care??? HA! 9:17 PM
Greg K.: Ahh.. marker smell 9:18 PM
Greg K.: Mic! 9:20 PM
Greg K.: yeesh. 9:20 PM
Carla: Omg i just did a spit take on the or gentleman remark… 9:21 PM
Greg K.: wow 9:21 PM
Greg K.: number 4???? 9:21 PM
Greg K.: GASP 9:22 PM
Greg K.: Eliot!!!!!! 9:22 PM
Greg K.: WTF?!? 9:22 PM
Crystalinne: TJ Miller Voice “is THIS your card!” 9:23 PM
Mark Nealon: Thank you, TJ. 9:23 PM
Greg K.: Yes! 1806 9:23 PM
Patrick: I just went and signed up for Justin’s email list. I 100% need to see him next time he’s in town. 9:23 PM
Carla: Yes! 9:23 PM
KidBeatnix: If he had an auction I’d be all over it 9:24 PM
Carlton: I’m impressed with Matt’s hair still holding height this deep into the show. 9:24 PM
Mark Nealon: Like a 12 year old girl at a sleepover. 9:24 PM
Greg K.: Started singing at the same time! 9:25 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————GREG BEHRENDT—————-​— 9:25 PM
Greg K.: Tragic black mohawk. 9:25 PM
Carlton: Someone was right earlier on the sunglasses guess! 9:25 PM
Mark Nealon: Who nailed the sunglasses prediction? 9:26 PM
ZimZam: Sunglasses! 9:26 PM
Darryl Asher: Glasses. But he has eye probs. 9:26 PM
KidBeatnix: Yep 9:26 PM
ZimZam: Raj is the winner 9:26 PM
Padraic: Wayne dropping in the 7 Nation Army is solid. 9:26 PM
Pelkey!: Everyone looks better in sunglasses! 9:29 PM
Raj: Shucks! (Sorry, I’m behind on the feed….) 9:30 PM
Garon: guys seriously. whats up with my auction? Get bidding! 9:34 PM
ZimZam: I already have one of those books Garon! 9:35 PM
Darryl Asher: You can’t put all the pressure on the chat room, Garon. And get over to that guest chair and I’ve got a 100 donation ready! Mar 5
Garon: smile 9:36 PM
ZimZam: He’ll play it high and tight! 9:37 PM
Garon: this guitar is pretty awesome. 9:37 PM
Darryl Asher: Shuffle on over there. 9:37 PM
Debbie: HA! 9:37 PM
ZimZam: It looks amazing 9:37 PM
Darryl Asher: Gannon retweeted you, so that should help. Mar 5
Crystalinne: I retweeted! 9:38 PM
Carlton: There, I placed a bid Garon. Now shuffle and mumble! 9:39 PM
Shane: I caught a glimpse of Garon earlier, I forget how tall he his 9:39 PM
Darryl Asher: He is a tall handsome shuffling queen. 9:39 PM
Shane: hahaha 9:39 PM
Shane: Garon, what are you? 6’1″? 6’2″? 9:40 PM
KidBeatnix: Where is garon’s auction 9:41 PM
Carlton: what is that about 73 or 74 inches? 9:41 PM
Darryl Asher:… 9:41 PM
Darryl Asher: He’s a couple meters. 9:42 PM
KidBeatnix joined the chat 9:42 PM
KidBeatnix: A yes 9:42 PM
ZimZam: I love Fiestaware!!!!! 9:42 PM
Garon: 5’11 btw lol 9:42 PM
Shane: ahh, bumped it down, good call 9:42 PM
Carla joined the chat 9:42 PM
Carlton: You look great for 5’11” 9:42 PM
Darryl Asher: I’d stick with saying “a couple meters,” shorty. 9:43 PM
Crystalinne: My hair is the longer on top version of The Behrendt. 9:43 PM
Darryl Asher: JIMMY GET OFF GARON 9:44 PM
ZimZam: Your hair is amazing C 9:44 PM
Carlton: Empty seat Garon! 9:44 PM
Carlton: Go! 9:44 PM
Darryl Asher: lol 9:45 PM
Carlton: I literally just sang it out and clapped 9:45 PM
Debbie: Do it for the auction Garon! 9:45 PM
Darryl Asher: WHat they gonna do, FIRE YOU? They need you more than you need them. 9:45 PM
Shane: lol Carlton 9:46 PM
Darryl Asher: Maybe this is why you aren’t getting jobs, Garon. You are not seizing the moment! 9:47 PM
Carlton: Gannon would do it. 9:47 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​LAUREN ASH———————​————— 9:47 PM
Crystalinne: I ALSO have one side of my lip that’s bigger than the other. I feel Lauren on this one. Mar 5
Jason Baldwin: I want that guitar *so much*. Mar 5
Darryl Asher: Gannon’s the best. 9:48 PM
Carla: Lauren Ash!!!! 9:48 PM
Jason Baldwin: I love Greg. 9:48 PM
ZimZam: I love her dress 9:48 PM
Padraic: she is killing it on superstore 9:48 PM
Crystalinne: Great dress. 9:48 PM
Darryl Asher: HILARIOUS show. Get on it kiddo 9:48 PM
ZimZam: Superstore is great! 9:48 PM
Carla: Those green eyes! I have those too 9:48 PM
Crystalinne: +1 green eyes. Woot. 9:49 PM
Shane: are you guys forgetting that blue eyes exist? 9:49 PM
Carla: Green eyes rock… 9:49 PM
Crystalinne: Pschhhh.. blue eyes… 9:49 PM
Padraic: Lauren Ash story time, also known as “where did Lauren have sex this time” 9:50 PM
Shane: green eyes are the equivalent of beef pot pie 9:50 PM
ZimZam: She is the best 9:51 PM
Meg joined the chat 5 seconds ago 9:51 PM
Meg: Men, “I like the real big ones” is only appropriate when you’re talking buffets 9:52 PM
ZimZam: Or trucks 9:52 PM
Shane: yeah, there are some really supid people out there 9:52 PM
Carla: Oh holy hell… 9:53 PM
Shane: Guys, this reminds me of the AST chat rooms 9:53 PM
Meg: You guys don’t have birdie?? 9:53 PM
Mark Nealon: Lauren has quickly become one of my NNF favorites. 9:53 PM
ZimZam: Love Birdie 9:53 PM
Meg:… 9:54 PM
Pelkey!: Nite nite you guys. Xoxoxo 9:54 PM
Crystalinne: Early bird. Night! 9:54 PM
Darryl Asher: Nite!!! 9:54 PM
Debbie: good night! 9:54 PM
Carlton: That was Pelkey! oooooooooooon the podcast 9:55 PM
Darryl Asher: big grin 9:55 PM
ZimZam: I’m passing out too. Goodnight friends! Mar 5
Crystalinne: Night! 9:55 PM
Carlton: ZimZam gone, not forgotten 9:55 PM
Darryl Asher: sleepy 9:55 PM
ZimZam: ZimZam Out! 9:55 PM
Debbie: good night ZimZam! 9:56 PM
Meg: Keeping it alive on the east coast ovah heah 9:56 PM
Jason Baldwin: I’m having fun, but I Garon-tee I won’t make it another 3+ hours. 9:56 PM
Jason Baldwin: See you later, Amanda! 9:56 PM
Darryl Asher: How bout Gannon-tee? 9:56 PM
Meg: If you had to choose, would you spend an hour with Ben Feldman or Ben Schwartz? 9:56 PM
Shane: Schwaz 9:57 PM
Debbie: SPN! 9:57 PM
Shane: but I did like Feldman a lot in Mad Gentlemen 9:57 PM
Garon: more tony thaxton drumsticks anyone? 9:58 PM
Garon: 9:58 PM
Meg: It’s hard to top the nip snip 9:58 PM
Dan Bookbinder: Isn’t that galavant guy from supernatural? 9:58 PM
Darryl Asher: I can’t play with those 5bs! 9:58 PM
vivi joined the chat 9:58 PM
Crystalinne: Need a 6a 10:03 PM
Jason Baldwin: Later folks. I’m beat. 10:04 PM
Jason Baldwin left the chat 10:04 PM
Debbie: “getting my dick wet” Jimmy….. 10:04 PM
AmandaE joined the chat 5 seconds ago 10:05 PM
Carla: Im still in! #Central time zone 10:06 PM
Shane: Any guesses on remaining guests? I’m sure Schmiddty will be last again 10:06 PM
Carlton: We’re hanging tough in the Central Carla 10:06 PM
Debbie: Me too! Newfoundland time zone! 10:06 PM
Darryl Asher: MOVE MOVE MOVE GARON 10:06 PM
KidBeatnix: Out on “Nutter Butter” 10:06 PM
AmandaE: Maybe a Paul Gilmartin? 10:06 PM
Mark Nealon: There are TWO open chairs!!!! 10:06 PM
Debbie: GO GARON GO 10:06 PM
Darryl Asher: THEY NEED YOU!!!!!!! 10:06 PM
Carlton: Gannon, run like a 90 year old lady to that chair! 10:06 PM
Mark Nealon: For the love of god, Garon! 10:06 PM
Meg: Mass still in 10:06 PM
Shane: ah yes, a pauly g most definitely 10:07 PM
Crystalinne: Two seats open Garon, take Daddy’s chair! 10:07 PM
KidBeatnix: Time for a musical guest 10:07 PM
scott (smawj): move gannon move! 10:07 PM
Debbie: Graham was grilling earlier so he might show up Mar 5
Darryl Asher: Someone match my 100 if he takes Jimmy’s chair 10:07 PM
Debbie: Meaning I believe he was at home. 10:07 PM
Garon: do you guys know how hard it is to get out from behind this desk? 10:08 PM
Carlton: Varney, Quaintance, Schmidt, Gilmartin, Graham. Any other regulars still? 10:08 PM
Crystalinne: I’ll do $50 to smile train if Garon takes Jimmy’s chair. 10:08 PM
Mark Nealon: Excuses excuses. 10:08 PM
Darryl Asher: I’ve gotten out from behind desks at least once or twice in my life. 10:08 PM
Debbie: This is an embarrassment Garon. 10:08 PM
Shane: Did I miss anything with Richter? 10:08 PM
Debbie: I’m at a desk right now! 10:08 PM
Darryl Asher: Garon, I’m coming to LA in a couple weeks, don’t make me have to THROW DOWN with ya! 10:09 PM
Debbie: Why is Eliot yelling? Mar 5
scott (smawj): doooooo iiiiiittt 10:09 PM
Mark Nealon: He always yells, it’s just his mic is usually off. 10:09 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——–41,079.68——-​————————​— 10:10 PM
Debbie: That’s $150 to Smile Train Garon….. $300 with the match. 10:10 PM
Mark Nealon: .68? Really? Who’s the screw-up? 10:10 PM
Padraic: wow guys great job 10:11 PM
Shane: I’ll throw in 50 if garon takes Jimmy’s seat 10:11 PM
scott (smawj): whats the song they keep “playing” at each tally? 10:11 PM
KidBeatnix: I’ll throw in 50 10:11 PM
Darryl Asher: 25 or 6 to 4 10:11 PM
Padraic: that’s 18 grand in the last 3 hours 10:11 PM
AmandaE: I’ll add 50 to that as well. 10:11 PM
Debbie: $300 to do it! 10:12 PM
KidBeatnix: That $600 with the match 10:12 PM
scott (smawj): thats 600 with the match! 10:12 PM
scott (smawj): ninjaed! 10:12 PM
Crystalinne: Get someone to ask Jimmy to go to the back and get in that chair! 10:12 PM
Debbie: You should sit on Jimmy’s lap for that. 10:12 PM
TK: Until Jimmy did the horn I thought it was Brain Stew by Green Day. 10:12 PM
AmandaE: I’ll do 100 if Garon sits on Jimmy’s lap. 10:12 PM
Darryl Asher 10:12 PM
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Shane: i’ll bump up to 100 if he sits in Jimmys lap too 10:13 PM
Debbie: Do it do it do it! 10:13 PM
KidBeatnix: As will I 10:14 PM
Carla joined the chat 10:14 PM
Shane: ANDY DALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:14 PM
Darryl Asher: You know, Garon, in PCAT 1 I started the “tattoo challenge” when I offered 100 for Jimmy to show his tats. It ended up raising 1500 I think. Don’t you want to be like Daddy? 10:14 PM
Mark Nealon: YES!!!!!!! 10:14 PM
Crystalinne: I’ll do my $50 donate if Garon a) sits on Jimmy’s lap OR b) sits in Jimmy’s chair OR c) sits in the guest chair. 10:14 PM
Meg: ANDY 10:14 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————————​–ANDY DALY——————–​————————​—– 10:14 PM
TK: Hoooo-leeee Shit! 10:14 PM
Padraic: Forrest MacNeil! 10:14 PM
Shane: so what’s the total on the Graon/sitting situation? $450 to sit on Jimmy’s lap or $350 just to sit in his chair when he’s not in the chair 10:16 PM
Shane: and of course, you remember the Garon Sitting Situation… 10:16 PM
Darryl Asher: ha 10:16 PM
Crystalinne: Opened up for Tube of Funk 10:16 PM
TK: Have Mercy! 10:17 PM
Darryl Asher: Tuba Funk. 10:17 PM
AmandaE: Hah! 10:17 PM
Crystalinne: You’re right, too many Tubas 10:17 PM
Carla: I saw Andy Daly at a taping of Mad TV back around 10 years ago… 10:18 PM
Darryl Asher: And not enough funk. 10:18 PM
Debbie: I looove Too Many Tubas! 10:18 PM
TK: They’re gonna get a lot of angry emails from furries. 10:18 PM
Shane: too many tubas and not nearly enough trombones 10:18 PM
Crystalinne joined the chat 7 seconds ago 10:22 PM
Greg K. joined the chat 10:26 PM
Darryl Asher: “A ferret is a good pet if you need to get something out of a long tube.” 10:26 PM
Shane: hahahaha 10:26 PM
Raj joined the chat 10:27 PM
KidBeatnix: Garon’s is leaving 4 kids with cleft palates 10:27 PM
Darryl Asher: oh my 10:27 PM
KidBeatnix: Too much? 10:28 PM
Darryl Asher: NOT ENOUGH 10:28 PM
Darryl Asher: I should get out my Mustache TV. 10:28 PM
KidBeatnix: Poor kids 10:29 PM
AmandaE: Well, rich kids don’t need charity. 10:29 PM
Crystalinne: You remember Colonel Sanders Situation … 10:34 PM
Shane: GARON NOWS YOUR CHANCE!!!!!!!!!! 10:34 PM
Darryl Asher: GO massage Jimmy’s feet 10:34 PM
TK: We support the Colonel in his war against bland chicken. 10:34 PM
Shane: of course, and we salute him for his service 10:35 PM
TK: They’re hot & they’re cold. What is this, a Katy Perry song? 10:35 PM
Carlton: as we do all Colonels 10:35 PM
Darryl Asher 10:37 PM
I wish there was something, ANYTHING I could do to raise more money for the kids. Even if it required me to do a little work. #PCAT16
Shane: HOW DARE YOU GANNON!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:37 PM
Carlton: Gannon gets it. 10:37 PM
Debbie: LOLLLL 10:38 PM
Padraic: i’m petering out guys… western PA signing off. 10:38 PM
Shane: hahahaha I love the idea of Conan actually staying in this room for so long 10:38 PM
fedfan0: I love that Garon was holding up a sandwich. 10:38 PM
Debbie: Good night Padraic! 10:39 PM
Shane: later big P 10:39 PM
Debbie: NOW GARON GO! 10:40 PM
Darryl Asher: What better time. It’s loosy goosy!!!!’ 10:40 PM
Padraic left the chat 13 seconds ago 10:40 PM
Darryl Asher: lol 10:40 PM
AmandaE: Cock I think it was! 10:40 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————————​-PAUL GILMARTIN—————​——————— 10:41 PM
Carlton: Garon you have to do this. The money I was saving for Rachel Quaitence coasters was used to bid on your books. 10:43 PM
AmandaE: I’m a fan of super crabby aggressive Gilmartin. 10:43 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah maybe this will help me live down not buying the coasters. 10:45 PM
Debbie: Gilmartin is the best. 10:46 PM
Carlton: I raised my max bid on garon’s books to 200.69. will someone go bid it up? 10:50 PM
Carlton: I want to make sure he gets the full 200 10:51 PM
Carlton: for proof 10:51 PM
Debbie: Done! 10:52 PM
Carlton: Thank you 10:52 PM
Darryl Asher: LOOK AT ALL WE DO FOR YOU GARON!!! (we=those people) 10:53 PM
Carlton: I’ll have him sign it “From the comfort of my own seat, Garon” 10:56 PM
Shane: hahaha 10:57 PM
fedfan0: How about “Scream for me, Carlton!” 11:03 PM
JakeI was timed out 6 seconds ago 11:03 PM
Carlton: There’s two books. I can do one on each! Brilliant 11:03 PM
Debbie: I hope he signs it Gannon 11:04 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​————TOTAL $44,147.15————–​——————- 11:04 PM
Dvorak joined the chat 11:04 PM
Darryl Asher: Look at all the movement. Get out there. 11:04 PM
Carlton: I’m official too. Auction complete and payment made. This is the Batman DVDs of donations 11:05 PM
Darryl Asher: Don’t for get your Waffle print 11:05 PM
Debbie: This will be on the official record at for everyone to see, Garon. 11:05 PM
Crystalinne: 11:06 PM
Darryl Asher: It will be on your Permanent Record! 11:06 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​———————–T​ODD LEVIN——————-​——————— 11:06 PM
Shane: Todd “Ha ha, that’s YOU” Levin 11:07 PM
Meg joined the chat 11:07 PM
Meg: East coast hanging in! 11:07 PM
Garon: stand by guys smile 11:08 PM
Crystalinne: I’m gunna “Sit by” but okay 11:08 PM
Meg: Todd’s hat broke the chat 11:08 PM
Darryl Asher: ruh roh!!! get ready! 11:08 PM
Crystalinne: My streammmmm 11:08 PM
Debbie: As the stream bets bumpy…. 11:09 PM
Carlton: Got it Crystalinne, thank you. 11:09 PM
Shane: Garon 11:09 PM
Crystalinne: Noooo problem! 11:09 PM
Darryl Asher: yeah stream is iffy. Garon is sabotaging it!!!! 11:09 PM
Shane: Garon’s making us all look the fool for not believing in him 11:09 PM
Debbie: “look the fool” is a great turn of phrase. 11:09 PM
AmandaE: Turn of phrase is a great turn of phrase. 11:10 PM
Debbie: True. 11:10 PM
Crystalinne: turn of phrase isn’t in my wheelhouse 11:10 PM
Darryl Asher: Turn of the Screw is a great story by Henry James 11:10 PM
Shippy: why does the mic in the booth crack my eardrums every time? 11:11 PM
AmandaE: it’s like the voice of god. no human can live through it. 11:12 PM
Meg: It’s that it’s Eliot 11:12 PM
Mark Nealon: Thanks, Crystalinne! 11:12 PM
Crystalinne: Welcome! 11:13 PM
Shippy: I think this is the first year I’m getting sleepy before its over, without the help of drugs/alcohol 11:13 PM
AmandaE: I made a pot of coffee an hour ago. I’m going to regret this in 2.5 hours. 11:14 PM
Shane: Remember the 3pm to 3am Pcat days? 11:15 PM
Shane: or was it 6pm to 6am? 11:15 PM
Carlton: and that doesn’t even count the usual hour overrun. 11:15 PM
Darryl Asher: 6 to 6 pacific 11:15 PM
Mark Nealon: Those were rough on us east coast folks. 11:15 PM
Shane: yeah that’s right, so it was 9 to 9 for me 11:16 PM
Shane: real rough 11:16 PM
Debbie: That would start at 10:30 for me. 11:16 PM
Darryl Asher: The first year was in the tiny studio over the 7-11 on steel chairs. I was nodding off during it. At one point Jimmy happened to ask me something about a movie just as my eyes were closing. All I could do was act awake and say “Yeah, Jimmy, Star 69, I remember!” 11:17 PM
Shane: was that the one where Hamm bone refused to leave the studio? 11:18 PM
Darryl Asher: Yeah I think he kept coming back. And when he went to the lobby area (if you can call it that) every woman in the room suddenly left. 11:19 PM
Shane: haha can’t blame them 11:19 PM
Debbie: I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same 11:20 PM
Liz was timed out 11:20 PM
Darryl Asher:… 11:20 PM
Darryl Asher: A few pics. I wasn’t in a good place to get guest face photos. 11:21 PM
AmandaE: I have a good feeling about this. 11:21 PM
Crystalinne: And Tresa is knitting 11:21 PM
Shane: that’s awesome, Darryl! 11:21 PM
Shane: look at the acting by Wheels 11:23 PM
Shane: nailed his line 11:23 PM
Karmyn: This is a win so far 11:23 PM
Debbie: A lady is up next! 11:23 PM
VaughnDonahue joined the chat 11:24 PM
VaughnDonahue joined the chat 11:24 PM
Shane: “glass of fuck” 11:25 PM
Crystalinne: This fanfic is on point 11:25 PM
VaughnDonahue: Well I had no idea this chat was here. I’ve been watching all day with no one to share the moments with 11:25 PM
AmandaE: “hard dicks in hand and hard shoes on feet” 11:26 PM
Shane: head in the game, Vaughn, sick of the bullshit 11:26 PM
Crystalinne: Haaa 11:26 PM
AmandaE: That’s the funniest I’ve laughed yet. 11:26 PM
Crystalinne: my weener 11:26 PM
VaughnDonahue: I know, I’m a terrible person 11:27 PM
Debbie: I’m crying with laughter 11:27 PM
Shane: hahahaha the richard kind pictures 11:28 PM
Crystalinne: This is like the sleazy late-night commercials of this live stream 11:28 PM
Darryl Asher: Vaughn welcome. Mar 5
VaughnDonahue: Thanks Darryl 11:28 PM
Mike: OMG Todd Levin Kills it every year. 11:28 PM
VaughnDonahue: Way to go Garon! 11:28 PM
Shane: matt saying “peens” 11:29 PM
Crystalinne: my stomach hurts from laughing 11:30 PM
AmandaE: Jesus that was amazing. 11:30 PM
Karmyn: So horrifying. But in the best way possible 11:30 PM
Debbie: I need a copy of this 11:30 PM
Meg: This was the perfect wakeup 11:30 PM
Crystalinne: I love Jimmy’s composed sitting with the reading glasses like he’s reading poetry 11:31 PM
Debbie: yes! 11:32 PM
AmandaE: So classy. 11:32 PM
AmandaE: Oh no. my streammmmm. 11:32 PM
Meg: oops 11:32 PM
Meg: Oh well! 11:32 PM
Carlton: ACK! 11:32 PM
Carlton: stream why? 11:32 PM
VaughnDonahue: I haven’t been this uncomfortable since the Gerbil 11:33 PM
AmandaE: I need to go take care of some lady business. 11:33 PM
Shane: hahahahaha 11:33 PM
Meg: OH YAY!!! 11:33 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————–JANET VARNEY——————​————————​————— 11:33 PM
Mark Nealon: Varney!!! 11:33 PM
Cardimum: JV lovestruck 11:34 PM
Shippy: goddamnit Todd Levin LOL 11:34 PM
KidBeatnix: My birthday mate 11:34 PM
AmandaE: My audio and video are not synced as she is talking about the delay. Spooky 11:35 PM
VaughnDonahue: same here 11:35 PM
Cardimum: actual hologram, janet varney 11:35 PM
Crystalinne: Same. I switched to audio only for the moment 11:36 PM
Shane: oh man, I love JV but I have hit my limit 11:37 PM
Shane: gotta go to bed 11:37 PM
Shane: later dudez 11:37 PM
Debbie: Good night Shane! 11:37 PM
Mark Nealon: night! 11:37 PM
Shippy: pussy Mar 5
AmandaE: I was going to make a “Shane’ joke but I rethought that. 11:37 PM
Darryl Asher: sleepy 11:37 PM
KidBeatnix: My audio is off too 11:37 PM
VaughnDonahue: I’m actually glad I didn’t know about this chatroom until now. I’ve been working all day while watching – and this chat would have killed my productivity 11:38 PM
Crystalinne: Who needs productivity! 11:38 PM
VaughnDonahue: I do! 11:38 PM
Darryl Asher: Productivity Schmoductivity Mar 5
VaughnDonahue: I live in Iowa, I need to pass the time with something 11:39 PM
VaughnDonahue: Darryl knows that feeling 11:40 PM
Darryl Asher: Iowa. The Montana of the midwest. But without the mountains and beauty. 11:41 PM
Crystalinne: Gosh audio and video still off! 11:42 PM
JakeI joined the chat 11:42 PM
Barabajagalla joined the chat 11:42 PM
Carlton: The youtube app on the apple tv is completely down now too. 11:42 PM
Ben Bresulla joined the chat 11:43 PM
Darryl Asher: Mine on apple tv is out of sync a second or so 11:44 PM
Carlton: On my ATV 4 the whole app is broke right now. 11:44 PM
Crystalinne: Mine’s getting closer together I think but it was off on the computer too so I know it’s the strem 11:45 PM
Cardimum: audio will probably be off until the stream restarts 11:45 PM
Crystalinne: stream 11:45 PM
Crystalinne: The worrrsstt! 11:45 PM
Mike: xbox youtube is up but audio is out of synch 11:45 PM
Carlton: website stream is freezing on me now too 11:46 PM
VaughnDonahue: Apple TV is freezing over and over too 11:47 PM
Darryl Asher: yup 11:47 PM
Mike: just got ‘the streamer has stopped streaming message’ 11:47 PM
Ben Bresulla: It looks like they’re resetting the stream 11:47 PM
Crystalinne: Will there ever be a live-stream that doesn’t have hiccups? Isn’t our technology there yet? 11:48 PM
Meg: Oh, almost! 11:48 PM
Crystalinne: At least it’s not the mess that was the MST3K Kickstarter live-stream, but that was goofy too. 11:48 PM
phil was timed out 11:48 PM
Andrew: I have to imagine that they dont have very good internet connectivity at the theatre 11:49 PM
Maryanne E joined the chat 11:49 PM
Carlton: OH NO. I forgot all about the MST3K one 11:49 PM
VaughnDonahue: Maybe Eliot was using his phone as a hotspot this whole time and it finally died 11:49 PM
VaughnDonahue: wink 11:49 PM
Crystalinne: Hah I LOVED the MST one though, they were rolling with it and so many funny tweets during it. 11:50 PM
Crystalinne: I donated Wayyy too much to that but damnnit I want that mystery gift 11:50 PM
Mike: This stream has been amazing compared to a few of the streams in past years. 11:50 PM
Crystalinne: True 11:50 PM
Carlton: Comapred to the Daily Motion expirment, I’ll take this every time. 11:51 PM
Shippy: the first part of the Seth Morris episode is still kinda scary 11:51 PM
VaughnDonahue: Took all day Darryl, but I finally got a bid on my auction! No clue who bid yet, but maybe it came from your share – so thanks again. Mar 5
Carlton: Garon… SEAT.. SING! 11:54 PM
Darryl Asher: I do my small part 11:55 PM
Debbie: Garon fell asleep I guess 11:55 PM
Darryl Asher: Garon is so NOT moving he’s going backwards. 11:56 PM
Mike: creaping up on 2 a.m. in Maine…. sleepy 11:56 PM
Meg: samesies in Mass 11:56 PM
VaughnDonahue: Hey where in Maine, Mike? 11:56 PM
VaughnDonahue: I grew up in Maine and Mass 11:56 PM
Mike: Wayne 11:56 PM
Mike: Vaughn… Heidi J. is my sister in Law. Tori is my wife. 11:57 PM
Debbie: Wayne, Maine? 11:57 PM
Mike: yep 11:57 PM
VaughnDonahue: Nice. I’m from Monmouth… 11:57 PM
VaughnDonahue: oh yup 11:57 PM
VaughnDonahue: hah 11:57 PM
VaughnDonahue: there we go 11:57 PM
Debbie: Fantastic. 11:57 PM
VaughnDonahue: I should have put that together 11:57 PM
Cardimum: ive made it to 2am might as well go to 3 11:57 PM
Cardimum: zzzz 11:57 PM
Mark Nealon: ^^ 11:57 PM
VaughnDonahue: Heidi and I were talking earlier about it 11:57 PM
Debbie: Same….starting to get tired but it’s only an hour or so 11:57 PM
Mike: Yeah, she came over for a few hours earlier to watch with us. 11:58 PM
VaughnDonahue: She mentioned she was doing that 11:58 PM
Debbie: I’m waiting for Garon to keep his promise. 11:58 PM
Mike: Oh yea… I’ll make 3… Hopefully they don’t go too far over. 11:58 PM
Cardimum: one hour moooooooooore 11:58 PM
Darryl Asher: ————————​———–TOTAL $46,233.69————–​———- 12:00 AM
VaughnDonahue: Meg, where in Mass are you? 12:01 AM
Debbie: GARON!!!!!!!! 12:01 AM
Darryl Asher: YAYYY 12:01 AM
Mark Nealon: YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 12:01 AM
Karmyn: Yay 12:01 AM
Crystalinne: yes yes yes yes yes 12:01 AM
Crystalinne: $50 to smile train from me 12:01 AM
AmandaE: YESSSSSSS 12:01 AM
Andrew: Boom 12:01 AM
Carlton: The dream come true! 12:01 AM
Meg: Boston! 12:01 AM
Cardimum: money! 12:01 AM
Mike: Finally! 12:01 AM
Meg: GO GARON!!! 12:01 AM
Darryl Asher: Get out your money! Mar 6
AmandaE: me too, Mar 6
KidBeatnix: There it Is!!!!!! Mar 6
VaughnDonahue: Cool. I grew up in Lowell Mar 6
VaughnDonahue: Was there a bet on Garon doing this? 12:02 AM
KidBeatnix: Walked in right in time to see it 12:02 AM
VaughnDonahue: why am I not surprised that I can’t hear him 12:02 AM
AmandaE: He’s so awful at this. 12:02 AM
AmandaE: It’s amazing. 12:02 AM
Debbie: He was bribed to do it. 12:02 AM
Darryl Asher: I can’t donate based on that poor showing Mar 6
Mark Nealon: We’re paying him for this lackluster performance?!? 12:02 AM
Darryl Asher: I told him I’d donate 100 if he went over there and other folks chimed in with more! 12:03 AM
KidBeatnix: I will still give money but no longer for garon’s performance 12:03 AM
Meg: That was really good!!! 12:03 AM
Darryl Asher: KA-CHINGGGG!!!!!!! 12:03 AM
Debbie: I was hoping Jimmy would sit on Garon’s lap 12:03 AM
Meg: Still team Garon 12:04 AM
KidBeatnix: Kidding of course. Loved it. 12:04 AM
Crystalinne: Money in the pot from me 12:04 AM
Darryl Asher: GLad Gannon is getting out of his shell 12:04 AM
AmandaE: Me too Meg. Me too. 12:04 AM
Carlton: That’s about the most we can hope from Garon. I approve. 12:04 AM
Debbie: And that was the fastest he ever moved! 12:04 AM
Garon: man i choked that game. 12:04 AM
Garon: Choke Artist 12:04 AM
Carlton: but still an artist 12:04 AM
Karmyn: At least the second round was strong 12:04 AM
Crystalinne: The seat’s power was too much. 12:05 AM
Debbie: Garon why did you run away so fast LOL 12:05 AM
Meg: The second round was great! 12:05 AM
Meg: I’m proud of you, Garon 12:05 AM
Garon: That was for humor. Jimmy was off in the wings watching 12:05 AM
KidBeatnix: He tried guys, even the announcer said he tried 12:05 AM
VaughnDonahue: ok, how much lag am I experiencing here? You guys seem to be talking about things I haven’t seen yet 12:05 AM
Mark Nealon: LOLOLOL that Duck Dynasty clue might be my favorite they’ve ever done 12:06 AM
KidBeatnix: Racists blow a horn and birds come 12:07 AM
AmandaE: Oh Wayne. 12:08 AM
Meg: I audibly giggled at his scarf 12:08 AM
Darryl Asher: 12:08 AM
Darryl Asher: Donation receipt GARON! 12:08 AM
Carlton: bravo​ 12:09 AM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——-JOHN ROSS BOWIE——————-​————— 12:09 AM
Debbie: You should have told him you raised a lot of money for that. Hold it over his head! 12:10 AM
Darryl Asher: Good job, Garon, now we won’t have to fight on the street this month. 12:10 AM
Debbie: thank god! 12:11 AM
Garon: what was the total on that? 12:11 AM
Crystalinne: $50 from me Mar 6
Darryl Asher: 450? Mar 6
Carlton: I bumped the books to 200 as well Mar 6
Darryl Asher: Unless people fell asleep meanwhile 12:11 AM
Garon: wow nice! 12:12 AM
AmandaE: Just did my $50 donation. Still another $50 on the table if you sit on Jimmy’s lap, Garon. smile 12:12 AM
Darryl Asher: Doesn’t it feel good to finally do something? 12:12 AM
Darryl Asher: haha 12:12 AM
AmandaE: After re-reading that it seemed like creepy cam guy directions. 12:12 AM
Crystalinne: Now you’ve got some of Garon’s kids. 12:12 AM
Debbie: I’d do that for $50 myself. 12:12 AM
Carlton: You can feel proud and smile, like the children you just helped smile Garon 12:12 AM
Carlton: Meanwhile we raised 2000 to keep Eliot from taking a seat. 12:13 AM
AmandaE: Hahahhahaaa 12:14 AM
Debbie: *claps* 12:14 AM
Carlton: priorities 12:14 AM
Carlton: I wish we would have had a way to keep a chat room total for the whole event. That would be an interesting number to see. 12:16 AM
Darryl Asher: bravo​ 12:16 AM
Debbie: Just saw this on IG: “Don’t call him Gannon, his name is Garon and he stole Jimmy Pardo’s seat. ” 12:21 AM
Carlton: Daddy is going to have to remind some people whose name is on the show. 12:23 AM
KidBeatnix joined the chat 8 seconds ago 12:25 AM
Debbie: Dirty Carson 12:30 AM
Darryl Asher: ————————​——————PAUL SCHEER——————​————————​— Mar 6
AmandaE: oooo didn’t see that one coming. 12:31 AM
Debbie: me either! 12:31 AM
SusanL joined the chat 5 seconds ago 12:32 AM
Crystalinne: Paul taking a late-night spot as a newbie! 12:32 AM
Garon: someone snatched up that Korra poster from me. 12:33 AM
Darryl Asher: Noooooo!!! Reverse karma after your good deed! 12:34 AM
Debbie: I hope it didn’t end while you were sitting over there. 12:34 AM
Crystalinne: Maybe they’ll trade it for a trivia night! 12:34 AM
Garon: haha nah they did the buy it now price. 12:34 AM
Debbie: phew 12:36 AM
Crystalinne: Man, I’m a night-owl but I am sleeeppyy! 12:37 AM
Carlton: Are we going to take bets on which wall we think Schmidt will Kool-Aid man through this year? 12:37 AM
AmandaE: I like this character. 12:37 AM
Crystalinne: ceiling 12:37 AM
Carlton: He’ll repel down Tom Cruise style in Mission Impossible? 12:38 AM
Carlton: with a box full of vampire teeth? 12:38 AM
Debbie: Come from the audience while they are looking towards the door 12:38 AM
Crystalinne: Fangs for coming! 12:38 AM
AmandaE: hahah. 12:38 AM
Carlton: Well played 12:38 AM
Crystalinne: Aukerman callback that’s routinely said in our house. 12:39 AM
SusanL joined the chat 5 seconds ago 12:39 AM
KidBeatnix: I assumed Mike but Todd Glass auctions just went up which makes me think Mike may miss this year 12:43 AM
Debbie: Todd Glass?? Awesome! 12:43 AM
Crystalinne: This alien banging discussion is just reminding me of the romance options in Mass Effect – anyone? I am the only nerd? 12:43 AM
AmandaE: I do <3 me some Todd Glass. 12:43 AM
Darryl Asher: No Rachel yet either 12:43 AM
Debbie: Or Graham 12:44 AM
Mike: yeah. Based on facebook, I’m guessing that Schimdt is visiting his girlfriend this weekend. 12:44 AM
SusanL: Graham is in Tahoe. 😢 12:44 AM
AmandaE: was it ’14 that graham did the grahamurai bit? 12:45 AM
SusanL: Yes 12:45 AM
AmandaE: Furries getting play again. 12:45 AM
Carlton: Maybe it’s the word of the day 12:46 AM
Carlton: Wait, we could have had the inside scoop all along from Garon. 12:46 AM
Darryl Asher: Gannon don’t betray confidences 12:47 AM
Crystalinne: What’s the word Garon, what’s the word CLAP CLAP 12:47 AM
Carlton: for donations he might have 12:47 AM
KidBeatnix: It’s the caricature thing 12:47 AM
Darryl Asher: Gannon can NOT be bribed! He just HAPPENED to want to sit in Jimmy’s seat. Mar 6
SusanL: There was a woman at Podfest with a tale. And then during NNF they were making fun of Furries. Uncomfortable. 12:48 AM
Debbie: Bribe is such an ugly word. 12:48 AM
Carlton: Coax? Lubricate? 12:49 AM
Carlton: Threaten? Mar 6
AmandaE: Cajole. 12:49 AM
Crystalinne: hardware store? 12:49 AM
AmandaE: hah 12:49 AM
Darryl Asher: Hey…. I AM awesome!!! 12:51 AM
AmandaE: wooooo 12:55 AM
Mark Nealon: !!!! 12:55 AM
———————————————-TODD GLASS———————————-
Crystalinne: YESSSSS 12:55 AM
Crystalinne: NATURE BOX 12:55 AM
SusanL: Hey! 12:56 AM
Crystalinne: “Now I wanna do good in the greenroom.” 12:57 AM
Carlton: When Sarah was talking about being tickled by someone… Todd is always tickled by Jimmy. 100% of the time and it’s fun to watch him be so. 12:58 AM
Crystalinne: When I get tired I snort-laugh – oh man snort-laugh galore during Todd. 12:59 AM
Garon: i had a list next to me the whole time no one asked 1:01 AM
VaughnDonahue: if he doesn’t tone it down, MC Lyte will come in to make sure no one is dying 1:01 AM
AmandaE: giggling like a child 1:01 AM
Garon: for the record i would never spoil it tongue 1:02 AM
Crystalinne: Love that he’s so wound up about the backstage banter that no one else is aware of. 1:02 AM
Darryl Asher: Garon is NOT your monkey, people! 1:02 AM
Debbie: Todd & Eddie in the woods together. 1:08 AM
AmandaE: I watch that. 1:09 AM
Carlton: oh Todd 1:10 AM
Carlton: my cheeks hurt 1:10 AM
AmandaE: No kidding. 1:10 AM
Carlton: Southern Illinoisians get it Amanda 1:10 AM
Crystalinne: I knee slapped a little bit ago 1:11 AM
AmandaE: Carlton, Did you make it to see him when he opened for Louis CK at the Fox? 1:11 AM
Carlton: I did! 1:11 AM
Carlton: What a great surprise 1:12 AM
AmandaE: It was OHmazing. 1:12 AM
Crystalinne: “You had a PICNIC!” 1:12 AM
Carlton: I had tix for Brian Regan last night at Peabody, but I got sick and couldn’t go. 1:13 AM
Debbie: I can’t say cinnamon. 1:13 AM
Karmyn joined the chat 5 seconds ago 1:13 AM
luvrhino was timed out 5 seconds ago 1:14 AM
AmandaE: Have you been to Helium yet? 1:15 AM
Carlton: No. 1:15 AM
Andrew: Wait are there more St Louis area people here? 1:16 AM
Carlton: Are you close to St. Louis? Like Belleville, metro east area? I’m over by Carbondale. A little north of it. 1:16 AM
AmandaE: Edwardsville. 1:16 AM
Carlton: We’ve probably all seen each other at a Pardo show in Soulard or Fairview Heights 1:17 AM
Andrew: Ha, small world. I’m in st louis county 1:17 AM
AmandaE: Hah that Fairview joint is interesting. I was waiting for commentary on the the podcast but Jimmy was classy about it. 1:17 AM
Carlton: It was… something. But it was better than the old Funnybone 1:18 AM
Carlton: Except the guy in front of me kept vaping the whole show 1:18 AM
SusanL joined the chat 1:20 AM
AmandaE: That was probably my fifth Jimmy Pardo stand up experience and it was maybe my favorite. I was like ugly laughing and making weird donkey noises. Just uncontrollably funny. 1:23 AM
Debbie: donkey noises! 1:24 AM
Carlton: Did you see him at Casino in Alton? 1:25 AM
AmandaE: I did not. 1:25 AM
Cardimum: i was tired and then todd glass happened 1:25 AM
Crystalinne: Yeah it’s going to take me a minute to wind down. 1:26 AM
Carlton: It wasn’t a full set because there were 4 of them, but it was my first show for him, so I enjoyed it. 1:26 AM
Carlton: It was like a Bob and Tom show but with Bob Zany 1:26 AM
Carlton: Darryl wake up, we are wrapping up here. 1:32 AM
Darryl Asher: ————————​—————$31,330 from the auctions—————-​——————– 1:32 AM
Crystalinne: Wowie that’s a lot in auctions and they’re not all over yet 1:33 AM
SusanL: Crazy. Great job!! 1:34 AM
Carlton: WOOHOO! 1:35 AM
Darryl Asher: ————————​———TOTAL $169,273.18————-​————————​- 1:35 AM
SusanL: Outstanding everyone! 1:36 AM
Crystalinne: bravo​ 1:36 AM
Debbie: amazing!!!! 1:36 AM
Carlton: Without Garon sitting in the chair, we don’t make 169k 1:36 AM
Darryl Asher: You’re welcome Jimmy. 1:36 AM
Carlton: We did it guys 1:36 AM
Karmyn: smile Bedtime! 1:37 AM
Mark Nealon: Been fun folks. Goodnight! 1:38 AM
Darryl Asher: Gnight all! sleepy 1:38 AM
Carlton: Good night, see you next time. Thanks for hosting us Darryl 1:38 AM
Debbie: Good night all! This was fun! 1:38 AM
Crystalinne: goodnight all!! 1:38 AM
KidBeatnix: Good night everyone 1:39 AM
Karmyn: Sleep well! 1:39 AM
Andrew: And bedtime. Bye everyone 1:39 AM
SusanL: Good night. Thanks for setting up this chat room Darryl. 1:39 AM
Garon: im outta here guys!!!Youre all awesome! 1:45 AM
Raj: G’night guys! This was fun! Thanks Darryl!!!! 1:48 AM
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Pelkey!: Good morning everybody! Thanks Darryyll! 7:39 AM