1515 – Rocking On with Pat Francis

Famed women's tennis champion Pat Francis

Famed women’s tennis champion Pat Francis

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Indeed welcome! 1510 is not this episode but it is a good one. They’re all Jimmy’s babies.

Stomach issues! Ohhhhh LAWDY!!!!

Stomach issues! Ohhhhh LAWDY!!!!

Jimmy’s having tummy issues. The elections are gonna set the black man back. Jimy not sure why his Louisiana plantation owner is upset about the black man.

Jimmy was in Louisville this weekend. Jimmy talks about the voice of the dumb. Jimmy talks about the guy who came up to him at the show. Said he lumbered over to him and was the size of the yeti with mutton-chops.

Jimmy acknowledges Matt’s gotta get to rick-rolling people. He prefers Matt’s hair up to down.

A guy who interviewed Jimmy last week from Paste, had a great head of hair.

Jimmy hates the brothers from another mother phrase but he thinks that Michael might be just that.

Michael Dunaway – @michaeldunaway

05 – A gaggle of dumb came to the shows down at the Laughing Derby. Talking, not heckling, just not shutting up.

Jimmy doesn’t understand the mentality of going to a show and assuming that they have to be good to you. Comedy is probably more subjective than most art forms so hope for funny don’t expect it. If you’re dropping money on tickets/food/etc, make sure you do a little research to make sure you are gonna enjoy the comic.

Go in positive!

10 – The venue is going through a change. Simple comedy outweighs the smart comedy, like Peoria was. Louisville is changing to the opposite like Peoria is now.

Cultivate an audience!

Don’t give away tickets.

Better clients, better comics, better reputation is you do it Jimmy’s suggested way.

Don’t move Eliot, let’s stay stationary.

Cash that fucking check Eliot!
Eliot may not know what a bit is. He took us into a cool-du-sac.

Matt and Jimmy wish they’d lived in a cul-de-sac.

15 – Eliot’s hair was getting shaggy so he cut it. Jimmy not a fan of it. I complimented him on it.

Jimmy’s got a ipad mail taking up memory but not deleting when he deletes it.

More GB chat while I’m out with our guest.

20 – Jimmy goes on about putting a hooker in the ocean related to the bowling ball and feather experiment going around facebook.

Eliot says he did that in junior high.

Jimmy balks.

Let NASA have something, Eliot.

The guys talk about the space plane crashing.

Put something up your ass and tickle around a bit.

Guys talk about fitting a bowling ball up the ass.

Jimmy describes the procedure to get that ball up there.

Eliot might go see Wicked despite hearing how awful it is.

25 – Jimmy saw Pippen. Loved it.

I’m not a good gay.

Jimmy might have seen our neighbor at a restaurant last night. MC Lyte. Pat’s favorite beer. Eliot prefers regular MC. He gets shit for it but still gets some credit for it being a good piece of business.

Diggin’ up bones. They found him drunk and naked on the street, possibly more than once. Eliot guesses Tennessee Jones or something.

Randy Travis Drunk and Naked


30 – True or False: Randy Travis’ Forever and Always was Jimmy’s favorite album of 1986?


Jimmy and Matt talk abour Nik Wallenda the tight rope walker. 

35 – Not nearly as much thanking Jesus this time. The guys talk balancing and crossing the buildings.

Don’t you know that a clown can get away with murder

1:44 november 10.

Jimmy plays some Randy Travis tracks.


40 – We’re gonna go through 1987 albums.

45 – Jimmy ad Pat talk about most concerts they’ve seen. Jimmy says the band he has seen the most, other than Chicago, styx, kiss, or cheap trick, is (answer below)

Pat says Styx is second to Cheap Trick.

Jimmy gives some NNF/Schmidt history.

50 – Apparently Pat Francis reviewed this guys album. The guys talk Billy Idol’s album.

Obvious Trivia

Did you know Rod Stewart could have been a professional soccer player?

The artist is Bryan Adams! Jimmy’s seen him several times because of opening for bands he was seeing or through his work at MCA. He’s calling it 12 times.

Jimmy and Pat saw Bryan Adams together with Def Leppard opening.

Pat talks about how little Jimmy respects Pat’s musical opinion. After he gave Boston’s latest album ZERO drumsticks, Jimmy still went out and bought it. Jimmy says that zero is being kind. Worst release of the decade. Everything about it sucks.

We’re taking a break!

55 – We’re back! Jimmy’s singing something. I think it’s randy travis.


And we’re back! We took a little trip!

Andy sent Jimmy hip/hop tracks. We talk about it.

Jimmy talks about the Amoeba auction. They auction off front row tickets and first in line meet and greet passes for any show at the Amoeba.

60 – Guys talk about waiting in line for Ozzy and seeing them at House of Blues.

Batman TV series

65 – Jimmy counts his cash! $292

He had a fun time with Comedy Film Nerds in Portland. Jimmy talks about being next door to Graham and trying to annoy each other but the walls were good so they couldn’t hear each other.

70 – More talk about Eliot’s haircut.

Jane Child

Pat Francis is our guest! He’ll be joining us for Pardcastathon of course.

Jimmy not a fan of hysteria – def leppard. They tlk DL albums.

General cinema opening

80 – we’re talkin candy and top 100 87 albums.

Slippery When Wet

95 – The guys talk Bon Jovi and Jimmy not liking his voice.

Apparently, Joe Piscopo has a conservative radio show. 

100 – The children win with Pardcastathon.

Jimmy tells Runkeeper to mind its business.

Pat’s into Scarlett Johansson. The guys razz him about it.

Pat talks about the book he got in the mail with photos of Rock Guitars.

Pat talks about Jay Leno.

Celeb Sighting: Alicia Silverstone

Celeb Sighting for Pat: Aaron Eckhart

We’re done!

12-12 November 28! Different guests every 20-30 minutes.

Rock Solid is the podcast! Mike Siegel co-hosts this week with songs that have the word “dreams” in it.

NNF Cross-over coming to Rock Solid!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

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