Pardcastathon 2018

Jimmy, Matt, Eliot and Garon. (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

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In-Flappers notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

All Polaroids by Rick DeMint of @Portroids.

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PCAT 2018!

Hour One:

Indeed! Feedback off the bat!

12 hours to go!

Matt’s here! He and Jimmy dance!

Jimmy yells because he cares.

Jimmy explains the charity.

Band humor!

Jimmy talks to the band!

Ken: Steely Dan
Mike: Supertramp
Tony: Stone Temple Pilots
Wayne: Santana

Garon: Sawyer Brown
Matt: The Strokes
Eliot: Simple Minds

Audience member Jason: Styx

Tight band!

Talking shows like Waco.

Smile train videos

Conan O’Brien (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Conan: Bringing a burst of energy to the show!

Tension between Conan and Wayne?!

More breakfast talk with Conan and Jimmy.

They sing together!

Conan talks about his travel shows.

Conan wants to see more food.

Conan has a great interaction with an audience member.

Conan talks about a bad guest interaction. Initials EK.

It was Eartha Kitt. He talks about it.

Matt jumps in with a growl.

Chicken club talk and brown sugared oatmeal.

Conan does not enjoy a musical.

Talking to Francois from France!

Oscar Nunez (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Hour Two:

Oscar Nunez is here!

Oscar and Matt ran into each other at the post office.

People of Earth talk. Season 3 is coming!

Eliot’s all over the place.

Globetrotters talk!

Wayne guesses 1926.
Oscar guesses 23
Jimmy 22


We got a gift for Jimmy! Related to Betting!

Thank you Susan!

1926 Wayne wins! He’s keeping that money.

Oscar talks The Office. It’s gonna be so expensive!

Give the money to charity Wayne!

Talking Conan’s jacket.


Tig is here and she is ready! Her hair looks great!

Tig Notaro (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Jimmy talks to Tig about her kids and having Bagels on Saturday morning.

Wayne’s been to Tig’s place. He couldn’t be less interested in the kids.

There’s a Tig doppelganger in the audience.

“Oh that woman looks like me.” Something Tig has never said.

It’s an honor for Todd to be told he looks like Tig.

First Roast!

Racially based tea?

Last movie Tig saw was Grease?!

“Did she put up a fight” was before time was up according to Wayne. It’s the Me Who movement.

Bryan who is NOT in Oxford right now.

Jimmy would not wrestle.

Tig V Jimmy leg wrestle!

Jimmy won?


Home Sweet Home!!

Jimmy keeps cutting the song before the horn goes in!

Matt Walsh (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Matt Walsh:

Talking Matt W’s coat.

“Fart I forgot!” – Matt W on feathers.

Talking hotels and Matt W getting recognized.

Talking the 1% with Matt W!

Audience applausing Anti-Trump!

Talking about the Maude reading that Matt W was part of that raised money for Emily’s List, a great cause for tomorrow!

Bill Macy –

“Whatever happened to Jim Pardo?” – Matt W’s brother TO JIMMY.

Talking Veep!

Supercuts, kids, and elbow deep in cheese!

Last season of Veep coming up.

Jimmy asks what’s happening when Matt W talks Trump.

Matt W asks what show has gone too long. Matt B says The Simpsons. Wayne insists that Happy Days absolutely did NOT go on too long.

Spinning plates Jimmy!

Move it or lose it!

Tote: $7158.43

It would be humiliating if we don’t make a million this year.

Hour Three:

Paul F. Tompkins (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Paul F Tompkins:

Jimmy loves the red piping on Paul’s suit!

Paul is tired. He talks about it. He needs sleep!

Paul tells us about pharmacies not having anything to do with Farms.

Piggly Wiggly

Talking lighting and Paul’s watch.

Paul talks about Arnold Palmer creating his famous drink.

Apparently Arnold Palmer actually DID invent the Arnold Palmer.

Courtroom Sketch App, get pro for color and no ads!

Paul talks about his youth in art. He goes on to talk about going to see Phantom Thread with a live orchestra.

He tells a story about having dinner and seeing Paul Thomas Anderson.

He also got high with his wife before the show.

Alison Rosen (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Allison Rosen:

Allison talks about her caricature and the front row.

Jimmy’s gone. Matt’s interviewing.

Allison talks about her big dance routine at Sketch Fest

Jimmy’s back!

Here is Allison’s dancing:

She’s doing it live!

Allison brought a list!

She talks about charades and being recast for being on Playing Games.

Jimmy broke the mic.

Charades with Allison. The Boss Baby!

No one puts baby in the corner!

Allison is going to Love Never Dies without Jimmy.

Al Jackson (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Al Jackson:

Al and Mike Henry worked together on Shaq’s TV show. “You gotta blacken up these lines for me.” – Shaq to Al.

Jimmy and Al talk Tiger Woods.

Milania Trump talk.

Trump’s core.

Al’s ripped for 1950.

No one’s heard “Grabbing by the Pussy”

Talking KFC and Reba.

And facials, the G rated kind.

Foot Massage guilt talk.

Al on the Sephora Emil list??

Talking Airlines. Frontier is the “spirit of the south.” The guys talk Spirit and NWA.

Hour Four:

Kevin Nealon (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Kevin Nealon:

Talking drugs with Kevin. He’s never even done coke.

Kevin Nealon talks about why he isn’t gay. He doesn’t like putting stuff in his body he cant control.

Kevin eats when he’s nervous.

Gable is doing great!

Talking Arnold Palmer with Kevin.

Kevin talks drinking on the weekends.

Kevin Nealon is 63?!

Jimmy talks golfing with Kevin.

Bathroom talk!

Keyboard talk.

CeCe Pleasants:

CeCe Pleasants (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

CeCe knows everyone!

She stops the show to talk to an audience member.

Jimmy wonders about dropping an Engine Block. Matt calls him out for pronouncing it wrong.

CeCe goes with Santana.

She uses farts! As an expletive.

Talking Brandon, CeCe’s husband. They’ve been together 4 years in July.

Mike Henry Wolves!

CeCe brought an old Wipe Out jacket for auction!

CeCe not into the swing scene.

CeCe wears a swim dress and a jacket to the hot tub. Also a bolo tie.

Everyone sings along with the Sevens theme!

3 for CeCe!

Rory O’Malley (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Rory O’Malley

He’s amazed by the room.

Jimmy makes a Hamilton reference immediately.

Rory has been recognized from Happy Days the musical twice lately.

Rory still has ikea furniture.

Zoe and Rory hung out backstage!

Rory’s auditioning for pilot season!

He gives us his philosophy on auditioning. He got cast in something that starts in May here in LA! Jimmy guessed what it was immediately.

Talking about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the possible return of Yarl?!

Also talking about Rory’s mom in Cleveland.

Rory talks about his Dreamgirls audition and sings for us!

Hour Five:

Some wind instruments!

Shrug for Ken!

TOTE: $11,155.81

Dave Holmes (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Dave Holmes

Talking Jermaine Stewart hitting on Jimmy.

Talking Karaoke songs with Dave. He sings Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

Dave shares a name with Coldplay’s manager.

Dave’s S word is Supertramp.

Talking Sirius channels with Dave.

First Wave talk.


Todd Glass on Homophilia.

Jimmy wants to come on so Dave says they’ll have a Summer of Allies.

Mr. Roboto talk. Thank you thank you PLEASE thank you!

Dave talks about the last Crate digging trip he took with an auction winner. He thinks he got some Frank Turner, Rufus and Chaka Khan, some weird covered $1 bin record, Rumours, and one other I missed.

Jimmy suggests Dave to listen to Industry.

Pot for an audience member!

Fixing a Hole:

Tom Bergeron (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Talking about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


The Rented Rockers!

Tom Bergeron

Tom calls Bob Ross episodes like getting a drink from Cosby.

Tom also gets ASMR! He talks about Bob Ross being one of the originators of it.

Tom drops $100 for Smile Train!

Tom talks about his feelings on Trump and fan reactions to his politics.

Tom tells us his Three Stooges story. Larry gave Tom Moe’s number.

Tom’s Stooges special –

Tom beat Venus and Serena at Hydro Thunder.

Talking DBOX.

Wayne suggests Ladybird for DBOX.

Talking Dancing With The Stars with Tom.

“Jackie has six albums. You don’t want first three.” – Jackie Chan’s manager.

Tom talks about doing a dance in season 2 of Dancing of the Stars.

Tom talks about the shorter season of Dancing with the Stars featuring all athletes.

Tom does make his feelings known if a contestant comes up that he isn’t pleased with.

Jimmy talks with the audience.

Another one picks the Styx!

Pretty woman!

Danielle Koenig (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Danielle Koenig:

Jimmy can’t make jokes because Zoe is here.

Matt teach her how to lie!

Danielle has a lot in common with Kevin in the audience’s wife.

“I am a MOTHER!” – Danielle when they took her backpack.

Danielle says that Zoe is cooler than Oliver.

Oliver doesn’t like the word stupid.

She’s British.

The Sioux Plantation is Jimmy’s favorite restaurant.

Danielle wants to address her caricature.

Wonky eye talk.

Danielle’s enjoying the wine and wants a cookie immediately.

Danielle talks about some cosmetic procedures, including laser hair removal. Apparently, she’s an ideal candidate for literally every surgery. EXCEPT BOTOX!

Oliver is gonna have the perfect forehead!

Rachel Quaintance (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Hour Six:

Rachel Quaintance:

Rachel talks Taylor Swift.

Ford isn’t happy with Taylor’s music apparently.

Rachel goes with The Strokes.

Rachel talks about a buy on twitter not liking her last appearance.

Big Steve is in town!

Talking breast feeding on Movies At Our House.

Pizza coming!

Lesbian boxers??

Rachel’s joke was that she was going to bring her Trumpet.

Harper is just annoying.

Rachel is dropping all sorts of tea.

Music Man talk.

Rachel did The Wiz in High School. She played Dorothy.

Rachel sang at her grandmother’s funeral. No One Is Alone from Into The Woods.

Thanks Rachel!

Jimmy sings with the band!

Doug Benson (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Doug Benson:

Talking Doug’s shows.

He talks about his caricature.

Doug talks about his early days as a prop comic.

Someone destroyed the bathroom in the greenroom.

Doug is catching up on his academy award films.

Doug talks about Dunkirk and Darkest Hour.

Doug predicts three billboards wins best picture.

Oscars talk!

Sevens with Doug!

Jimmy gives to Doug: 15(Award winners)

Hour Seven:

Tote: $16,035.57


Thanks Caitlin!

First Half S Words:
5 for STYX: $500 donation!
Ken: Steely Dan
Mike: Supertramp
Tony: Stone Temple Pilots
Wayne: Santana
Garon: Sawyer Brown
Matt Belknap: The Strokes
Eliot: Simple Minds
Audience member Jason: Styx
Conan: Salt N Peppa
LadyFriend: Santana
Oscar: Santana
Tig: Sex Pistols
Matt Walsh: Steely Dan
Paul F: Styx
Audience from Alabama: Styx
Allison Rosen: Soundgarden
Al Jackson: The Stylistics
Kevin Nealon: Sound Machine
CeCe Pleasants: Santana
Rory O’Malley: Savage Garden
Caitlyn: Sixpence None The Richer
Matt B: Slayer
Austin in the audience: Styx
Dave Holmes: Supertramp
Tom Bergeron: Steppenwolf
Kevin in the audience: Scissor Sisters
Amy in the audience: Styx
Danielle Koenig: Sly and the Family Stone and Souxie and the Banshees
Rachel Quaintance: The Strokes
Doug Benson: Smashmouth

Cristela Alonzo (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Cristela Alonzo

Cristela talks songs and makes Jimmy the fool.

Is Matt trying to look like Cristela?

Jimmy not a fan of the rare meat talk.

Talking McGruff and Johnny Five!

Cristela talks about her brothers and is reminded of her singlehood.

Talking Cars 3.

Talking Coco.

Talking pitches.


Smokey the Bear talk!

Cobra Kai talk –

Ralph Macchio –

Talking Peter Cetera!

I ran to the bathroom.

Brown Eyed Girl and Jimmy working out.

Talking tech support.

Prompter issue!

Jon Hamm (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

John Hamm is here! Straight from the Spirit awards!

Jon Hamm arrived on time and under budget.

Jimmy talks about Oliver’s Oscar movie likes.

Talking peaches!

What’s next for Jon?

Can Jon sing?

Talking Shampoo!

Sheriff –

Demi Adejuyigbe :

Demi Adejuyigbe (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Jimmy runs to the bathroom

Matt and Demi talk music and Welcome To The Jungle

Talking Slash and Amy Sherman Palladino
Betting on Demi’s age.

No winner! Demi was born in august 92.

Jimmy sings the Smile Train song.

Demi is still Over the V!

No names for Demi’s lady friend!

Jimmy’s gonna donate for his match AND his backup!

Hour Eight:

Paul Gilmartin

Paul’s hair looks great. He talks about his new gel.

Paul Gilmartin (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Johnny Depp talk.

Paul knows a bit about shitty movies, good food, and shitty comedy.

Talking Challenger and the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast.

Talking butter and popcorn

Talking about John Mulaney.

Paul’s shoes are too small.

Karen Kilgariff

Karen talks about what a beard guy is hiding.

Quincy –

Karen talks her “favorite” killer: John Wayne Gacy.

Karen Kilgariff (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Talking traveling with Karen and meeting fans of the podcast.

Karen talks stand-up and her previous break, brief return, and latest break.

Talking TruTV.

Talking Impractical Jokers and how popular they are.

Karen talks about needing the travel time to adjust for leaving LA and getting to San Fran.

San Fran VS LA. They hate us in LA apparently.

Talking True Crime with Karen.

Matt gets show recommendations from Karen.

Tword: Tremors!

TOTE: $22,496.65

John Ross Bowie (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

John Ross Bowie

He confronts Jimmy on his Big Bang Theory jokes.

Talking about musicals and Patty LuPone with John!

John’s mom is here!

“Why don’t we just suck dick?!” – Jimmy

Talking Acton and shooting the show.

John talks more about Speechless.

Watch the latest Speechless Halloween episode if you need a place to start!

John’s T is That Thing You Do!

Hour Nine:

Jimmy bit his lip!

Milana Vayntrub (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Milana Vayntrub is here! Talking her boots.

She’s concerned about Jimmy’s bit lip.

Milana talks about Hank, her dog. He’s doing much better.

Milana asked Dustin Hoffman for a selfie, even after being suggested not to by a valet guy.

Matt saw Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn AND Dustin Hoffman at the same time.

Milana talks about her caricature. All Jaw.

Milana calls Demi a sweet little baby.

Milana can’t talk about her show!

She can’t talk about New Warriors!

Milana is traveling to Boston to do a talk about activism. She was a refugee from Uzbekistan and now travels and speaks about it.

Coat talk!

Zach Galifianakis (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Zach Galifianakis

Talking food places with Zach and his show Barrels (Baskets).

Zach is impressed with Milana. She’s turning 31!

Zach isn’t prepared to promote.

Oprah is very impressive.

Egg talk with Zach.

Talking Jimmy’s dude talk.

Talking stand up with Jack.

Talking Sound Machine.

Zach was in a band. They were called Marching.

Not really his brother was a tuba player though.

Mic talk. Zach wants one for home.

Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman is here and he is interviewing Jimmy.

Jimmy’s done, Scott’s taking over, and closing down his telethon.

Hour Ten:

It’s time for Eliot to sing!
Nothing but praise for Eliot!

Todd Levin (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Todd Levin in a heartfelt appearance with some dancing nudes.

Tootsie is his T word.

Janet Varney

Janet and Jimmy do some dancing!

Jimmy explains cookies to Janet’s new character.

More Stans against evil in progress!

Janet explains what she did today.

Janet walked here from Los Feliz. 8.5 miles!?

Matt has to know how she got here.

Disney Girls –

Jimmy tells the Oliver/Judy piano story.

Janet saw a dozen bunnies on her journey here.

Talking toe cramps.

Janet’s T word is Texasville or The Toy

Hour Eleven:

Henry from Smile Train!

Tote: $30,335.03!

Laurie Kilmartin (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Laurie Kilmartin

Lauries here! She’s talking abiut her book

Talking stand up with Laurie.

Jimmy does his impression of the Jackie and Laurie Show.

Talking about changing up Jimmy’s skill sets.

Paul Gilmartin and Laurie might ACTUALLY be related?!

Laurie talks about her mom and how she acts whenever Laurie comes into the house.

Sex talk, swinging, sex clubs and Shut The Fuck Up Jeff offers up his wife to Jimmy?!

Andy Daly

Andy Daly (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Andy is not comfortable with performing barefoot on stage. Talking about Lynryd Skynrd.

Neil Young/LS feud –

Talking Greatest Hits with Andy.

Going through some U2 songs/albums.

More music talk.

Andy recognizes Wayne to great excitement!

Andy plays drums! Electronic ones.

He talks about his favorite :outfits” and liking to drum to funk music.

Thoughts on electronic drums: Tony kinda hates them.

Crispin Glover’s Twister:

Crispin Glover’s album –

Jimmy wears earbuds in an uber?!

Andy doesn’t understand his Lyft rating.

Hour Twelve:

April Richardson (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

April Richardson

She wants a burger king headset.

Ray Charles is blind?!

Garth Brooks talk.

Lots of country music!

Joe Diffie –

April talks about the show she went to last night. They Might Be Giants.

She talks about other shows she went to.

April talks about going to shows alone.

Burning cookies!

April is traveling to Savannah to celebrate her Nana’s birthday.

Talking about awkward family meetings coming up!

Mike Schmidt (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Mike Schmidt

Mike has a bit but Jimmy said o wait for hi to get back from the bathroom.

Mike was just in Japan! He talks about it.

Jimmy loves Mike’s shoes.

Mike talks his merch.

He tried to send his shirts to Houston and Puerto Rico.

Mike wanted a T-Shirt cannon!

Rich Sommer

Some Bingos in the house!

Rich talks about Sean. Is Sean Rich’s Eliot?! Or is Eliot Rich’s Eliot?

Board game talk with Rich.

Rich Sommer (Photo by Rick DeMint/Portroids)

Matt played Speak Out with the family last night. They enjoyed it!


Matt Vs Sean!

Matt wins $100 for Smile Train!

Final T was TOP GUN and Titanic!

An extra $1000 to Smile Train!

T Movies:
Doug Benson: T2: Terminator 2
Cristela Alonzo: Titanic
Jon Hamm: Three Billboards
Demi: Terminator 3
Paul Gilmartin: Transylvania 6-5000
Karen Kilgariff: Tremors
John Ross Bowie: That Thing You Do
Matty 2 Ts in the audience: Titanic
Milana: Trading Places/Terminator
Zach: Trainspotting
Todd Levin: Tootsie
Janet: Texasville/toy
Audience guy: Terminator
Laurie Kilmartin: Trainspotting
Andy Daly: Tombstone/Topsy Turvey
Mike Henry: Total Recall
Ken: Terminal
Tony: Top Secret
Jeff: Top Secret
Wayne: Tarantula
Eliot: Top Gun
Ladyfriend: Total Recall
Matt: Time Bandits
April Richardson: Tron
Rich Sommer: Top Gun
Garon: Titanic

Caitlin is back with a final tote. NOT quite $1,000,000 though.

FINAL TOTE: $157,453.57

Thanks for an awesome PCAT!