15R – Biting Your Tongue with Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello and welcome! Members only guys! Jimmy’s got the jacket to prove it.

Jimmy is in an official Members Only Jacket. 

More Members Only info

If I get fired its because of animal fur.

Jimmy close to throttling Eliot. He’s been here almost five years. Jimmy is amazed that he looks younger today than he did when Eliot started.

Serial chat! New episode dropped today. Avoiding spoilers is getting tough.

Zim Zam (Amanda Zimmerman) failed Jimmy!

Matt explains what the game Zim Zam is, tetherball with a tennis ball and a paddle. Any kind of paddle. Matt says you can use your dick if you want, he doesn’t fucking care. I might be the funniest thing he’s ever said.

05 – Both Matt and Jimmy had tears in their eyes while recording something or SiriusXM. Sirius is playing some sampling (Jimmy doesn’t like to say highlights) of Pardcastathon over the weekend.

It’s funny hearing someone screwing up and getting mad at it.

Here is Casey Kasem losing it

Jimmy recounts what made him and Jimmy laugh so hard.


Eliot’s pushing buttons over there.

We talk about Eliot showing up on Master Chef Junior as a culinary VIP (he says a seat filler). Eliot talks about the event and what he was doing.

10 – Eliot got a sunburn for that event and got burned. Jimmy suggests an aloe.

Tilapia – 

No Candy and No Hamburgers for Jimmy in 2015! He’s not enjoying the hamburger any longer so he’s taking the year off from a hamburger. Specifically a hamburger. Tacos, steaks, etc not included.

Matt wonders if he’ll eat a cheeseburger.

Jimmy recounts a Bill Burr joke.

Jimmy brings up Matt’s celebrity sighting and says we need to talk about the recent sighting Jimmy had that was witnessed by Matt.

Jimmy didn’t wanna do celebrity sightings on PCAT14 since there were so many celebrities coming on the show as it is.

Jimmy talks more about seeing Joel Osteen. 

Jimmy thinks Joel’s message is mostly positive.

I took a drink and it made a weird noise.

We’re gonna guess Matt’s sighting.

15 – Jimmy talks more about religions and joel osteen.

Matt: Darryl Asher creating a Cooze in the Carpool Lane icon right now

Jimmy wonders if I have a Celebrity Sighting icon. I do now!

Jimmy wonders if Darryl made a logo for Celeb sightings.

Here it is, slavedriver

Here it is, slavedriver

20 – Jimmy and his mom (Danielle and her friend went also) went to see Fleetwood Mac the day after Pardcastathon. They bought their tickets months a part from each other and ended up setting right near each other. Same section one row apart and a couple seats away.

Jimmy’s seen Fleetwood Mac 7 times in concert. He doesn’t consider himself a fan but said they are definitely one of the best live bands around. Christine McVeigh is back!

Jimmy talks about a weird story that Stevie Nicks told before Gypsy about one day being able to not have to worry about price tags. Jimmy didn’t like that since all the people who paid outrageous prices for their concert tickets. Inappropriate.

Jimmy cant stand that “if you work hard you can get what you want” speech.

Here is the Setlist: l

The Forum is a great venue now according to Jimmy.

25 – Jimmy talks about the notorious motley crue show he went to with Pat and Mike at the old forum.

Matt’s celeb sighting! Over Halloween.

Around Halloween this local house turns a big treeehouse into a haunted house that they let people come by and wander through called Boney Island.

Iimmy surprised they didn’t play Monster mash as it was a graveyard smash.

There’s that guy. Here we go.

Jimmy tangents into Peter Cetera’s daughter’s band City City. 

Back to the guessing.

The guy is a white former musician current TV star. Hosts a TV Show.

Mark McGrath! I got it! 

Not worth the picture apparently. Matt shows it to Jimmy. We’ll include it on the video feed.

Now we’re gonna hear about the one Jimmy saw with Matt. To Jimmy it was a sighting.

Jimmy reached out to Danny Seraphine from Chicago for PCAT14.

35 – The sighting happened at Andres Du Bouchet’s album release party. Matt somehow ended up on door duty.

Jimmy knew everyone coming in from Conan.

This guy comes in and Jimmy goes “Danny!” the guy doesn’t know who he is. Jimmy mentions he emailed him about his charity event. He mentioned it and Jimmy thinks he might have ben to aggressive.

40 – Our guest brought luggage.

Jimmy missed his allergy appointment.

Jimmy discovered he was allergic to some kind of plant that he interacted with.

He talks about his luggage which is in fact his computer. He didn’t want to leave it in the car as he has had it stolen before.

Guess the airline Jimmy took out of LAX after 9/11.

Me United
Eliot Emerits he takes a second stab with Southwest
Jimmy D. American

Delta’s current slogan is keep climbing. 

45 – No one guessed correctly. He was flying into St. Louis.

Round 2 for 10 bucks.

Jimmy D. Transworld Airlines correctly! TWA!


We’re back!

Jimmy testing a new character inspired by Andy Kindler. He seems to be in a good mood on Twitter.

Jimmy D. mentions an interaction between Jeff Garlin and Andy Kindler on Twitter. Check it out it’s public on twitter. Jimmy thought it was a bit.

50 – Some Cosby talk. Frank Scotti – 

Jimmy talks about a time hearing Cosby on the radio talking crap about comics who use bad language.

55 – Jimmy talks about getting advice to do Temp Work. And not taking it.

Certainly! – Abbot and Costello

The guys talk more about advice.

Jimmy’s getting a very important email he has to respond to, he wants us to talk about nothing. Eliot asks him about Empire.

60 – Jimmy D. tells a story about a party with some Hollywood big shots (academy award winner Richard Dreyfuss!) His wife made him laugh but she didn’t know because he was behind her.

Wayne Dyer 

This woman he met thanked Jimmy D for being on their show. She had him confused with Jimmy. It was Illeana Douglas.

Jimmy talks about doing her show. An Earthquake saved Jimmy from bombing. That quake let Jimmy find the funny.

65 – Jimmy D. talks about his recent appearance at Rosters. He had a feeling of not giving a shit about what the audience was thinking of him and it completely changed his outlook.

Jimmy D was able to get out of a ticket with another comic’s (Dozer) joke. “Why is it bad for blind people to skydive? It scares the hell out of the dogs.”

70 – Barney Miller, like Seinfeld, is perfectly cast. h

Jimmy going around the horn.

15 Raccoon/Rabies!

I am absolutely excited for Maude coming to DVD. 

Jimmy guesses 240 episodes of the show.

Jimmy makes it very, very comfortable.

My word was rendezvous.

Eliot’s was Ridiculous.

Matt’s was Rickshaw.

75 – The Jimmy’s talk hair dye. Jimmy D is doing a web series lately so he has to look at himself a lot.

Jimmy D says no one has a think skin even if they think they do. He’s talking about going after people on twitter. Currently it’s Joe Scarborough.

80 – Jimmy is now following Jimmy D.

Matt wants to hear Jimmy D.’s r word. Jimmy asks Matt if it’s okay if he runs the fucking show. Matt gets the business from Jimmy for making him look the fool.

Jimmy Ds brother worked at White Castle his entire life. He worked his way up to Vice President. They gave him a car and made him a manager after he graduated high school. Jimmy D calls him a workaholic.

Jimmy asks how many shows Jimmy D missed due to illness. Not many. Jimmy says don’t be so quick to label his brother.

Jimmy D. talks about using the bathroom in the morning and having it be full of nuclear red blood. Oddly, it didn’t freak him out. He felt all his problems drop off his shoulders. He was just right there in that moment. He went out for a walk with his dog and based in the beauty in the world He also says if he gets cancer he would not take chemo. When he got back he looked up finding blood in your toilet. The first two results were you’re dead. The third one was saying Beet Juice. Jimmy D had drunk 32 ounces of Beet juice the night before.

Jimmy D had 12 brothers and sisters. Jimmy gives him a Byron Allen set up. “I’m easily replaced.” – Jimmy D.

Jimmy D. talks about the first time a black guy won the democratic nominee for mayor. His entire neighborhood apparently discovered they were republicans. The guy barely won. Harold Washington – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Washington

He died in 1987.

90 – Jimmy briefly talks Ferguson and the Eric Gardner case that was recently decided by the Grand Jury with no indictment.

Jimmy asks Matt’s thoughts. He said he told us to get his R word.

Jimmy isn’t disregarding what is going on in the world. He just sees the show as a respite from everything and yes occasionally we’ll talk that stuff and have a message but mostly we’re a comedy show!

Jimmy D still feels miserable most of the time even though his life often exceeds his dreams. He’s trying to figure out his present.

95 – Jimmy D’s R Word is rambunctious. He started with Rally but changed it.

Jimmy saw Paul Gilmartin at the coffee shop next door. He also saw Pilar, Pat’s wife. He did a bit with Paul about trying to sit on a couch with no room left. Some third party, a guy we all might know in comedy, tried to get involved and failed. Jimmy isn’t sure if he was trying to impress them or what.

The Jimmys talk about The Jimmy Dore show. Paul was a regular on it but had to stop because the news was getting to him. He calls in occasionally and leaves angry messages.

Don’t say Beet Juice 3 times or Michael Keaton will show up in a bland role according to jimmy.

100 – The Jimmies talk about how they feel “making it.”

Jimmy D’s got a book out. 

Jimmy is never less funny then when he is in a room of non-comedians.

Jimmy D says writing the book is on of the hardest things he’s ever done. He talks about going to the dermatologist when he had some kind of break out all over his back. HE’s got problems guys.

Jimmy D did a reading and a signing at Vromans book store in Pasadena. He talks about it. So stressful waiting for an audience to show up. It turned out to be a success.

Jimmy wonders why Jimmy D isn’t in theaters when he is selling enough tickets to fill a theater. He doesn’t have a copy of the book for us.

Jimmy D has finally started blocking people on facebook.

Jimmy Dore from Chicago! He has a book, Your Country Is Just Not That Into You. He just shot a special, Sentenced To Live.

No more Beet juice.

Jimmy trying to end but Matt is asking a question.

No on the beet juice then.

We got through it together guys!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth