Pardcastathon 2016


pcat2016Never Not Funny Pardcastathon 2016!

Welcome to PCAT2016!!! Jimmy intros everyone and shows the Smile Train video.

I’m in spooky lighting.


Rob Corrdry comes in demonstrating how to hug! He doesn’t think that intro video was particularly funny.

Donna Summer talk. Push Come Shove, Donna Summer rock?

Talking how big of a big shot Rob is!

Rob spoils a guest!!

Rob tells us about a joke that shows up on his show courtesy of John Ross Bowie

Rob calls Matt “Alt-comedy insider Matt Belknap” after he expresses confusion over Rob’s Brooklyn t-shirt.

Rob talks about how he lost some pounds.

17 years in July for Jimmy’ sobriety!

Can you vaporize alcohol?

The Final Season of Children’s hospital! Jimmy didn’t make it on.

Rob talks about having a consultant on Children’s Hospital.

Pat reads of a guest list. Caleb tells him it’s farm aid.


Cristela says the panel looks like a male version of The View backstage.

Jimmy makes a JOKE and some people give its an audible reaction. Jimmy calls them on it.

Jimmy knows exactly where that Chicago shirt came from.

Jimmy and Cristela talk sports!

Cristela has clippers season tickets. It made her realize she needs more friends.

Cristela says Billy Crystal looks good!

Jimmy loves him. Cristela does a Billy Crystal face.

Talking about YouTube video titles or lack there of.

Meet Me Half Way chat!

I’ve been dead inside for 30 years.

Over The Top Soundtrack –

Pretty Woman –

Soundtrack talk!

Cannonball Run 2 song by Menudo –

Talking Mexican food!

Jimmy gonna go to a Clippers game with Cristela if she comes to an LA Kiss game with him.

Cristela brags about winning 1984 Billboard trivia!

Matt makes a Calendar so Jimmy can remember his name.

Hour One Tote: $9,857.23!

Sawyer Brown talk!

Timothy Omundson

Galavant talk!

Frank Turner talk!

Timothy and Pat talk about callbacks.

Pat asks Timothy about Tyne Daly. Timothy talks about her.

Timothy talks about Seaquest DSV and Roy Scheider!

Comparing Audience member Taylor from Phoenix to Scott Dicksik

Scott Aukerman!

Scott comes out as…Scott?

He wants to kick off the interview.

Scott’s meeting his African sponsor child!

Kwame is here to meet his sponsor, Scott.

“Dysentery type dump”

Scott is heartbroken over this incident with Kwame.

Scott talks about his new sponsor. guys!

Hello Mr. Thaxton! HR!

Hour Two Tote: $13,235.30

Phil Rosenthal

Italy is Phil’s favorite episode of “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.”

The guys dance the torah! (spelling?)

Jimmy talks Fiddler and Theater with Phil.

Taking Ray Romano with phil!

Pat asks about Phil’s staying in shape.

Phil talks friends!

New York is at the top of Phil’s list of cities to visit!

Water talk with Pat! Yager talk!

Pat talks about how nice Phil Rosenthal is.

Danielle Koenig

Danielle is done with all the Chicago stuff! “Show” “pop” etc.

Danielle shows us how her mom salts! A #PCAT Tradition!

Flat surface talk!

Danielle wonders what fabric of shirt Jimmy is wearing.

Pat wonders who has more clothes? Jimmy or Danielle? Danielle thinks it’s her.

Tips from the nips!

“Speaking of changing” unrelated topic.

Danielle talks about doing a children’s 5k. Some hairy guy was in the front of the pack with no shirt on.

Cracker and Uncle Cracker talk.

The audience sings Follow Me.

Oliver is at a D&D party! Tomorrow he is directing an episode of his own TV Show that he created.

Hour Three Tote: 16250.98!!

Matt Walsh

Jimmy gets emotional with Matt.

Blind guy actor is here!

Ghostbusters talk!

Matt has been to the white house and briefly met Michelle Obama but not the President.

Matt donated his pinball machine to an “unofficial” pinball museum.

Veep returns April 12!

Conan Call!

April Richardson

April is wearing a great David Bowie tribute.

Johnny Marr talk!

Disturbing ET porn.

Furies talk!

House of Cards Text sound commentary.

Pat and April play some Sevens.

Jimmy sings some Aerosmith for us!
Mike McShane
Tells stories and sings about Crocs.

Phone call from TOMMY SHAW! @TSGreatDivide

Jimmy geeks out!

Hour Four Tote: $18,182.36

Ben Schwarz

BB8 talk!!!

Ben Jimmy and Wayne talk about basketball.

Things get real during Ben’s segment!

Ben wonders what Jimmy says around Oliver instead of hate.

Ben doesn’t talk relationship stuff but he wants a family and a wife!

Talking to Anthony Rapp! @AlbinoKid

He’s on tour with If/Then!

Ben sings about Jimmy not having dinner with Matt.

Ben’s off to play Mafia after the show.

Justin McCarthy from Smile Train joins us for this tote!

Hour Five Tote: $19,884.95

Michael Sheen

Talking frost Nixon and vampires with Michael.

Michael talks about acting in big budget movies.

Jimmy asks Michael if he knows Clive Owen meaning colin firth.

Jimmy not sure who Clive Owen actually is.

Michael talks about Denzel Washington.

Michael talks about theater craziness, including using a co-star as a weapon against someone in the audience.

Jimmy talks on camera sex with Michael. “Honk her breasts” was spoken aloud.

Talking reality shows!

Matt, Jimmy, and Pat talk movie quotes.

Pat talks a bit about Smile Train and the mexico trip.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah mentions Wayne is playing the song he knows.

The guys talk Grease Live with Sarah.

Sarah does her impressions and talks about hosting SNL.

Sarah questions heaven.

Sarah quotes Michael.

Post show, Michael and Sarah are going to a friend’s birthday but need to get a gift to regift first.

Apparently, Sarah has a box of fart machines.

Filth ass!

Jimmy talks Bill Maher with Sarah Silverman.

Conan calls back!

Paul F. Tompkins

Paul steps in, then steps out then returns.

Live Dubsmash!

Trump talk!

Ben Carson talk.

Proactive talk.

Jimmy’s one character is still named Jimmy.

Larry and Jarels!!

Paul talks about Bajilion dollar properties and having a beard put on.

Hour Six Tote: $23,712.95



Doug Benson

Jimmy talks The VVitch with Doug.

Doug talks Black Friday.

Doug talks about signing autographs.

Doug flew in from New York for the show.

He saw “Disaster!” while in NY as well as She Loves Me. He enjoyed both. He also saw Blackbird with Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams (the poster is better apparently). Doug wishes he’d seen Fiddler on the Roof instead.

Wayne talks about Fiddler.

Doug talks about the shows he’s done.

Pat asks Doug what the best movie musical is. He says Chicago.

Grease Live talk!

Doug leaves us with a check for $5k!

Alison Rosen

Alison produced her own segment and gives the notes to Jimmy.

She’s worried about her dress being too short.

Alison explains the sitch.

Alison talks about her husband sitch and him being against having an auction winner come to the house for a podcast.

Sounds like Jimmy wants in on this Alison auction!

Alison talks about getting Phil Rosenthal on NNF.

Shark Tank Talk!

Jimmy wonders if he ever told us about his Alison Rosen dream.

Pat tells us he dreamed about Cathy Ladman.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Live talk.

Dave Holmes

Dave talks about getting high with Sebastian Bach after a show and his parents showed up to surprise him on his last show.

Dave’s dad and Sebastian Bach apparently became fast friends.

Dave reprimands an audience member.

More Bach talk and going through songs of Sebastian Bach’s.

Talking TV and Vinyl.

Talking Max Cassella.

Dave talks about weird eye situations.

“Talk to us about making fearless creative choices while at the same time trying to instill fear in your audience.” – Question Dave had to ask every person on the AHS Coven red carpet.

Rich Sommer!

We get a bit of an update from him on the Malaysian Airlines.

Hour Seven TOTE!! $33,912.64!

Jon Hamm!

Jon talks about his movie Baby Driver

Matching donor confirmed!

Justin Willman

Justin brought some stuff along with him.

Cupcake Wars is over. Diabetes won. – Justin.

Justin’s Comedy Central special is called Sleight of Mouth.

Justin reveals who the party guy is.

Justin’s gonna do some magic!!

The Game of Phones!

Greg Behrendt

Greg’s brought a guitar to auction off!!

Jimmy talks about Greg’s illness and his positivity throughout the entire experience. He’s six months cancer free.

Lauren Ash

Lauren both likes and doesn’t like her picture.

Superstore talk!

Crazy story from Lauren!

Birdie –

Ben Feldman chat!

The daughter of Jimmy’s ex thinks jimmy is the funniest person alive. He reminds her that she once thought that too.

Lauren talks about the backlash from her toilet sex story.

Jimmy doesn’t have to worry about getting his dick wet after a show anymore. No one likes that turn of phrase.

Jimmy talks about getting enraged by someone leaving a locker door open.

Jimmy tells the story about a guy coming into the steam room with him and the guy takes out his dick and starts masturbating.

Hour Nine Tote: $41,079.68

Andy Daly

Fuller House talk. Andy wonders if Peter Cetera is going to be on it.

Olsen Twins Calendar talk

What scares Andy Daly?

Andy tells us about finding a long dead rat inside of a wall at his house.

Andy fears his children being swept out to sea.

Jimmy and Andy have the same wedding day.

The judge that married Andy and his wife was John Wayne Gacy’s defense attorney!

Andy loves his caricature!

Review is coming back for a third and final season!

Andy is shooting a pilot for ABC soon. Anna Gunn plays is wife.

Andy is afraid of Anna Gunn!

Andy talks about his pilot with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. It was a good time, Chevy had Q cards for some reason. Chevy yelled at him once because he kept doing tags at the end of the scene, as the director asked.

Conan is still trapped!

Paul Gilmartin

Paul brings some cutting boards.

Jimmy not happy his aids joke didn’t go over well. Paul says the children gave back their surgeries.

Jimmy talks to Paul about the early days of LA.


Jimmy takes down publicists.

Paul tells a publicist story.

Actor auditioning for a blind role is here and talking golf.

Hour Ten Tote: $44,147.16

Todd Levin

Todd gives the audience some love!
He’s also wearing a hate Sasha Baron Cohen style.

Todd had seen Batman V Superman. His facial expressions give away his thoughts on it.

The home video release of BvS is going to be rated R.

Hard Eight –

Jimmy talks to Travis.

Todd’s kids are Arlo and Zola.

Todd shows off his son Arlo.

Todd’s about to read some erotic NNF Fan Fiction for us.

Janet Varney

Janet does her own Fan Fiction.

Uber Vs Lyft talk! Janet prefers Lyft.

Take your lumps –

Janet enjoys both the Brady Bunch movies AND the Adams Family movies.

Brady Bunch Movie A Very Brady Sequel and A Brady in the White House (TV Movie)

Pat does Michael Winslow eating a banana and fluffing a pillow and dropping a feather on a breezeless day, and falling into a coma.

Jimmy talks about opening for Michael Winslow.

Jimmy and Wayne sing One Day More!

Pat demonstrates his bathroom break.

Hour Eleven (Penultimate)Tote: $46,233.69

I take over Jimmy’s chair for an abysmal showing on Sevens.

Pat and Matt and Jimmy play more Sevens
John Ross Bowie

Matt and John with the same shoes? Apparently not.

Talking fiddler on the Roof!

Apparently, Wayne and John were at the same showing of Fiddler!!

John and Wayne talk about it.

Turns out Wayne was a week ahead of John.

John spoils the last two guest: Marco Rubio, Ric Overton.

Pat and John talk couples seating arrangements .

Max Kellerman –

School of Rock musical talk. Jimmy loves it.

John’s wife had a magic trick done by David Blaine!

John talks about the A-List party he went to.

AA, drinking, and weed talk.

John talks about seeing his daughter who was in Annie and SOBBING when he saw her.

Dirty Carson!

Paul Scheer

Paul’s in for fifty!

Paul talks about a jetski accident with his wife and his will guy ted.

Talks more about the Hollywood single life!

Paul wants to win America’s Funniest Home Videos. No matter who is hosting.

Paul loves Zootopia! He does all the voices.

Paul rives a Lamborghini with a Prius body.
Jimmy puts Paul on the spot.

Talking Strange –

Jimmy demonstrates fucking a knee.

Sex is family.

BTW Paul’s wife isn’t dead.

Paul talks about his long lost siblings he mentioned on his NNF Appearance.

Furies come up again!

Paul talks about meeting a prostitute.

Todd Glass

Todd Glass talks about the green room backstage!

Todd lets everyone know how much he’d charge to stay at someone’s house for 3 days.

Flexay sweat pants!

Jimmy’s voice is getting a little raspy!


Todd talks about his Camping with Todd pilot.

Jimmy breaks the news that Todd had a picnic.

No ones fighting with Todd!

Todd reveals the truth. He slept in the RV.

$31, 330 from the AUCTIONS
My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth